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Welcome July 2014!

1) First Saturday Breakfast from 8-11am Saturday the 5th
2) BINGO only on the first Tuesday of the month as far as I can tell.
3) CMMA Board meeting second Saturday of the month at 10am
4) USDA Food Distribution is on third Monday of the month unless notified here.
5) PotLuck is on Saturday the 26th at 4PM for sure!

Check our Calendar below for Birthdays, Special Events, and Astronomical happenings :)

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Coming to a Community Center Near you!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community’s Copper Mountain Mesa Association Board Meeting took place last Saturday. It was short and to the point, as three Board Members were unable to attend the meeting. We had a no-show on the Public too, which is really not surprising since this is the first time in years that we’ve kept the Community Center open and all Events going, during the Summer months.
We will be open during August as well and all the usual Events will take place, including: First Saturday monthly Breakfast on August 2nd, from 8-11am; Tuesday Night Bingo on August 5th, from 6:00pm; CMM Community Association Board Meeting from 10am on Saturday, August 9th; USDA Food Giveaway on Monday, August 18th from 8:30am and the monthly Potluck Party is on Saturday, August 30th from 4pm.
Our July Potluck Party is next week, Saturday the 26th, from 4pm. We had a great turnout for the June Potluck party; with some truly delicious dishes from exceptional recipes. Hope to see you at the Party next Saturday. The humidity has settled down a bit: finally! It’s been hideously humid for weeks and, as much as I like the curl in my hair and the moisture for the skin on my face and neck: I’m done with this tropical moisture, thank you very much! I’ll just be leathery and wrinkled, I don’t care!
We worked in that humidity for days, fancying up the gravesite for our beloved Golden Pup, Kali; who is buried in the very bottom of our half-underground Sweat Lodge; leftover from the years when our Apache foster-daughter, Mary, still lived at Home with us.
Jim and I planted a splendid Mesquite Tree on the Grave: then spent back-breaking days filling the huge hole with good soil and sand. We’re absolutely exhausted, with sorely aching muscles; but the Tree is beautiful and our heartbreak is eased by our efforts. Kali died peacefully at home; her suffering is over; we did our very best: now the River of Life moves on.
Love and Condolences to all who have lost Loved Ones: stay well!

The Year 2013

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is experiencing eerie-orange, overcast skies, due to the prevailing winds pulling smoke into our area from the Mountain Center/Idyllwild Fire. About 60 miles south of us as the crow flies, the Fire continues to burn ferociously, only marginally contained. I am very worried about the Wildlife and was relieved to hear that the Living Free Animal Sanctuary near Garner Valley had been successfully evacuated thanks to helpful Neighbors. We may receive a little rain by the weekend, so hopefully that will help put a stop to this latest SoCal Inferno.

I haven’t seen any activity over at the Firehouse Garden lately. I know Kip Fjeld pumped about 350 gallons of water into the Tank over there and also dropped off 3 trash cans worth of jolly good soil he brought from Orange County. Other than that, nothing much seems to be happening. I do hope some of the Neighbors who appeared so enthusiastic about the Garden last year, will start showing up again, bringing their bright ideas and innovative solutions.

Speaking of bright ideas, I’ve decided to go back to school…Gasp! I’m finding it increasingly difficult to land an enjoyable, well-paying job these days: being ‘overly-mature’ and ‘underly-qualified’! In my younger years, I could bounce into an establishment; bowl everyone over with my world-traveled, energetic Self and roll right into any job I wanted! Nowadays: not so much! Quite honestly, I expected to be a best-selling Author by now, with my “Kenya Cowgirl” book series selling millions of copies; making gazillions of dollars to save Children, Animals and indeed the World! Alas, my Creative endeavors have not bankrolled this lifestyle, so it’s back to school for this Senior Juvenile Delinquent! I have enrolled at Copper Mountain College and, assuming my Kenya High School Graduation information can be located, I hope to start classes in the Fall!

Local WonderBand: The Sibleys, as well as many other talented Musicians, will be performing at The Palms Restaurant in Wonder Valley, starting at 5pm tonight. Our monthly Potluck Party takes place next Saturday, July 27th, at the Community Center. Stay well!

The Year 2009

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community: Bob Stonebraker picked me up for Independence Day fireworks at the Marine Base. I called him earlier to remind him to bring his camera. We drove to the place where we watched it last year down at the end of Poleline on a dirt road that runs in front on the west side of the base. There were lots of other folks with their kids parked here and there on the streets around the base. I think it's a lot better than going onto the base and having to deal with the traffic and such. We got out our chairs and sat waiting for the show to begin. He remembered to bring his camera but I had forgotten mine, dang! Last year's show lasted around twenty minutes but this one lasted for half an hour or more! There was lots of "rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air" (just like in the song) and you could hear the oohs and ahs from kids as well as adults. Halfway through the show Ron Dehart called me on my cell phone while he and his wife Linda watched the fireworks from their backyard. I kept saying to Ron "here's the finale" but every time it kept going on and on. It was a great show!

Thought for the week: When your nightly dreams seem more appealing than your waking life you had better get off your duff and go out and do something interesting!

The Year 2004

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that a Mojave Green bit Ruth Tuttle's Daughter's cat Buddy. The lucky cat was "dry bitten" says the Vet and will recover nicely after a few doses of antibiotics.

Notes from the CMMCA Board Meeting: Gazebo furniture is finally in! Potluck- OPENS at 4:00 to setup EAT at 4:30 (I guess they all got mad because some of us folks started eating before 4:30).
On the 18 September there will be a Swap Meet, Setup at 08:00, Start at 09:00 -'til 2:00.
TBA Oct- Game Night-Come try the Card Sharp, Pool Shark, Chess Champ, and Video Game King (N64)
Our Treasurer, Earl Wilbert, "Guesstimated" Interest Earned and was ONLY 3 pennies off!! Earl is a Financial Wizard and should COME BALANCE MY CHECKBOOK!
The Development Ideas Committee, WANTS & NEEDS YOUR IDEAS for different ways for YOU to use & enjoy the Center. The ONLY bad idea is the GREAT one you did not share! Email ideas to:

Thought for the week: Only fools don't listen to their own advice.

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community saw record-breaking attendance at last Saturday’s Breakfast. Sixty-five people joined us in our celebration of Lady America’s Independence. Apparently, many attendees had read about the “hair of the dog in patriotic colors” surprise and decided to come over and party with us! The “dog hair” consisted of a delicious mix of extra coconut milk, pineapple juice etc., for the “white”; Blueberries and Strawberries for the patriotic “red and blue”: with or without a shot of Rum! Ken and Teresa Sitz, Jim Martin and I ponied up for the “surprise” and shared it with our Neighbors. We were a little worried about breaking liquor laws, but were reassured that it was OK to share a “surprise” with the Neighbors once in a while, as long as there’s no charge involved. We all had much fun and hey, if sharing a little “spirit” breaks attendance records, who are we to argue?
With such a crowd, we began to run out of food and by the time Andrea Zittel arrived with her friends and parents, just before 11am; we were all out! Kip Fjeld - who received compliments on his superb egg-cooking skills all morning - took off his apron and whisked the Zittels and their Party off to his house for a Waffle Breakfast! Way to change hats and rise to the occasion, Kip! You saved the day...again, Dude!
We had thunder clouds gathering all morning during the Breakfast - courtesy of Tropical storm Douglas breaking up overhead. Much excitement ensued when large drops of rain began to hit the ground. “It’s going to rain six inches at my house,” declared Yvonne Francis, grinning. “One drop every six inches!” We all roared with laughter, but, indeed, that was the extent of our rainfall: the humidity was simply appalling all week.

The CMMCA Board meeting begins at 10 o’clock this morning at the Center.

Lifelong Mesa resident, friend and loyal companion; loved by all who knew her: our splendid Golden Pup, Mbwa “Kali” Wumpus, died last Wednesday at the age of 95. She is sorely missed: sleep well, Kali.

A Video Blog or Some Such
by Bob DeLoyd
December 2013 to January 2014 Run!

A short video of me running out of 2013 and into 2014. Been doing this for many years and this is my second time videoing it :)

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Roger Smith's Magic Garden
November 2012

By Roger Smith

So a little update on the no digging technique I began using a couple of years ago is due as I have seen enough to now describe my observations.
The technique is helpful as it keeps the soil sheltered from wind erosion. And adds organic matter with all it's benefits. Attracts a mix of beneficial insects and their opposites [though I have not experienced any pest epidemics by growing lush greenery in the summer].
Also it is not a problem to scratch in a row for seed planting; I simply move the debris away for planting the row then rake it back into place. I did notice that the termites ate a significant portion of the material though the remainder still resisted erosion and kept the soil damp. So.... I did find myself digging in bags of compost this year nonetheless. There are not the worms out here to get a year round digestion of vegetative matter process going. When the heat comes, the worms go. And when the black-eyed pea and buckwheat cover crop gets tall enough, about a foot minimum, I will cut it down with hedge shears and let the plants regrow through the trimmings. Probably a good time to place your compost, manure, and or plant food on the surface, cut down the cover crop and then simply let it lay including a GOOD flooding to get the trimmed plants growing again and wash some nutrients down into the soil profile. I have tried this once this year and am pleased enough to make this a standard practice during the summer months.
By mid August or thereabouts, shut off the water. You can leave the dried out cover crop standing, I would think, though the peas are very hardy and slow to die. One might want to pull them out along the planned planting row and leave those not in the way. Leaving the dead crop standing does reduce the wind's erosive impact on your soil and provides a bit of shelter for young seedlings. And of course, their eventual decay provides nutrients for your growing endeavors. In time though, you'll need to clear a seed row to get the fall crops planted. This shouldn't disturb much; a row taking up several inches in width at the most.
This is also a good method to get green matter into your garden. I gave up collecting lawn clippings when down below when I realised there is an ag chemical problem with material from yard cuttings and trimmings. The cover crop supplies this and decomposes well during the cooler times out here. Anyway, that's about it for this missive and the no digging method. It probably should be named the dig less method. Ya think?

Pleasant gardening, Roger

See Ya Real Soon!

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To go the way of yer ancestors and build a fire for warmth, to slay a critter for food.
To understand the meaning of hunger in a time of plenty.
To spit in the eyes of yer antagonist!
To howl at the moon...
And enjoy life!

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