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Our little Community: I went to my neighbor Ginger’s for a Christmas Eve dinner with her family. Ginger made a ham with baked potatoes and gravy that we happily consumed as the dogs pleadingly sat waiting for handouts. Ginger’s son Chris and I played guitar After hearing me play Chris said his respect for me went up a couple of notches. I thought that was mighty kind of him. He plays pretty good himself. We watched a Rolling Stones video and Chris asked me if I was as old as them. “My respect for you just went down a few notches” I kiddingly said! I had a mighty fine time there and it was nice of them to invite an “old guy”!

For Christmas I had dinner at Bob Stonebraker’s. Stoney’s son Jimmy and his family were there visiting. We went to the backyard to shoot at targets with our 22 rifles. We first set some pieces of iron as targets. Then we found an old bell that was thick and mounted it as a target. We put a rock on top of the bell and said that you would need to shoot the rock off the bell without ringing it for it to count as a good hit. We’re so good that we always hit the rock first and never rang the bell. Then we found that it was a lot more fun just shooting the bell. For dinner there was ham, mashed potatoes, corn, and Granma Mary’s famous pecan pie. Such Fun!

Thought for the week: Let us not just hope for peace on Earth but do something individually to make it come about! Wishing and hoping just hasn’t worked!


Our little Community Christmas Basket supplied seven needy families last December with a bountiful Christmas dinner. These families received a certificate to pick up a complete turkey dinner for their family at Stater Brothers. Rob Reese ran the whole operation and members of the community chipped in a little bit of money at every board meeting. The Christmas Basket was a success thanks in large part to the generous donation made by Sandra Foyil in memory of her Granddaddy Tex Foyil who passed on from his beloved Copper Mountain Mesa in 2001. Our little Community thanks you Sandra for all your past and present donations!

Come on down to our Board Meeting on Monday the 11th at 7pm where we decide the fate of the planet Earth every month.

I went and got a bag of seed for the birds that hang out by my cement pond. I’ve been feeding them bread crumbs and thought seeds would be better for them. I put up the bird feeder I bought last week and the birds went crazy over it! Kind of made me feel good deep inside where there seemed to be a void that needed filled! The dang birds ate most of the seed in the feeder and it looks like I might have to get more soon! I guess my new little friends were mighty hungry.

Thought for the week: as in life, a beautiful day usually follows a bad storm.


Our little Community had its monthly Board Meeting. Board members Katherine Quinn, Steve and Mary Helen Tuttle, Annelies Kuiper, Rob Reese, and Ray Foyil discussed matters that keep our Community Center running while the audience consisting of Marie Morrison, Bill Treas and his wife Elizabeth, Chris Jonas, and I listened on. It was a good meeting and many items were resolved.

Two ladies came to my gate telling me that their neighbor hasn’t been seen in a few days and his dogs had escaped from his yard. I only knew that the “missing man” mostly kept to himself; I had once gone over to say howdy but he didn’t seem interested. I told the ladies that the best thing to do was to call and ask the police for a wellness check and that they’d come out and have a look-see. The police arrived an hour later and I moseyed over to see what they had found. The two officers were treating it like a CSI crime scene wearing plastic gloves and wandering around the house and yard. I stood with the two ladies and we speculated on what may have happened to the guy and we each came up with some grisly theories. Finally after a spell the officers got a hold of the “missing man” by phone and all our cooked up theories went down the drain, dang! At least the guy is okay! I only hope he appreciates that there are folks out here who were concerned for his welfare.

Thought for the week: Who lobbies Congress for the people?


Our little Community is going to have a large bloom of flowers this spring because of these rains that are falling upon us this last week. Bob Stonebraker and I were in Yucca Valley on Monday when the rains started falling. The rain was coming down pretty hard when we arrived and it was continuous filling up the road around us with muddied water. We left for home around 3:45 and the streets had already flooded over by that time so we decided to go a different route home up HWY 247 instead of down HWY 62 through Joshua Tree because when there is this much rain the streets are sometimes impassable and there would also be a lot of traffic at this hour with folks trying to get home from work. It took us until 5pm to get home because Aberdeen was so swamped that there were spots where it looked like river crossings. It was slow going down Winters Road, like driving in the center of the Amazon! Water kicked up by our tires engulfed the whole car making it hard to see the road ahead. As I write this on Tuesday night it looks like more rain showers are on the way!

Don’t forget Potluck is next Saturday at 4:00pm and everyone is welcome to come on over and join us!

Thought for the week: They say when it rains it pours but here in the high desert it floods!

With a heavy heart I must inform you that Bob Stonebraker (Stoney) had passed away quietly while watching his favorite Western TV shows on Tuesday 26 of this month. He would have been 90 this April. Stoney would tell me and Roger Smith stories when we went over to his house for dinner. No matter how many times he’d tell us the same tale we’d always have a fun time hearing them again. Here is my favorite: Stoney told us a story of when he was being shipped over to the Philippines during WWII. He traveled down the Sacramento River on a paddlewheel to the Liberty Ship that would take him there. Once onboard a shipmate told him to eat lots of bread to avoid seasickness. Never being on a ship before Stoney got two loafs from the mess hall and hurriedly ate them all! Needing to keep his hands busy Stoney was always asking his Sergeant for something to do on the long voyage, but there was nothing the Sergeant needed done. Later a notice went up on the bulletin board stating that if you didn’t keep your area clean you would be put on extra duty. So Stoney left his area in a mess: bed unmade and clothes lying around. He was quickly put to painting the Officer’s quarters. One Officer liked Stoney’s painting job so much that he offered Stoney a drink and asked if he wouldn’t mind continuing painting around the ship. Well Stoney was glad to take him up on that offer and painted his way over to the Philippines.

Life is a wondrous gift that we are sometimes reminded of when someone precious is no longer present among us leaving a great void in our lives to fill.


I am very sorry to have to inform you that longtime resident and board member Bob Seeley had passed away this last Thursday at 2:30pm. I will write about him in next weeks newspaper column and keep you up to date on this website for any memorials and services that will be planned for him.

Our little Community is having our first Fabulously Fine Breakfast of the year this Saturday! Everyone is welcomed to come on down from 8:30 to 11am. Our chef and staff are there to please your taste buds with some mighty excellent pancakes and eggs, bacon or sausage, biscuits and gravy, and all the coffee you can consume. And at a mighty decent price I might add. So come on down and enjoy the friendship of the locals in our fine little community.

Our Board Meeting will be on Monday the 8th and we hope you all can find the time at 7pm to come on down and contribute a little to the discussions that will decide the fate of the universe; the meetings only last an hour.

Birthdays for February are: Dennis McDermott, Stevie Villarreal, Pamela Waddey, Marcia McKinney, Stuart Watson, John Waddell, and Earl Wilbert.

Thought for the week: A good education can get you a job, but a great teacher can give you the world.


Our little Community has lost yet another remarkable member. I am sorry to tell you that Bob Seeley has passed away at his home on Thursday the 4th at 2:30pm just as taps were being played at Bob Stonebraker’s funeral at Rose Hills.
Bob Seeley was a longtime resident, a member of our community’s association and past president for many times. He was a leader that got things done for our little community. He was cantankerous at times but could be the most gentle and caring friend; we will dearly miss him!
Bob Seeley was a Pearl Harbor Survivor and told me of his personal experience of December 7, 1941. Bob stood and witnessed the Arizona as it blew up, the Oklahoma rolling over, and watched as enemy planes were destroying ships moored in the harbor. Finally feeling helpless and horrified as his ship, the flag ship of the Pacific USS California sunk and the devastation continued as oil fires broke out in the channel and people were trying to swim through the flames to get to shore, Bob made it ashore at Ford Island where he found a truck and gathered up apples and filled containers with water from a swimming pool and distributed them among the wounded until the truck ran out of gas. Bob said, "All hell broke loose that day and it was a very unforgettable experience".

There will be an Honor Guard for him at the Riverside National Cemetery, on Friday February 19th, 2010, at 11:45a.m. The Cemetery is on Van Buren, off the 215 Freeway. A Memorial will be held for him at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center, on Saturday February 27th, 2010 at 4p.m. This will be a Potluck and coincides with the monthly Potluck on the last Saturday of every month.


Our little Community’s first Saturday breakfast was held in the dark due to a power outage in our area. Let me tell you that the food was just fantastic despite Steve Tuttle and Ray Foyil having to cook with flashlights. I had pancakes with two eggs, bacon, home fried potatoes, and a glass of tomato juice. I had also ordered biscuits and gravy but apparently they had run out of them but I was mighty filled up as it was. We had sixty-one folks show up, more than in the past several years! It was probably because nobody had electric and coming down to the center was the best option. Well now they know what a mighty fine breakfast is to be had there even in the dark!

The community center board meeting went well. Having recently lost two board members the board asked Marcie Hines if she would fill out her late husband’s term, and Bill Treas if he would fill out Bob Seeley’s term; they both accepted. I told everyone that we’re going to have a memorial for Bob Seeley at potluck on Saturday 27th of this month. I also mentioned that a memorial for Bob Stonebraker would be held sometime in April depending on when his family could come down. We discussed ways to recruit more members and volunteers to help out our little community; Rob Reese and Bill Treas will look into it.

Thought for the week: I live, I learn, I question, I create.


Our little Community will be having a Memorial Potluck for Bob Seeley today, Saturday 27, at 4pm. Everyone is invited to come on over to our Community Center and say their goodbyes to Bob. These last few months have been really hard on our little community with the passing of several members and quite overwhelming for me to write about the passing of dear friends: Bob Stonebraker, Lee Hines, Bob Seeley, and Donna Myers. Each and every one of them was unique in their own special way that added flavor and a sense of belonging to our little community.

Don’t forget to mosey on down to our Community Center for the “Fabulously Fine” Breakfast next Saturday at 8:30-11am. I’ve was there for the last one and I can tell you that it was a mighty good meal and very satisfying!

Thought for the week: The more difficult the task the better your grip on reality becomes.


Our little Community came out in large numbers to Bob Seeley’s Memorial Potluck last Saturday. My guess is there were over fifty folks who showed up. Bob Seeley’s son Rick, Daughter in-law Terri, Grand Daughter Ashley, and great Grand Daughter Jordan attended. All the regular folks who attend our potlucks were there: Marcy Hines, Marie Morrison, Dyane Carrol, Dorothy Jacobsen, Chris Jonas, Rose Matich, Ruth Tuttle, Karen and Dana Van Noort and the rest all knew Bob well. There were a lot of newcomers that I didn’t know and a few that come every now and then to our potlucks and Bingo. I met longtime area residents Bob and Yvonne Francis. Their folks had a cabin on Coyote Valley road since 1956. They helped get tables and chairs for our center when it was opened up back in the 80s and knew Seeley back then, said he always got things done when it came to the Community Center.
Folks got up on stage with the microphone and told stories about Mr. Seeley and how he was instrumental in getting funds to build our Community Center and made it his life’s work to keep it going and funded. When all were done speaking we held a silent prayer for Bob and then got down to eating. There were lots of fine foods cooked up and there was plenty for everyone, but there was one important item missing: Bob Seeley’s fruit platter!

Thought for the week: As time passes down the shadowy corridors of life, friends come in to brighten a spot here and there, then depart leaving the passageway a little dimmer.


Our little Community had its board meeting last Monday night. President Katherine Quinn read the agenda: there were 46 adults and 6 children who ate at our Fabulously Fine First Saturday Breakfast, and 86 folks who picked up food at the USDA food distribution.
Steve Tuttle told everyone that he and some volunteers are going to fill the potholes on the paved part of Winters Road; I hope to be there taking pictures and help out if needed. Annelies Kuiper is trying to write a ‘Welcome to the Community’ letter for newcomers to our area and asked for any suggestions. She also said that the ‘Spring Newsletter’ will be ready to send out to our 125 members at the end of March. Rob Reese is still looking for ways to get addresses of the new folks in our community. We also talked about having an Easter egg coloring contest for the kids at the next breakfast; they will let me know ahead of time so I can write it up in my column. Katherine is still waiting on info for her Local Resource List and once that is done will be put into a packets and left at the front desk so that folks can have access to them. It was a mighty fine meeting and no one was injured!

Birthdays for March: Andy "Joe" Lane, Seimi Shiba, Dulce McDermott, and Beverly Long.

Thought for the week: If someone says it can’t be done, do it. If you can’t someone else will!

The Pothole Crew 2010!


Our little Community has a group of volunteers that repairs the potholes; we don’t get any assistance from the county. I got a call at 8:30am telling me that the Road Crew will be down on Winters Road at 9am, so I headed down there to take pictures and help out. When I arrived, the Crew of Volunteers: Steve Tuttle, Patrick Whalen, Don Taylor, and Ray Gram were already at work filling in those potholes that have gotten so bad that when you hit one you just hope your axle doesn’t fall off. We would dig them out first, heat the hole up with a propane torch, fill it up with asphalt, heat that up, and then pound it down and drive over it with a truck. Unfortunately we couldn’t get all of them potholes filled because we ran out of asphalt. It was hard work but it felt mighty good to help out doing something for our little community and to be working with friends and neighbors.

Don’t forget that we will have an Easter Egg Coloring Contest for the kids during the breakfast on the Saturday 3rd of April from 8:30 to 11am. The contestants should bring a dozen hard-boiled eggs if possible, although some eggs will be supplied and the coloring kits will also be supplied.

Thought for the week: Chris Jonas who does the USDA food distribution and is always short of food said that there were around 95 folks showing up this month compared to last month’s 83. Times are getting rougher I guess except for our political leaders, but they don’t live here.


Our little Community weather has been very nice of late and there are signs of flowers blooming soon; spring has sprung! I’ve been working in the yard lately cleaning it up and cutting the dead fronds from the two palm trees. The palms are doing very well. I can’t believe that when I planted them about six years ago I could hold each in the palm of my hands they were so small. Now they tower over me!
My cacti have little buds all over them which will be blooming sometime next month.
There is a little dove living in my shop. She has two eggs in her nest she built out of twigs. I give her a hand full of seed every now and then. She is kind of getting used to my comings and goings when I work out there. I can’t wait till her eggs hatch! Yes, spring has sprung!

Thought for the week: I did my Wikipedia thingy where I go from one subject to another until I find something of interest. This time I found that Earth has a second moon, well it’s a quasi-satellite and there are actually four of them: 3753 Cruithne, 2002 AA29, 2003 YN107, and 2009BD. They’re all under the Earth’s gravitational influence. 3753 Cruithne is 3.1 miles in diameter and on closest approach to Earth is thirty times the distance of the Moon to Earth. Well this is surely something I didn’t know before!


Our little Community: I made turkey stuffing with raisins for potluck and went down to the community center last Saturday. There were around fifteen folks there ready to eat the delicious food waiting on the tables. Dyane Carrol brought these fantastic tacos and a bundt cake made from an old family recipe. Dyane got mad at me because I kept calling it a butt cake. Dorothy Jacobsen’s spaghetti squash black bean casserole and quinoa salad was mighty good. Chris Jonas brought his renowned potato salad instead of his famous macaroni salad this time. Marie Morrison’s baked beans with bread were a hit. Rose Matich brought her peas and carrots. And Marcie Hines made a vegetable tray full of carrots, tomatoes, celery, and broccoli, with Ranch Salad dip. Marcie also brought her three grandkids along and it seemed to me that they were enjoying the festivities. All is well in our little community again.

Birthdays this month are: Carol Lane, Patty Bradley, Mary Helen Tuttle, Marie Morrison, Bill Bonner, Ruth Malton, Roger Toomes, and Brenda Zimmer.

Thought for the week: I never did trust opinion polls. I guess that's because no opinion poll ever called on me for my opinion. But then again I guess that voting to elect politicians to office is sort of a poll, too, but with consequences!

Easter Coloring Contest 2010!


Our little Community had an Egg Coloring Contest; Annelies Kuiper was there and wrote this nice story for us:
“Our 2nd Annual Easter Egg Coloring Contest, was held last Saturday, April 3rd: during our monthly Community Breakfast. After a delicious meal, the Kids joined us outside to work on creating beautiful, colored eggs. As we had no vinegar available to set the colors properly, Mary Poole came up with the bright idea of adding Italian dressing to the mix! Well, the eggs were gloriously colorful, but also rather oily and covered in bits of vegetable from the dressing! Certainly the most original egg-coloring I’ve ever seen! We had more children join us this year and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. The Kids went inside while I hid the eggs the first time and then took it in turns to hide and find the eggs again and again; keeping themselves amused while their Parents finished a leisurely Easter Breakfast. Joshua and Willy Treas, with their friends Sam and Katie, took home the grand prize chocolate rabbit to share. We all had a great time; hope you’ll join us next year.”

Thought for the week: I found something very interesting while surfing the web; “Star Set to Collide with Solar System.” It’s an orange dwarf star called Gliese 710 whose path through the galaxy will bring it into the outer part of our solar system called the Oort Cloud and possibly into the Kuiper Belt. This would most likely bring comets and other debris raining down on the inner planets causing catastrophic damage. Gliese is 63 Light Years away and will take some 1.5 million years to get here, so I guess we don’t have to worry for a while.


Our little Community is sad to hear that Dennis Canton has passed away. Dennis’s uncle Andy Joe Lane sent this to me:
Bob I am certain you are aware of the fatal accident at Sonora and Border Avenue Friday April 2, 2010. My nephew Dennis Ray Caton was the rider of the motorcycle and died as a result of the accident. Dennis, among other family members grew up on Copper Mountain Mesa. Dennis Grandmother Colleen has lived on Copper Mountain Mesa since the late 70's and her parents Kenneth and Gladis Cockrill lived there on Mockingbird for sometime before that. So there is family history on the mesa. Dennis was born 1/29/1974 and died 4/2/2010 he was 36 years old. His mother’s name is Debra Weatherbee.
Family and friends put together a memorial for Dennis at the community center last Sunday which was well attended.

The CMMA Board meeting was held last Monday at 7pm. We read over the agenda and minutes from the last meeting and they were approved by the Board. Mary Helen Tuttle said bingo and the breakfasts will be closed for July and August. Breakfast had 44 adults and 7 children and brought in $288.50! Bingo had twenty-seven folks show up which is a recent record bringing in much needed money. The Thrift Room brought in $133 and $80 for the raffle of steak knives that Patrick Whalen won. Annelies Kuiper brainstormed and written a “Welcome to our Desert” flyer, that we all had suggestions to add. It was a fun meeting!

Thought for the week: I never lie except when a woman asks how old I think she is; I either subtract 10 to 20 years depending how old they are. I don't think of this as really lying but self preservation.


Our little Community has been hit by a bunch of litterers discarding their rubbish on our beautiful desert! These scoundrels leave tires, microwaves, TVs, old furniture, clothes, and other garbage on the side of the road or on abandoned properties. I was on my evening walk last week when I came across about twenty tires that were scattered about on the corner of Winters Road and Bourland Pass. I heard later that a 1972-79 blue Chevy truck was seen the day before hauling tires around our area. I’d love to see these felons apprehended. If anyone knows who this may be, tell them they better get those tires out of there. Or if you see anyone dumping in our community, please call the police.

Chris Jonas, who coordinates the USDA Food Distribution, told me that over a hundred folks showed up last Monday. I believe that’s more than we’ve ever had and it has been growing every month! Chris also told me that Bill Treas and Kerry Kearn are now USDA Associate Coordinators and give Chris much needed help with the growing number of needy folks who fallen on hard times in our area.

Thought for the week: We mostly walk the path of least resistance in our lives, but every now and then one amongst us finds a different trail that changes us all.

Potluck April 2010!


Our little Community had potluck Saturday and I cooked up my usual turkey stuffing with raisins and headed on down to the community center. There were a lot of kids playing hide and go seek running around screaming and laughing when I arrived. The food was excellent and plenty: Elisabeth Treas brought a fantastic chili creamed cheese dish, Chris Jonas made up his famous macaroni salad, Marcy Hines made her wonderful enchiladas and also brought strawberry pie with ice cream, Marie Morrison cooked up some splendid macaroni and cheese, and Rose Matich brought her peas and corn. Bill Treas, Chris, and I sat around and jawed for nearly two hours after dinner was over; a good way to work off the calories!

Jimmy Stonebraker called to say that he and his family are coming out on the weekend of the 29th of May, so we’ll be having Stoney Stonebraker’s Memorial on that Saturday at 4pm. Everyone is invited to attend!

I’ve been watching this dove egg that’s been abandoned in a nest just outside my front door seeing if the mother dove would come back. She hasn’t, so I brought the egg inside and put it under an electric blanket. We’ll have to see if it survives and hatches; I don’t know what I’ll do if it does. Maybe something on dove parenting could be found online.

Birthdays this month are: Tim Herrera, Jackie Johnston, C. Myer, and Mary Moowea.

Thought for the week: Reality checks are usually not positive! It's what you do after you have one that counts!

Our little Community has been really windy the last few weeks; not a good time to dry your clothes outside I’ve found out!
I haven’t watched commercial television since the beginning of the year so I’m actually getting more of the stuff I want to do, done, and don’t seem to miss the TV at all. Especially on these windy days and nights I’m usually staying inside reading a good book.
When the wind isn’t blowing or has calmed down enough I’ll go for my morning runs and evening walks through the desert. The wildflowers are in bloom with small flying or crawling critters feeding on their pollen. I’ll stop and talk to an iguana but of course I don’t expect them to answer. It’s just that I sense the intelligence behind their eyes. At night I may take out the telescope to gaze into the heavens. The Universe is so immense and beautiful it leaves me in awe.
Roadrunners scurry around in silence from bush to bush seeking a quick tasty meal of lizard. Ravens squawk high overhead while surfing invisible drafts of warm air currents, and bees buzzing are the only sounds I hear. These are the sights and sounds of our desert. This is the life away from the city. This is home!

Thought for the week: There are rich folks who are miserable and poor folks who feel the same. It’s your attitude towards life that counts! Be happy, be frugal, don’t get greedy, and everything will be okay.


Our little Community’s Board Meeting was held last Monday. I almost missed going because I had fallen asleep but heard Chris Jonas honk when he drove by my house.
Treasurer Maryhelen Tuttle reported that there were 51 adults and 7 children showing up to our first Saturday breakfast bringing in $262. The soda machine netted $146.54! Bingo brought in $322.00 for the month. The Thrift Room brought in another $82.
We had a discussion about drawing in more folks to volunteer and help out with the breakfast and bingo. We depend on only a few individuals that do all the work and they need help. Bingo will be shut down on June 1 because the volunteers that run it have to be away that day. Also if we don’t get more people to volunteer we may have to abandon the USDA Food Distribution that helps many needy folks in our area; 105 folks last April! It is very important that folks understand that our little community center is one of the few centers left that is not run by the county but by volunteers from our community and that if we don’t do something soon there may not be a center left to come to. If you live in our area and would like to volunteer please come to our meetings or call 760 362-5212.

Thought for the week: it would be nice to just live in the present without being bugged by the past or any worry about the future; I think that’s what children do.


Our little Community’s own Mike and Stevie Villarreal have been working really hard starting a new internet business called (760) 362-1373. Living in Copper Mountain Mesa for more than 40 years Mike and Stevie thought it was time for reliable broadband service for a reasonable price in our area.
Their business offers Dial-up, DSL, and Wireless Internet services throughout most of the Basin, covering Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Twenty-nine Palms, Landers, and even Wonder Valley is coming online soon. Mike and Stevie want to make their customers exceedingly happy. Well they made me happy when their efficient technician arrived around 2:30pm and spent the next hour setting up my wireless broadband connection. He did a fine job of it; climbing up ladders, drilling holes, stringing cables, and setting up my computer system in the house. Now I can ditch that slow old dial-up that’s been driving me crazy and enter myself into the 21st century! Be nice to see a ‘local’ business succeed especially in these hard times!

Please don’t forget that Stoney Stonebraker’s Memorial Potluck is next Saturday the 29th, 4PM, at the Community Center. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Thought for the week: Deciding can take a large chunk out of one’s life!


Our little Community: An Enumerator (that’s what they call themselves) from the Census Bureau came by to double check the census form filled out a week ago by the visit to my home by another Enumerator. All my answers agreed except for one: I had told the first Enumerator that I refuse to answer the question of race. Well that box was checked after I specifically told him not to check it. Angry, I called the Census Bureau in Yucaipa and told a Supervisor there about the situation. I also stated that to be a color blind society our government should set the example by not asking questions of race to anyone anymore. He told me that it was for other government bureaus. I replied that I thought it sufficient for any bureau to know there are rich, middle class, or poor in a neighborhood and act accordingly. I am a firm believer that if you are an American you have all the rights and responsibilities of other Americans and nothing more; you are not a European American, Mexican American, African American, or any other; you are an American, period, and be treated by fellow Americans as such! You may feel I’m being naïve or trying to be self-righteous but this is what I believe. You can be proud of your heritage, but when it comes right down to it you are American and that’s all our government or anyone else needs to know. The Supervisor finally said that the first Enumerator should have left that question blank.

Please don’t forget that Stoney Stonebraker’s Memorial Potluck is this Saturday the 29th, 4PM, at the Community Center. Everyone is welcome to attend!


Our little Community had Bob Stonebraker’s Memorial last Saturday. Some folks arrived late and everyone was eager to start eating but I told them they’d have to wait until Jimmy Stonebraker and I said a little something in remembrance of Stoney and his life. Jimmy read from a letter that his sister Judy wrote because she couldn’t be here for the memorial. He emotionally added to it with his own thoughts and thanked everyone for coming. It was my turn to talk and I got up and told some of Stoney’s stories he told me of his life beginning in his childhood working on kid’s bikes for five cents, his WWII Army career in the Philippians in charge of the motor pool, owning his own auto repair shop near Hollywood, him and Jimmy working together on a water hauling business, moving out to the desert, and Stoney’s involvement in our community.
There were over forty friends and family who showed up to pay their respects and partake in the celebration of Stoney’s life. Lots of fine foods were on the table and everyone got their fill.
Afterwards the family and I headed over to Stoney’s to yak and tell stories. I didn’t leave until way after 9pm. It was a fine day; closure to a chapter in my life as I finally got to say what I was unable to say at Stoney’s funeral because of a very talkative preacher.
I thank each and every one of you who attended and for the fantastic food you brought!


Our little Community had a mighty hot week that started last Saturday and ended Monday with temps as high as 107 degrees. I can just imagine folks rushing around to get their swamp coolers working, making sure plants are watered and pets have shade. It should be cooler this weekend so I guess last week’s heat was a preview of things to come! It’s time to break out that pool, set it up, and float around with an iced tea in your hand.

I’ve been going outside to gaze at the starry night lately. One night there was a cool breeze blowing and it felt mighty good. It was late enough so I could see the Northern Cross sitting in the Milky Way and the Teapot rising to the southeast. Good starry nights are waiting ahead! Towards the end of the month Comet McNaught will be brightening up to naked eye visibility before sunrise in the northeastern skies. Might be worth a look-see!

Thought of the week: I stay busy all day but seem to get nothing done.


Our little Community: I headed down to Joshua Tree a week ago Friday to say goodbye to my friends Stan and Jan who are retiring from their haircutting business Stan and Jan’s Hairstyling. Stan has been cutting my hair (or what’s left of it) for five or six years; I’d just walk into his shop and tell him to make me look like Gibbs from NCIS. Jan always did a fine job on our neighbor Marie Morrison’s hair. Stan and Jan started their business in Joshua Tree in 1997 at what used to be called Isadora’s beauty salon, and then moved across HWY 62 to their present little shop in November 2000. Folks came in throughout the day saying their goodbyes, bringing and eating food from a potluck table setup inside, and sat around jawing. Stan told me he’s been cutting hair since 1963 and my hair was one of the last he’d be cutting. I will miss our conversations of world politics and TV shows while getting my hair trimmed. Goodbye Stan and Jan! Have a wonderful retirement!

Thought of the week: We have to forgive ourselves before we can forgive others- I usually do it the other way around (forgive others before I forgive myself) but that doesn't work. Forgive yourself first!


Our little Community wants to remind you that summer started this week and the days will be heating up. We want you to be especially aware of the symptoms of heat exhaustion, which are: feeling dizzy, being nauseated, having moist cold skin, a rapid heartbeat, cramps, and headaches, excessive sweating, forgetfulness, and just feeling plum tuckered out. Now some of these may seem to be normal conditions for some folks we know, but take special care when the weather is very hot. Older folks are more susceptible to heat exhaustion for a number of obvious reasons. They’re most likely not to take precautions, ignore the symptoms, and can be very cantankerous when you are trying to help them. We should check on our older folks on a daily basis; especially the ones that you know that live alone and have few visitors. Just drop by to say “Howdy”!
If you find someone you suspect has heat exhaustion: get them quickly to a cooler location, loosen their clothing and have them drink cool water (not coffee or alcohol). Then lay them down and elevate their legs a little. Try to cool them down by spraying or sponging them down with cool water while fanning. Depending on how severe stand ready to call 911 if you haven’t already! Heat exhaustion can rapidly turn into a heatstroke and we aren’t Doctors so it‘s best to let professionals handle the situation.

Don’t forget Potluck this Saturday. Also there will be no First Saturday Breakfasts or Bingo for the Months of July and August.

Thought of the week: I may be growing old but I ain’t growing up!


Our little Community had its Potluck last Saturday where there were less than ten folks showing up. We always say when attendance is small: it’s not the quantity but quality of the folks who come and share. Chris Jonas made his famous macaroni salad, Marie Morrison baked a fantastic blueberry cobbler and also brought buttered bread slices, Ruth Malton came with mixed nuts, Tim Atzei cooked up some spaghetti, and I brought my notorious turkey stuffing. Tim Atzei had some bad news for us; his sister Susan Bonani had passed away last September. Susan had brought much cheer to our potlucks a year or two ago before moving out of the area. We will miss her and it is very sad news in deed.

Birthdays and such for July: Rose Matich, Dana Van Noort, Bob Beggs, Mike Long, and Karen and Dana Van Noort’s 16th Anniversary!

Don’t forget there won’t be any First Saturday Breakfasts or Bingo for the Months of July and August. We will still have our last Saturday Potlucks.

Thought of the week: I believe we’re headed for a moneyless society; if things continue as is nobody will have any.


Our little Community: I went to see my friend Larry Carlock who I’ve known since the elementary school. He and his son Lee came up from Vista Ca. and were staying at his stepdaughter Brianna’s home for the Fourth of July weekend. The day before on their way here Larry and Lee were stopped at the red light in front of Home Depot on Hwy 62 when a car traveling at high speeds hit the rear end of their truck; thank God everyone was okay but both vehicles were totaled (and so were their pants).
We chatted for a spell and I met Brianna’s father Doug (he reads my newspaper column every Saturday and reports back to Larry). I kidnapped Larry and took him over to my place so I could show him the improvements I’ve made on the house. We went on the computer to have a look-see at some ancient photographs of us and our friends back in those olden days of the 60s and 70s; lots of fun reminiscing and telling stories of things and times gone past! Then we went back over to his stepdaughter’s where we yapped for a spell more. I found out that Lee, who is a Marine, is going to Afghanistan this coming August. I told him to be very careful and come home safely. I had a wonderful Fourth!

Thought of the week: I see your smile it makes me warm inside- I feel the grass beneath my feet- I stand in awe of the stars and planets above- I don’t know why.


Our little Community: A few weeks ago, I headed down to Joshua Tree Lake for a small concert put on by Mat Villarreal and Amanda for Mat’s daughter Lauren’s thirteenth birthday surprise. Singer and songwriter Marian Call from Alaska who is touring all fifty states with her guitarist Scott played for several hours to a small crowd of local folks. Marian has such a lovely voice: able to hit about any key that if I tried would turn my face blue. “Music like no other- Clever folk funk for hungry minds” is what she has on her website. I think she is a cross between Alanis Morissette and Joni Mitchell along with a little jazz and comedy thrown in. She is a real crowd pleaser! Lauren, who is a big fan of Marian, got to get up on stage to sing a song with her favorite artist. She did very well under the circumstances: no rehearsal and in a state of awe. We all had a wonderful time under the starry sky; it was one of those magical desert nights.

Thought of the week: Don’t fry food when you’re nude!


Our little Community has heard that Robert (Rob) Reese is resigning from the Copper Mountain Mesa Board due to conflicting work and family schedules. Rob was an effective board member, wasn’t afraid to jump right in with new ideas, and was one of the most likable members on the board. We will miss Rob at our meetings!

I go for my evening walk with my camera almost every day. Sometimes I don’t find anything worth taking pictures of or the sky is hazy. The other day I could have taken a pic of the young owl that hangs around near where I walk but I did not want to disturb him and have him fly away. I want him to get accustom to me as I go on my walks, then I can take some close up pics.

Thought of the week: Life is a dynamic system of balances made unstable due to that, which might be forced or voluntary. That one modifies their agenda appropriately to maintain a sense of equilibrium with the world, the environment, and humanity is paramount to their and everyone else’s happiness.


Our little Community: I love getting emails from my readers; lets me know that someone is reading them. I got one from Linda who lives somewhere on the Mesa in reply of last week’s column. “Hi Mr. Bob, my name is Linda and I live on the Mesa also. I was thrilled to read your comments about the Owl sighting.
I have a pair of "Burrowing Owls" living on the dirt road in front of my house. They live in old coyote holes and fly up whenever a car drives by. There is a website that I Googled about Burrowing Owls from a group out of Canada, they have a lot of informative information and even have voice recordings of their different calls. I have been hesitant to write because I don't want to disturb their habitat, but this is so exciting to me, as they are quite rare and becoming endangered.
Thanks again for your "upbeat humanistic style of writing"; I enjoy reading your column.”
My hopes Linda are that folks respect the critters that live among us here in our lovely desert and don’t disturb them! Thanks Linda for those kindly words at the end of your story!

Thought of the week: We seem to be asleep in our own little realities, caught up in our little desires and day-to-day living, naively depending on others to take action on our behalf to save our world. Ring- ring-ring It's time to wake up.


Our little Community had a wonderful Potluck at the community center last Saturday. We only had a few folks showing up, but we all had a good time! I actually cooked up a bunch of chicken and rice to take. I am not much of a cook but I think I did a dang good job of it; well nobody complained or got sick. Chris Jonas made his famous macaroni salad. Marie Morrison brought a nice tasting cake. Ruth Malton brought a fruit salad she says she made on her own. Tim Atzei cooked his special spaghetti. There was plenty enough for everyone!

I was sitting outside last Tuesday night hoping to see if there would be any aurora borealis from last Sunday’s massive coronal mass ejection (CME) from the Sun. I remember that back in July 2004 you could see the aurora all the way down here after a big CME. There was a red glow with green and blue streamers coming out of the north. I didn’t see any aurora this time but I did notice a few meteors coming from the direction of the Perseus constellation! The Perseid Meteor Shower will peak on the nights of August 12-13. With the new Moon on the tenth it show be a mighty fine show!

Birthdays for August: Ruth Tuttle, Sayoko McDermott, Joseph Evans, Frank McDermott, Lauren Villarreal, and John Jefferson.

Thought of the week: Smiles are free; give a few away!


Our little Community seems to be cooling down a bit from summer’s heat. The Sun is setting earlier leaving us with longer nights to sit outside and enjoy a little stargazing.
Overhead stretching north to south is the Milky Way galaxy that our world is part. It is over one hundred thousand light-years across. Our solar system is some thirty thousand light-years from its center. To find the center of the Galaxy look to Sagittarius low in the southern horizon and you will find what appears to resemble a teapot with steam of the Milky Way coming from its spout. Hold your pinky at arm length from the tip of the spout; there lies the Galaxy’s center with its super massive black hole, yikes!
Now face north, look straight up, and you will notice three bright stars: Vega in Lyra, Deneb in Cygnus, and Altair in Aquila. These three stars form one of my favorite parts of the night sky: the Summer Triangle. Deneb forms the tail of Cygnus the Swan. Albireo a stunning blue and gold double star forms its head. The Swan sits center amongst the dust and stars of the Milky Way. When I look into this region with binoculars, I think of the dark dust areas as clouds, and where they clear, I see the stars beyond. This may not be so but it is neat to me to think of them in that way.
We are lucky to live on a planet, in such a beautiful desert, with dark skies, and have the knowledge not to fear but to become one with our universe and ourselves.

Thought of the week: The road to happiness is not a hurried one.


Our little Community was out last week on the night of August 12 watching the Perseid Meteor Shower. I got outside at 9pm and had my chair and everything setup comfy. I listened to an Astronomy Cast lecture on Johannes Kepler and the space probe that bears his name. The probe’s mission is to look for Earth sized planets in other star systems; I thought that was kind of cool! After around midnight, the meteors started to increase. The night was warm, the air still. I could hear coyotes yipping and carrying on in the distance as earthgrazers burning a brilliant red green color would occasionally zip across the night’s sky leaving an ephemeral tail that quickly faded from one’s memory with the appearance of the next. I saw many more earthgrazers that night and I thought that was just awesome! Life is good!

Thought of the week: Frugality is a lifestyle that may not come cheap in the beginning but pays off big time in the long haul. You do not buy cheap you buy well made. In today’s world of consumptionism, you most likely have to go to a secondhand or thrift store to find these products!


Our little Community wants you to remember that Potluck is today at 4pm. The First Saturday Breakfast will be on Sept. 4, Tuesday Night Bingo will start up again on Sept. 7 and the Board Meeting will be on Sept. 13 at 7p.m.

Thought of the week: I am really starting to get upset with my favorite supermarket. Me, I like to get in there, get my stuff and get out as fast as I can. I used to be able to do this but not anymore! For the last year or so, I have had to hunt for what I want. Every time I go into the store, I find they have change things around again. They even moved the beverages to the opposite side of the store this time. Raisins are under the bananas, refried beans are not with the Mexican foods, and even the folks that work there don’t know where some stuff is. I asked where the pancake mix was and sent to an aisle where there was flower and one brand of pancake mix; I had to go a few aisles over to find the brand that I wanted shelved along with the syrup as it’s supposed to be. As I was asking an employee where this or that was, this little old lady sat there in her electric cart listening, motioning me aside saying she was as confused as I not knowing where anything was. I do like the store and have been shopping there since I moved up here. They have the finest fried chicken around! Hey maybe I’m just getting old and cantankerous!


Our little Community wants to welcome Gage Joshua Jonas into our community. Gage was born last Sunday to proud parents Gerald Jonas and Tonya Pratt.

Potluck last Saturday was great; we actually had 14 folks showing up! Marcie Hines used her magic on a wonderful potato salad and meat and cheese platter. Marie Morrison baked a fabulous blackberry cobbler. Rose Matich stewed some carrots and peas to perfection. Chris Jonas brought his fantastic macaroni salad. Ruth Malton whipped up a mighty fine fruit salad. And I brought some macaroni and cheese I made all by myself.

Birthdays for September: Randell Herrera, Mike Villarreal, Kimberly Herrera, Marcie Hines, and Ed Drzal.

Thought of the week: Every day I try to discover something new I didn’t know before and most days I succeed! The more I learn the more I realize how little I do know.


Our little Community wants you to beware that the stop signs at the intersection of Winters Road and Coyote Canyon are missing. Steve Tuttle said he found one of the signs off to the side but thieves made off with the other. Replacement of these signs should happen soon. We are not very happy about this.

My neighbor Ginger called needing my help getting her truck unstuck from the sand. Along the way to Ginger’s there was this dog limping along in the middle of Winters Road. I passed him by slowly to assess the situation. He looked mighty thirsty and I decided to pick him up. I opened the door and he jumped in wagging his tail. He looks to be a cross between a bulldog and something else. He is very tame and friendly. I took him over to Ginger’s where her daughter Lahla got him a bowl of water that he drank right down. He has no collar or id tags. I hope nobody abandoned him out here in the hot desert; that would be cruel and inhuman. Later we found him soaking inside a water tub set aside for the critters, lapping up water while splashing around; if dogs can smile this one surely was. Ginger wants to name him Bob. I told her she’d better wait till we can find the owners or not.

Thought of the week: It amazes me what the human body can acheive. It can adapt from being 350 pounds eating Ho-Ho’s in front of the TV to reading books and jogging. It can adjust from playing video games to doing something totally creative and original. You only have to find that spark within that says “I” can, and you will!


Our little Community had its first board meeting after the July August summer break. We didn’t have a quorum until twenty minutes after 7pm when another board member finally showed up.
Mary Helen Tuttle informed us that the month of July’s electric bill was over $400, about twice as much as it normally is. The SCE said the meter readings were correct. We tried to come up with some kind of explanation why this might be. It could have been due to someone accidentally leaving the air conditioner on, or one of the freezers malfunctioning. Mary Helen will have the SCE come out to do an audit of our usage. I suggested that we put a manual twist timer on the air conditioner so it couldn’t be left on by mistake. Bill Treas will look into the cost of doing that.
Forty-seven adults and five children showed up for September’s breakfast; which is a good showing! Around twenty folks came to play bingo last Tuesday!
The board voted not to allow any more IOUs for the Thrift Room because some folks forget to pay and we’re not a collection agency.
Steve Tuttle said replacement of the stolen stop signs at the intersection of Winters Road and Coyote Canyon would happen soon.
The USDA Food Distribution’s numbers keep rising. The membership committee mentioned there’s a need to start organizing for October’s End of Summer Bash on Saturday the 30th.

Don’t forget to come on over for potluck on the 25th at 4pm!

Thought of the week: We all need to take a deep breath, roll up our sleeves, and help one another.


Our little Community wants you to come on down to our Center for the “Fabulously Fine” Breakfast this Saturday at 8:30am and goes to around 11am. There will be pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage, and all sorts of other goodies!

I am glad to tell y’all that Dorothy Jacobsen is home and out of the hospital after a bad car accident. I been told she is doing fine and can’t wait to get back to bingo and the potlucks.

Chris Jonas stopped by last Monday after the USDA Food Distribution and told me that109 folks showed up. Chris caught one person who changed his shirt after getting his food and tried to sneak a second bag; such are hard times.

Last week I checked on the dove chicks and there was only one left in the nest. As I peered around the corner, it saw me and clumsily flew away on young untested wings. This late in the season, I’ll be throwing out some seed for them.

Birthdays for October: Larry Catron, Colleen Schweitzer, and Scott Lane.

Don’t forget to come on over for Saturday’s potluck today at 4pm!

Thought of the week: If you think that life is passing you by, try writing a journal! You will be surprised of the little things you do during the week that you may have forgotten. In addition, writing a journal gives you motivation to actually get out and do something so you’ll have something to write about.
I’ve been writing a journal for many years. I have mine online for the whole world to read (keeps me honest) at


Our little Community: Getting ready for potluck, I cooked up some mac and cheese, and with some ham thrown in it tasted dang good. I phoned my new neighbor Kelly to see if she wanted to go to potluck but she wasn’t feeling up to it. Kelly just moved in last week over on Poleline east from Friendship and I wanted to acquaint her with our community.
Seven folks showed up for Potluck, including me. I talked with the folks there and we decided that because of the October BBQ, Thanksgiving, and Christmas we will not be having a potluck until the last Saturday in January of next year. Even though there have been fewer of us showing up for potluck we still have a wonderful time with plenty to eat and yak about. Rose Matich brought her peas and carrots, Marie Morrison cooked up some delicious German potatoes and brought a bunch of biscuits from a canceled church breakfast she attends, Tim Atzei produced a macaroni dish, and Chris Jonas made his famous macaroni salad.

Don’t forget the “Fabulously Fine” Breakfast today, Saturday, at 8:30am to around 11am. There will be pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage, and lots of coffee!

Thought of the week: solitude is a luxury for the rich, poets, monks, and the unemployed.


Our little Community had a bad storm come plowing through our area. At around 7am last Saturday flashes of light and thunder awoke me. I got up and went outside to check if I needed to move anything out of the rain that was pouring out of the sky. Flash bang, flash bang, and right after another it was hitting so close by. I figured that it had knocked out power to the whole area and was thinking of the poor volunteers down at the community center trying to cook and serve breakfast in the dark. Joel Levy told me later that the electric power was down for six hours after the storm passed; I’ve heard from some folks that their electric stayed off longer.

By Annelies Kuiper: “The Membership Committee will host our 3rd Annual “End of Summer Community B-B-Q” on Saturday October 16th, 2010; with $1.00 Hotdogs, $2.00 Hamburgers, $2.50 Cheeseburgers plus all the yummy Fixin’s and Desserts. We’ll also have coffee, water and the soda machine; or…bring a cooler. Gather your Friends and Family and come on down. This year, we’ll have a LIVE BAND, with excellent Local Musicians, who are sure to get your feet tappin’ and those hips swingin’! The Party starts at 2p.m. and we’d love to see you there. The Thrift Room will have a special Yard Sale from 2-4p.m. on that day

Thought of the week: Besides reading and using them for reference: books on bookshelves against walls make for good insulation from the cold of winter, the heat of summer, and the noise from cars passing by on the streets outside.


Our little Community is taking applications for our Copperettes Christmas Dinner for the truly needy in our Community. To sign up, call Mary Helen Tuttle at the Center: (760)362-5212, or e-mail us at

I was out of town for last Monday’s Board Meeting but Annelies Kuiper wrote down the main points for me: the January Breakfast will take place on the 8th, as the 1st is New Year's Day and the Volunteers didn't want to work! No Potluck Dinners until January. Next Board meeting is Saturday November 13th at noon; followed by lunch and then the Annual meeting, including election of new Board members at 2p.m. Plans were made for the purchase of Food and Beverages for the upcoming B-B-Q this Saturday October 16th. It was decided that the patio area by the front door would be a no smoking area from now on. We will allocate a smoking area around the corner.

Now don’t fergit to come on down to our “End of Summer Community B-B-Q” today, Saturday October 16th, starts at 2pm This year, we’ll have a LIVE BAND, with excellent Local Musicians!

Thought of the week: #1. Be unique! We were all born and started out that way! If, for whatever reasons you lost your uniqueness: be it parents, school, dealing with peer pressure, television, or work, get it back! Conformity is a trap! It will suck you dry of any creative energies and leave you barren on the shores of anonymity to be washed away and merge with the vast oceans of the unexceptional.


Our little Community had its End of Summer Bash last Saturday. I got there a little late and started taking pictures of folks listening to the band. The band’s name was Buddy and the Good Guys. This band was thrown together at the last moment because the other band got sick or something. I met their drummer Milo a few years ago. There were quite a few folks showing up. Steve and Ray were busy barbecuing the hamburgers and hot dogs. Annelies was handling the tickets for the meals. Chris Jonas brought his famous macaroni salad. Mary Helen made some of her delicious potato salad. Katherine Quinn and her two Daughters made some cookies and desserts and helped where needed. The band played many old songs and Marie Morrison was actually dancing around. I think the highlight of the whole evening was when Steve Tuttle got out there and hammered away at the drums in a very professional manner. He did a very decent job on the old surfer song “Wipe out” by the Ventures, which surprised everyone! I’ve never seen Steve so animated; like a kid who rediscovered some long lost toy.

Chris Jonas who manages the USDA Food Distribution told me that he only had enough food for 96 bags and had to turn 15 other needy folks away. Chris heard of other shortages, too.

A happy cheerful helpful woman, Charlene works at Stater Brothers in Yucca and reads my column. I said I’d say hi. Hi Charlene!

Thought of the week: #2 Be creative. Be in awe of the universe and the life within. Never stop learning.


Our little Community finally got some much-needed rain a week ago Tuesday. I was awoken around 5am by loud bursts of thunder and a lot of rain but went back to sleep. The rain had stopped and it was a little sunny so I took the chance and went for my morning run. I was lucky that I did the run at 10:30am because it rained ten minutes after I got back. I heard that the electrical power in Landers went down for a spell that day. I found more leaks in the new patio, went back up on the roof, and patched them. Later, after it rained hard, there was only one more dripping spot to patch.
Now this past Monday and Tuesday the winds have been whipping up and gusting somewhere around 40 MPH or so. Our new neighbor Kelly Lowry called telling me her house is shaking apart because of the wind and asked if these high of winds were normal around these parts. I told her that her house has been standing for over forty some years and will still probably be standing after this wind has gone.

Birthdays for the month of November: Jan Bonner and Joel Levy.

Thought of the week: #3. Discuss, debate, but don’t argue. Question everything: “Thou shalt not question” has no place in our schools, religions, science, or government. Not to question is dangerous in a society like ours.


Our little Community will be having its CMMCA Annual Meeting next week; Saturday 13th Board Meeting 12-1pm followed by lunch and then the Annual Membership Meeting. The Membership Meeting is where we elect new board members for those old board members whose terms are ending. If you’d like to run for office or just want to vote you must be a member. There will be refreshments I’ve been told to entice us all to come on down. As always, please check all weapons: chains, knives, and brass knuckles, at the front door.

Remember we are still taking applications for our Christmas dinner give-away for the truly needy in our Community. To sign up, call Mary Helen Tuttle at the Center: (760)362-5212, or e-mail us at

Thought of the week: It seems to me that the only time politicians talk about fiscal responsibility is when they want your vote. The rest of the time, they are scheming and finding new inventive ways to separate us from our money.


Our little Community wants you to remember: put your teeth in, git your boots on, and mosey on down to our CMMCA Annual Meeting today, Saturday 13th. Board Meeting 12-1pm followed by lunch and then the Annual Membership Meeting.

On the evening of Tuesday October 26, Karen and Dana Van Noort had just gotten back from a business trip to find that their dog, Trouble, was sitting inside of his little wading pool. Karen thought that was kinda strange, he had never done that before. Then they got to looking at Trouble’s normally smooth long hair, but now he looked like a porcupine, hair standing out, and going in all different directions. They decided he must have gone for a swim. Trouble must have also been mighty mad at being left alone because his doghouse was dragged clear across to the other side of his kennel.
The next morning Karen took a step out the door and noticed that part of the kitchen roof was standing up a good 8 inches. In the yard, Dana found two heavy traffic cones were 10-15 feet from where he had originally placed them. Karen and Dana concluded, with all the things that had happened that a Mini-Tornado spun through their property and poor Trouble must have gone for one hell of a Wild Ride!

Thought of the week: #4. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst then you’ll be ready for almost anything; except for the small stuff folks tell you not to sweat over.


Our little Community had its General Membership Meeting last Saturday. We elected members to the board who will reign over our little desert realm. First, we had our Regular Board meeting. Report: Bingo dinners brought in $88; 50 folks showed up for our first Saturday Breakfast (no power outage as I had thought there was); Thrift Room $60; USDA 92 bags of food distributed. Mary Helen reminded us that the cutoff date for the Christmas basket would be Dec 18.
After the board meeting we had a barbecue luncheon with hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixings. Afterwards President Katherine Quinn called the General Membership Meeting to order. There was a vote taken and the old board members were re-elected along with new board member Daniel Gray. The new board caucused and announced their officers- Katherine Quinn to remain President, Steve Tuttle Vice President, and Mary Helen Tuttle as Treasurer. The board appointed Tim Atzei who will join the board as secretary and voting member.

It was sad to hear that Colleen Schweitzer had passed on. Colleen was one hell of a fine woman! All of us here on the mesa, and where she worked will remember Colleen Schweitzer for her devotion to her family and her untiring dedication to her profession. There will be a memorial for Colleen at the community center this Saturday 20th from 1pm to 5pm.

Thought of the week: something lost never goes missing.


Our little Community said its goodbyes to longtime resident (33 years) Colleen Schweitzer at the Memorial held last Saturday at our Community Center.
There were many cars in the parking lot as I drove up. There must have been some eighty or more Family, Friends, and Co-workers there to pay their respects. Colleen would have been happy that all these wonderful folks showed up. Colleen was 75 years old.

We want to remind you the cutoff date for the Copperettes Christmas Basket for the truly needy in our Community will be Dec 18. To sign up, call Mary Helen Tuttle at the Center: (760)362-5212.

Now don’t ferget to come on down to our Fabulously Famous First Saturday Breakfast next Saturday Dec 4. There will be pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, home fried potatoes, and lots more. Have hot coffee to warm ya up on the cold Autumn Morn while ya talk to yer neighbors and friends!

Thought of the week: Seems to me that more than the turkey gets stuffed on Thanksgiving!


Our little Community had its Annual Member Recognition Thanksgiving Pot Luck Party last Thursday. I skipped breakfast because I knew I would be ingesting massive amounts of holiday foods! I arrived to the community center at 1pm and there must have been around fifty starving folks showing up. This was the fourth Thanksgiving dinner that the center has held. As usual, Mary Helen and Steve Tuttle, Ray and Ila Foyil were busy at work with other happy helpers preparing the feast. Steve and Ray cooked the turkeys the night before. There were all kinds of: cakes, pies, candied yams, and other yummy foods that folks had brought. Everyone had full plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing; and many folks went back for seconds, thirds, and even fourths!

Time is running out to sign up for the Copperettes Christmas Basket for the truly needy in our Community. Cutoff is Dec 18. Call Mary Helen Tuttle at the Center: (760)362-5212.

Now remember our Fabulously Famous First Saturday Breakfast is today, Saturday Dec 4.

Thought of the week: Eternity is wasted on the dead.


Our little Community’s Mike and Stevie Villarreal held their Annual Friends Dinner Party the Saturday after Thanksgiving. There was somewheres close to fifty folks or more attending. It’s a good thing that the Villarreals have a large home that can accommodate seating for that many people. I talked to several interesting individuals and made a few new friends. I also took many pictures of the party. After we ate, Mat Villarreal’s daughter Lauren asked if I could bring my guitar inside from the truck and play a few songs. Another guitarist had brought his electric guitar and amp and accompanied me while I played. I guess we sounded okay; at least they clapped when we were done with each song, or maybe just thrilled we had finally finished.

There is going to be a Lunar Eclipse beginning on Dec. 20. The times for our area are; Partial Eclipse begins at 10:33pm- Total Eclipse begins at 11:41pm- Total Eclipse ends at 12:53am- Partial Eclipse ends at 2:01am. The next Total Lunar Eclipse in America will happen in 2014 and that's a long wait if you miss this one! If the weather is fair and sky is clear, I will sure to be out there braving the cold to watch this event. Last time when the Lunar Eclipse went total, the wind died and coyotes’ began to howl, spooky!

Thought of the week: Don’t make life too complicated this holiday season; relax, kick back, and enjoy :)


Our little Community’s board meeting began at 7pm last Monday. Mary Helen gave the treasury report that included a Year in Review for 2010. Here are some yearly totals: First Saturday Breakfast $2301.70. Marcie’s Treasure Room brought in $1148.00. Bingo has been having between 15-20 folks each week and paid $2000.00 for the year. Bingo Dinners made $1051.00. Memberships dues $1735.75; only 60 members have renewed their membership; 125 had by this time last year.
Forty-nine adults and three children came to December’s Breakfast. A hundred and one folks showed up for November’s USDA Food Distribution. Eleven families signed up for our Christmas Basket. A discussion for raising the cost of the breakfast to $5 from $4.50 died a horrible death. Mary Helen and Steve Tuttle are trying (in separate ways) to find a lower insurance policy for the center; right now it’s $3250.00 a year. Our Edison bill of $3005.00 for the year is too dang high and Edison will audit our building soon. It was a productive meeting.

Last Monday I went outside about 9:30 to see if there was any sign of the Geminid Meteor Shower. I wasn’t expecting much because of the Moon being 57 percent full would washout the meteors. However, when I first looked up I saw a bright green streamer zipping cross the sky, wow! I made some coffee and stayed up into the wee hours to watch the sky show; best I’ve ever seen at a rate of about 110 an hour!
Remember Monday 20th the Lunar Eclipse begins at 10:33pm!

Thought of the week: Don’t feed your need for greed!


Our little Community, with a very generous donation from Sandra Foyil in the memory of her Granddad Tex Foyil, plus the donations of many others, we were able to give away eleven Christmas Baskets to the needy in our area.

Our January Breakfast will be on Saturday, the 8th instead of the 1st.

Joel Levy called last Monday to say the electric power went out in our area a little after 8am until 12:30pm.

Did you know that it has been 372 years (December 21, 1638) since a Winter Solstice and a Total Lunar Eclipse coincided and we will have to wait until 2094 for the next one!
As the beginning of the eclipse rolled around, I went outside to see if there were any breaks in the cloud cover. I stood there in the light rain willing the clouds to part. After a long spell of waiting, the rain stopped and the clouds thinned enough where I could see the Moon half covered by the Earth’s shadow, cool! I ran inside, grabbed my camera, and quickly took a picture (you have to click on the picture and enlarge it to see anything) just as it vanished behind a thick layer of clouds never to appear again that night! I kept going outside every time I heard the rain stop, tracking lots of mud into the house, hoping to see the blood red Moon but the clouds were always too thick.
Rain started coming down in torrents at 1:30am, I was soaked, and decided to call it a night. Am I disappointed? A little, but it was fun, I gave it my best shot.

Thought of the week: The truth will always be revealed in our deceptions.