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By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is holding the first Saturday Breakfast of the New Year this morning, from 8-11am. Join us for great food, lively conversation and a wonderfully Neighborly beginning to 2012.

I’ve received warnings from several Neighbors, that this Earthly Homo-Sapiens experiment, which we humans are part of, will be aborted later this year. We are advised to start living; loving; being kind to our elders, youngsters and thinking about bucket lists! These ‘end of Life’ moments certainly help us to identify our priorities; rescue and repair ourselves, don’t they? Nevertheless, I hope very much to be here these next many years!

Our Neighbor and good friend Doug, had a horrible accident on New Year’s Eve and is clinging to life in Desert Hospital. Our loving thoughts and best wishes go out to him, his Mom Cheryl, brother Jim and the whole Family.

The Mesa was rumbling at 6:52 last Thursday morning: as if a train was approaching; or a mighty thunderstorm. Instead, I watched as one of those huge, scrap metal hauling, semi-trailers thundered north on Coppermoon, across Winters and turned in at the blue house in the wash. A light-colored truck - with manual transmission and problematic muffler - followed the semi into the driveway. I presume the local scrap metal business is booming. I just hope it’s all above board; respectful of private property and the well-being of our Community.

Our Neighborhood Watch meeting is this Monday, January 9th at 6p.m., immediately followed by the CMM Community Association monthly Board meeting, starting at 7p.m. You are strongly encouraged to join us at the Center, because we all know: isolating ourselves at home and complaining about everything doesn’t make change happen. As more Neighbors gather and get to know each other, we are discovering that a diverse and interesting group of people call Copper Mountain Mesa home. So: show up, participate, meet some great humans and become active in your Community!

Hope to see more players at the Tuesday night Bingo and Supper parties every week from 5:30pm. Stay well!


By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held the first Breakfast of the New Year last Saturday morning. A good crowd of 51 adults and 8 children showed up and the Volunteers were kept busy all morning. I witnessed a most touching moment, when Ruth Tuttle and Judy Driver saw each other for the first time in many moons. They melted into each other’s arms; tearfully declaring their love for each other and how much they missed being Neighbors. These two ladies are part of “The Old Guard” of the Copper Mountain Mesa Community.
Ruth retired to the Mesa permanently in 1986. She soon became involved in the Community Center; writing both the CMMCA Newsletter and the weekly column in the Hi-Desert Star for many years. Before city water was piped up to the Mesa around 1997, Ruth hauled water from Surprise Valley water well, in a huge, yellow truck, which proudly displayed the license plate: “Queen Tut”!
Judy moved up here with her husband in 1993. They lived close to the Wilberts and Tuttles and her husband grew all the trees in their yard from tiny seeds. “Now they’re all dead,” she declared, sadly. “After my husband died, the new people didn’t water them and all those trees are gone!”

Our USDA Food give-away was last Monday, January 9th, because the third Monday of the month is a holiday in January and February. A big THANK YOU to Bill Treas who drove to San Bernardino to pick up our food; because the County delivery trucks were grounded by CHP due to bad tires! Chris Jonas gave away bags of clothes and shoes from the Thrift room and 100 people went home fed and clothed! Call Chris: (760)362-4708 to donate items or visit the Thrift Room.

Earl Wilbert’s delicious Turkey Soup was a huge hit at the Bingo and Supper party last Tuesday. 12 people played and Dorothy Jacobsen won a beautiful lap-blanket as consolation prize!

Delighted to report that, despite his horrendous motorcycle accident, neighbor Doug is home: best wishes on his road to recovery! Happy MLK Day and stay well!


By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community’s main thoroughfare - Winters Road – was almost blocked by a long, bulky piece of metal that had obviously fallen off the back of a truck, close to the Community Center, last Tuesday afternoon. As I continued West, I barely managed to avoid another two large pieces of metal. I don’t know who’s been dropping their loads on our roads, but it’s terribly dangerous.

Our friend and neighbor Doug, was almost killed on New Year’s Eve. His dirt bike hit a log: probably dropped by ‘weekenders’ visiting our beautiful Mesa for the holiday; looking forward to miles of dirt and endless starry skies. Likely, they haven’t a clue that the log they lost, almost killed our nephew-in-law Jimbo’s brother Doug. OK, back up; here’s that part of the story! I moved up to the Mesa on a cold, dark night in the Winter of 1993. As I was unpacking the u-haul, a brown El-Camino came zipping into my driveway and out sprang Julie, my exuberantly blonde and bosomy new Neighbor to the North; accompanied by her young sons Gary and Jason. A few years later, Julie’s Uncle Jim came to visit: he is the man I’ve lived with ever since! Cut to several years after that: Julie married Jimbo; we met his brother Doug and we’ve remained friends, neighbors and relatives over the years. They all live off La Brisa: the southern boundary of the Copper Mountain Mesa Community. Doug continues to recover from his fractured skull, broken ribs, clavicle and femur. He thanks us for all our well wishes.

Here’s hoping that Rick Seeley and all those celebrating January Birthdays, will enjoy many happy returns of their special day. With love, we remember Sharon Weaver, Marge and Bob Seeley.

The Bingo and Supper party attracted 15 players last Tuesday night; including Sandy; her mother Carol, who just returned from Texas and grand-daughters Cathy and Ellie. Steve Tuttle and Earl Wilbert served up Pot pies and Hot dogs with chips. Dyan Carroll won the White elephant prize.

The Potluck Party is next Saturday, January 28th: stay well!


By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community’s column in this extraordinary local newspaper, has demanded my focused attention on Copper Mountain Mesa, every Thursday noon-hour deadline, for the last 52 weeks! With an average of 345 words per week, that’s almost 18,000 words: an epic epistle; an entire year with 100 square miles of stories! I My hope is that the generations of children and grandchildren who have yet to be born, will one day read the stories in the Copper Mountain Mesa columns and learn more about where their people came from and what kind of lives they led. History, if you will; or, in many cases: Herstory!
Joking aside, writing this column has been a joyful, learning experience for me. Obviously, some weeks it was more difficult to find subject matter than others, but for the most part the constant line-up of Neighborhood news, encounters and stories, dotted with my own experiences, have kept the column writing itself. I have had more reaction to some columns than others: the rodent repelling; scrapmetal hauling and Neighborhood watch meeting segments have attracted the most Community response. I have received mostly positive comments about the Copper Mountain Mesa column: please accept my humble thanks!
My predecessor, Bob Deloyd, who wrote this column for 11 years, continues to run our Community website: My favorite feature, is where Bob displays the latest column, followed by his own columns from 5 and 10 years ago. It’s a fascinating comparison of Life in our Community back then and how Life is now.

The Tuesday night Bingo and Supper party has been around forever and attracted 17 players last week. Steve Tuttle, Earl Wilbert and Ray Foyil served Chicken and Rice for dinner. We were very happy to see Mary Reeves and Claudia Bridges. Their busy schedules with Outreach means we don’t get to see them as much. Welcome, Ladies! Ruthie Malton won the big money with U-Pik-Em: she was so happy and all-a-wiggle with excitement! You go, Ruthie!

The Potluck party starts at 4pm today and the monthly Saturday Breakfast is next week.
Until then, stay well!


By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community’s Saturday Breakfast is going on at the Center today, from 8-11a.m. Located at 65-336 Winters Road – 4 miles East of Border Avenue and 5 miles West of Lear Avenue - the Community Center is the hub of Copper Mountain Mesa. When Neighbors gather, wonderful things happen and we hope to welcome you to one of our Community Events very soon.

I was unable to attend the first Potluck Party of 2012, but Bob Deloyd was kind enough to share his culinary experiences with us: “I headed down to our Potluck with some turkey stuffing and rice. There, almost thirty of our community’s finest showed up. Tim Atzei cooked up his Mac and something. Elaine brought her family: husband Kevin, and two sons Timothy and Matthew (their first time at the community center). Karry Kearns provided us all with beverages. Dave Royer baked up a fancy French (I thought he wrote trench) lemon tart pie thingy. Marybeth Rubin made some curry bites that were delicious. Marybeth and husband Alan had property here for thirty years and just moved in permanently six months ago. Chris Jonas made his famous world renowned macaroni salad. Rose Matich brought along her husband Joe and steamed up her peas and corn for us to enjoy. Mary and Chris Koval created a lemon pumpkin dump cake (Mighty fine) and chicken mushroom mac casserole. Ruth Malton surprised us with red jello. Marie Morrison whipped up a German Chocolate Cake! There was plenty of fun in the Thrift Room especially when young Cody was clowning around with a woman’s wig and a bra: the girls got a kick out of that.” Thanks Bob: that young Cody is turning out to be quite the clown and certainly enjoys making the girls giggle!

The USDA Food Give-away is on February 13th: second Monday of this month, because the 3rd Monday falls on President’s Day. With the give-away from 8:30-11a.m; the Neighborhood Watch meeting at 6p.m. and the monthly Board meeting at 7, Monday February 13th will be a very Community-oriented Day!
Don’t forget Bingo on Tuesdays; stay well!


By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held the monthly Breakfast last week, on the first Saturday of February. Ila Foyil was feeling well enough to play Cashier: assisted by her beautiful daughter Kimberly, who looks just like Marg Helgenberger of the CSI TV series! This freed me up to play Waitress, which I enjoyed immensely, as I got to chat with a lot more people than usual. Mary Helen Tuttle was worried that serving the ‘glutenous’ food would adversely affect me, but I was fine. Of course, I couldn’t eat the gluten: that would set me up for weeks of woe!

Earl Wilbert told me he’s been having troubles with his legs and feet again. “I can’t walk in the Desert, because I’m afraid I’ll fall over,” he explained. “So, I bought one of those machines to exercise on.” “I’ve been a Massage therapist for many years; maybe I can help you.” I offered. “I asked my daughter what she thought about massage and chiropractic,” he replied with a grin. “She reminded me that I’m almost 90 and therapy might do me more harm than good!” Earl started visiting Copper Mountain Mesa in 1962 and moved up here permanently in 1982. He built his own Cabin; taking two years to complete his “little slice of paradise”. In those days, the Community Center had not been built yet, so Neighbors held potlucks and deep-pit Barbecues at the Firehouse. Earl was a Volunteer Firefighter and later served as Treasurer on the Board, as well as writing the Newsletter for years. We love you, Earl and Happy Birthday on the 29th!

February Birthday wishes also go out to: Stevie Villarreal, Marcia McKinney, Stuart Watson, Pamela Waddey, John Waddell, Dennis McDermott and my beloved Jim Martin. Happy Anniversary to Mike and Stevie and we fondly remember Zoila Preciado.

Monday, February 13th is the USDA Food give-away from 8:30-11am. The Neighborhood Watch meeting starts at 6pm that evening; followed by the Board meeting at 7pm. On Tuesday night, come have supper, play Bingo and celebrate Valentine’s Day with us! The fun starts at 5:30.
Stay well!


By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community enjoyed a thoroughly soaking rain last week. Windy, rainy weather usually sets me on edge; as I worry about the porch flooding, the roof leaking or worse: but this was a kind storm for us. The ground was saturated, without rivers raging through the garage, or down the driveway!

The controversy over Electrical ‘Smartmeters’ continues. Many Neighbors on the Joshua Tree and Landers ends of Copper Mountain Mesa have received their new meters. On the 29Palms end of our Community, many of us have not had our meters changed. Jim and I live out on one of those non-existent roads and we recently received a letter from SCE, asking us to make arrangements for our Smartmeter installation. We did not reply.
E-mails regarding the ‘Smartmeter’ issue, keep coming in. Neighbor Mac writes: “I've stopped my installation, VERY EASY, just told SCE I do NOT want it due to health reasons. Less than a week later, SCE tagged my meter to STAY. My Bud in town has one, so I went to check it out. With NO change in useage, his bill jumped near 30%.” Mac also mentioned the following links, where one can further research this perplexing issue:
One can also research the pros and cons and view many ‘Smartmeter’ stories on youTube. Some consequences allegedly caused by the installation of ‘Smartmeters’: worsening symptoms of mental illnesses; constantly hearing crazy-making sounds inaudible to others; return of cancerous tumors; agitated Pets and rising electric bills; to name just a few. Other Neighbors refused the installation of the ‘Smartmeter’; which resulted in another visit from SCE; accompanied by a forceful and unsympathetic Sheriff.
As our immediate Neighbor Frank writes in his e-mail: “This forced meter change will monitor our daily life in ways that will cost us money. I'm all about my privacy like most folks here: these people will sneak onto your property to change this meter.” Food for thought, Neighbors!

Join us for Bingo on Tuesday and the Potluck next Saturday: Stay well!


By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community’s Tuesday night Supper and Bingo party attracted fourteen players last week. Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served Pizza and Salad for supper; but there were no big prize winners.

Steve Tuttle left Bingo early to attend the ‘Block grant’ session at the Yucca Valley town meeting. Over the years, Steve has submitted numerous requests for Block Grants from San Bernardino County; which have paid for the actual building of the Community Center; subsequent roof replacement; kitchen upgrades and other large projects. During recent, lean economic years, the County’s generosity towards our Community Association and the Center, has dwindled markedly.
Recently, Steve found out that the County is obliged to continue distributing allocated funds to rural, unincorporated areas. He immediately applied for a grant, as our Community Center has several repair projects that need to be addressed. Steve was told he would have to go through Yucca Valley, where all local grant monies would be distributed. When he approached the proper channels, he was told that the ‘powers that be’ had decided to allocate all County block grant funds to the Town of Yucca Valley!

Welcome home Mary Helen: Steve Tuttle’s lovely wife. A week after Steve’s Uncle, from the Victorville area, passed away; Mary Helen’s Uncle in New York died and she flew back East to attend the Services. Sincere condolences to you and your Families.

Reports of Hepatitis ‘C’ reaching epidemic status amongst Baby Boomers, are very concerning to me, as this is what my beloved Jim is receiving treatment for. Another silent killer, symptoms don’t occur until it’s almost too late. Of the 10,000 deaths related to ‘Hep C’ last year; 80% of the cases were Boomers. Contracted through blood transfusions received before 1992 or other blood exchange; needle-sharing; or ‘rough’, sexual contact; the disease must be tested for specifically as it does not show up in regular blood tests. Play it safe, Boomers; get yourselves tested.

Reportedly, Chris Jonas is bringing his oh-so-yummy-Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and Gravy to the Potluck Party: today at 4pm. Until next time, stay well!


By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held the monthly Potluck Party last Saturday and here’s what Bob Deloyd had to say about it. “Potluck was special this month because it’s Chris Jonas’s birthday. Around thirty of us stood up and sang Happy Birthday to this wonderful, dynamic man! Mary Koval and her daughter Chris made a poor man’s lasagna, dinner rolls, and baked up some peanut butter cheesecake brownies.Chris Jonas and family went all out cooking up some mighty tasty meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy. The chicken tortilla casserole that Dorothy Jacobsen brought was undeniably a show stopper. Ruth Malton whipped up her Waldo-jello salad. Rose Matich steamed some peas and dragged Joe, her husband, to the center. Dyan Carroll spent the last couple of days slaving over a hot stove preparing us a magnificent meal of lasagna with a side dish of cauliflower covered in a special melted cheddar cheese sauce, yummy. Marie Morrison brought candied yams. David Royer concocted a ham and pasta salad for our enjoyment. I brought my regular stuff which paled in comparison to these others.

I really appreciate Bob writing about the monthly Potluck, because I have been unable to attend these past many months. What with Jim’s immune system challenges and my food allergies, it didn’t seem sensible.

Twelve players turned up for the Tuesday night Bingo and Supper party. Steve Tuttle and Patrick Whalen served Pot Pies and our hungry, young Neighbor Cody showed up to help with the left-overs! Everyone enthusiastically wished Chris Jonas a happy 70th Birthday: he is a much appreciated Volunteer Extraordinaire and he is dearly loved by all of us. Dorothy Jacobsen won the Powerball #2: congratulations m’Beauty! There were no other winners: the various Pots will be huge at the next Bingo party this Tuesday, so don’t miss it!

The monthly Saturday Breakfast is going on this morning, from 8-11a.m. The food is simply wonderful and for only $4.50 you can get a mountain of yummy nosh plus juice and coffee; so come on down the bumpy road and pay us a visit. Stay well!


By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was hot, cold and rather blustery all week, to put it mildly! Our school teacher-friend told us how a wind-whipped, sand-storm in 29Palms, obliterated all views outside the classroom windows. Her first-graders cried in terror and many worried about getting home. The Wind always puts me on edge anyway, but this storm was a humdinger and brought in some wintery cold. We were pretty much out of wood for our stove and cutting wood is such a challenge for Jim in his current, weakened state. While I’ve taken over most of Jim’s chores around here, using any kind of saw scares me and I can only break up so much wood with my hands, feet and trusty hatchet! Fortunately, however, our wonderful, ‘secret-Santa’ Neighbor brought over some wood for us, so we spent our evenings warm, dry and out of reach of that howling Wind outside! Early in the week, I was darting around in shorts and flip-flops; by mid-week, with cold winds howling, it was back to winter-wear and frozen bird-water; only to end the week ‘enswirled’ again by warm, dry breezes: that’s Life in the Hi-Dez!

Check out Bob Deloyd’s blog at , where he expresses his outrage about the Yucca Valley Town Council’s recent decision to award all San Bernardino County Block Grants to Yucca Valley. Not one penny will be awarded to outlying rural areas, like Copper Mountain Mesa, where the funding is needed so desperately.

Birthday wishes go out to: Violet Jonas, Andy “Joe” Lane, Seimi Shiba, Dulce McDermott, Bev Long and all those celebrating their special day in March. Also, we fondly remember Harry Preciado.

Eleven people showed up for the Bingo and Supper party last Tuesday evening. Everyone enjoyed Breakfast for dinner: with eggs, sausage, hash browns, biscuits and gravy. Nobody won big, so the pot rolls over to this Tuesday for huge cash winnings!

Our monthly Neighborhood Watch meeting starts at 6p.m on Monday March 12th, immediately followed by the Board meeting at 7p.m. Until next time, stay well!


By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community Board Meeting was last Monday evening. Secretary, Tim Atzei’s spelling and grammar is much improved these days and we are thankful for the Agenda and Minutes he churns out for every meeting.
We also really appreciate Ron “Indy” Amos of Joshua Treets Ice Cream. Now that all the official requirements and inspections are behind him, Ron is working hard to supply the growing demand for his most deliciously scrumptious Ice Cream. He creates a multitude of flavors, including sugar-free and gluten-free varieties and produces all this Mmm-mmm goodness right here in our Grade ‘A’ commercial kitchen at Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center!

The USDA Food Give-away is this Monday, March 19th. Last month we helped 90 local families receive much-needed groceries. Bill Treas and Roger Smith usually arrive around 8:30a.m. with a trailer full of food. The Volunteers spring or limp into action; unpacking boxes and putting the food items into bags to be distributed. This is by far the busiest and best-attended event at the Center, as 100+ people show up every month to receive free food.

The Thrift Room is a welcome diversion and Chris Jonas is doing a splendid job. He has cleared out truckloads of old stuff and is bringing in quality items of all descriptions. This weekend, the Thrift Room will be receiving two carloads of clothes: all sizes, all styles, so come on down and see for yourself.
Where’s Cody Wunderlee: our hard-working, always hungry, young volunteer? He’s one of the best Assistants Chris has ever had in the Thrift Room. Sadly, Cody had a serious disagreement with his father and moved off the Mesa. No-one seems to know where he is: we all hope he’s OK and we miss him very much.

On Wednesday March 21st, Vern Fowler will be presenting an Emergency Managers Plan at the Community Center, starting at 6p.m. He designed Emergency plans for Sacramento and other cities and wants to share his expertise with us, so our Community will be more prepared when disaster strikes. Until next week, Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community Center hosted the Neighborhood Watch “Emergency Managers Plan” meeting last Wednesday March 21st. Board member Patrick Whalen attended on behalf of the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association. Resident Vern Fowler, who gained Emergency Management experience in cities like Sacramento, presented the plan. In case of disaster, the first arriving key-holder to the Community Center, would assume management responsibility, until other members of the Board arrived. Distribution of food and water; providing shelter and emergency medical care would be top priorities. Vern suggested we get a list of Neighbors who have tractors, generators, etc. should disaster strike. Mesa residents dislike unexpected visitors: going door-to-door might only get us a list of Neighbors bearing arms!
Although flyers were distributed to the 80+ folks who received free food at the USDA last Monday, only 4 people attended this meeting. I could complain about Neighbors who only come to the Center to get free stuff: without any membership contribution or Community participation whatsoever. I could go on and on about entitled, anti-social Neighborhood hands held out only to take and get…but I won’t. I prefer to believe that in disastrous times, all Copper Mountain Mesa Residents will come together as a Community, truly help each other and be utterly magnificent!

The buzz against ‘Smartmeters’ continues. Landers neighbor Donald, e-mailed us: “There is world wide outrage and resistance against the smartmeter deployment because of the health, safety and 24/7 surveillance issues connected with these devices.” He attached an e-mail from “” which begins with the alarming statement: “Homeowners insurance does not cover smart meter fires due to lack of UL certification…”.
I mentioned this at our most recent Board meeting. Steve Tuttle kindly offered to look into it and his insurance agent has reassured him that his insurance does cover ‘smartmeter’ home fires.
Jim and I still have our old meter. I suffer from PTSD and I’m paranoid about 24/7 satellite monitoring and ‘smartmeter’ health hazards. We don’t need anymore challenges in the cancer, allergy, audio-sensitive, ADD or Bi-polar departments, thank you very much! The discussion continues; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community includes Neighbors who are unhappy with me. Apparently, some Mesa Residents did not appreciate my way with words in last week’s Column. Nobody contacted me personally to complain or discuss; I just heard about it Desert-style: down the wind and across the way! One Lady objected to being called a ‘freeloader’; even though this word did not appear in the Column. Others simply declared they don’t like me: all hearsay with a few unprintable murmurings! The way I see it: a close-knit, rural Community ensures plenty of personal space, which allows the expression of everything splendid and noble in the Human Spirit. Compassion; co-operation through sharing gifts and talents for everyone’s benefit; protecting the very young and the very old; taking care of basic Human needs for everyone; knowing each other by face and name; being respectful and kind…I know: blah blah blah! I can just hear the cynics ‘pffshawing’ at my hopeless idealism! I genuinely love this Community and I’d like to see Copper Mountain Mesa Residents gathering at the Center more often. Sharing of themselves: their experiences; valuable insights and offering workable, realistic solutions to challenges in our particular little slice of Paradise. Any positive ideas on how we can step over Community differences, attract Neighbors and focus on turning the Center into the Hub of our Community Wheel, for the benefit of all of us?

Speaking of which: 13 people showed up for the Tuesday night Supper and Bingo party last week. Steve Tuttle prepared a wonderful meal of potatoes, hamburger and vegetables: all graciously served by Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert. Once again, the big money rolls over ‘til next week!

The monthly Potluck Party is today at 4p.m. Come one; come all: the food is great and you’ll have a ball!

Next week, our monthly Breakfast coincides with Easter Saturday, so we shall hold our annual Easter Egg Coloring party, at the same time as the Breakfast. Gather up your Loved Ones and join us for a scrumptious meal and colorful festivities for Children of all ages. Until then: Stay well!

Editor's note: I believe Annelies Kuiper is doing a magnificent job writing this column. I have found, over my 11 years of writing this very same column, that those who yell and scream the loudest usually have little or nothing to add to the conversation.
Keep up the good work Annelies!
Bob DeLoyd

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was rocked by tragedy last week. Bill and Liz Treas lost their youngest son, two-year-old David; in a split-second that changed our lives forever. Bill and Liz - always accompanied by their three sons: Josue, William and David - are a very familiar sight at Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center, as Bill transports the food from San Bernardino to the Center, for the monthly USDA Food giveaway. The Family usually attends the monthly first Saturday Breakfast and we will miss seeing little David very much. His sweet, outgoing personality and ready smile touched all of our Hearts and we mourn his loss. Several Neighbors attended David’s Celebration of Life, held at the Treas’ home in Landers. My jaded, doubting heart was deeply moved by the faith, trust and courage I felt around me, as we tried to understand David’s death. We hugged, wept, sang and shared stories of this miraculous child, who blessed us during his tragically short time on Earth. We love you and we’ll never forget you, David Treas.

The same week, the home where Chris and Violet Jonas’ grand-daughter lived, on Pole Line and Indian Cove, burned to the ground. Seven dogs were killed in the fire, but no human lives were lost.
So much sorrow, as Life continues and we muddle along as best we can.

Today, is our monthly Breakfast, from 8-11am and we will hold our Easter Egg Coloring event simultaneously.
On Monday April 7th, our Neighborhood Watch meeting starts at 6pm, followed by the monthly Board meeting at 7.
Tuesday night Bingo attracted 18 players last week! Carol Miller, accompanied by daughter Sandy and grand-daughter Cassy, served delicious Chicken and Dumplings for supper. Still no big money winners, so the loot rolls over until next week, when Judy Driver will bring chicken and beef enchiladas for our supper.

Sincere thanks to Dave at Brothers Towing and John and Crew at Mesa Garage, in Yucca Valley. Our truck’s front-end has been reinforced, brilliantly welded and we’re back on the bumpy road! They kept the price down too: much appreciated.
Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held the April Saturday Breakfast last week, serving 61 adults and 8 children. Penelope and Andrew joined Chris and Violet Jonas’ Grandchildren Shy-Onna, Anna and Mikey at the Easter Egg coloring table. Ray and Ila Foyil’s beautiful daughter, Kimberly, very kindly took over the Cashier’s spot so I could supervise the Kids. It soon became apparent that we were going to run out of the hard-boiled eggs donated by Mary Helen Tuttle and Joshua Treets Ice Cream’s Proprietor, Ron ‘Indy’ Amos. Kathy Quinn’s husband, Scott, was sent home for more eggs, which Ray Foyil very kindly hard-boiled for us.
The Treas Family joined us for Breakfast and were warmly greeted and consoled by their Mesa Neighbors, following their recent tragedy. Young Josue and William Treas enthusiastically dipped and rolled eggs, creating some very interesting designs. I then hid the eggs around the front of the Community Center and supplied Easter baskets from the Thrift Room, so the children could go-a-gatherin’. We had lots of fun and the photos may be viewed on our Community website:

The topic of last Monday’s Neighborhood Watch meeting, spilled over into the Board meeting, as Vern Fowler shared some of his Emergency and Disaster Preparedness expertise with us. Thank you, Vern and welcome! The Board also voted to introduce the “David Treas Memorial Highchair”, complete with a special plaque, honoring the two-year-old who died so tragically last month.

Judy Bowman lost her two big dogs recently. She had been threatened by five dogs earlier and presumed this same pack had later dug under her fence and killed her canines. Then Chris Jonas told us that a Neighbor heard an almighty din the other night and saw a Mountain Lion leap over his fence carrying a young goat, leaving four dead goats behind. Scary stuff; reminds me of Africa!

Fifteen people showed up for Bingo supper last Tuesday night. Judy Driver brought Chicken and Beef Enchiladas, with Beans and Rice, yum! Still no big winners: those pots keep rolling over! USDA Food give-away is on Monday, April 16th.
Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community rose to my defense, after I mentioned that several Neighbors were unhappy with me. I received phone calls, e-mails from as far away as Ohio and personal reassurances: that I must “keep doin’ my thing with words”, because they were much enjoyed by Neighbors across the Country! Sandra Foyil - who is Ray and Ila Foyil’s niece and the late Tex Foyil’s grand-daughter - wrote from Arizona. She loves reading about the Mesa and this Column keeps her connected with her beloved Granddaddy and his Desert ways. Your support and encouragement means the world to me and I warble out a resounding “Thank You” to all of You who showed your approval and appreciation.

April Birthday wishes go out to Mary Helen Tuttle, Marie Morrison, Bill Bonner, Carol Lane, Patty Bradley, Brenda Zimmer, Ruthie Malton, Cody Wunderlee, Roger Toomes, Tim Villarreal, Judy Driver and Carol Miller’s granddaughter Cassie. Congratulations to Mac and Sayoko McDermott on their 27th Anniversary. We fondly remember Bob Stonebraker, George Chadwick and Dennis Caton.

Last week, another quaint Desert home burned to the ground. The occupants, a young couple and their Baby, had only just moved in and they lost everything, including two Chihuahua puppies. Chris Jonas offered them anything they needed from our Thrift Room and a relief fund has been established at US Bank in Yucca Valley, in the name of Charles Pittman. We are all very sorry for their trauma and loss.

Bill Treas picked up the food for the USDA giveaway last Monday, generously donating his time and petrol. We served 91 families and had to contact them all, when the frozen chicken was declared contaminated! Local radio station, Z107.7 reported this and was most helpful in getting the word out. We were all advised to trash the chicken, although some people had already eaten theirs and seemed none the worse for wear!

Tuesday night Bingo attracted 14 players last week and Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served Pot Pies and Salad for supper. Still no big money winners, so the pot rolls over ‘til next week!
Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community attracted fourteen people for a little Supper and Bingo last Tuesday night. Steve Tuttle was still up in Alaska due to a family death, so Ray Foyil provided Spaghetti with Salad and Garlic bread. Still no big winners on the Jugball, U-Pik-em or Powerball pots, so the money continues to grow. Ruthie Malton won the consolation prizes on U-pik-em and blackout. She also won the White Elephant prize two weeks in a row: you go, girl; now for some big money!

Our Potluck Party is today at 4p.m. Dyan Carroll is bringing Seafood Lasagna, while Chris Jonas is serving his famous extra-yummy Macaroni Salad. So come on over to the Community Center for a good Neighborly chinwag and bring one of your culinary creations to share. Chris held another Thrift Room clean-out last week, so there’ll be lots of inexpensive or free items for you to choose from.

Our Community Breakfast will be held next week, on the first Saturday of the month as usual. The food is marvelous and a good crowd shows up every month. It’s always a pleasure to see the familiar faces and extra-special when newcomers make the trek to come out and join us.

We encourage everyone to become a Member of our Community Association. The $10.00 per person annual membership fee helps keep the doors open at the Center, which also ensures that we continue to qualify as an official Shelter should disaster strike. You do not have to actually live on Copper Mountain Mesa to be a member of our little Community, but we would be honored to call you ‘Neighbor’ if you’d like to join.

Last week, a polite young chap drove up to install a ‘smartmeter’ on my property. I said I didn’t want one. He informed me I would have to pay $50.00 a month extra to have my meter read or Edison would cut me off at the pole. “What about all those meter-reading jobs?” I asked sadly. With downcast eyes, he responded: “They will all be gone!”

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held the monthly Potluck at the Center last Saturday. Our friend Bob Deloyd attended and here’s what he wrote: “I went to potluck where about twenty happy but hungry desert folks showed up. Chris Jonas made his Fabulous Macaroni Salad. Folks were asking Dorothy Jacobsen for the recipe for her macaroni and cheese corn casserole; her fig bars were tasty too. Dyan Carroll provided a wonderful shrimp and crab seafood lasagna along with Sunday Trifle that was mighty fattening. Ruthie Malton brought a Bundt cake which disappeared quickly. Mary Koval and her daughter Chris cooked up a feast of Cowboy Casserole, miniature date nut muffins, and chocolate strawberry cupcakes. Marie Morrison’s Au Gratin potatoes vanished quickly from the table. David Royer spent hours concocting a scrumptious pasta tuna salad for our gastronomical pleasure. Rose Matich steamed up some carrots and peas. Pretty Marybeth Rubin cooked us up some vegetarian chili with cheese bread that I really liked. I noticed sadly nobody had any of the rice I brought. I thought Marybeth’s chili would go good on my rice and I must have said it out loud because most everybody came back and the rice and chili were gone in a flash!” Thanks, Bob; sounds yummy!

I have not been attending many events at the Community Center lately: just ‘kinda layin’ low, stayin’ home with my Honey’. Jim is doing pretty well and he’ll be half-way through his Hepatitis ‘C’ treatment in a couple of weeks. As his immune system is still severely compromised, however, I avoid going to public places for fear of bringing home some infectious illness.

Tuesday night Bingo and Supper Party attracted 14 players and Ray Foyil served Lasagna, garlic bread and Salad. Steve Tuttle is now home from Alaska, but he broke his hand while he was up there. So sorry, Steve: watch out for those rogue sledgehammers! Claudia Bridges was accompanied by her friend Linda from Yucca Valley. Marie Morrison won Powerball #3 and Carole Miller won the free breakfast coupon.

Our monthly breakfast is today, starting at 8am. Stay well!

Copper Mountain Mesa Renderings
March 2012
Too small, too poor
By Bob DeLoyd

Too small, too poor:

Because of our remoteness, Rural Folks have learned by necessity to help and share with one another. That’s what’s done here at our little community and is going on right now throughout small communities across America. But some in large cities don’t see it that way and haven’t learned this lesson yet.

Steve Tuttle, a Copper Mountain Mesa Board member was asking, no he was actually trying to reason with the Yucca Valley Town Council for a Block Grant of $66,000 for repairs to our little community center; Block Grants are supposed to benefit low- and moderate-income residents. “Anything you can do to help all of our little organizations, instead of one big project for one bigger town, would be beneficial to all the people throughout this community.” Tuttle was blatantly told by the Director of Public Services for the Town of Yucca Valley that “Smaller projects require as much administrative effort, expense, manpower and time as the large projects.” “The County has encouraged everyone to put that money into larger projects to reduce the administrative overhead.”
Isn’t it ironic how all the Block monies went to Yucca Valley!


Like an all male panel held to make decisions on women’s health issues, this arrogant, yes I said arrogant, committee was stacked against their rural neighbors. They allocated all block funds to their own city at the expense of smaller neighboring communities. This kind of ‘Schoolyard bullying’ mentality; who doesn’t want to share the ball with the other little children, has to stop. I admit the projects that were approved have merit, but so do our projects and the projects of other small rural communities around our area. I feel like we gotten raw deal. I’d be mighty ashamed if our little community had done something like that.

We who live in the rural areas are going to call for; no call is too weak a word, DEMAND change at the State, County, and local level. These scatterings of little rural communities throughout the desert make up a larger part of the population than the city of Yucca Valley and we are dang mad!

Come Visit My Journal

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held the monthly first Saturday Breakfast at the Center last week. The crowd was thinner than usual; probably because of all the other Cinco de Mayo goings-on. As Ila Foyil and her daughter Kimberly had the Hostess/Cashier post covered, I worked in the kitchen alongside Randy, Kimberly’s son. The rush was over by 9:30, so Kathy Quinn and I sat down for a bit of brekkie. We were joined by Kip Fjeld, who drove up in the old Land Rover he’s restoring with his Dad. I learned to drive in a short-wheel-based version when I was 10, careening around in the wilds of Kenya! “I want that Land Rover,” I told Kip: he just laughed at me! Marie Morrison stopped to say hello. “Ruthie Malton called to congratulate me on my big Bingo winnings last week: she’d read it in the Column,” said Marie, with a big grin. “She was real disappointed when I told her it was only eleven dollars; but hey, at least I got to play free Bingo!”
Judy Driver won the big money on u-pik-em at the Tuesday night Supper and Bingo party last week: congratulations! Ray Foyil provided Sausages and Chicken Salad for Supper and about 15 players showed up.

It’s ‘Meeting Monday” on May 14th, as the Neighborhood Watch group gathers at 6pm, immediately followed by the monthly Board Meeting at 7. I am a stickler for correct spelling and grammar, so our Board Secretary, Tim Atzei sends me his latest Minutes and Agenda, so I can check them beforehand; to avoid wasting time at the Meeting. Last month, I received them at the very last minute and overlooked several errors: which was briskly pointed out to me by other Board members. Feeling thoroughly foolish and scolded, I declared that if anyone else wanted the job, great; otherwise shut up! Gasp! The meetings are definitely becoming livelier, as more Neighbors are attending and contributing to the discussions. You should come too: watch “the Board members yammerin’ at each other”, as our own Bob Deloyd so eloquently puts it. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held “Meetings Monday” at the Center last week. I arrived late for the Neighborhood Watch meeting, as Jim and I had lingered over our leisurely sunset Supper on the Porch. I have been concocting all sorts of deliciousnesses to entice his appetite and we have been eating at the table, with place settings, napkins and a tablecloth! Quite civilized and much more enjoyable than wolfing down our meals, glued to the telly!
The Board meeting was lively and constructive. Vern Fowler filled us all in on his progress with Emergency and Disaster preparedness and asked if anyone wants to receive CERT Training. If at least ten people sign up, we will receive training at the Center.
Robert Peterson – a Mesa resident for 35 years – joined us at the meeting. He and his Dad helped build the Center and the adjacent fire station. Robert’s suggestion to start a Community Garden at the Center was met with initial disapproval by some Board Members, but Mary Helen suggested that Robert and I come up with a plan to present to the Board. Starting small, setting reachable goals, I believe a Community Garden would be a lovely way to feed and bring the Neighborhood together and very nutritious in times of disaster.

Happy Birthday to all celebrating their special day in May: Tim Herrera, Jackie Johnston, Cal Myers, Karen van Noort, Eva Stokes and Mary Moowea. We fondly remember Bob Nelson and Ruth Ruffin.

Fifteen people attended the Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper party last week. Ray Foyil served mini-Pizzas with lettuce and potato salad. No big winners, but Carole Miller’s Grand-daughter Cassie won the Bingo draw for next week.

Responding to my comments about refusing to have a ‘smartmeter’ installed on my property and being informed that I would have to pay fifty dollars a month to have my meter read, or be cut off at the pole: Mad Mac e-mailed: “Dude's LYING!! Hope ya didn't fall for it, you should warn others. SCE is still dealin' w/CPUC.” Thanks Mac: nope, still no ‘smartmeter’ for me.
Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community used to have its very own Fire Station, in the building on the 5 acres next to the Center. The Fire truck was manned – and in a few cases womanned – by Community Volunteers and their response time was mighty quick. The building has been vacant ever since the Fire Department pulled out due to lack of funding a few years back and we are now dependent on 29Palms, Joshua Tree and San Bernardino County Fire Departments, twenty-odd miles away.
Recently, a Mesa Resident expressed interest in renting the building from the Community Association. So, after we distributed 80 bags at the USDA Food Give-away last Monday, a few of us went over to the Fire Station to have a peek inside. Steve Tuttle met us over there and unlocked the door. I was impressed by the light streaming in through skylights and although the place needs a thorough cleaning, the atmosphere felt really pleasant.
Outside, we noticed that somebody had dumped a load of tires over the fence, even though a sign clearly states that the tire dumping site has been closed, as of May 2011, due to lack of County funding. Now we have to dispose of all those tires, thank you very much. “Phaw”, I say to the inconsiderate, unlawful, narcissistic dumper who did this. Next time, please dump your tires at the County Hazardous Waste site in Joshua Tree; next to Garry’s Tires, open the third Saturday of every month.
Also, somebody keeps stealing our Neighborhood Watch signs on Winters and Border. What is up with that? Mischievous children; disgruntled scrappers; spiteful pranks? Please stop: those signs are expensive and they help keep our Neighborhood safe.

Sixteen people showed up for the Bingo and Supper Party last Tuesday. Steve Tuttle served Chicken, Turkey and Beef Pot Pies. Sandy Smith won the Jugball prize and Dyan Carroll won Bingo draw for next week. Ruthie Malton won the White Elephant prize and chose pretty greeting cards with envelopes.

The Potluck Party is today at 4p.m. Have a safe Memorial weekend everyone; stay well!

Copper Mountain Mesa Renderings
June 2012
May's Annular Eclipse
By Bob DeLoyd

Joshua Tree National Park Visitor’s Center in Twentynine Palms

 I arrived at the Joshua Tree National Park Visitor’s Center in Twentynine Palms a little after 3PM. There were around twenty folks and a few Park Rangers setting up and preparing for the eclipse that wouldn’t begin until 5:24PM.
One Ranger was using a paper hole-punch to make viewing devices out of thin cardboard stock. The lady Ranger told me she had 200 special eyeglasses for viewing the eclipse and she was hoping it would be enough for those who came to the event.
Two Astronomy volunteers were in the last stages of setting up their telescopes and people began to lineup to observe the Sun and its sunspots; the eclipse was still hours away.
There were folks from all over the world here to see the annular eclipse. I got into a conversation with a visitor from New York State. He came all the way out here to take pictures of the eclipse with his Cannon 7D and this humongous zoom lens stuck to the front.
 Around 4:15PM folks started showing up. The Rangers were showing the kids how to work the pinhole cardboard device, which we discovered later, had too big of hole from the punch and had to be redone by poking a new hole with a nail the Rangers supplied.
 By 4:45PM there were, by my best guess, upwards towards 400 parents with their kids standing in line to get those 200 special viewing glasses. Clearly there wouldn’t be enough. The Ranger asked that only one pair be handed out per family. I decided to wait so those who never seen an eclipse before would get a pair.
One Astronomer volunteers had connected his scope to a projector for viewing the eclipse on a large movie screen. And at 5:24PM the eclipse was beginning and by 5:30 could clearly be seen on that screen. There upon the table by the projector were a few pairs of glasses left and I made off with one. I held it up to the lens of my camera and started taking pictures of the eclipse. I don’t know if I was the first to try this, I didn’t see anyone doing this before I tried it, but now everyone was taking pictures through them using their cell phones and whatever that could go click.
I went here and there taking pictures and videos, listening to folks laughing, oohing and aahing, wearing those funny looking glasses that made it look like they were watching a 3D movie.
 It was mighty fine to see all these folks interested in astronomy. I listened in on one father explaining to his young son about the eclipse; this touched my heart.

At 6:38PM came totality or as close to it as we were going to get from where we were and it being an annular eclipse. You could really notice the dimming of the Sun. I lent my glasses to a young couple from Belgian. They were traveling America and were really excited to be here in our beautiful desert viewing this marvelous feat of nature. I took some fair pictures, but none as good as the ones I took as the Sun and Moon started to set together into the western horizon. I didn’t even need those glasses covering my lens. I just clicked away until the last little speck of light vanished; ending what was a wonderful day.
 The Park had a night program that started at 8PM. The Rangers setup two telescopes to view the night sky. Now I was in my element!

Come Visit My Journal

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is now on Facebook, which is very exciting indeed! Please visit us at ‘Like’ us and ask all your Friends to ‘Like’ us too!

Last week, another ‘smartmeter-installing’ fellow pulled up in my driveway, honking. Unexpected, uninvited visitors alarm me and I rushed outside to corral the dogs. “I already told your colleague I don’t want a ‘smartmeter’,” I said, curtly. He got out of his truck, upsetting Abigail, our protective ‘Desert Gold’ canine, who looked like she wanted to bite him.
His toothy smile faded. “Hey, it’s all the same to me,” he snarled. “I’ll just report that you refused access, but they’re gonna charge you a $70.00 fee for refusing installation and then $15.00 a month to have someone come out here to read your meter!” I shook my head and he left without further ado.
Yesterday, he was out cruisin’ again: taking photos of our Neighbors’ inaccessible meter for the third time that we have observed. Jim was unwell and I felt threatened; expecting to have our privacy invaded again. It’s so stressful for me to keep summoning up enough courage to say “No”, that – even though the ‘smartmeter’ guy avoided our property - I spent the day in an adrenalized state of hyper-awareness. From what I’ve researched, Consumers are encouraged to ‘opt-in’ to the ‘smartmeter’ program; but it is certainly not mandatory. So, why the barely-veiled hostility from these Edison sub-contractors?

Over twenty folks showed up for the Memorial weekend Potluck Party. Marcie Hines and son Paul; Cal Myers; Chris Jonas and Family; Rose Matich; Ruthie Malton; Marie Morrison; Dorothy Jacobsen; Dyan Carroll; Tim Atzei; Mary Koval and her daughter Chris; Bob Deloyd and more, brought their most delicious dishes to share. Read Bob’s Blog at for all the culinary particulars.

Tuesday night Bingo and Supper party attracted 15 people. Steve Tuttle served Kraut Dogs, Potato Salad and chips; still no big winners.

Hope to see you at the Saturday Breakfast today: it’s the last one until Labor Day weekend, as the Community Center closes for July and August.
Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held the monthly Breakfast last Saturday and we served over 50 hungry folks. As usual, everyone arrived before 8:30am and Ila Foyil, who was Cashier at the door, worked efficiently to receive payment and have folks seated as quickly as possible. I put on my ‘Serving Hat’ and helped Patrick Whalen take orders and serve the delicious Breakfasts prepared by Chefs Steve Tuttle and Ray Foyil.
“Is that your Jim over there?” Asked Dishwasher, Mary Helen Tuttle, pointing.
“Yes,” I replied, beaming. “First time he’s been to the Center since starting his Hepatitis C treatment.” She went over and gave him a big hug.
“That poor man is nothing but skin and bones,” she declared later; her beautiful brown eyes full of sympathy. “We’re going to have to fatten him up!” I started crying at her kindness and had to go outside to regroup.
“What are you doing, Annelies?” Ruthie Malton called out from Marie Morrison’s vehicle. “Blowing my nose, I replied. “I sound like a trumpet so I came outside!” Marie came back and we talked about birthdays. “I want to get very, very old,” declared Ruthie. “I want to reach my nineties,” said Marie, who is eighty-something. “Then I want to either get hit by a truck or shot by a jealous wife!” We roared with laughter: love that wicked sense of humor!

After receiving several sympathetic suggestions from readers, I called SCE to say: “I choose not to opt-in to the ‘smartmeter’ program”. Apparently, I will be charged a one-time fee of $75.00, plus $10.00 a month to have my meter read: as agreed upon by the CPUC on May 9th 2012.

Code-Enforcing Neighbor, Sherry Rotruck e-mailed that the household Hazardous Waste site in Joshua Tree no longer accepts tires: the County dump is the only option.

The monthly Neighborhood Watch meeting is this Monday, June 11th at 6pm, immediately followed by the Board Meeting at 7.

Fourteen players showed up for Bingo last Tuesday and Steve Tuttle served BLT sandwiches for Supper. There will be no Bingo this Tuesday, June 12th.
Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held “Meetings Monday” at the Center last week. First, the Neighborhood Watch meeting at 6pm, followed by the Board of Directors meeting at 7. Tim Atzei, our Board Secretary and I had quite a time getting the Minutes and Agenda ready for the meeting, because I have been unable to send out e-mails for the last 5 days. Then, our aging copier at the Center jammed: aargh! So, we started late and I had no Agenda to work with, but, oh, what a splendid meeting! More and more people are staying to attend the Board meeting, after the Neighborhood Watch group disassembles. We had multiple outbursts of laughter; lively, sometimes heated discussions; constructive negotiation; compromise and Vern Fowler even sang to us!
We were given a presentation by an Artist who is interested in leasing the Fire Station; another by a Chef interested in using our Grade A Kitchen for her small business and yet another by a concerned Citizen warning of encroaching civilization: urging us to pay attention if we want to remain a rural Community.
Robert Peterson presented a verbal Plan for the Community Garden and asked for the Board’s approval to get started. Second vice-President, Ray Foyil said a written Plan was required. Neighbors are super-enthusiastic and we are holding a special meeting today - 5pm at the Center - to get this Plan drawn up for the Board’s approval. See you there?

It’s the Gay Pride Festival in Joshua Tree today and the theme this year is: “Born this Way”. Our LGBT Mesa Neighbors invite us to attend this fun, annual event. Word of caution: have a designated driver if you plan to party. On my way home last year, I got pulled over by Highway Patrol. The Officer made me do the field sobriety test, which I failed miserably because I was so scared of him that my knees kept buckling. However, when I blew in his little gadget, he had to let me go, because I really did only have one glass of wine! Love to Morongo Basin Dads; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is really enthusiastic about the proposed Garden. So many Neighbors have responded positively and we had our first Copper Mountain Mesa Community Garden Enthusiasts meeting last Saturday. A diverse group of People attended, from all different backgrounds.
First, we inspected the cleared area around the spigot, West of the Community Center parking lot. We measured, discussed and put rocks on the corners of the proposed Garden site.
Then we went inside the Center and had a splendidly productive meeting, over Chips, Dip and Brownies. Robert Peterson was elected President of our Garden Committee, with Jeff Bonneface as Vice-President; Earl Wilbert and Chris Jonas as Senior Overseers; Jim Martin as Chief Advisor; Sandra Sakach and I as co-Treasurers; I’ll be Secretary; Kip Fjeld is our Rototiller Dude; Judy Driver our Farming Expert; Tim Sakach our Chief Computer/Interactive Web page designer; with Robert’s 12-year-old Daughter Natalie and Liver Transplant survivor, 9-year-old Roger Bonneface, as our Poster Children-in-Command!
Eighty-nine year old Earl pointed out, that what we were proposing to do – feed the Community – was called Farming, not Gardening. He suggested putting raised beds around the Gazebo. “Farming is not for old people: it’s really hard work,” he said. “I’d like to sit in the shade and work on my beds; do a little weeding, plant some beets. Bring the women and children in too: they can plant flowers and herbs.”
Jim, Robert and I created a Plan for both proposed projects: to be sent out to the Garden Committee. If all approve, we will call a Special Meeting and hopefully, get the big Aye from the Board!

Happy June Birthday wishes to: RaeLynn Herrera; Ila Foyil; Sherry Rotruck; Mary Riggio and Karen McBurney. In loving memory of Lee Hines on the 13th.

Twelve people played Bingo last Tuesday night, including Ila’s friend Nancy, visiting from Wyoming. Steve Tuttle, Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served grilled Hamburger and chips for Supper. Marie Morrison won the Powerball: you go, Girl! June 27th is the last Bingo party until September; Potluck Party is next Saturday, June 30th. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community Bingo and Supper Party was buzzing last Tuesday night. Fourteen Neighbors showed up and Bingo paid for the fried Chicken and Potato Salad dinner. Dessert was ice cream and Carrot cake with “See you in September” on it! Cal Myers won the big money on Powerball 3: Yay Cal; congratulations! Remember: no more Bingo until Tuesday, September 4th, as Volunteers take the Summer off.
Earlier, Patrick Whalen and I made copies of the Community Garden Plan in the little office at the Center. We were chortling merrily, when Mary Helen Tuttle came in. “Why are you snooping in the Bingo cabinet?” she boomed. I was startled and felt like a naughty schoolgirl, just caught in a big, fat Sin, by Mother Superior! She showed us how to use the copier properly and helped us complete our task much faster. Thanks, Mary Helen!
Robert Peterson (President of the Garden Committee) and I took the opportunity to present the Garden Plan to Board Members and Tuesday night Bingo volunteers and players: Steve and Mary Helen Tuttle; Ray Foyil; Patrick Whalen; Daniel Gray; Earl Wilbert, Chris Jonas; Judy Driver and Ila Foyil: as well as my friends Roberta and her son, Billy; who attended to show their support. The rest of the Garden Enthusiasts received their copies by e-mail. In a few days, I will call the Board Members to arrange a special Meeting and, hopefully, get the Big Aye on the Plan.
We are gathering a growing group of Neighbors, who are voicing their support and encouragement by phone, e-mail and Facebook. Have you ‘liked’ us yet? Go to: and check out the photos and comments; as well as the outlay of the Garden and Gazebo Raised Bed area, which Tim Sakach, our amazing Computer Whizz Neighbor, created for us.

The monthly Potluck Party is today at 4pm and will continue to be held throughout the Summer, on the last Saturday of the month, as usual. The Thrift Room will be open as well and Chris Jonas is organizing an “Indoor Yard Sale”. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community woke up to grey skies, cool breezes and light showers on July 4th: which washed the Desert Flora clean and permeated the air with the wonderful smell of Rain. I wonder what She would say if we asked her: “What do you want for your Birthday, America the Beautiful?” I wish we, her crust-dwelling Children, would learn to honor, respect and love one another and this amazing Continent we are allowed to call Home. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift to our beloved Country?

Happy July Birthday wishes go out to: America, Rose Matich, Dana van Noort and Bob Beggs. Happy Anniversary to Karen and Dana van Noort and in loving memory of Juanita Young.

Bob Deloyd reports on last week’s Potluck party: “I took the Gross Polluter (my truck) to potluck where pert near 25 famished desert folk waited to Gobble and Go. That’s what I might call it from now on instead of potluck; Gobble and Go, because everyone gobbled down the grub and left! I think it would be fun to try some kinda entertainment, but then again it’s entertaining to watch everyone pig out and make messes of themselves; me included. Mary and Chris Koval cooked up some skillet lasagna with party cakes and dinner rolls. Marie Morrison showed us all how it is done with her baked beans and ancient brownies surprise. Ruth Malton made her favorite jello bowl. Chris Jonas delivered us to the Promised Land with his fabulous macaroni salad. Cal Myers brought his magnificent fruit tray with whipped cream dip. Dorothy Jacobsen dazzled us all with her broccoli corn bread and fresh corn salad. Not to be out done, Dyan Carroll mystified us all with her seafood lasagna in one hand, a cauliflower with cheese sauce in the other, and when we thought she was all done, she pulled out a third hand holding large bowl of butterscotch pudding! Me and everyone there were quite impressed! Dang, three hands, who'da thunk!” Phew; thanks Bob.

Still no date set for the special ‘Community Garden’ Board meeting. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was HOT last week: 114 degrees on the porch. I was so grateful to our swamp cooler for its valiant efforts keeping the house cool. About 3 every afternoon, Jim plopped a big ice log in the water and that really made a difference to the temperature inside. The Dogs were so lethargic, they appeared to be aestivating in these sizzling temps. Cooler days are ahead they say, but here comes the Monsoonal moisture!

The Copper Mountain Mesa Board of Directors will be holding a Special Meeting this coming Monday July 16th, 2012 at 7pm: to vote on allowing the Community Garden Project to move forward and the Work to begin. The “Plan” has already been distributed and now it’s discussion time. So far, the main concerns expressed by Board members seem to be that the Garden must not cost the Community Association a single penny and must look attractive from all angles. Response from the Community has been extremely enthusiastic: honestly, I’ve never seen so many Neighbors respond this positively to anything! A strong Community presence would help us persuade the Board that a Community Garden is a very good idea; so please join us!

All this Gardening excitement has inspired Jim and I to do a little planting ourselves. For many years, we had a splendid Garden with all sorts of different varieties of vegetables, fruit, flowers and aromatic herbs. Then the Year 2005 came along and knocked us “arse over teakettle”! My Mother died; Thunder the Dog and Candy the Horse died; Jim suffered a terrifying Bi-Polar episode; devastating Wind, rain and mold completely annihilated our Garden and I went through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy for cervical cancer!
Recently, for the first time in years, we sowed a few seed flats and put some melons and squash out in our Garden area, heavily mulched with straw. Much too late and hot of course, but seeds are sprouting, plantlings are reaching for the Sun and I feel my heart open with joy!

USDA Food Give-away is this Monday, July 16th from 8-11am. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community Association held a Special “Community Garden” Meeting last Monday evening. I was asked by the Garden Group, to come up with an Agenda and to present the Proposal, which I was to read out loud, because several members are not fluent readers. We wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page and understood what was going on. Earl Wilbert, a Founding Community Member, who helped write the By-laws, said we could not present our Proposal as the “Garden Committee”, because we had not been appointed by the Board. We agreed on the “Garden Group”. Earl then declared that I could not present the Proposal, because I am the President of the Board. After some discussion as to who else should do this, I was told to take off my ‘madam Prez’ hat and present the Proposal from the floor. Fielding questions, suggestions and criticism, I finished reading. Finally, the time came for the Board to vote and they unanimously gave us the Big Aye! WooooHoooo!
The only sticking point remains: where to put the Garden. Earl suggested the back of the Fire Station - where the tire dump area used to be – because it’s already fenced. We replied that we had considered that, but knowing that there is a Party interested in renting the Fire Station, we didn’t think that piece of land would be available to us. Steve Tuttle replied, that the interested Party would be renting the Building, not the land; but when I later spoke to the possible Renter, it became apparent that they would not rent the Building, without the Land.
I’m sure Solutions will come along and our Community Garden will grow as the Days go by. We already have a bunch of materials donated to us and a $500.00 check from Tim Sakach, his wife Sandra Fawn and their business “Co- operative Homesteads”. Tim and Sandra challenge You to match their tax- deductible donation. Who wants to be our biggest Donor?

The Potluck Party is next Saturday at 4pm, followed by the Community Garden Meeting.
Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is gathering at the Center for the Potluck Party, today at 4pm. Scrumptious yummies for all Neighbors, whether omnivores or herbivores! Perhaps some of You would like to join us and dazzle us with your recipes? As the Community Garden meeting will be held immediately after the Potluck, we are hoping for a really big turn-out for both events.

This month, the Garden meeting will center largely around the Ground- breaking ceremony we are holding. Bring a shovel and your happy face: I will be taking photos and doing a special write-up in the Hi-Desert Star to commemorate this joyous occasion. We will ask for Blessings to be showered on our Community and the new Garden; maybe sing a song and burn some Sage. Then we can get to shovelin’ a little and declare the Community Garden officially Open for Growing! Maybe someone would like to bring some champagne? We have compromised on the one sticking point: where to break ground?
The Community Garden was approved at a special meeting earlier this month and we were instructed to commence Growing in the fenced area, North of the Fire Station. However, a local Artist has expressed interest in renting the Fire Station and e-mailed a Proposal to all the Board Members last week. Some concerns were expressed by Board members and more information was requested from the prospective Renter. Any further discussion is now on hold until the September Board Meeting.
Naturally, the Gardeners don’t want to wait months for a decision to be made: we want to start Growing, today! We also don’t want another special Board meeting to ask permission to put the Garden somewhere else. So, I had a long phone conversation with the prospective Renter and we agreed that the Community Garden Group should go ahead and break ground in the fenced area north of the Fire Station, as instructed by the Board. If an agreement is reached later in the year and the Rental goes through; we’ll decide what to do when we get there.
Hope to see You later; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community Center was buzzing with culinary genius at the Potluck Party last Saturday afternoon. Around 25 Neighbors showed up, including many Garden Enthusiasts. We had a fabulous spread and the table was overflowing with colors and flavors!
Mary Koval and her daughter Chris brought Cowboy Casserole, a Lasagna Skillet, rolls, chocolate cupcakes and cheetos; Ruthie Malton had a Bundt cake. Jeff Bonneface and his son, Roger provided Veggies and Dip; while Roberta Meyers and her son Billy brought strawberries and cream puffs. Cal Myers and his daughter Tina had a huge Fruit platter; Chris Jonas and his grand-daughters Anna and Shy-Onna brought Macaroni Salad and Soda. Tim Atzei brought drinks, while Judy Driver explained she had no place to cook: “So I just brought my appetite!”
Marie Morrison had whipped up a recipe she found on the back of a pistachio pudding packet. “It’s called a Watergate Salad,” she explained, “but I have no idea why!” Dorothy Jacobson made her delicious Spanish rice, while her daughter Dyan Carroll provided Tacos, Cauliflower cheese and a Banana Trifle. Kip Fjeld brought two homemade Peach Pies, which he had baked from scratch using peaches from the Orange County Fair. “Best peaches I’ve tasted in years,” he declared. I could only look on and drool, thanks to my gluten intolerance! Yikes, it’s hard being around all that delicious Food, knowing that just one bite will cause weeks of agony!
Fortunately, I brought my Coconut Vegetable Casserole, so I loaded up on that, with lots of Fruit and Veggies. I stood in line next to Ruthie Malton, who was serving herself some of Rose Matich’s creamed corn. Ruthie dug in her spoon and up popped another spoon which someone had obviously ‘lost’ in the dish. “Look,” said Ruthie, delightedly. “I went fishing and I caught a spoon!” and off she went into the giggles!

Later, twelve of us walked over to the Fire Station and held a Ground- breaking Ceremony for our Community Garden. I did a special write-up on this for last Wednesday’s newspaper; hope you read it. Stay well!

Special CMM Groundbreaking Ceremony Report
By Annelies Kuiper

The Copper Mountain Mesa Community Garden was officially declared “Open for Growing”, during a Ground-breaking Ceremony on Saturday, July 28th, 2012. The journey from the moment of: “Hey; let’s get together and create a Community Garden,” to actually putting a shovel in the ground, was challenging and lasted many months.
It started at the Community Association’s Board of Directors Meeting in May 2012, when several Neighbors - including Robert Peterson, Jim Martin, Roger Smith, Bob Deloyd, Tim Atzei and others – asked for permission from the Board to create a Garden at the Community Center. Questions came: “Why would Folks want to grow vegetables at the Center when they have plenty of land of their own?”
Answered with: “Because it’s really hard to consistently grow good food in our harsh conditions and a lot of Folks have tried, failed and given up. Some Neighbors up on the Mesa have figured out how to do it and they are willing to share their expertise with the Community so we can all eat healthy, pesticide- free, homegrown Fruits and Vegetables.”
“People out here will rob us blind: they’ll steal the crops before they’re even ready for harvest,” someone remarked.
“This Garden is for all of Copper Mountain Mesa Community. Our goal is to grow so much food that no-one has to steal: we can feed all of us and still have Produce left over to make Salsas, jams, chutneys, pickles etc,” came the reply.
The Board of Directors said the Garden Enthusiasts should come up with a Plan and present it at the next meeting. So, on June 11 th, 2012, Robert Peterson stood up and presented a verbal Plan for the Community Garden to the Board. He was informed that a written Plan was required, with detailed diagrams and photos of how the Garden enclosures would look, because an eyesore would not be tolerated.
The very next Saturday, fourteen Neighbors got together and discussed, measured, photographed and envisioned the Garden. From 6 pages of scribbled notes, a written Plan emerged, which was sent to all the Garden Enthusiasts for suggestions and comments. With everyone in agreement, the written Plan was handed out to the Board of Directors at the Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper party.
A special Board Meeting was called for Monday, July 16 th, 2012, at 7pm. All Members of the Board were present and about 25 Neighbors showed up in support. The Agenda and Plan were read to the Floor, because several Folks were not fluent readers. Images of various Garden enclosure possibilities were shown to the Board via Peggy Lee Kennedy’s laptop. After an hour of avid discussion, criticism, suggestions and solutions; it was time for the Board to vote. A motion was made and seconded: “All in favor?” and the Board came back with a resounding, unanimous “Aye”!
Last Saturday, after the Potluck Party at the Community Center, Robert Peterson, Jim Martin, Paul Smith, Jeff Bonneface and his son Roger, Roberta Meyers and her son Billy; Kip Fjeld; Patrick Whalen; Daniel Gray; Roger Smith, Tim Atzei and I walked over to the Fire Station, East of the Community Center’s parking lot. Initially, the Garden was going to be on the West side of the parking lot, by the spigot, but the Board instructed us to break ground in the enclosed area, north of the Fire Station, where the tire dump area used to be.
It was a hot, windy afternoon and it took us several efforts to get the sacred sage burning. We asked for Blessings from the East, South, West and North and as we all turned towards each direction, the Wind seemed to turn with us, because the sage smoke billowed in our faces no matter which we were facing! We asked for Blessings from Father Sky above, Mother Earth below and for all of us within: that we be given the strength, endurance, perseverance, willingness and enthusiasm to create the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Garden. Then we asked God to shine His Light and Grace on the Garden, in Jesus’ name.
“Amen” we all roared and with huge grins, the Founding Gardeners lined up with shovels and hammed it up for the camera. Now the real work begins!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community has been most uncomfortable these past few days. Hot and humid, with sporadic power outages: we’ve been sweating buckets! At times like this, you just wish it would rain and get it over with, but we must be careful what we wish for: next thing you know the driveway is a river and the porch has become a moat!
No rats this year: a wonderful thing! Last year, everybody was being plagued by Vienna gray rats, which, rumor has it, the Marines brought home from overseas! We also had those mahogany brown Wood rats: beautiful little creatures, but horribly bold at night. Anyhoo, I don’t know what happened, but no rats this year. Except for the Packrat, who has created a mansion for himself in our old, outside piano.

Last Saturday, Kip Fjeld brought his rototiller over to the Firehouse and Jeff Bonneface, Jim Martin and Robert Peterson learned how to run it. A beautiful oval patch of turned, fluffed soil was created in a short time. Barb Beneville raked up piles of tire scraps, trash and thousands of nails and screws lying all over the ground. We followed her around, putting the piles in the trash. After a while, we munched on oatmeal cookies and a particularly delicious honeydew melon. We decided getting the water situation figured out was most important; as well as organizing bathroom facilities!
Robert bought an old Ford, which we can use to haul water from Surprise Valley Well, but we need a 500-800 gallon tank to bring the water home in. Anyone have a water-hauling tank they would like to donate to the Garden? Tax- deductible and most appreciated! If you’d like to join us, check out for Gardening get-together updates and the latest photos.
We have been driving to Pioneer Town, hauling trees and plants home for the Community Garden. Our wonderful Friends, Ken and Lorrie, donated all the Plants in their greenhouse to us! Peach, Apricot, Nectarine and Lime trees; as well as Peppers, Chiles, Eggplants and Tomatoes. Thank you; we love you! Amazing things happening; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community had record temperatures and hideously high humidity last week. Phaw: this is miserable weather in my humble opinion and completely saps my energy. Fortunately, September is just around the corner and the First Saturday Breakfast is in two weeks, while Bingo starts up on September 4th: I know Ruthie Malton can hardly wait; she’s been pining for Bingo all Summer!

Our USDA Food Give-away is this Monday, August 20th, 2012. Bill Treas and Roger Smith usually arrive with the loaded trailer around 8:30am. Chris Jonas and his eager helpers will have the Thrift Room open for our shopping enjoyment. I know we’ve been receiving lots of donations: women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing; appliances; furniture; books; kitchen gadgets and other treasures we can’t live without! Chris has done a tremendous job of reorganizing and there’s some really good, quality items on the shelves.

Our Community Garden Get-together was a wonderful gathering of enthusiasts last Saturday evening. Eighteen Neighbors met-up just before Sundown: Larry and Linda Chartier with their son Bruce; Barb and Ed Beneville; Roger Smith; Dave Royers; Paul Smith; Jeff Bonneface with his sister Georgia and his son Roger; Robert Peterson; Kip Fjeld; Jim Martin and I enthusiastically discussed all things Garden!

Mesa Musicians Eva Stokes and Eric Bamberg also joined us. Back from their whirlwind tour as ‘The Great Salt’: Eva is now working on a solo album, while Eric is studying Sanskrit and Ancient flight crafts.

We had a glorious Sunset Supper with: Potato Salad, canapés, organic tomatoes, jell-o jigglers and gallons of water. It was really a fun get-together and we’re doing it again tonight: Saturday, August 18 th around Sunset: at the Firehouse; next to the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center at 65-336 Winters Road: approximately 4 miles east of Border and 5 miles west of Lear.

A big Happy Birthday to all those celebrating their special day in August; including Patrick Whalen, Ruth Tuttle, Sayoko McDermott, Joseph Evans, Frank McDermott, Lauren Villarreal and John Jefferson. With love, we remember Dolores Jefferson, Betty K. Catron, Eva Villalun and Bob Seeley. Stay cool!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community received some much-needed Rain this week. Oh, how delicious those Creosotes smell after a good shower; reminds me of Africa.

Last Saturday evening, thirteen of us gathered at the Firehouse for our weekly Garden Sunset Supper. Part-time Mesa Residents, Tim Sakach and his lovely Wife Sandra Fawn joined us too. They were a major force in getting the Farm on Sunfair Road up and running. Now this extraordinary Couple wants to help us establish and create our Community Garden: how very fortunate we are! They pledged a $500.00 donation and last week, they committed to getting the water and electricity turned on at the Firehouse and paying the bills for a few months. Robert Peterson has pledged to become a member of the Surprise Valley Well, so we can haul that very excellent water to irrigate our Garden. Phew; thanks Neighbors, we are so very grateful to You!

Last Monday, we had the USDA Food Give-away over at the Community Center. I had a wee chat with Judy Driver: who is 72 years old, with no close family, no vehicle: stuck out here all alone. She is having a really hard time with her landlord – a fellow Mesa Resident. He charges excessive rent for a run-down cabin, with no heating or cooling. The bathroom is an absolute disgrace and a health hazard. She says he has been abusive to her, showing up drunk and pulling her hair. I live near this man and have been privy to his drunken, violent outbursts, so I believe her. We definitely need to protect our very young and our very old Neighbors from such predatory Mesa residents. I drove her into town on Tuesday: we took care of a few important matters and spent an enjoyable afternoon together.

The Potluck Party is today at 4pm, followed by the Community Garden Meeting. Next Friday, August 31st, a bunch of us are gathering at 9am, to give the Community Center a good cleaning, in readiness for our first post-Summer event: the monthly Breakfast the next day on Saturday September 1 st. Stay well!

August Potluck!
By Bob DeLoyd

I cooked up some rice with chili beans went to potluck. Chris Jonas made his famous world renowned macaroni salad. Marie Morrison slipped us a red velvet cake. Tim Atzei scalloped some potatoes. Ruth Malton ambrosia salad was fit for the classical gods. Cal Myers fruit plate was picked over quite a bit until the plate was exposed. Dyan Carroll worked her fingers to the bone preparing enchiladas, lime truffle and crab salad for our enjoyment.  Dorothy Jacobsen made her wonderful corn mac and cheese, and her fig bars were mighty fine. Dave Royer’s Italian roasted chicken with lemon and rosemary seasonings stood up and saluted shouting “howdy y’all come and get it”. Mary Koval and Chris cooked up a storm with spaghetti, garlic toast, and jello. Their carrot fig cake dessert just about flew off the table and unto your plate it was so good. Now to tell the truth we were expecting the Garden Committee to come and everyone made more than usual, much more; last potluck we bout run out of food when their committee held a meeting. This time only one Garden member showed up and he was a vegetarian and could only gnaw at what was left of Cal’s fruit plate. There was a lot of food leftover. Chris and me stuck around till 6pm to see if the Garden Committee showed, but none did…

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community’s first post-Summer, Saturday Breakfast is today at the Center from 8-11am. Come join us for great food and good company!
The Community Garden project has been demanding and challenging lately. There have been several misunderstandings, disagreements and even a few shouting matches! We have not been able to open a bank account to deposit our initial donated $500.00 check, so any actual Garden enclosing, planting etc., is on hold. Also, we are insecure about establishing anything permanent, because the question of renting out the Firehouse property to a private individual has not been dismissed and our Community Garden may still be forced to relocate.
We are, however, moving forward slowly. Tim Sakach and his Wife Sandra, have been doing all the research and paperwork to make the Community Garden a non-profit organization; able to accept tax-deductible donations. They have created an amazing website for the Garden at: and also had the water turned on at the Firehouse.
Robert Peterson has been creating beautiful, portable “Tree Pots”, made from OSB with redwood trim: to hold all the Fruit Trees that were recently donated to the Garden. He is also creating portable, raised beds to hold vegetables and herbs etc., so that if we do have to move, we can take everything with us and start over elsewhere.
As enthusiastic and committed as we are, the Garden Club organizers messed up big time last Saturday. Not one of us showed up to the Garden Meeting following the Potluck Party! I had gratefully accepted two full days of PAID work, so I was unable to attend and Jim had a plumbing emergency in our kitchen. Robert had a migraine and Jeff Bonneface did go over to the Firehouse around 5.30pm, but when no-one was there, he did not think to check in at the Community Center, which was where seven Garden Enthusiasts waited for the meeting to start! I feel really bad about all this: please accept my humble apologies. Bob Deloyd blogs forth on the delicious food Neighbors provided at: Until next time, stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community’s first post-Summer Breakfast was held last Saturday at the Center. We served fifty-nine Adults and four Children: most arriving before 9! Fortunately, Steve Tuttle and Ray Foyil had assistance in the Kitchen, as student Chef Kelly, as well as Indy Amos – of Joshua Treets Ice Cream fame – learned the art of cooking a delicious Breakfast-a-la-Mesa!
The Center looked great: spotlessly clean thanks to Volunteers: Mary Helen and Steve Tuttle; Kathy and Scott Quinn; Robert Peterson; Jeff Bonneface and others, who gave our Community Building a thorough once-over from top to bottom, the day before.
Ruthie Malton told me of her recent, close encounter with a Rattlesnake. She had been working on her Gazebo and when she left, she closed the heavy door behind her. Later, she returned: only to find a dead Mojave Green that had apparently been decapitated by the Gazebo door she had closed earlier: Yikes! The first post-Summer Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper Party was moderately attended last week. Steve Tuttle, Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served Pizzas and Salad to the thirteen players who attended. Judy Driver won the double-action and three other games; while Cal Myers won four games total. Congratulations!
Sadly, Ruthie Malton was unable to attend, as she was not feeling well and was taken to the Hospital as a precaution. She has been pining for Bingo all Summer: how tragic that she was unable to play the very first Bingo of the Season. Get well soon, Ruthie: we love You.

Our first Copper Mountain Mesa Board of Directors meeting of the new Season will take place this Monday, September 10th, at 7pm. Items on the Agenda include: Minutes from the June meeting and the Special meeting held in July concerning the Community Garden; unfinished Summer business; organizing our annual End-of-Summer B-B-Q and various Committee reports. The Garden Club will present their first report to the Board; which will include updates on the progress made in getting our Community Garden ‘off the ground’! All Mesa Neighbors and Garden Enthusiasts are especially encouraged to attend. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held the first post-Summer Board of Directors meeting last Monday and a crowd of Neighbors showed up; including many Garden Enthusiasts. As the Board worked their way through the items on the Agenda, there were a lot of good questions being asked and Public participation was most excellent. We have some really smart and knowledgeable Neighbors up here and it is absolutely wonderful to see so many People actively interested and involved in our Community.
Of course, when we reached Item 3F: Community Garden Report: things got really animated and enthusiastic! Who knew so many Folks would be this excited about Gardening? The Garden Group presented a written Proposal to the Board of Directors: outlining our Vision Plan for the Community Garden. The Plan explains how we propose to do business as a non-profit and includes a Budget. We requested permission to use the Firehouse building to create a Co-op General Store and a Café offering fresh-baked goods, Sandwiches, Salads and mouth-watering Meals made from whatever we harvest in the Garden that day! The Board is considering the Plan until October 8th, when they will be asked to vote on it. Think positive thoughts for us, please?
Vern Fowler gave us an update on the Red Cross Emergency Shelter news and CERT classes several of us had signed up for. Unfortunately, funds have dried up, so no-go on the CERT until next year. However, Edison occasionally offers grants to Communities like ours, so Vern is going to look into requesting a grant for a Generator, with which we could run the Center and/or operate the pump at Surprise Valley Water Well.

Bingo was hoppin’ last Tuesday, with fifteen players showing up. Steve Tuttle, Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served B-B-Q Beef on a Bun with Veggies, while Carol Miller and her daughter brought cupcakes for dessert.

The USDA Food Give-away is this Monday, September 17th, from 8 ‘til all the food’s gone! Attendance was down during the Summer; not sure why. We will be having a Garden Get-together this Saturday evening around Sunset. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is basking in this glorious late Summer weather! After all that hideous humidity we suffered through, this is simply wonderful.
Hopefully, Judy Driver’s Summer from hell is almost over! That poor Lady suffered through the Winter cold with no way of heating and severe Summer heat and humidity with a rundown swamp-cooler that doesn’t work.
Now, Judy has actually been evicted and to add insult to injury; yesterday she had to call Animal Control to get a Gopher Snake out of her bathroom! I feel really sorry for her: I can’t believe an old Lady has to suffer so much unkindness, unfairness and mortal terror. She has no Family living near her; she’s all alone in the middle of nowhere! She was hoping to get into subsidized housing in 29Palms, but she’s been on the waiting list almost a year and is now 18 th in line. Judy Bowman said Judy could rent her Mom, Juanita’s old place, but it needs some work. Hope a wonderful solution comes along and things get better for you very soon, Judy. If You have any suggestions to help Judy, please let us know.

After DiCarlo’s Italian Restaurant in 29Palms participated in the “Taste of Morongo Basin” Food Celebration at Copper Mountain College, they went on to donate Pasta noodles, with Meatballs and Salad to our Tuesday Night Bingo Players. Yummers: thank you very much!

Chris Jonas is extremely upset. A backpack with radio, a box of Western paperbacks and a bread pack, were stolen from the Thrift Room between 11am Monday morning and 4.30 pm Tuesday afternoon. It appears the thief had a key. Also, tires have been dumped at the Firehouse and neatly stacked: either someone jumped the eight foot fence, or they had a key to the gate padlock. Anyone know anything about this? Pray tell and stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community Potluck Party is this afternoon, starting at 4pm and will be followed by the Community Garden meeting. We will be asking Neighbors to sign up to become members of the California Grange Foundation: This organization was founded in 1867, especially to help small Communities like ours. We are applying for the Grange to be a fiscal sponsor for the Garden Project, under whose non-profit umbrella we could accept tax-deductible donations. This will save us lots of time and money, but we will need at least thirteen Neighbors to sign up and get this ball rolling. Next week is our first Saturday monthly Breakfast, from 8-11am. Last month, a tremendous crowd showed up: hope to see you all again! With so many herbivorous Neighbors, we obviously need to start providing a little Vegan fare for breakfast as well. Any simple, super delicious Vegan breakfast ideas; or better yet: any Vegan Chefs out there who would like to volunteer one Saturday morning a month? You would be oh-so-appreciated!

Thirteen Players showed up for the Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper party last week. Steve Tuttle, Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served Chicken and Rice to the hungry crowd! Judy Driver was the big winner of the evening, winning 5 games herself and splitting one game. You go, Girl: you deserve a little good luck, m’Darlin’!

This evening, from 5-9pm, the 29Palms Inn is holding their Desert Writers Celebration: part of the “100 Thousand Poets for Change” International Literary Event. A special ‘Desert Treasures’ presentation will go to Robin Maxwell, author of “Jane: the woman who loved Tarzan”. There will be Food, Music, African Dance and Tarzan Yell competitions: Safari Attire is encouraged! As I was born and raised in ‘Darkest Africa’, obviously I am super-enthusiastic about this event and plan to attend, wearing my Kenya Kikoi and Safari boots of course! I hope to get there by 6pm, bringing autographed copies of my book: “Kenya Cowgirl” for sale. Fellow Mesa Resident Eva Stokes will be selling her book “Hollywood Bimbo”! We eagerly look forward to seeing You. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community Potluck Party is this afternoon, starting at 4pm and will be followed by the Community Garden meeting. We will be asking Neighbors to sign up to become members of the California Grange Foundation: This organization was founded in 1867, especially to help small Communities like ours. We are applying for the Grange to be a fiscal sponsor for the Garden Project, under whose non-profit umbrella we could accept tax-deductible donations. This will save us lots of time and money, but we will need at least thirteen Neighbors to sign up and get this ball rolling. Next week is our first Saturday monthly Breakfast, from 8-11am. Last month, a tremendous crowd showed up: hope to see you all again! With so many herbivorous Neighbors, we obviously need to start providing a little Vegan fare for breakfast as well. Any simple, super delicious Vegan breakfast ideas; or better yet: any Vegan Chefs out there who would like to volunteer one Saturday morning a month? You would be oh-so-appreciated!

Thirteen Players showed up for the Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper party last week. Steve Tuttle, Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served Chicken and Rice to the hungry crowd! Judy Driver was the big winner of the evening, winning 5 games herself and splitting one game. You go, Girl: you deserve a little good luck, m’Darlin’!

This evening, from 5-9pm, the 29Palms Inn is holding their Desert Writers Celebration: part of the “100 Thousand Poets for Change” International Literary Event. A special ‘Desert Treasures’ presentation will go to Robin Maxwell, author of “Jane: the woman who loved Tarzan”. There will be Food, Music, African Dance and Tarzan Yell competitions: Safari Attire is encouraged! As I was born and raised in ‘Darkest Africa’, obviously I am super-enthusiastic about this event and plan to attend, wearing my Kenya Kikoi and Safari boots of course! I hope to get there by 6pm, bringing autographed copies of my book: “Kenya Cowgirl” for sale. Fellow Mesa Resident Eva Stokes will be selling her book “Hollywood Bimbo”! We eagerly look forward to seeing You. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community received several much-needed downpours early Thursday morning; with blinding-white Lightning overhead and deafening Thunderclaps: deliciously scary!

Our monthly first Saturday Breakfast attracted 53 adults and 4 Kids. Ruth Denison, the local Vipassana Retreat Founder, attended; with her entourage of Friends. Ruth just turned ninety and looked fabulous in green! She invited Copper Mountain Mesa Women to attend her Women’s Retreat, no charge: I’ll get back to You with dates.

The Neighborhood Watch meeting last Monday at 6pm, was well- attended; immediately followed by the monthly Copper Mountain Mesa Board of Directors meeting. Things became quite animated when we arrived at item 3B. on the Agenda: “Outbuilding (Firehouse) Rental”.
The Garden Group had submitted its Plan to rent the Firehouse building and land, during September’s meeting and was hoping the Board would vote to approve. However, the local Artist who has also expressed interest in renting the Firehouse since last June, was to present her revised Plan to the Board first; so an informed decision, on what would be best for the Community, could be made. Long story short, meeting attendees became a tad excitable and I got to use my Presidential Gavel for the first time! After more discussion, it became apparent that the Board needs legal advice about all this; so the matter has been tabled until the Saturday, November 10th Board and General Meeting. We have a new, wonderfully talented, utterly delightful Neighbor: Katie Bachler. ‘Scout’ for the “High Desert Test Sites” Art happenings in Joshua Tree, Katie writes a blog for their website. Copper Mountain Mesa Community has already received two sparkling write-ups from her at: www.highdeserttestsites/ content/scout. Welcome Home, Katie!

A Thrift room petty thievery incident has been solved: Chris Jonas’ daughter bought the ‘missing’ items, but forgot to tell him about it! A tire dumping incident had an innocent explanation as well. Yay!

We watched thousands of Vultures flying East across the Mesa last Tuesday Sunset: Fall is here! No big winners at Bingo; a variety of mini-Pizzas were served for Supper, with Kathy Quinn’s Chocolate cake and Orange frosting for dessert. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community includes some truly amazing Neighbors! Last weekend, our own Becky Jennings organised a Yoga Retreat at the Mentalphysics Center in Joshua Tree. Women from all over California gathered at the Ding le Mei House, built by Frank and son Lloyd Wright in the 1940s. With wonderful Yoga and Pilates Classes; Native American ‘Dance of Life’ sessions; Crystal Sound/Color Chakra Alignments; Meditational Chanting and Chef Becky’s incredible Vegetarian food, the whole weekend was utterly blissful.
Our own Eva Stokes bathed us in her Music, accompanying herself on her Keyboard, with Becky’s Adult children: son Janaki playing Mandolin, Ukelele and acoustic Guitar and daughter Jhulana doing background vocals: incredibly beautiful! Becky lives on the south-eastern slopes of Copper Mountain Mesa, with husband Jay, daughter Jhulana and their horses Jake, Charity and Roger! Becky is already planning her next Retreat: I can’t wait!

Copper Mountain Mesa Neighbor and Spiritual Leader, Ruth Denison, is holding her Fall 2012 Women’s Retreat at Dhamma Dena Vipassana Center on Cascade road, from Friday October 19th ‘til Sunday November 4th. Ruth has invited Copper Mountain Mesa Women to attend - any or all days - at no charge. For more information, check out:; Email:; Phone: 760/362-4815. I highly recommend that you give yourself this life-changing experience: you’ll be blissed out for weeks!

Love this Fall weather: warm days and cool nights. The Community Garden project is moving forward and the Garden Group is hoping for Board approval at November’s meeting, to use the Firehouse building, as well as the Land. Now that the local Artist who was also interested in renting the Firehouse, has withdrawn her request; the Garden Group may be one step closer to realizing their dreams.

Ten Players attended Tuesday Night Bingo last week. Chris Jonas said there were no big Winners, but everyone had a lot of fun. Steve Tuttle, Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served Pulled Pork B-B-Qd Sandwiches and Salad for Supper.
Our Potluck Party is next Saturday, starting at 4pm, followed by the Garden Meeting.
CMM Love and condolences go out to Yvonne Francis. Stay well


By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community experienced several cold and windy days this week: the first cozy, early morning Fire of the Season is almost upon us, so get out your Winter Warmies Neighbors; it’s time to start chopping Wood!

Tuesday Night Bingo was all-a-giggle last week as Ila Foyil and Barb Beneville ran the show. With Rose Matich as our “Call-back Girl”, Mary Helen Tuttle got to play down in the audience where all the mischief happens! Judy Driver won a couple of games, so she’ll be at Bingo next week; although this might be her last Game for a while, as she’s hoping to move into her new place in 29Palms in November.
Steve Tuttle and Earl Wilbert served Chili Dogs and Chips for Supper. Dorothy Jacobsen won the door prize: a hot-pack carrier to tote all those wonderful dishes she brings to the Potluck Parties. Speaking of which, the Potluck Party is today, starting at 4pm; immediately followed by the Garden Meeting. Cal Myers will not be joining us: we’re going to miss your fresh Fruit Platter, Neighbor!

Last Weekend, I mingled with throngs of Creative People. Friday evening, I was invited – along with other local Writers - to read from my book at the Pop- Up Salon held at the wonderful Red Arrow Gallery in Joshua Tree: where our books will be available throughout the two-weekend “Art Tour”.
On Saturday, Neighbor Kip Fjeld and I visited Artists in Yucca Valley and Flamingo Heights; on Sunday, Jim accompanied me to Artists’ studios in Joshua Tree. I thoroughly enjoyed both days, finding the glimpses into the Artists’ Homes and Way of Life especially fascinating. Wow: we have some Mega-Talents living in our midst that’s for sure! I hope to check out the 29Palms and Wonder Valley Art scene this weekend.

Next Saturday, November 3rd is our monthly Breakfast, from 8-11am. The following Saturday, November 10th, the current Board of Directors will meet at 11am; then Lunch will be served, followed by the Annual General Meeting; when Association Members will vote in Candidates for the four available Board Member positions. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community enjoyed a nice warming trend last week and Halloween temperatures were mild. We don’t see a whole lot of children going door to door on the Mesa. In fact in all the years I’ve lived up here, never once has a child knocked on my door for Halloween candy!

Jim and I continued our Art Appreciation weekend and did not make it to the Potluck Party last Saturday. However, our very own Bob Deloyd shared his experiences with us: “I brought my taco chicken rice casserole. Not many folks showed but that’s okay with us. Mary Koval and Chris cooked up an old recipe from the Wild West called Cowboy Casserole, with strawberry jello for dessert. Chris Jonas made this fantastic potato salad that was to die for; I ate so much of it I nearly did. Marie Morrison whipped up a wonderful chocolate cake that quickly disappeared Tim Atzei slaved over the stove all day to bring us some scallop potatoes. Ruth Malton concocted a fruit salad that was to everyone’s liking. We all left the community center feeling full of food and Friendship.” Thanks, Bob!

Tuesday Night Bingo attracted 13 Players last week and Steve Tuttle, Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served Sloppy Joe’s and Chips for Supper. No big winners, but Dorothy Jacobsen won the door prize: “Buy One Breakfast, get one FREE!” Last month her daughter Dyan won that prize: see You Ladies at today’s monthly Breakfast from 8-11am!

The November Community Association’s Board of Directors meeting will take place next Saturday, November 10th 2012 at 11am: the final meeting for this year’s Board and President. Steve Tuttle and Ray Foyil will be barbecuing Lunch for us: $3 Burgers and $2 Dogs, with Potato, Macaroni and Three-Bean Salads and all the Fixin’s, plus Dessert. After Lunch, the Annual General Membership Meeting will be held and four new Board members will be elected, as terms are up for Kathy Quinn, Steve Tuttle, Ray Foyil and I. Then the new Board will nominate/elect their President for the coming Year. Hope to see You; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community’s monthly first Saturday Breakfast attracted 47 hungry Neighbors last week. We were decidedly short-staffed, as Kathy Quinn and her two youngest: Matthew and Hannah, were off on an adventure. Mary Helen and Steve Tuttle; Indy Amos; Patrick Whalen and I simply wore whichever Hat was needed to get the task done: cashier, waiting or bussing tables, chefing, dishwashing; whatever! We were all completely exhausted and decided that the extra hour of sleep we’d be getting later - because of clocks falling-back - could not have come on a better night!

Ten players showed up for Tuesday night Bingo and Supper, but no-one won big. Those Money pots just keep growing every week until some-one wins ‘em! Steve Tuttle, Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served Chicken, Baked Potatoes and Mixed vegetables for supper. Judy Driver wasn’t able to attend as she’s now safe and sound, living in Yucca Valley. Anyone want to start attending Bingo and giving Judy a ride up here on Tuesday evenings? We would all appreciate it; we miss her little face.

Good news: our very own Jim Martin completed his Hepatitis ‘C’ treatment this week; after 11 months of self-administering weekly shots of Pegasys Interferon and choking down mouthfuls of pills every day. We are all so very proud of You, Jim and Congratulations: you did it, WoooHooo!

Today, Saturday November 10th 2012, the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association will hold the November Board Meeting at 11am. Items on the Agenda will be discussed, including an update on the Community Garden. The Treasurer will present the final financial report for the Year and the outgoing President of the Board (moi) will step down. Lunch follows: barbecued, $3 Burgers and $2 Dogs, with all the fixin’s and wonderful Salad accompaniments. Please bring cookies, desserts and Vegan dishes to share. At around 1:30pm the Annual CMMCA Membership meeting will be held. Candidates running for the four available Board of Directors’ seats, will be voted in by Members: that would be You! Now’s your chance to join with your Community and have your Vote count. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held the November CMMCA Board of Directors meeting at 11am last Saturday. The meeting became quite animated and “Board Meeting Etiquette” was disregarded several times, as Candidates running for the four available Board seats pointed out what they thought was lacking in the Community Association and how they planned to fix it. While there were certainly a few disagreements, the overwhelming feeling in that room was a common love for our Community and wanting what was best for all our Neighbors.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch of Burgers and Dogs, with all the fixin’s, plus Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad and Three-Bean Salad: YumE; what a spread! The Annual General Membership meeting was called to order. As outgoing President, I introduced the four incumbents running for re-election, as well as the three Candidates running for the first time. Each candidate made a brief speech; then Members wrote their four candidate choices on slips of paper and deposited these in a large pan. The votes were counted in the back room: the results were awaited with baited breath.
There was a stir of excited voices and some disappointed faces, when the counts showed who had been elected by the Voters. It was a well-run race and congratulations go out to all the Candidates. Thank You for your Community Spirit and for wanting to serve us all in such a meaningful way.
I was nominated to serve a second term as Madame Prez, but, while I sincerely appreciate the honor, I refused! Kathy Quinn will be President this Year, with Patrick Whalen and I as vice-presidents. Embracing our similarities and respecting our differences: together, moving forward!

Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper Club attracted 12 players, including long- time Mesa Neighbors, Carol and Joe Lane: but, no big winners. Robert Peterson and Jeff Boniface showed up to help Steve Tuttle with the Supper: thanks Dudes! Barbecued Hamburgers, with Macaroni and Potato Salads left over from the meetings; nothing goes to waste out here!

USDA Food Give-away is this Monday, November 19th; hopefully there will be frozen turkey or chicken included. Stay warm!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community lost a Pioneer Neighbor recently: Captain Mike Villarreal, the Mesa’s first and only Captain of the now non-operational Fire Department Station No. 44. The Villareal Family asked our own Bob Deloyd to write about Mike:

“Into the night a little car carrying his son and daughter in-law is rushing to aid their father, followed minutes later by large emergency vehicles that thundered down the quiet desert roads; Captain Mike Villarreal, our community's first and only Captain of the now non-operational Fire Department Station No. 44, passed from this life, his work now done.
If any could tell the history of Copper Mountain Mesa it was Mike; always ready to drop what he was doing to tell stories of his beloved mesa. If any could tell the history of Copper Mountain Mesa it was Mike; always ready to drop what he was doing to tell stories of his beloved Mesa. Mike and his wonderful wife Stevie first came here, weekending from Huntington Beach, in 1968. Meeting twelve year residents Roy and Caroline Kirschman, who spent many hours showing Mike and Stevie the area by way of Roy’s dune buggy: careening down the backsides of mountains as his passengers in the backseat held on for their dear lives.
In earlier years the Villarreals hosted Foster children at their ranch style home. The kids would learn to ride horses and attend to farm animals; they’ve kept in touch to this day.
The Villarreals always made one feel welcomed into their home and for many years have thrown Thanksgiving parties inviting friends and neighbors. Outside, Mike was ready to grab your ear and enlighten you to the fine art of deep frying turkeys as he’d drop one in boiling oil. There won’t be a party this year.
Mike loved to talk about the old fire station and some of the rescues he and his crew performed: “The first week was a real whopper with the crew responding to auto accidents, drug overdoses, fires, and a tornado ripping the roofs off a number of homes”!
Mike has touched many lives and leaves a legacy of hard work and enthusiasm for our little desert community. His family and friends now mourn his passing. Mike had dreams of getting the station operational again, but he knew the political atmosphere and budgets of the day would prevent Station No. 44 from ever opening again. The Fire Station now sits: an empty shell echoing the distant sounds of her old crew preparing for another mission with Captain Mike hollering out, “Let’s Move It Out!”

I hope Thanksgiving was delicious Neighbors; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community gathered for the Potluck Party last Saturday afternoon. I was unable to attend, but Bob Deloyd was inspired to new Baseball heights by all the deliciousnesses Neighbors brought to share: “Mary and Chris Koval came to bat with a Cowboy casserole, banana muffins, and dinner rolls. Marie Morrison pitched a goulash that was mighty scrumptious. Ruth Malton hit an ambrosia jello bowl delight that quickly disappeared over center field. Chris Jonas stepped to the plate with his fabulous macaroni salad. Dorothy Jacobsen amazed us with her windup pitch of Jimmy Dean sausage stuffing with homemade cranberry sauce. Dyan Carroll hit a home run with a vegetarian lasagna, barbecue chicken, and corn pudding casserole. I made it to first base with my chicken rice Mexican casserole.” Thanks Bob; quite a feast!

Belated Birthday Wishes go out to all who celebrated their special day in November, including Joel Levy, Robert Peterson, Jan Bonner and we fondly remember Bill ‘Stoney’ Stonebraker.

Our first Saturday Breakfast is today from 8-11am: a marvelous opportunity to eat some excellent grub, enjoy a good chinwag with interesting people and leave with a warm, fuzzy feeling of Community Spirit! Hope to see you; I’ll be at the door, ready to gratefully accept your cash!
There was no Bingo last week, but all is back to normal next Tuesday evening. Robert Peterson and Jeff Boniface have been preparing the Supper these last few weeks and they are doing an excellent job! I believe they will be serving Tacos and fixin’s this week, so you may want to arrive early!

The Garden Group would sincerely appreciate some chicken manure to add to our soil mélange! We have access to well-seasoned horse manure, but all agree that chicken poop is the sh**! We need to get our soil mixed now, so it can “brew” during the Winter. Enthusiasts are starting flats of veggies and herbs in our own homes, ready to plant in the Garden come Spring. Still no word on our non-profit status, or whether the Board will grant us permission to use the Firehouse. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held our monthly first Saturday Breakfast last week: forty-two Adults and five Children attended. I played Cashier and it was wonderful to see all the familiar faces and meet some new Friends. Our very own Katie Bachler (who writes the ‘Scout’ Blog at arrived with her friend Neil; soon to be followed by friends Ellie from LA and Jordan from Chicago! Such a diverse crowd and conversation sparkled. At every table there was a healthy sprinkling of young people, as well as some of Copper Mountain Mesa’s older, most colorful personalities! These Community Gatherings open the heart and feed the soul in my humble opinion.
Neighbor Jay ‘Defend Joshua Tree’ Babcock was there, with his friend Stephanie, who was really excited about a three-tiered, wooden breadbox she’d found in the Thrift Room. She explained how she was going to refurbish it; her blue eyes shining.
They are avidly trying to protect Joshua tree from a 9,000+sq.ft “Dollar General Store”, currently being considered by San Bernardino County ‘Powers- that-Be’. For more information check out: “Defend Joshua Tree: comment- ‘This line in the sand is real’”.

Ten Players attended last week’s Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper Party. Robert Peterson and Jeff Boniface prepared Tacos, served with rice and beans. This coming Tuesday is the last Bingo until after the New Year, as Neighbors need every minute to prepare for the Holidays. Some Folks are heading out of town, to celebrate with Family far-away.

December Birthday wishes go out to all who celebrate their special day this month. Daniel Gray and I share the 7th , but I believe he’s a bit younger than I am! Hope all you fellow Hollanders out there had a ‘gezellige Sinterklaas’ (Saint Nicholas Festival on December 5th)!

Don’t forget: Neighborhood Watch meeting is this Monday December 10 th at 6pm, followed by the monthly CMMCA Board of Directors meeting at 7. The new Board is comprised of: Kathy Quinn – President; Annelies Kuiper – 1 st Vice- President; Patrick Whalen – 2nd Vice President; Mary Helen Tuttle - Treasurer, Steve Tuttle; Ray Foyil; with Tim Atzei - Secretary. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was bathed in delicious drizzle last week, as a Storm passed through on Thursday. Walking the Dogs was an Aromatherapy session, as Desert Sage and Creosote permeated the air with their precious essence. Phew; love that Rain!

Our monthly Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association’s Board of Directors meeting was held last Monday evening. It was a lot calmer than last month’s meeting, as hostilities were left behind and everyone moved forward with our #1 Priority: taking care of our Community and the Center.
Robert Peterson, Jeff Boniface, Daniel Gray and I have been appointed by the Board to come up with a Lease Agreement regarding the Firehouse. Robert and Jeff are representing the Garden Group, while Daniel and I are acting on behalf of the CMMCA and the Community. This is exciting. The Garden Group has learned a lot about waiting and delayed gratification this Summer, as plans, ideas and dreams were ground down by difficulties, details and delays! The old three steps forward and two steps back, if you will! It seems most Neighbors are pro-Garden, including the CMMCA Board members; so now we just have to work out what’s best for all concerned.

Moving on to poop: we have not received any offers or donations of Chicken manure, so we have decided to go with what we have: well-seasoned Horse biscuits! I will be e-mailing ‘get-together’ details: if you want to be on our e-mailing list, please let me know.

Long-time Mesa Neighbors Joe and Carol Lane were blessed last month. Here’s what Joe wrote us: “My son Scott Michael Lane and his girl April had their second child and for me, a second Grandson. Scott Michael Lane Jr was Born 11-16-2012, weight 9 lb 1 oz and 19 1/2 in long. Scott Sr. is my baby: he is 27 yrs old! Scott Jr. is home on Copper Mtn Mesa recovering from camera flash ha, and keeping his folks up all hours of the night ha Life is good!” Thanks Joe and Congratulations to all of you.
No Bingo until January 8th. No Potluck this month. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is absolutely fuh-reeezing this morning! I’ve been up since 3am, along with Jim and the Pups: it’s just too cold to sleep! So, we made a roaring fire in our trusty stove and put the kettle on. Tea at three, anyone?
As I write this column, we are listening to The Sibleys CD: “Live Music Saturday”. Are you acquainted with The Sibleys? Brother and Sister Musicians: Laura and James Sibley - strongly influenced by their Mom, Mary: they have owned and operated The Palms Restaurant, way down on Amboy Road in Wonder Valley, these past 15 years. James plays drums and his voice closely resembles John Lennon and/or Mark Knopfler! Laura rips on her beautiful Gibson electric guitar and sings like an angel. Tom Merrick rounds out the Sound, with some splendid Bass playing. Their songs are all originals, decidedly ‘Desert Quirky’, with a delicious vein of humor throughout!
The Sibleys also serve a truly wonderful Sunday Breakfast and several of us, from all over the Morongo Basin, have been meeting up there on Sunday mornings. Mingling with the Locals, Artists and Musicians gather and break bread together: an eclectic group with sparkling conversations on a wide variety of unusual topics! Another Desert Treasure, for sure.
Across the road from the Restaurant, stands a little stone building, in the middle of a flood plain. Inside, lots and lots of books – all sorts of books! So, after a wonderful Breakfast, one can spend a few hours in a literary experience. Once a selection has been made, one simply returns to the Bar to pay for the books!
We met this amazing Family through our very own Kip Fjeld, who is a very sociable Man and really good at making new Friends. He’s introduced us to some of the incredible People he has been meeting up here; which would definitely include The Sibleys at The Palms in Wonder Valley!
Happy Holidays Neighbors! May You and Yours celebrate merrily; with yummy grub and grog. Grateful the World did not end on the 21st: I’m happy to be here; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was so filled with Holiday Spirit last week, that I actually missed my deadline for this Column for the very first time! Driving home in the evenings has been such a joy, with all the decorations up and Steve and Mary Helen Tuttle’s Holiday display was magnificent from the top of their hill. I keep the colorful Christmas lights up inside all year, as I love the atmosphere in the evenings, when we turn them on. My son Erick came up from San Diego for one night on Christmas Day evening, after celebrating all the bells and whistles of Christmas with his Dad and family. His wonderful girlfriend Courtney was with him and we enjoyed our short time together immensely. Lively, thoughtful conversation sparkled as we caught up on our busy Lives. I was so grateful that they made the special trip to see us. As I said to Courtney: “It’s not like we live on the way to anywhere up here on the Mesa”!

Hope you all had a lovely Holiday too, with Family, Friends, lots of yummy food and good cheer! I wish you all the very best for 2013: may your Heart be filled with Love and all your dearest dreams come true!

This is my 100th Copper Mountain Mesa Column: quite a milestone! I truly enjoy tuning in with the Community every week and telling you all about it. I have received many, many kind comments and I love to hear the words: “I read your column every week”! Of course, I’ve received a few uncomplimentary comments too, which I also appreciate, because it keeps things real.

Our first Saturday Breakfast of the New Year is next week, January 5 th, from 8-11am. Tuesday Night Bingo will resume on January 8 th. Our monthly Neighborhood Watch and Board of Directors meetings will take place on Monday, January 14th, starting at 6pm. Our monthly USDA Food Give-away will also take place on the 14th, as the third Monday of January is Martin Luther King Day. Happy New Year and stay well!