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By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community roared into the New Year last week, as numerous ORV-enthusiasts were on the Mesa for the Holidays. As year-round Residents, we try to be patient and understanding as their engines scream up our roads and huge tires send dustclouds billowing into our cabins, but, I cannot lie, it is always a relief to see the last of the buses, RVs, trailers and SUVs heading back to the City!

Jim and I actually went out this year…gasp! We had planned to drive our rattly, old truck down Amboy Road to the Palms for their New Year’s Eve Party, but decided against it, as we are heaterless until the truck gets a new heater core and frigid temperatures were predicted. However, our dear friend Roberta and her son Billy drove all the way out here to pick us up and the four of us headed for the Palms. I think we were the oldest people there, but we had so much fun! When we arrived an excellent Band, Deep Cuts, was playing, with a particularly brilliant Bass player. The crowd hung out in front of the stage, dancing and bopping around enthusiastically to the Music.
Then The Sibleys came on and performed some of our favorite songs from their two CDs: ‘Tuesdays’ and ‘Live Music Saturday’. They were great and put on a marvelous show. With Laura Sibley ripping on her Gibson, James pounding out the rhythm on his Drums, Tom Merrick playing his Rickenbacker Bass most splendidly and Larry (can’t remember his last name) playing the heck out of his Fender Strat!
Later, driving home on the deserted roads, all warm and safe in the truck, the Night felt utterly magical: Happy New Year Planet Earthians! Let’s all be our most kind and loving in 2013!

Our first Saturday Breakfast is this morning, January 5th, from 8-11am. Chris Jonas will have the Thrift Room all ready for you; so come on down, buy treasures, clothes etc and enjoy some jolly good nosh! Tuesday Night Bingo starts up again on January 8th. Stay warm, Neighbors!

Copper Mountain Mesa's
Neighborhood Watch

December's Neighborhood Watch
and first ORV Watch Meeting
By Bob DeLoyd

I went to the Neighborhood Watch meeting on Monday the 10th at the community center, where I am the treasurer. We are still getting our bylaws together and I believe we accomplished that tonight at the very end of the meeting. We had a new member get up to tell us all about chemtrails and the new world order in the allotted 5 minutes. A nighbor gave a talk and handed out pamphlets on the laws concerning off road vehicles. They also told us of some off roaders burning tires out in the desert where they lives.
I as treasurer gave everyone the website to where they can get NHW signs and said I wasn’t going to be the go between of getting them. I also told them about my neighbor who had past away in 2009 and how I only found out about it last week. His place got broken into and many things were stolen.

Our community had our first ORV Watch meeting to address some off road vehicles that are ruining our precious desert. Philip M. Klasky and Victoria Fuller from the ORV Watch organization came and gave a very informative presentation. We are not against ORV, but we are against those who ruin our beautiful desert and tread upon our lands unlawfully. The meeting lasted for an hour and a half and was well attended with around twenty folks showing up. Everyone got to have their say; many folks told about being harassed by ORVers after they asked them not to ride on their property.
We decided that we will communicate online and setup our goals we want to achieve and tentatively have a meeting along with the Neighborhood Watch on the second Monday in January at 6pm. It was a very successful meeting.

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held the first Saturday Breakfast last week. Kip Fjeld showed up with two tall carafes full to the brim with freshly squeezed orange juice to share with Neighbors. He’d been squeezing since 6am, so he was ready for a nice, big Breakfast: expertly prepared by Steve Tuttle and Ray Foyil. Both Kip and Steve celebrated their special day on January 6th: Happy Birthday Dudes and felicitations also go out to Rick Seeley.
Ila Foyil hasn’t been feeling well enough to play Cashier lately, so we asked Board President Kathy Quinn’s son Matthew to man the front desk. As Matt is a Straight-A Super-Duper-Plus, Award-winning Student, brilliant at Math, our choice was pretty obvious. Much relieved, I got to play Waitress and yack it up with all the Neighbors instead: much more my style! Thanks Matt and our Love and best wishes to You, dear Ila.

A big Thank You to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton for taking such wonderful care of me last week. Arrowhead offers care to low/no income people from all over San Bernardino County, through their Arrowcare program. I received a same-day surgical procedure, where they removed a huge sebaceous cyst from my shoulder; uncomfortably close to my spine. I have been terribly worried about this, imagining all kinds of dreadful things and I am very relieved and grateful for the kindness and expert care I received from everyone: much appreciated.

Tuesday Night Bingo started up again last week. Steve Tuttle served a delicious Egg Frittata, with sausage, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms and potatoes for Supper. Only 8 Neighbors showed up and there were no big winners, but much fun was had by all.

We are having the USDA Food Giveaway on January 14th, as the third Monday of the month falls on Martin Luther King Day. The Thrift Room will offer some free clothes and shoes. That evening, the Neighborhood Watch meeting starts at 6pm and now also includes the ORV report. The CMMCA Board of Directors meeting follows at 7, with an update on the Garden and Firehouse lease agreement. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was bitterly cold last week; reminded me of Northern Europe in the Winter. Phew, it’s been freezing with 18degree temps on the porch. Our water pipes froze on two nights, even though they are well- wrapped and haven’t frozen in two decades. Even the water pipes at the Community Center froze and Neighbors attending the USDA Food Give-away were asked not to use the bathrooms because of flushing issues! A pipe burst on the south-west end of the parking lot, but I’m told it burst on the Water District’s side, so the Community Association will not have to foot the bill. A huge relief as we still have a $600.00 water bill looming over our heads from a Summer water leak.
Tim Atzei told us we were in for a really cold January. I’m not sure where he gets his meteorological info, but Jim and I knew we were in for a cold Winter by how the Ants were behaving last Summer. They were all over everything in the kitchen; not just the sweet stuff. They invaded our cupboards and got into our oils and peanut butter; as well as the sugary stuff. We had to refrigerate all of that for the first time ever. A pan left on the stove attracted millions of them. Some mornings, if we didn’t do our dishes the night before, the counter would be crawling with Ants: gazillions of them. They were also carefully lining the entrances to their Winter homes, with seed husks, fluffs of fabric, anything to keep the Winter weather out of their underground labyrinths. I guess Ants can predict the Weather!

I missed the Meetings last Monday: still in pain from recent surgery. Daniel Grey copied an online commercial lease agreement for the Firehouse. Robert Peterson, Jeff Boniface, Daniel and I will go over things carefully, before presenting this to the Board. The Garden report was tabled until next month. As soon as Kip Fjeld gets back with his trailer, we will be calling all hands on deck for some serious soil amending and hole digging! Stay well.

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community saw a sprinkling of rain last week. Not enough to settle the dust, but the Desert always smells so lovely after even the teensiest drop of rain. We may be in for some more of the wet stuff; our Desert Fauna would be most appreciative.

Sadly, it looks like we are going to have to discontinue the Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper Parties. Attendance dwindled down to 6 Bingo Players last week and that is simply not enough to keep the lights on. I talked to Violet Jonas, whose husband Chris is an incredibly active Volunteer over at the Community Center. He runs the Thrift Room, USDA Food Giveaway, Potluck and calls the numbers on Bingo nights. “Well, there’s a bright side to this for you,” I told Violet cheerfully. “That’s one more evening Chris will be home!”

Life has been tough for us on the Mesa recently. Jim replaced the heater core in our truck, which was a horrendous job as the whole dash had to come out. After everything had been put back together, the motor won’t crank. Dash lights come on, we can hear the fuel pump, but no cranky! The starter and the solenoid tested fine but it still won’t start! And now…he’s discovered there’s a dead short somewhere! We’ve been down for three weeks.
Thanks to my Beloved Friends and Neighbors, I have been chauffeured to pre- and post-surgical appointments, to town to buy supplies, to the mailbox and all our needs have been taken care of.
Speaking of surgery: this sebaceous cyst removal thing has kicked my butt! I was told to go home and ‘resume normal activities as tolerated’. So I did: chopping wood, carrying water: you know, all the work that needs to be done out here. Weeell, I popped some stitches, creating a big, oozing hole by my spine and I got really worried! The surgery nurse told me that as long as there were no chills, high fevers, or stink of rotten flesh I was good to go! I’ll keep you posted: stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is holding our first Saturday Breakfast this morning from 8-11am. Steve Tuttle and Ray Foyil do all the cooking, Mary Helen Tuttle handles the dishwashing, while Patrick Whalen, Kathy Quinn and I take the orders and serve the Food. Hopefully, Kathy’s son Matthew will continue to cashier for us, because he’s a heckuva lot better at it than I am! Chris Jonas has gone through the Thrift Room again and donated about 300 pounds of clothes to Hospice. These were items that did not sell and makes space for all the super-duper clothing donations coming in. Hope you’ll join us for Breakfast and maybe you’ll unearth treasures in the Thrift Room.

Once again, Tuesday Night Bingo was not well attended, with only 8 people showing up to play. The volunteer organizers think this is probably because of the very cold weather we’ve had, coupled with early sunsets and of course, our vehicle-destroying, bone-rattling dirt roads! Consequently, there will be no Bingo evenings in February or March; but on Tuesday April 2 nd the Bingo and Supper Parties will resume. Hopefully more Bingo enthusiasts will make the effort to drive to the Community Center when the days are a little longer and the evenings a bit warmer. None of the “big money” pots have been won lately, so those funds will be there for the winning come April: mark your calendars!

Thanks for all the supportive comments I’ve received about my surgical incision drama. We named it “Oozie” and thanks to Jim’s expert nursing and thorough wound care, I’m grateful and relieved to report: “Oozie” is doing well. At my post-surgery appointment the Doc said it was healing from the inside out and looked good. Of course, I’ll probably have an ugly scar, but that’s way better than that golfball-sized “monkey” I had on my back!

We fondly remember Marge Seeley and Sharon Weaver, while Birthday wishes go out to Rick Seeley and Rob Reese. Happy Superbowl Sunday to all you Football Fans out there: I hope your team makes you proud. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community sends out hearty Birthday Felicitations to all those celebrating their special day in February. Our very own, forever young: Earl Wilbert celebrates his on February 29th, which makes him about twenty-two-ish! You go, Earl! Happy Birthday to: Stevie Villareal, Katie Bachler, Pamela Waddey, Marcia McKinney, Stuart Watson, John Waddell, Dennis McDermot and Jim Martin. We fondly remember Zoila Preciado.

I really appreciate the Villareal Family and their Mojave WiFi high speed internet. Of course, I had to purchase adapter-thingies for my dinosaur computer to be able to manage wireless internet; but it works and it is the most marvelous experience! So unbelievably fast and problem-freeeee! I haven’t braved YouTube yet: still trying to catch my breath!

The first Saturday breakfast was held last week. It wasn’t a great turn-out and those that didn’t show missed Kip Fjeld’s fresh-squeezed orange juice! I pulled a sissy-la-la and decided to stay home. Honestly: I was afraid of all the hugs I receive at these Breakfast get-togethers: afraid someone would hurt the now-healing surgical scar on my shoulder by accident!

Last Saturday evening I accompanied Kip Fjeld, his Dad Jack and Stepmum Dottie to “Desert Stories”; Hosted by The Red Arrow Gallery’s Cheryl Montelle; at the jam-packed Blak Box theatre in Joshua Tree. I was enchanted; spellbound: it was an utterly wonderful evening, with High Desert-affiliated Story- tellers Marie Chambers, Tania Hammidi, William Hilyard, Bernard Leibov, Suzzan Macleod, Alan Rasmussen, Robbi Robb, Candacy Taylor, Tracy Tynan and Steve Stych and their amazing tales. Go to for more information and get your tickets early for next year: they sell out quick!

The USDA Food Give-away is this Monday February 11th, as next Monday is Presidents’ Day. Chris Jonas has the Thrift Room looking all spiffed-up, ready for your Treasure-hunting pleasure!

That evening, the Neighborhood Watch and OHV meetings begin at 6pm and will be followed by the CMM Community Association’s Board of Directors meeting at 7.

Remember, all the CMM Columns from the last 13+ years, may be viewed at click on ‘Archives’. Be kind to your Sweetie: Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community has been flip-flopping hot/cold all week. Fortunately, it was a warmish evening last Saturday: just in time for the annual Wonder Valley Music Festival held at The Palms on Amboy Road. We arrived as The Sibleys were getting started. Laura Sibley is such a gifted Artist and makes Music with her Gibson and her beautiful Voice that makes me cry, yearn, laugh, sing, dance: Wow! Her Drummer brother, James was persuaded to perform “Sophia Loren”. Every woman (and a few dudes no doubt) just melted, as James crooned: “I love the way your skin tasted, when you stood out in the Rain”. Tom Merrick rounds out the Band; bringing the Music from the Electric Guitar, Drums and Vocals together, enhancing the Sound with his incredible Fender Bass Guitar. They were utterly amazing as always, playing all our favorite songs off their CDs. They also performed their newest song: all about the Wonderland Bookstore across the road: can’t wait to hear it again!
The Sibleys were followed by Double Naught Spy Car: a really impressive Band with a great sound. Paul Lacques played excellent lap steel; Marcus Watkins played guitar and accordion; Marc Doten was marvelous on his Bass and Joe Berardi played his Drums extremely well! We purchased their CD: “Western Violence” and I look forward to becoming closely acquainted with their Sound. Visit their website for more info. Then we were treated to an incredible set with The Ben Vaughn Desert Classic playing with Guitarist Extraordinaire: Daddy-O Grande of Los Straitjackets. I was reminded of Prince, Joe Satriani and Dick Dale too! Really spectacular!
Afterwards, Ben Vaughn played his Fender Telecaster most marvelously; with Kevin on Drums, Lucas on Bass and a truly gifted Keyboardist (whose name escapes me!); Desert Classic entertained us with fabulous Songs like “Two Mile Road”! Ben is an internationally-known Musician and Producer: Google Ben Vaughn for more info.
I saw a few Mesa Neighbors out on the dancefloor as well: it was such fun. Let’s start having Parties with Live Music at our Community Center this Summer! Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community woke up to Snow last Wednesday morning. I heard what I thought was rain a couple of times overnight, but the Sunrise revealed the white stuff all over the Desert. Not a thick layer and the morning Sun soon melted it away, but it was beautiful while it lasted.

I was invited over to Mesa Neighbor, Eva Stokes’ place for brunch on President’s Day. We had spinach omelet with potatoes and onions: utterly YumE! She played me some of her new Music. She is an amazing Musician: classically trained and very, very practiced. She plays all the parts on her Keyboard; any instrument she needs is available to her and she does all the lead and background vocals. You may remember her from her “The Great Salt” Band days when she was touring with fellow Mesa Neighbor Eric Bamberg. Nowadays, she’s playing a lot of local venues, including the 29Palms Inn, Joshua Tree Saloon and Pappy and Harriet’s.
Eva’s new song: “Pizza Guy” off her upcoming CD; and her brilliant “Original Means Unique” album are both available at EvaStokes. She is often featured on Pat Michaels’ Local Music Show on Z107.7 at 4pm on Sundays. Eva is definitely one of our Musical Treasures; I hope you get to listen to her very soon.
While we were brunching, Q and Manifest came over. Q is the founder of the Joshua Tree Shakespeare Group and Manifest is playing Cassius in the upcoming production of ‘Julius Caesar’. The get-together turned into a Shakespearian reading and soon, Eva and I were enthusiastically adding our voices to the drama unfolding, as the two men read Brutus and Cassius. It was so much fun; I haven’t done Theatre in decades! Anyhooo; long story short, Eva and I both play important roles in the Production! We attended our first rehearsal last night and I was very impressed by the professionalism of the Cast. There is truly a huge Wave of Artistic Talent in our Community!

Our Potluck is today at 4pm. If I don’t have Rehearsals this afternoon, I’ll see you there. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is holding the monthly First Saturday breakfast at the Community Center, from 8-11 this morning. I can’t believe it’s already March; where on earth did February go? Is it just me or do the hours fly by faster these days? I am looking forward to seeing my Friends at the Center. I missed everyone at last month’s Breakfast because of major drama around my minor surgical incision! I’m happy to announce that the gaping, oozing hole on my right shoulder, terrifyingly close to my spine, has shrunk to a small scab which looks like it will fall off one of these days and be all healed up; Yay! Oops sorry: if you have any appetite left after the mental image I just sent You; please come on down and join us for some YumE food and a good chinwag!

Our Community Potluck was last Saturday afternoon at 4p.m. I was unable to attend, as I was at rehearsals for the Joshua Tree Shakespeare Guild’s version of ‘The Tragedy of Julius Caesar’. Our magnificent Desert seems to attract the most amazingly gifted Humans and this Shakespearean Experience I have become part of, is turning out to be no exception! The Founder of the Guild and Director of the Play: Eric ‘Q’ Quander is a truly versatile, brilliant man and, apart from all his other responsibilities in this production, he is also taking on the massive role of ‘Brutus’!
Q brings out the best in his Actors and splendid Character Portrayals are emerging; with passionate performances from an eclectic Cast aged 17 through 57; from all different Cultures and Walks of Life. The ‘Q-version’ of this Shakespearean Tragedy is startling, thought-provoking…amusing: unlike any ‘Julius Caesar’ you’ve ever seen! Playing at the Blak Box Theater in Joshua Tree from Thursday March 14th - just in time for the Ides of March -through Sunday March 17th 2013. Tickets available at (760)366-3777 or online at: Prices are very reasonable indeed; so gather up Family and Loved ones, give yourselves a real treat and go see ‘Julius Caesar’. Stay well!

Copper Mountain Mesa Renderings
February's Potluck and Birthday Party
By Bob DeLoyd
Taken from my online Journal:
Saturday 23-the day started out really cold and windy so I figured that it would be that way all day and decided to stay inside. Little did I know that it warmed up to 72 degrees... the winds were still high. I only found this out at 3pm when I went to water my friend’s plants while they are away on vacation. I did my stretches and felt better today.
I cooked up some rice with chili beans for potluck.
I downloaded and installed Lubuntu Linux 12.10 (a lighter version of Ubuntu) on the Dell Mini 9 and wrote over the Chrome OS that was quirky. I still don’t have WIFI though and will have to look into that. Before I went to Potluck, I went and watered my friend’s plants. One of her trees looked like it was on its last leg and I gave it extra water.
I arrived at the community center early but there were already a few cars there; always a good sign. It was Chris Jonas and his granddaughter Anna’s birthday; Karry Kearns brought a big birthday cake from Stater Brothers for the both of them. Before we all got in line for the food we all sang Happy Birthday. There was whole bunches of cakes, cookies and sweets things for us to eat this time. Desserts come in waves; sometimes there isn’t any desserts because at the last potluck folks brought too much, so I’m figuring that next potluck there’ll not be any or very little.
Ruth Malton brought cookies. Dorothy Jacobsen used her magic touch to create a wonderful chicken broccoli divan casserole and brownies. Dyan Carroll outdone herself bringing roasted potatoes, BBQ meatballs, and lemon bars that melted right in yer mouth and brought a smile to your face. Marie Morrison made a delicious red velvet cake. Weekenders Jenny and David Mason who’ve a cabin here for over fifteen years, came bearing BBQ Sliders that did exactly that; slid right on down to yer belly! Not to be outdone by Dyan, Mary and Chris Koval cooked up a feast of chicken green bean casserole, a Santa Fe turkey pasta casserole, and banana fig muffins. Rose Matich had some cranberry sauce to share with the desert folks. And birthday boy Chris Jonas made his world famous award winning macaroni salad. Well we all were mighty stuffed afterwards and lingered around for a spell swapping tales of this and that while dodging the kids playing on the floor with toy cars scooting around.
I really love these desert folks, I really do :)

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community gathered last week, for the monthly first-Saturday Breakfast, at the Center. Steve Tuttle and Ray Foyil did a tremendous job cooking all the breakfasts. The Jonas’ Grand-Daughter, Shy-Onna was a great help and very efficient at the Biscuits and Gravy station. Patrick Whalen manned the Cashier spot, while Kathy Quinn and I took the breakfast orders and waited tables. We have so much fun serving all our favorite Neighbors from far and wide, a delicious Breakfast! Familiar, beloved Faces show up, hugs are exchanged, News is caught up on: see You next month?

On Saturday evening Jim, Kip Fjeld and I went to see the “Dining Room” at the Blak Box Theater in Joshua Tree. First, we had a lovely Indian dinner at the Restaurant between Sam’s and the Smoke Shop in JT: Mmmm-good Food! We all thoroughly enjoyed the show. I thought it was artful, clever, witty, insightful: really, really well done. A resounding “Jolly Good Show” to the entire cast and Director Wendy Cohen!
I saw local Artist Janis Commentz at the Theater, as well as rising young Stage-presence Damien: both members of the cast of ‘Julius Caesar’! We were very excited to see each other. That’s one of the joys of being in a theatrical production: all the People involved are working towards the same goal and it brings such a feeling of Team Spirit and Family. This certainly takes me miles out of my comfort zone: I have been a dedicated Mesa Recluse for soooo long! Opening Night is this Thursday, March 14th and we play through Sunday, March 16th. Tickets are on Sale at: (760)366-3777 or visit:
Even my Son Erick, who grew up on Copper Mountain Mesa, is driving up from San Diego with his Lady, Courtney to see Mum in this production! I am really honored and touched.
We have rehearsals tonight, but I hope to join Jim, Kip and other Neighbors at The Palms on Wonder Valley’s: Amboy Road afterwards. From 7pm, Wonderful Bands are playing including our Favorites: The Sibleys! Call (760)361-2810 for more info: Stay well!

March Neighborhood Watch
and ORV Watch Meeting
By Bob DeLoyd
Taken from my online Journal:

Monday 11- Neighborhood Watch meeting; Linda Sebio called the meeting to order and passed around maps of our community so folks could voluntarily locate and mark their home’s location on the map. This would be used in case of an emergency so that fire department or ambulance services could find their house. The diaper dumper has apparently been tipped off we are looking for them and hasn’t dumped any diapers for the past month. The training for the CERT emergency response was tabled because Vern didn’t show, but we got a sheet passed around for people who wants to get involved. The neighborhood cleanup was tabled until we get more info for donation of dumpster, but we set a tentative date for sometime near the end of April. It was decided that I was to purchase 3 to 4 12x18 signs with the collected money we been saving.

ORV watch; a group of us will go out Thursday at 10am to find and map routes that Off Road Vehicles are supposed to take. We will take pictures to evaluate how well the trail and markers are maintained by the Bureau of Land Management so ORV riders will know which routes to take.

The Board meeting: discussed the firehouse and who to rent it to, also legal and liability of those who want to occupy it. The Board thanked me for writing a request for funds letter to the County Supervisor. I mentioned the Neighborhood watch is trying to get things together for a neighborhood cleanup and that the event committee could help; the members of the committee agreed and will help. Vern showed up and told us that he can request the CERT emergency training to begin in April and we all figured that Thursday night at 7pm would fit in everyone’s schedule for the 6 week course. We will have a CERT signup sheet at Potluck and the First Saturday Breakfast.
90 year old longtime resident Earl Wilbert got up to tell us his history here in Copper Mountain Mesa going all the way back before the beginnings of the Association. Earl made an emotional plea of the board to stop talking amongst themselves and setup microphones so folks can hear. With heartfelt voice and tears, Earl said to a now silent audience that he doesn’t have long for this world and deeply loves our little community, and for the rest of us not lose our way and let the Community center go defunct. I told him that the community loves him too, and as long as I, the board members, and the folks in the audience were alive we wouldn’t let that happen. I had to yell this out loud so Earl, who is hard of hearing, could hear me; probably making a fool of myself in the process, but everyone clapped as I quickly sat down.

Thursady 14- A group from the Copper Mountain Mesa ORV Watch rendezvous on Poleline Road and Bourland Pass to go out amongst the wildflowers and other wonders of of our desert community to document how well the Bureau of Land Management is maintaining ORV markers and paths so ORVs will know where it is legal for them to ride responsibly without destroying the desert’s beauty. We also went to monitor destruction of the desert habitats, and garbage dumping; we took many pictures of this.

Come Visit My Journal

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is confused: weather-wise! Just days ago, I purchased new long-underwear pants because it was so bone-rattlingly chilly and today I’m walking around in shorts! I do enjoy the warmer weather, I must admit, but I am definitely not ready to slide straight into months of relentless Heat! Weeks of warm days, cool nights would be nice; before we go into Summer-sizzle! Of course, Desert Weather does what it will and all we can do is hang on for the ride!

Last Saturday, due to ‘Julius Caesar’ rehearsal, I missed seeing ‘The Sibleys’ at the Palms Restaurant and Bar, on Amboy Road in Far-East Wonder Valley! Jim and our dear Friends Roberta and her son Billy drove down early and enjoyed dinner together before the Music began. Our much-loved, Art-Enthusiast Neighbor, Kip Fjeld also joined the group.
As always; the Sibleys were wonderful and treated the Audience to the first public performance of their new song: “Bloody Mary”. This song was directly inspired by the growing Group of multi-faceted Artists who have been gathering on Sunday mornings for Bloody Marys and Breakfast at the Palms! I feel so honored to be part of this; just wish I could have been there to hear the song debut.
‘Blackwater Jukebox’, ‘Gilded Flicker’ and ‘The Rock n Roll’ played, but I rushed over right after rehearsal and was too tired to give the Bands the attention they deserved. Just know my feet were tappin’ and my head was rockin’!
We have been head-first up to our ankles, in the Joshua Tree Shakespeare Guild’s production of ‘Julius Caesar’ with a Zombie-twist! We have two performances under our belt, at the Blak Box Theater. Tonight should be a great show and the Matinee is tomorrow afternoon. Please call (760)366-3777 for tickets.

USDA Food-Giveaway is this Monday, March 18th. Local attendance has been dwindling; probably because the USDA mostly donates cans of veggies, bags of noodles, rice and dried prunes these days. Commodities that Neighbors really value, like meat, butter or cheese, rarely make the Give-away list anymore. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day: stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community teetered between unseasonably warm and rather blustery last week. One day, the ants were all over the sink again; the next I was walking the dogs, wishing I had worn my long underwear! Spring is here so get ready for the Wind! Spring also brings Easter and regardless of what that means to you personally, everyone agrees: it’s a jolly good time to color Eggs! So, next Saturday, March 30th, we are holding our 5th Annual Egg Coloring Party. The Potluck Party falls on Easter Saturday at 4pm this month and we will gather the Kids for Egg Coloring afterwards. Your donation of hard-boiled Eggs would be most appreciated and may be dropped off at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center on Saturday, after 3pm. We have plenty of Egg coloring dyes, but I must remember to bring vinegar! You may recall my first egg-coloring year: when, without vinegar on hand to set the colors, the dyes wouldn’t stick to the eggs! A certain Ms. Poole solved the problem by adding Italian salad dressing to the egg-coloring mix and hey presto: we had beautifully-dyed eggs with vegetable bits stuck all over them! It’s always fun; please join us for Potluck and Egg-coloring Jocularity!

March Birthday Wishes go out to: Joe Lane, Erick Thacker, Seimi Sheba, Dulce McDermott and Bev Long; we fondly remember Harry Preciado.

I am exhilarated and relieved to tell you that the Joshua Tree Shakespeare Guild’s outstanding production of Julius Caesar at the Blak Box Theater, was very well-received. As we hoped, our Zombie-twist to the play attracted younger audience members as well and it was marvelous to hear them giggling in all the right spots! I chatted with several Mesa Neighbors who attended and said they thoroughly enjoyed the show. I would like to personally Thank our Audiences so very much: for your encouragement and support. Here are some online publicity releases you may have missed:
Julius Caesar and Zombie Girl Photos with press article:
Julius Caesar Interview:
Julius Caesar Ghost Video Utube Link:
Happy Spring in your step!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community has a monthly Events Calendar at:, which also mentions Neighborhood Birthdays, Anniversaries and those we fondly remember. If you and/or your Loved Ones are Copper Mountain Mesa Dwellers and would like your special day to be mentioned in the weekly CMM Column, please e-mail Bob Deloyd at: so he can add you to the Community Events Calendar: which I refer to for the monthly mention in the Column. Belated birthday wishes go out to Robert Peterson’s Mom, Barbara for March 3 rd.

A meeting was held at the Community Center last Wednesday at 7pm, to provide information to Mesa Neighbors interested in receiving CERT training. Thanks to Vern Fowler and Ray Foyil who helped organize this. Nancy Guinn – President of the Volunteer Certification program – explained that the Training course lasts 6 weeks: Thursdays from 6-9pm for five weeks and the last session is on a Saturday. Tentative start date is May 23rd, but that has to be confirmed.

This afternoon at 4, we are holding our monthly Potluck Party: full of kind folks and good food! Our annual Egg Coloring event usually accompanies the first Saturday Breakfast closest to Easter, but this year, as Potluck falls on Easter Weekend, we are Egg Coloring right after the feast today; so bring the Kids and grandkids! If you’d like to donate hard-boiled eggs, please drop them off after 3pm or bring them with you to the Party. Much appreciated!

Another extraordinary experience at Wonder Valley’s Crown Jewel: The Palms Bar and restaurant last Saturday night. The Sibleys performed several crowd favorites; including their new song “Bloody Mary Sunday”; inspired by a group of Morongo Basin Artists who crawl in for Breakfast and a wee ‘hair of the dog’ every Sunday! “Blaak Heat Shujaa” treated us to an amazing musical performance on the outside stage. With Thomas Bellier on vocals and guitars; Antoine MoVu rippin’ his Bass and Michael Amster shreddin’ the Drums; their music is trippy; mind- expanding, yet charismatic! More Live Music at the Palms tonight.
Hope to see you at the Breakfast next Saturday; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held the monthly Potluck Party last weekend; on Easter Saturday. We had a good turn-out: twenty adults, two teenagers and four children. Dyan Carroll made Salmon patties, roasted Rosemary potatoes, Cauliflower Cheese and Strawberry Shortcake bars. Her Mom, Dorothy Jacobsen, made Mexican Quiche and Au Gratin Carrots; while their dear friend Cal Myers and his daughter Tina, brought a Fresh Fruit Platter. Ruthie Malton brought a rainbow-colored Easter Cake, while Marie Morrison made Au Gratin Potatoes. Mary Koval and her daughter Chris brought Fruit Salad, rolls; with orange crème and mint-choco Whoopee Cookies. Kip Fjeld provided his absolutely splendid, home-made Guacamole and Chips; Chris Jonas rocked it with his Mesa-famous Macaroni Salad and Bob Deloyd brought his rice dish. Even with my gluten allergy, I was still able to enjoy plenty of rice, Fruit and fruit salad. Unfortunately, by the time I went to sample Kip’s Guacamole, there was nary a scrape left on the side of the bowl! Just too good to last long!
Soon, the younger crowd moved outside. We set up cups of water, vinegar, colored tablets and made sure we had plenty of paper towels handy. Chris and Violet Jonas’ Grandkids: Mikey, Anna, Shy-Onna and CheyAnne; along with Roger Boniface and Natalie Peterson, made up quite a crowd of enthusiastic Egg-Colorers! Fortunately, Neighbors had been generous with their egg donations and Kids colored to their hearts content. Photos on coppermountainmesacommunity. Thanks to All: 2013 Egg Coloring was a clucking success!

Later, a number of CMM Neighbors headed over to The Palms on Amboy Road. “The Sibleys” played their wonderful Music first, with Laura’s fingers flying on her red Gibson and brother James on Drums; expertly accompanied by Thom Merrick on Bass. “Wish We Were There” played afterwards and they were marvelous too. Each band member: Alex, Anderson, JD, James and Diego played a solo session and it was a most intimate experience; as though each Musician was serenading only You!

Our monthly Breakfast starts at 8 this morning and Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper has started up again too. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held our monthly First Saturday Breakfast last week. Patrick Whalen was his usual charismatic self as he greeted Neighbors at the Cashier’s stop. Steve Tuttle and Ray Foyil fixed us mouthwateringly delicious Breakfasts; while Mary Helen Tuttle performed miracles on the dirty dishes! Our Community Association’s President, Kathy Quinn and I waited tables and served Food, juice and coffee. Several members of Kathy’s Family volunteer, including her daughter Hannah, son Matthew and niece Alora. Thank You, we appreciate you!
Every month, we are joined at the Breakfast by an enthusiastic group from the Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation:
This month, we were honored to welcome Donna Munoz: Field Representative to San Bernardino County’s Board of Supervisors. Donna has been a familiar face at our Center for decades and it was wonderful to see her. When Mary Helen showed her our Plaque of Honor, Donna was visibly moved, obviously recognizing several names of old Friends not Forgotten.

Braving gale force Winds, walls of dust and zero visibility; Donna also attended our monthly Board meeting the following Monday evening! Thanks Donna; welcome Home!
Vern Fowler, who has been extremely helpful and diligent in his Community efforts, reported to the Meeting that “CERT” Training begins on Thursday May 23 2013, from 6-9pm. The classes will be held at the Community Center and are free: sign-ups still being accepted.

Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper was back in full swing last week. Steve Tuttle, Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served Hot Dogs and Macaroni Salad for Supper. Attendance numbers are going back up and you know what that means: Bigger pots! Supper starts at 5:30pm and the games begin at 6:30. Our third Monday USDA Food Give-away is on the 15th this month.

The Neighborhood Watch meeting is at 6pm on April 15th; postponed from last Monday.

Happy 26th Anniversary wishes to Mac and Sayoko McDermott. We fondly remember Bob “Stoney” Stonebraker. Happy April Birthday Wishes to: Carol Lane, Patty Bradley, Mary Helen Tuttle, Marie Morrison, Bill Bonner, Ruthie Malton, Roger Toomes, Tim Villareal and Brenda Zimmer. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was WINDY these last ten days. All outside chores have been mega-challenging and my Skin is inflamed and itchy! I see Neighbors at the mailboxes on Border Avenue: their eyes and noses running; bright red from allergies; coughing, sneezing: Phaw! Of course, I’m being careful not to complain too much; because we know what the next phase is: HOT!
We had temperatures in the 90s on our Porch, until this latest, bone- chilling Wind arrived. In fact, beginning of the week, Jim noticed a four-foot Gopher Snake gliding inside the ancient Piano on the Porch. I came outside in time to see the end of the Gopher’s tail disappearing. “He must be after the Rat,” observed Jim, referring to the PackRat who took up residence in the old Piano years ago and has turned it into quite a mansion! We stood by the open front door, waiting. Suddenly, the Rat raced out from under the Piano lid; its eyes almost as round as its ears and launched itself airborne. Next thing, it scurried between our feet and quickly, Jim blocked it with his foot, while I slammed the front door closed. The PackRat tumbled before racing off around the back of the porch. We waited for a while, but never did see the Snake re- emerge. The Rat seems fine and has since been spotted, foraging at dusk. Love watching Life happening in the Desert!

Someone has been dumping adult diapers and bedliners again: on Winters Road, between the Community Center and Coyote Valley Road. Ongoing for months, the dumping stopped for a while after the matter was mentioned at the Neighborhood Watch meeting. Recently, however, Steve Tuttle discovered that the ‘Diaper Dumper’ had left a load by the Firehouse. This is unpleasant, un- Neighborly behaviour: whoever is doing this, please Stop. If you know anything about this, please let us know.

After Beef and Turkey Pot Pies for Supper, we had a U-Pik-Em big winner at Bingo last Tuesday: congratulations Carol! Please join us; love to see your Face. Potluck Party is next Saturday at 4pm. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is experiencing a reptilian awakening; with snake- sightings all around the Neighborhood. It is still pretty cool weather for our slithery Friends and they like to lie stretched out on our dirt roads, warming up in the sunshine: especially late-afternoons. Unfortunately, some of the snakes sighted were squished ones: flattened on those same warm, sandy thorough- fares.
Our annual Bird Migrations are in full swing and Orioles and Tanagers are gracing us with their black, bright yellow and orange colors and shrill songs. There are shiny black birds too, with short, blunt tails, who have the most beautiful songs; including one that sounds like water drops. Our bird book is not clear; but it seems to be a cross between a starling and a mynah bird! Anyone out there familiar with this species?

Local Radio Station Z107.7 reported that a major Marine Training session is taking place on Base right now. Our house lies directly along the landing approach corridor to the Marine Base Airport and we are indeed experiencing a lot of Air traffic overhead. Sometimes those huge helicopters fly so low over our house, it feels as though we are being shaken to pieces as the whole World vibrates noisily around us! I find those Osprey Aircraft particularly fascinating, as they can rotate their propellers and wings to fly like airplanes. For takeoff and landing they rotate the propellers and wings upwards and they are Helicopters! We like to frolic around outside and wave at our Boys and Girls; as they fly overhead learning the ins and outs of Marine Life. We hope our silly antics put smiles on those brave, youthful faces.

Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper evenings continue and last week Patrick Whalen did the “Calling”; in for Chris Jonas who was unwell. Love You, Chris and thanks Patrick!

Heartfelt well-wishes go out to Mesa Neighbor, our Niece, Julie Cassle Brady. We love you, honey; get better soon.

Our monthly Potluck Party is today at 4pm and our first Saturday Breakfast is next Saturday, May 4th from 8-11am. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community gathered for the monthly Potluck Party last week; the last Saturday of the month. Our very own Bob Deloyd attended the culinary experience and here’s what he had to say:
“We had quite a few desert folks showing up: I arrived with my rice and chili bean surprise. Mary and Chris Koval cooked up a tasty tater tot casserole, Jell-O fruit salad and dinner rolls. Ruth Malton brought a bundt cake that was mighty delicious. Chris Jonas made his world famous, award-winning macaroni salad; his family had pitched in to help. Dorothy Jacobsen cast a spell on all of us with her taglierini and cheddar biscuits. Again, Dyan Carroll outdid herself, whipping up a four course meal of ham and cheese roll-ups, cauliflower with cheese sauce, a key lime Jell-O fluff, and finally a savory spinach dip with veggies in sourdough bread bowl. Marie Morrison made a delightful carrot cake and Tim Atzei provided drinks for all. It was a mighty fine potluck, and there wasn’t a scrap of food left over it was so yummy!” Thanks, Bob!

I didn’t attend the Potluck, because I was helping my dear Friend Susan and her elderly Dog, move. We drove through Nevada and a teensy corner of Arizona, before heading North in Utah; then East on I-70 to Grand Junction, Colorado. What an incredibly beautiful part of America; I really enjoyed seeing it again.
Jim and I held out as long as we could, but the heat earlier on in the week got the better of me - after cooler Colorado days - and we ran our trusty swamp cooler for the first time this year. Of course, a few days later, jeans and a jacket were required to walk the dogs, because it was so chilly. That’s Spring in the Desert for ya!

Tuesday Night Bingo missed a key player last week, as Ruthie Malton had been whisked off to Laughlin for her Birthday! Hope you won some Big Money, Ruthie!
Our monthly Breakfast – which includes Kip Fjeld’s fresh-squeezed orange juice - is today from 8-11am. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community Breakfast ‘happened’ last Saturday; despite a serious shortage of Volunteers. Board President, Kathy Quinn experienced a very worrying medical emergency and I was going through one of my allergic, ‘in- flames’, skin things. Patrick Whalen and Indy Amos stepped up to the plate and manned all stations; taking care of almost 50 Guests. Thanks Guys and a resounding woohoo to the whole Breakfast Volunteer Crew!
The Copper Mountain Mesa Meetings take place on Monday, May 13 th: the Neighborhood Watch group will gather at 6pm, followed by the the association’s Board of Directors meeting at 7. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us. It’s always lovely to visit with Neighbors and the meetings are often quite lively!

Jim and I are struggling with pesky pests in our Garden. Despite encaging some tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, everything’s been stripped down to the nub, except the tomatoes. A large rodent appears to have overwhelmed our half- inch aviary wire cage by digging underneath it! I’ve heard of this phenomenon before, but never experienced the problem personally. Of course, we’ve always had herds of cats, who efficiently kept the Garden Plunderering population down. Since our last Kitty, Oreo, was grabbed by an opportunistic Coyote underneath my bedroom window a few years ago, the California Ground Squirrel population has reached alarming proportions around here. I have been too terrified to adopt more felines; afraid of the heartbreak that inevitably comes when you have outside, ‘hunting’ cats on this wild Desert Mesa. Sooner or later, your precious little predator, becomes someone’s delicious little prey!

It’s been a busy few weeks and I neglected to send my beloved Cousin Wilmy in Amsterdam heartfelt Birthday Wishes for April 30 th. Wilmy is an avid reader of our Column and has been our Desert Guest several times: we definitely consider her a Mesa Neighbor. “Van Harte Gefeliciteerd, Lieverd!”

There are whispers on the breeze that we may be doing a remount of ‘Julius Caesar’ around the Summer Solstice; both in Joshua Tree and more rural venues, perhaps. Hope to see you bumping down the dirt roads; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community congratulates our most recent Tuesday night Bingo winner! Our very own Ruthie Malton’s sister Linda, visiting from San Diego, won the Powerball. WooHoo Linda: come play again soon and yay to Ruthie too! Earl Wilbert, Ray Foyil and Steve Tuttle served those delicious mini-Pizzas for Supper, with a choice of regular, supreme and cheese. Chris Jonas and Mary Helen Tuttle ran the whole Bingo show and a jolly good time was had by all! Maybe we’ll see you next Tuesday 5:30pm ‘til 9-ish?

The USDA Food Give-away is this Monday, May 20th, from 8:30 ‘til 10:30-ish. Apparently, the Lady who used to run the USDA Food program at the Joshua Tree Community Center has resigned for medical reasons and no-one has stepped up to replace her. Food recipients from JT will be divided between Yucca Valley and Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center. So, it might be a bit of a mad rush up here on Monday morning; traffic jams and all that sort of thing!

Our C.E.R.T. classes start this Thursday, May 23rd at 6pm: running for 6 consecutive Thursdays, plus Saturday July 13th. Any Neighbors interested in participating, please e-mail me. Thank You Vern Fowler for all your marvelous co-ordinating skills!

Our monthly Potluck Party will take place next week, from 4pm on May 25th: the last Saturday of the month as well as Memorial Weekend. Neighbors have been bringing some wonderful Desert Cuisine lately; you might want to join us and bring your own culinary creations; or simply donate $2.00 and scarf down mucho grub!
Once again, I will not get to join you. I have been gainfully employed recently…gasp! This encompasses my Weekends, so I have been missing out on all the local Fun! Bob Deloyd has been kind enough to fill us in on all the mouth-watering Potluck Party treats.

Heads up: Mesa Neighbors Katie Bachler and Stephanie Smith are organizing a “Homestead Today” all-day Conference; to be held in the Community Center on Sunday, June 16th. More info soon. Also, Jim is Hep C Freeee! Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is holding our monthly Potluck Party at 4pm, on this last Saturday of the month, in the full swing of Memorial Weekend: the unofficial beginning of Summer! WooHoo: should be quite a Party!

Our USDA Food Give-away served 112 Families last Monday, including 35 from Joshua Tree, whose Food Give-Away has been discontinued due to lack of Volunteers.

In response to my lament about rodents eating our vegetables, Neighbor Mad Mack sent in the following ecologically sound pest control methods, He says:
Do NOT use these inside your house: EVER! * 1) Mix ½ a coffee can each of corn flour & concrete mix (Concrete mix is $6-8 @ 50lb bag) and salt (1/8 cup or so): flavor to suit rats. Distribute in pie tins (or something not easily overturned, a rock would help) where you've seen the rats. Provide plenty of fresh water next to tins. Wouldn't want the "poor lil guys" to be thirsty, and they're gonna need the water. Move to next nest site when rats stop comin' 'round. Dogs, rabbits, snakes, and birds pretty much leave the mixture alone, altho they like the water. Not sure 'bout lizards & such, but I keep an eye out. Watch awhile to ensure only rats eat it. * 2) Fill a 5 gal bucket 'bout 1/2 full, put a layer of sunflower seeds floating on top (seeds not necessary, but they help some), where you've seen the rats. SECURE a board (don't want 'em to fall off and get hurt) for a rat "easy on express ramp", and scoop drowned rats daily. Change water after 20 or so rats go swimmin'. Keep an eye on the water level: too low they WILL jump out, too high and they'll climb out. Be aware the water may attract coyotes.” Well, thank you, Mad Mack!

Happy May Birthday Wishes go out to Eva Stokes; Tim Herrera, Jackie Johnston, Cal Myers, Karen van Noort and Mary Moowea. We fondly remember Bob Nelson and Ruth Ruffin. Hope we’re all ready for Summer, ‘cause here she comes: stay well!

A Video Blog or Some Such
by Bob DeLoyd
May 2013

Lots of stuff going on this past week!
There was a fire about a mile northwest of my home on Tuesday May 14 at 5:30pm at Coyote Rd and Daisy Lane. In the video I said it was 6:30PM but I guess I was just excited :)
I called 911 when I saw first saw the smoke and flames....

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community’s very own Bob Deloyd reporting on May’s Potluck Party: "I cooked up some rice and beans and around fifteen folks showed up. For the first time that I can remember - and I have been going to potlucks from the start some 15 years or so - we all sat at the same table. Mary Koval and her daughter Chris made the Ultimate Cowboy Casserole, triple chocolate cherry bars and strawberry Jell-O dessert. Chris Jonas and his granddaughter Anna whipped up Chris’s famously fantastic macaroni salad. The broccoli corn bread Dorothy Jacobsen brought was unquestionably a pleasure to the palate. Ruth Malton served her Waldo-Jell-O salad which she was mighty proud of. Dyan Carroll worked like the dickens these past couple of days creating wonderful Ham and Cheese Rollups, Smashed Loaded Potatoes, and a Lemon Trifle that melted in yer mouth and made the angels sing. Kip Fjeld was most happy to share his Guacamole and chips with us; Tim Atzei supplied the drinks.
Marie Morrison and her daughter brought Au Gratin Potatoes. Sadly, Marie told us this would be her last potluck, because she was going to live with her daughter in Wisconsin. Marie has been a great friend to me and our little community for many decades; we will miss her very much. I told her if she has any problems out there in Wisconsin, we’d come to fetch her back!
" Thanks Bob.
I am really sad about Marie’s move to Wisconsin; especially because it was so sudden and I didn’t get to say goodbye to her. I tried: I stopped by her house on my way home from my out-of-town Senior Caregiving job, but Marie had already left very early Memorial Monday morning. Her daughter, Janet, has assured us she’ll stay in touch via e-mail. We love You, Marie and we’ll miss your salty humor: Bon Voyage!

The CERT training is now in full swing Thursday evenings from 6-9pm. Bob Deloyd has written a piece about his CERT experience on our website.
Please join us today for the Saturday Breakfast from 8-11am; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community held the June Breakfast last Saturday: our next one is on September 7th. Ila Foyil was our Beautiful Cashier Lady and 50 people were served a scrumptious breakfast. I was working my Weekend Relief Senior Caregiver job and was out of town.

As always, it’s feast or famine in my Life! I haven’t been employed on a regular basis in several years, despite actively pursuing job leads, dropping off resumes hither and thither and combing a large area of SoCal with nary a nibble! Now, suddenly, I am working m’Buns off all over the place and missing out on all the fun stuff. However: make hay while the sun shines I say, because one of my recent, recurring jobs has been substitute para-educator and School’s out for Summer real soon!

Ray Foyil and Earl Wilbert served Hot Dogs and Potato Salad to the Bingo Crowd last Tuesday. Steve Tuttle was off taking his Sister to the Doctor. She just moved down here from Anchorage, Alaska and we are very happy to welcome another Tuttle to the Neighborhood. I am also pleased to report that our Marie Morrison, a Bingo regular for decades, made it safely back to Wisconsin, where she recently moved to live with her daughter. We miss your little face, Marie!

Monthly Meetings will be this Monday June 10th, from 7pm.

Our Lesbian, Gay, Bi- and Trans Friends are holding their annual Celebration: The Joshua Tree Gay Pride Festival next Saturday, June 15th on the grounds of the Art Queen. There is so much local talent at these events it’s amazing; but for sure The Sibleys will be playing; John Zulu and his Ensemble will put on one of their amazing performances and Radio Free Joshua Tree will broadcast live, globally!

Sunday June 16th, Mesa Neighbors Katie Bachler and Stephanie Smith are holding their “Homesteading Conference” at the Community Center. They are both a wealth of information and are wonderful examples of the new breed of “Pioneer Women” being attracted to our beautiful Copper Mountain Mesa.

USDA Food Give-away is Monday, June 17th. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community has been such a haven of silence for me to come home to these last weeks: tired but fulfilled from my recent, out-of-town employment. Even the lush, green backyard I get to relax in, with numerous mature shade trees, flowering shrubs, roses, towering bougainvilleas and hibiscus; all enclosed by a solid, six-foot fence/wall combination, cannot block out the deafening Sounds of City Life.
Of course, it all depends on what you’re used to! I’ve had visiting City Friends inquire with wide-eyes and quavering voices: “What was that?”; as our Marines from the 29Palms Marine Air/Ground Combat Center - which neighbors Copper Mountain Mesa - detonate House-rocking, Earth-quaking Bombs in nearby mountains, or fly window-rattling, floor-drumming helicopters right over our house; so low one instinctively ducks one’s head!
These last weeks I have been fortunate to experience both remote High-Desert and populated Beach City Life. What a gloriously diverse World Southern California is and how very grateful I am to live here!
Of course, all this wing-spreading also means I am distracted from Mesa Community Life and all the local goings-on. I have missed many recent Mesa Events and now the Community Center is getting ready to close for July and August! Sadly, due to ongoing Skin tortures as well as time-constraints, I also had to resign from the Joshua Tree Shakespeare Guild and the luscious part of the very first female, Zombie “Julius Caesar”!
“Julius Caesar” will now be played by the very beautiful and talented Gwyneth Arnold-Starr and the big scene between Caesar and her lovely Wife Calpurnia will be performed at the Joshua Tree Gay Pride festival going on today from 11am to 11pm. Check their Website and Facebook page for performance scheduling. I do know that The Sibleys are on at 7pm. A group of Mesa Neighbors plan to meet there around 6: hope to see you too!

The first “Homesteading Conference” takes place tomorrow, Sunday June 16th, from 2-5pm. Featuring real Desert People with bright, innovative solutions on how to live and thrive in our incredibly beautiful, but oh-so-harsh Desert Environment. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community played an important role in all the ‘Happenings’ of last weekend! Mesa Neighbors gathered at The Joshua Tree Gay Pride Festival last Saturday June 15th. Kudos to the ‘Pride Volunteers’ who did a marvelous job with the lights and decorations, creating a warm, joyful ambience: WhoooHooo! Our very own Indy Amos was making taste buds and tummies happy all over the place, with his unbelievably delicious Joshua Treets Ice Cream! These wonderfully flavored and smooth, creamy-textured Treets are created right here on Copper Mountain Mesa, at our Community Center!
The Entertainment was truly outstanding and, as always, I am astounded by how accomplished our world-class, local Artists are. We are huge Fans of The Sibleys and they put on a wonderful show. Even when electricity was interrupted twice during their half-hour set, they invited Crowd participation to cover for their suddenly sound-less Instruments! We knew all the words to "Sophia Loren" and sang along loudly with James, carrying them on until Laura’s Gibson and Thom’s fretless Bass were back on line! What an incredibly uplifting moment that was!

Hope you Dads had a heart-warming Father’s Day: big Hugs. We celebrated in our own way on the Mesa by holding the ‘Homesteaders Fair’ right here in our very own Community Center. Over 50 People drove in from far and wide to attend this informative and positive Event. On the 150th Anniversary of the Homesteaders Act, we learned about the small-tract, Jack Rabbit Homesteaders, immortalized in Kim Stringfellow’s wonderful book and her informative, beautifully photographed slide show presentation.
Several Folks shared about their eco-friendly innovations and one couple even drove up towing a 130 square-foot, fully-contained, houselet on a trailer! Organizers Stephanie, Katie and Reanna have put together a Blog, with lots of photographs about the Gathering at: Check it out and get yourself on the mailing list if you want to be a part of this new ‘Perma-Culture’ trend.

Our USDA Food Give-away attracted 100 people last Monday. Our ever-dependable, greatly appreciated, Steve Tuttle served BLTs at the Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper Party. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is in a hot spell and Rattlesnake sightings are rising. If you’re fortunate enough to have Red Racer, Gopher and/or King Snakes around your property, you may not have as many Rattler encounters, because the non-poisonous Constrictors kill their toxic cousins, seemingly immune to their venom.

Every week, our very own Bob Deloyd posts the latest Copper Mountain Mesa Column (as submitted to the Hi-Desert Star Newspaper for publication in their Saturday editions) on our website: He also includes the corresponding columns from one, five and ten years ago: which gives a fascinating, historical insight to how things were on the Mesa.

Recently, I re-read the Column published in June last year. My enthusiastic report on the large group of Mesa Neighbors gathering in support of the proposed Community Garden, was just the first of many to come. Throughout the Summer and into the Fall of last year, I reported on the progress of the Garden Group and the wonderful Neighborhood get-togethers we were having at the Firehouse next to the Community Center. Suddenly, without further explanation, the Group’s numbers dwindled down to very few and my Garden updates stopped.
What happened, you ask? Well, I suppose we were distracted from the true Gardening task at hand, by disagreeing versions of how we envisioned things should be in the future. While Neighbors exchanged ideas and knowledge; and/or argued loudly in disagreement of each other’s ways; we never actually mixed any soil; built any critter-control cages or sowed any seeds. And so the Garden project went into a Winter Slumber.
Recently, our very own Tim Atzei - who has been Secretary on the CMM Board of Directors for several years – took it upon himself to resuscitate the core group of Enthusiasts and get the Garden Project into gear again. Yay Tim: count me in dude!

Our monthly Potluck Party is happening this afternoon from 4pm. These culinary Gatherings will continue through the Summer months, as will the monthly USDA Food-Give-away. Other CMM Events are suspended until September when the Community Center re-opens. Stay well!

Copper Mountain Mesa's
CERT Training

Thursday May 23- at 6pm I was at our community center's first CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training class. We had quite a showing of folks interested in training for CERT certification. There was a lot to cover this first meeting and the speaker was a Battalion Commander of the San Bernardino Fire Department in Apple Valley. He covered the first unit of our book; Emergency Preparedness, and talked a little bit about what we could expect as we progressed through the eight week class which meets every Thursday at 6pm to 9pm except no class for the week of the 4th of July and the last class on Saturday 13 at 8AM to 12 Noon for field testing.
We received our CERT vests, backpacks, helmets and other gear we may need to start off with. The students were broke down into five teams and were told to build a structure standing five feet tall out of thin paper; team number four (my team) finished first using less paper than anyone else. Ours looked like a rocket held up with fins. Ray Foyil's team built a more structurally sound one then all the other teams combined!
I will follow up with the May 30th class and keep everyone updated with pictures and stories until the training ends on July 13...

Thursday May 30- At 6pm I was at the community center for the second CERT training class. This one was all about fire safety. It was two hours of lectures of Unit 2, a fast review of Unit 1, and we separated in our groups to dry practiced putting out a fire. Then the moment we were all waiting on; we donned our helmets, safety glasses, leather gloves and went outside to put out a small fire with an extinguisher. We used the PASS method (Pull the pen, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep). We each had a buddy and we each had to take our turn with the extinguisher. The buddy has his hand on your shoulder as you hold the extinguisher and makes sure that you don’t trip over anything. Before you approach the fire you Pull the pin and do a test spray. You say, “Going in” and your buddy repeat it and continually advises you of your surroundings. The person with the extinguisher job is to keep their eyes on the fire at all times. You get to within ten feet of the fire and Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep at the bottom of the fire to cut off its supply of oxygen. “Backing out” you say, and it is repeated by your buddy. I believe we all did wonderfully!

Thursday June 06- I headed on down to the community center for our third CERT Training class. We all studied Unit #3 which consisted of what to do when there is an emergency and how to sort out the injured folks when performing a Triage; “I” is for Immediate ( you treat for the killers: Airway, Bleeding, and shock); “D” is for delayed (may need professional care but not right away); “M” for minor (walking wounded), and “Dead”... We learned how to clear the airway, a methods for controlling bleeding, and preventing shock; the three killers.
The Battalion Commander gave up a tour for the Cert trailer that is full of supplies for emergencies and is stationed in Yucca Valley. We will be getting our on CERT supplies here at our community center. A bunch of us signed up for CPR training the will take place in two weeks and there is no cost to CERT members.

Thursday June 13- The CERT class was on Unit 4: Disaster Medical Operations. This included treatment of burns; fractures, dislocations, sprains and strains; hypothermia and heat related injuries... and more. We went through setting up a triage and locations to put the different categories of injured and also a morgue. The Chief carried in a practice dummy and showed us all how to perform a head to toe exam and what to look for. It ran a little over 9pm and I had to help carry a body (practice dummy) out to the CERT van.

Thursday June 20- I arrived for CERT training at 5:20pm. We did a little review of Unit 4 and then proceeded to Unit 5: Light Search and Rescue. This consisted of search and rescue size up, Conducting interior and exterior operations, and conducting rescue operation. After a slideshow and lecture, We broken down into groups and each group given different scenarios of a disaster. We were then given about 15 minutes to come up with a plan of action. Then each group gave a presentation of their plan and it was critique by our instructors. After this we trained on different methods of how to carry victim from a disaster scene, and how to remove a victim from debris by using Cribbing and leverage.

Thursday June 27- I arrived at the community center for the CERT training class at 5:30pm for Unit 6: CERT Organization. This unit covers how to organize and deploy resources, how to protect CERT personnel during search and rescue, strategies for documenting situations and resources, and team organization and structure.
After a short review of Unit 5 and a long lecture on UNIT 6 by Judy and the Chief on how to fill out forms; we were broken down into four groups and given different scenarios of a disaster and given twenty minutes to make a report up on how we responded. The overall scenario was a magnitude 7.1 earthquake that hit our area and our four CERT team deployed at different areas.
One student was chosen from the whole class to be the Incident Commander/Team Leader who we would radio and report to. Teams would radio in their reports and updates and it was the IC/TL to setup his command structure according to CERT guidelines, allocate resources, and radio back to the individual teams his response. I would have to say this simulation was a very productive and informative demonstration of how CERT performs its function during a disaster.

Thursday July 11- Tonight’s CERT class covered Unit 7 Disaster Psychology: the psychological impact on rescuers and victims and how to provide “psychological first aid”, and Unit 8 Terrorism: what is terrorism, terrorist targets, weapons likely used, CBRNE indicators, how to prepare for a terrorist incident and CERT protocols during a terrorist incident.
Chief Snow was away fighting a wildfire and couldn’t be here so Judy and Nancy gave the class.
All those who took and passed the American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Training Course received their certificate; I was among those :)
For the first hour we reviewed all the previous units of the CERT book and then watched a 45 minute movie on Disaster Psychology. We took a break and then we went over Units 7 and 8. Nancy’s husband, who is a CERT member and works in the field of radiology for 43 years, gave a thorough lecture on the effects, treatment, and different scenarios of a radiological incident.
This is our finale Thursday night class and now we await the simulated training and written test this 13th of July on Saturday morning at 8am; wish us all luck!

Saturday July 13- slightly over 105 degrees. I somehow woke up at 6am for my CERT disaster drill training that starts at 8am. I had two alarms set and four friends to call me at 7am; one alarm didn’t go off and one friend forgot to call. I arrived early for the class; amazingly I was the second one there.
Chief Snow started out with a review and then we were given the test; all students received 100 percent!
Now the hard part was to do a disaster drill. There was a 7.2 earthquake that hit our area and we had to work things out for ourselves. The Incident Commander was chosen, Ray Foyil, and he divided us up into four groups and directed each group to perform different tasks.
Our CERT trainers had been busy while we were taking our written test, placing bodies around the area with various injuries. Each team had to do a CERT sizeup where they were assigned and communicate their finding back to the Incident Commander. Without going into any great detail; there were many mistakes, confusion, missed victims, and some members not following CERT sizeup rules. My team, but me especially since I was the Team Leader, missed two victims and misdiagnosed one victim as dead. I must say that most if not all teams had problems and not following CERT rules and procedures.
Now saying all this you might think I thought the drill was a complete failure, but it really wasn’t. We did complete our objectives by doing the greatest good to save the greatest number of people.
With our CERT training we were much more organized than some group who didn’t have training. I honestly believe we did very well even with all these mistakes we made, because we learned, reassess the situation and corrected them and moved on. If we have another drill or a real emergency, our CERT teams will even be more aware of what is required of them.
We all lined up in front of the CERT trailer afterwards for a class picture. I made many friends here and wish them luck.

Come Visit Bob Deloyd's Journal

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was absolutely scorching last weekend. I made sure I was over at Kip Fjeld’s house on Winters Road, by 6:30am Saturday morning. He had very kindly offered to do a little welding on our Chevy S-10 pick-up truck: our corrugated dirt roads are murderous on vehicles! He did an awesome job welding pertinent points that had shaken loose. We’re back in business and the ride on our dirt roads is eerily quiet now that the truck bed is no longer hanging onto the frame by a single thread! Many thanks, Kip!
By 8:30 it was already burning hot in the Sun. When 4pm rolled around, it was 114 degrees on our Verandah and I was practically comatose, as our swamp cooler fought a losing battle against the heat and humidity.
I decided not to attend the Potluck Party, but here’s what our very own Bob Deloyd wrote: “I cooked up my usual beans and rice surprise and headed down to the Community Center for Potluck. Twenty folks showed up on this very hot day, with lots of food to go around. Tim Atzei cooked and simmered his fancy Italian spaghetti sauce to perfection. Indy Amos and his gal whipped up salad tabbouleh which mysteriously disappeared soon after. Mary Koval and daughter Chris brought garlic bread, chocolate cookie bars, cowboy casserole, and Wal-Mart cheese chicken. Dorothy Jacobsen and Dyan Carroll performed their magic with Hawaiian rolls, kahlua pork, shaved ice coolers, fruit bowl, and a banana cream pie; I done died and gone off to heaven seeing all this tasty food! Cal Myer’s brought a fruit and vegetable plate for all to enjoy. Kip Fjeld mixed up his wonderful Guacamole. Stephanie Smith and Jay Babcock created a delicious edamame and feta salad. New to Potluck, Nancy Hanson and Corinne Lery carried in an angel food cake with white frosting and pumpkin Muffins. Finally let us not forget the world renowned master chef Chris Jonas and his splendidly supreme macaroni salad!” Wow, thanks Bob: sounds YumE!
Hope you enjoyed your celebration of our Country’s Birthday: Stay well America!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community has seen overcast skies the last few days, with accompanying mugginess and the occasional droplet of rain. A high pressure system over our area is bringing us high humidity from the Gulf of Mexico. This is always such a difficult time of the year: extreme heat with high humidity thrown in. It’s a cruel joke trying to dry off after a shower and the evaporative cooler is completely ineffectual at 50% humidity or higher. So, we just arise around dawn, do as many chores as we can before the heat sets in and then collapse in fitful, sweaty naps until the sun goes down! Bugs seem grumpier in this muggy heat too! We found the biggest Black Widow Spider we have ever seen: she was spoilin’ for a bite and bulging with eggs! Haven’t seen any snakes in the last few weeks, but ‘roaches are trying to move into the house: looking to cool off, no doubt! I very rarely saw cockroaches out here until about 2006, when suddenly Mesa Neighbors started complaining about them. Of course, everything gets blamed on the Marines out here: they brought in all these rats and roaches from overseas; at least that’s the story! Oh well: just a few more months of Summer and then we get to complain about the Wind and the Winter cold again!

The last Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper party of the Season was held a few weeks ago and will resume on September 3rd: right after Labor Day weekend; when the Community Center reopens. Fourteen People played Bingo and, finally, both big money prizes – u-pik-em and blackout – paid up: they’ve been in play and growing for months! Bingo funds paid for Pizza too, so everyone had a wonderful time, plus free pizza.

Chris Jonas and his Crew of trusty Volunteers will be at the Community Center from 8:30 a.m. on Monday, July 15th; handing out USDA Food bags to needy Neighbors. Over a hundred people showed up last month, including Folks from Joshua Tree, whose Food Program has been shut down. Stay cool, Desert Dwellers!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is experiencing eerie-orange, overcast skies, due to the prevailing winds pulling smoke into our area from the Mountain Center/Idyllwild Fire. About 60 miles south of us as the crow flies, the Fire continues to burn ferociously, only marginally contained. I am very worried about the Wildlife and was relieved to hear that the Living Free Animal Sanctuary near Garner Valley had been successfully evacuated thanks to helpful Neighbors. We may receive a little rain by the weekend, so hopefully that will help put a stop to this latest SoCal Inferno.

I haven’t seen any activity over at the Firehouse Garden lately. I know Kip Fjeld pumped about 350 gallons of water into the Tank over there and also dropped off 3 trash cans worth of jolly good soil he brought from Orange County. Other than that, nothing much seems to be happening. I do hope some of the Neighbors who appeared so enthusiastic about the Garden last year, will start showing up again, bringing their bright ideas and innovative solutions.

Speaking of bright ideas, I’ve decided to go back to school…Gasp! I’m finding it increasingly difficult to land an enjoyable, well-paying job these days: being ‘overly-mature’ and ‘underly-qualified’! In my younger years, I could bounce into an establishment; bowl everyone over with my world-traveled, energetic Self and roll right into any job I wanted! Nowadays: not so much! Quite honestly, I expected to be a best-selling Author by now, with my “Kenya Cowgirl” book series selling millions of copies; making gazillions of dollars to save Children, Animals and indeed the World! Alas, my Creative endeavors have not bankrolled this lifestyle, so it’s back to school for this Senior Juvenile Delinquent! I have enrolled at Copper Mountain College and, assuming my Kenya High School Graduation information can be located, I hope to start classes in the Fall!

Local WonderBand: The Sibleys, as well as many other talented Musicians, will be performing at The Palms Restaurant in Wonder Valley, starting at 5pm tonight. Our monthly Potluck Party takes place next Saturday, July 27th, at the Community Center. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was well represented at the Palms Bar and Restaurant in Wonder Valley last Saturday evening. A group of Mesa Neighbors car-pooled over and were treated to a truly wonderful Musical Experience with The Sibleys; Tommy Santee Klaws; Burly Temple; Gwendolyn and so many more extremely talented Bands: whose names escape my addled Brain! Sitting outside, loving the Music; we watched one of those isolated Desert Thunderstorms blow in and felt the Humidity rise to unbearable! On our way Home, early Sunday morning, the Mountains all around us were silhouetted against the Lightning-lit Sky.
Later, I fell asleep to the Music of Raindrops on the Roof. Some Mesa Neighbors were not as thrilled by the downpour as, for many, the roof overhead desperately needs repair and there aren’t enough buckets to catch all the leaks. Nature loved the soaking. Our Ocotillo has leaves on it for the first time in months and romance is in the air for a number of Bird varieties. Especially Mourning Doves who seem to be producing an extraordinary number of Babies this year. We also have Turtle Doves; who are fairly new to our little 3-acre eco-system. Tomato Worms are prolific this year too and every morning, Jim is out in our Garden, valiantly picking those huge, green worms off our scrappy tomatoes.
Speaking of scrappy: earlier this week, I coaxed myself out of mortal terror; gathered my self-confidence and enrolled at Copper Mountain College! My High School experience in Kenya left me believing I was worthless and stupid; so - even though I went on to earn numerous diplomas and certificates from various vocational and trade schools - I never thought I’d sign up for years of College Education! I must say, I felt supported by the Staff and encouraged by my fellow Students! I made it through the Application, Assessment, Orientation and Registration steps unscathed and quite proud of myself.

The Potluck Party starts at 4pm this afternoon and more Neighbors have been showing up with delicious culinary creations. Hope to see You there too. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community experienced an amazing Potluck last week. Here’s what our very own Bob Deloyd had to say about it: “I got everything ready for potluck. It was the first time I tried to make a Caesar Salad and I hoped everyone will like it. I arrived at our Community center and there were already 35 folks standing around Chris Jonas’s Grill Master as he barbecued steaks and babyback ribs to go along with Dyan Carroll’s lobster tails her mom Dorothy Jacobsen had flown in yesterday from Maine. For dessert, Mary and Chris Koval brought strawberry shortcake with plenty of homemade whipped cream for topping. Folks were dropping by telling us the aroma from the barbecue brought them. Neighbors Mark and Claudine Morella and their daughter Izzy (you all remember them?) were on their way back from a barbecue that was canceled because of the weather. Mark made a quick call and within fifteen minutes we had a Mariachi band serenading all of us. Other’s from the canceled barbecue showed up bringing all kinds of steaks and jumbo shrimps for the Grill Master to cook up. We must have ended up with 65 folks in all. On my plate I had a whole rack of baby back ribs, salad, lobster with clarified butter. For my dessert I declined the baked Alaska and settled for the yummy strawberry shortcake. There was plenty leftover to take home and everyone had a pleasant time.”
Wow! I was in the Big City, working my bi-monthly, relief-Caregiver weekend and I must admit, when Bob first sent me the above report; I wondered if it was April, because for sure Bob had to be foolin’ me! I mean seriously: steaks, lobster tails flown in from Maine, Mariachi Band, 65 people gathering around Chris Jonas’ Master Grill! How utterly splendid!
What better setting for a wonderful Neighborly Gathering with Yummelicious Food, than our beloved Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center? Which, by the way, is available for Group Gatherings like Weddings; Memorials; Celebrations of all kinds; just contact us at the number below. Stay well Neighbors!

By Annelies Kuiper

“Our little Community”. The Copper Mountain Mesa Newspaper Column has always begun with those three words. Our very own Bob Deloyd (who succeeded Ruth Tuttle) wrote the Column for eleven-plus years. He asked me to take over in February 2011 and suggested that I carry on the tradition. This “Traditional Beginning” doesn’t always get printed in the Newspaper and other parts may be edited out as well. So, if you want to read the unedited version of every CMM Column submitted - as well as access the ‘Archives’ to see all columns, articles and photographs since last Century - go to our website: Good entertainment on a hot Summer’s Day and thankfully, we have not been experiencing our usual flurry of power outages this season, so you won’t be interrupted!

I have been horribly remiss with Birthday and other Felicitations: I haven’t mentioned anyone’s Special Day since May. So belated Happy Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. to All: please accept my most humble apologies! Happy August Birthday wishes go out to Ruth Tuttle; Sayoko and Frank McDermott; Patrick Whalen; Joseph Evans; Lauren Villarreal and John Jefferson. We fondly Remember Dolores Jefferson; Betty Catron; Eva Villalun and Bob Seeley.

Monday, August 19th is the next USDA Food Giveaway: at the Community Center from 8:30 a.m. I will not be there as Fall Semester begins the same day at Copper Mountain College: my first class is Algebra…Gulp! Chris Jonas and his Band of Volunteers will be there: working hard, as always, to distribute the Food donated and clean up afterwards. Thanks Neighbors: we really appreciate your hard work and dedication.
Speaking of which: Tim Atzei and Kip Fjeld continue to make strides in the Community Garden. Kip completed his first “critter-proof cage” and Tim helped him move it over behind the Firehouse. Kudos Guys: awesome!

I’ve received several comments from Mesa Neighbors asking if July’s Potluck report was “for real” and even more lamenting the fact that they missed the Event! Saturday, August 31st is the next one, so we’d better mark our Calendars: we don’t want to miss another Party. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is ready to roll into the Fall Season and the Center will re-open the day after Labor Day weekend, on September 3rd: with the Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper Party. Our first monthly Breakfast will take place on Saturday September 7th, starting at 8a.m.
We like to start things off with a thorough cleaning of the Center, prior to the onset of upcoming events. Despite our best efforts to keep the Building sealed up tight, inevitably there’s a carpet of sand over everything after a few months of disuse. This year, the “all hands on deck” request goes out for Friday, August 30th at 9a.m., to all Copper Mountain Mesa Neighbors who would like to help clean-up our Community Center on Winters Road, please join us.

The monthly Potluck Party is the following day on Saturday, August 31st, starting at 4p.m. Last month’s Party was Huge: best Potluck ever, although a wee Birdie told me later, that Bob Deloyd’s report on Maine Lobstertails and Mariachi bands may have been slightly exaggerated! Not to be outdone, let us gather Neighbors: bring our finest culinary efforts and see if we can top last month’s grand old shindig! I am not working that weekend, so I also hope to to see you there.

Our monthly USDA Food Giveaway falls on Monday August 19th; this next Monday, to be exact. Chris Jonas will be there, with his trusty Volunteers helping to ensure the event runs smoothly and everyone gets their fair share of Food. Chris is also giving away free bags of Clothes in the Thrift Room, first come-first served.; the Giveaway starts at 8:30.

I will be at Copper Mountain College, attending my first class: Algebra! I am having serious second thoughts about this whole College-thing; I may have bitten off more than I can chew! Oh well; too late now; I may as well give it my best shot and hope all goes well.

Did you catch any Meteor activity in the pre-dawn hours last week? Enjoy this lovely August weather; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community has been a distant view from Copper Mountain College for me this last week! I have already run into a number of Mesa Neighbors on Campus: seems I’m not the only one looking to improve myself. I still have one big hoop to jump through, however. Even though my Assessment testing went great and I’m enrolled in and attending all my classes, I have to show that I have a high school diploma or an acceptable equivalent in order to get my degree.
My High School in Nairobi, Kenya, has not been co-operative, so, I get to take my American G.E.D. Up until last year, my college assessment test scores would have been enough, but new year, new rules. On the bright side, this also makes me eligible to receive Federal Aid, although my tuition is already waived because I’m low-income.

Our Community Center is poised to re-open on September 3rd, with Tuesday Night Bingo. I reported last week that we were holding a clean-up morning on August 30th; but this has been moved to September 6th, so we can set up for the Breakfast on Saturday the 7th. Please join Mary Helen Tuttle, Kathy Quinn and I at 9a.m. on Friday the 6th to give the Center a jolly good scrubbing! Also, the Neighborhood Watch Folks will be holding a Community Clean-up Day on Saturday, September 21, from 8am to 3pm. Many hands make light work, so please come and help.

USDA Food Give-away attracted 80 people last Monday. Along with the usual array of canned and dried goods, everyone received frozen catfish. Chris Jonas gave away bags of free clothes from the Thrift Room, which will be Open during all the upcoming events. FYI: the Joshua Tree neighbors are now back in their Community Center for the food give-away; guess someone volunteered to run it.

So, are we entering the dog days of Summer? It’s been a fairly mild season, but I’m ready for some cool! Hope to see you bumping down the dirt road soon; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community has received several thorough soakings lately, with more moisture from the south-east headed our way. So far, there’s been minimal flooding and our roads remain accessible. We have learned the hard way that circumstances can change rapidly around here, however. One torrential rainstorm with sustained downpour and our washes and dirt roads run like rivers: either denying us access to our Homes; or holding us prisoner on the Mesa until the Desert absorbs the moisture. Be careful driving out there: better to be late for dinner, than to be swept away by flood waters.

It’s Potluck Saturday today: the chance for Neighbors to create their most splendid cuisine and bring it on by the Community Center around 4pm to share with hungry friends! I’m still bummed about missing last month’s Party, but maybe we can outdo ourselves, again. Let’s try: we only have to top Lobsters flown in from Maine; barbecued steaks; Mariachi bands and Bob Deloyd’s imagination!
When we’re all finished stuffing our faces, we should carpool down to the Joshua Tree Lake RV and Campground; which is at the very end of Sunfair; just before you hit the dirt and Coyote Valley Road. Our very own Mojave Rattleskaters, will be there with fangs bared! Support the team: Honey Badger’s Ball starts at 8pm; hope to see you there, Neighbors!

We really need Volunteers to help us keep the Community Center up and running; as well as to work the regularly scheduled events. We ask Neighbors to gather at the Center on Friday, September 6th at 9am: to give our Community Building a thorough cleaning, in readiness for our grand, post-Summer-break re-opening. Please join us: it’s a lot of good-natured fun and your labor is very much appreciated.

Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper evenings begin again next week, on September 3rd, starting at 5.30pm. We are holding our first monthly Breakfast next Saturday, September 7th, from 8 to 11am. Our Monthly meetings commence Monday, September 9th: with the Neighborhood Watch folks gathering at 6pm, followed by the Community Association’s Board meeting at 7pm. Stay well!

Videos of large storm cells hitting Copper Mountain Mesa on 09/06/2013
By Bob DeLoyd

Storm Cell Coming my way down Winters Road

First storm cell hits (sorry about the cuss word)I slipped and got knocked down a couple of times

the calm before the nex storm came through. Winters Road is a river!

The next storm cell hits minutes later!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community cancelled the Tuesday Night Bingo and Supper Party last week, due to lack of Volunteers. Many regular players were informed, but Ruthie Malton was most disconcerted when she arrived at the Community Center last Tuesday Evening and there was a note on the door announcing that Bingo had been cancelled. “What happened? Asked Ruthie; “Why didn’t someone call me?”
Well: there are a few Community Members who do ALL the Volunteering at the Community Center. These trustworthy, dependable and loyal Neighbors show up to work every, single Event. Whether it’s the monthly Breakfast; Tuesday Night Bingo; serving on the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Associations’ Board and attending all the meetings; working the monthly USDA Food Give-away; the monthly Potluck Party, you name it: the same little group shows up. Cooking; calling out Bingo numbers; cashiering; cleaning; bussing; waiting tables, dishwashing: whatever it takes; you will see the same Volunteering faces. In the case of the Jonas Family - Chris, Violet and numerous offspring - not only do they work all the Events: they run the Thrift Store to boot!
People get tired; they get older; life happens; they wish someone else would take over because they’re burned out from being so dedicated. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is: last week there were not enough hands to help with Bingo and we were forced to cancel. I’m sure everyone has their own reasons for not flocking to their Community Center and donating their precious time. Let’s face it: it’s hard, unremunerated labor!
However, the feeling of camaraderie and enthusiasm one goes home with after being of service to Neighbors and Community, is wonderfully uplifting. It makes you feel really good about yourself: wanna try it sometime? You would be welcomed with open arms!

The Neighborhood Watch Folks are holding their big Clean-up - sponsored by Burrtec - on Saturday, September 21st. We are having the Potluck Party on the 21st as well, beginning at 4pm: trying to gather as many volunteers as possible and feed them too!
Our Community Breakfast is happening right now: stay well!

Cancellation - CMM Community Clean Up Sat Sept 21
By Peggy Lee Kennedy

I am very sorry to inform you that there has been a serious miscommunication regarding the disposal fee for our Copper Mountain Mesa Community Clean Up.

Although the County has agreed to assist with this - they could not arrange it with such short notice.

Please notify anyone you can think of that this has been cancelled for now - with the knowledge that there will be another, much better one scheduled at a later date.

Someone will be at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center Saturday to take names and contact information from people who do show up.

Also the County requires the specific locations of our problem areas, including tires and what not, so we need to collect the location information from you for the County sponsored Community Clean Up.

Apologies for any hardship this has caused.

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was the target of some serious thunderstorms last week, with cloudbursts of hail and heavy rain. Storms from the South and West converged over the Mesa, heading East. Chris and Violet Jonas said the storms stalled over their house on the east end of the Mesa! All I know is, just as we thought the worst of it was over, the storms headed back over to our house and dropped another load of thundering rain on us! We haven’t had sustained, hard rains like that in decades: not since Hurricane Linda in ‘98!
Our dirt roads and washes became raging rivers: Winters road had waves breaking up against its south banks. Coming home from my Spanish class, on the Marine Base, at 9p.m., I took Lear Avenue to Winters and darned near got stuck several times. Especially in that huge wash about a half-mile West of Bob Deloyd’s hill. Phew; pedal to the metal, steering like a maniac to keep from bogging down, it took some hard, Kenya-type driving to get through those mounds of sand: which were rapidly drying in some spots and still muddy in others. I was sweating bullets too, because my phone died and it’s pretty dark out there all by your lonesome; trying not to get stuck and dreading having to walk home.
Although some of the sand deposited on the roads by the raging rivers has been cleared, sections of Winters road, east of Copper Moon, remain hazardous; even impassable for many vehicles at this time. I’m taking the long way to Spanish class until the roads have been levelled out a bit!

Despite the rains, a good crowd showed up for the first, post-Summerbreak Saturday Breakfast last week and it was lovely to see all the familiar faces again. Unfortunately, however, Tuesday Night Bingo has been cancelled indefinitely: simply not enough Volunteers to run the show. Ruthie Malton sounded utterly woebegone when I gave her the sad news. Reminder: big Burrtec-sponsored Neighborhood Clean-up is next Saturday from 8am-3pm. Please, no tires, animal excrement or hazardous waste. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is holding the Potluck Party this afternoon. (Editor's note: the reason potluck was moved to this Saturday was to coincide with the Community Cleanup which has been canceled due to lack of funding I edited Annelies column to reflect this change)
The Mesa has dried out from all that torrential rain we received recently, leaving long sand traps behind: ready to bog down the unsuspecting driver. Even though Winters Road is once again passable to most vehicles, there’s still a few tricky patches here and there. The rest of our dirt roads remain pretty hammered, but usable for the most part. I am very grateful to be able to drive to my Spanish class on Base via Winters and Lear Avenue again: saves me twenty-two miles round-trip!

Great news: Barb Beneville, Claudia Bridges, Chris Jonas and Patrick Whalen have volunteered to run Bingo on the first Tuesday of every month, starting October first at 6:30p.m. I know Ruthie Malton’s excited! The Supper party will not resume at this time. Thank you Volunteers! You are much loved and appreciated.

Fall is here: you know we’re all going to be complaining about the cold before too long. It’s either too hot or too cold; with only a few blessed weeks of temperatures in the sixties and seventies. Enjoy it while it lasts. You know you’re going to be thinking ‘long underwear’ before Halloween!
Isn’t it lovely to have our blue skies and low humidity back? I do not miss those muggy days; although one’s skin and hair certainly appreciate the extra moisture, eh?
Hope to see you later, bumping down the dirt roads. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community has definitely been blessed by fall-like weather this last week. Cool temperatures in the morning have meant sweater-weather as I walk the dogs in the chilly sunrise. That’s been about the only peaceful, calm time in my day recently, as I’ve been attending my regular classes at Copper Mountain College and then rushing down the hill to COD in Palm Desert, to take my GED exams in the afternoons. It’s been very challenging: I’m absolutely exhausted. I have a ton of homework to catch up on, but maybe by next week my life will calm down enough for me to catch my breath!

As usual, I’ve been missing out on all the fun, but fortunately our own Bob Deloyd sent us his report of recent goings-on: “I arrived at the community center to relieve Peggy Kennedy and Linda Sibio, who were there at 8am, to tell everyone who showed up for the Community Cleanup that it was canceled. I found Roger Smith there instead, who arrived half an hour early. We sat around together yapping and I told him he might as well leave at 2pm because I had to stay here until 4pm for potluck, which we had rescheduled for this weekend instead of our usual last Saturday of the month get-together.
At Potluck, about fifteen folks showed up. Dorothy Jacobsen presented us with her broccoli cheese casserole with cornbread. Dyan Carroll made this wonderful Coca Cola cake and tasty Salmon patties. Cal Mayers came by with his fruit tray. Mary and Chris Koval made up a Caesars taco salad, along with Chris’s special pasta cheese casserole, and chocolicious cake. Chris Jonas made his world famous macaroni salad. Tim brought his appetite, and I my rice and chili bean special. We all got mighty stuffed on the food and took a bunch of leftovers home.
” Thanks Bob.

Don’t forget, our monthly Bingo Party is this Tuesday, October 1st, with Barb Beneville and Claudia Bridges at the helm. Also, next Saturday is our monthly first Saturday Breakfast: hope to see you there. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was all a-buzz with the excitement of Bingo; held on the first Tuesday Night of the month. Ruthie Malton called me at half a second past eight o’clock the next morning to fill me in on all the News! She won! Yay: congratulations Ruthie. I know you’ve been waiting all month to play Bingo. Now go buy something special for yourself with all that big money!
Actually, only 9 people showed up, which was a bit disappointing when you think of all the effort Barb Beneville, Claudia Bridges and Chris Jonas put into holding this event. Supposedly, everyone just loves Bingo and is utterly crushed when we don’t hold our Bingo evenings due to lack of public participation. Well, we were here folks: where were you? Let’s try and get a bigger crowd for next Bingo Night on Tuesday, November 5th, shall we?

Our first Saturday of the month Community Breakfast is on this morning; from 8-11a.m. It’s all-hands-on-deck for the Volunteers, because a few of the regulars were unable to help out this month. So we’re pulling it together and hope to see you there for a yummy breakfast and a jolly good chinwag!

I’ve been stressin’ big time this week; waiting for my GED results to be posted. I believe I passed in all subjects, but it’s been sooooo hard having to wait for the official verification. Hopefully, by the time you read this, I’ll know I’ve passed for sure!
The weather has been all over the place this week. We turned the swamp cooler back on for a few days; braving the accompanying ‘fishy’ smell, in order to cool off our sweltering cabin. It’s been lovely in the early mornings and the Desert is incredibly green after all that rain.
I’ve been so preoccupied lately, I completely forgot to congratulate everyone on their special occasions for September. Happy Birthday wishes go out to Randall Herrera; Kimberly Herrera; Marcie Hines; Ed Drzal and Ruth Dennison. We fondly remember Mike Villareal; James Kern Watson; Donna Myers and Roz Drzal. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community got together last week; for the first Saturday Breakfast from 8-11. Several of the regular Volunteers were unavailable to help out, but, thanks to Patrick Whalen’s phone calls, Neighbors were gathered and stepped up to the plate. We had Ray Foyil working the grill; Indy Amos cooked up the eggs; Daniel Gray washed dishes and Kip Fjeld wore his ‘kitchen wench’ hat, taking care of the juices, toast, biscuits and gravy. Patrick worked the Cashier’s desk and Jay Babcock, Stephanie Smith and I took the orders, served the food and bussed the tables. Thank you all: great job!

So many people asked me whether I passed my GED! I really appreciate your support. Well: I made a boo-boo on one of the demographic sections of the test, so my scores were withheld until I chugged back down to Palm Desert and paid my $15 fine for being a blithering idiot! Fortunately, I only made one mistake, but it meant waiting another four days until my results were posted on the webpage. I was a nervous wreck by last Monday morning, when I checked for the umpteenth time and: there it was: PASS! Actually, I got bloody good grades and I am totally proud of little, old Me! WooHoo!

The Copper Mountain Mesa Neighborhood Watch gathers at 6pm this coming Monday October 14th; followed by the Association Board Meeting at 7. Due to my new scholarly schedule, I can no longer attend the meetings, or accomplish much of the volunteer work I’ve been doing over the years; so I recently resigned from the Board. I know there were a number of Folks who were disappointed they didn’t get voted onto the Board last year, so perhaps you’d like to give it another go? Attending the meetings, volunteering at events and getting your face out there so people can get to know you, is a good way to get yourself elected!

Next Monday, October 21st is the USDA Food Giveaway; with Chris Jonas and his Crew at the helm. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community would like to announce that Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association will be sponsoring a community CLEAN-UP DAY along with co- sponsor: the County of San Bernardino. On Saturday October 26th, we will gather at 65336 Winters Road in North Joshua Tree from 8AM-3PM. Help us beautify our Crime Free Community. For further information call Linda Sibio at 760-362-4071.

Our USDA Food Give-away takes place this Monday morning from 8-11. The Thrift Room will be open, of course and it is always such a joy to wander up and down the aisles seeing what’s new in your size. Lots of household items too and books galore. Take a little extra time on Monday: come pick up some good meal fixin’s and find that little treasure, or new sweater you’ve been looking for.

Tim Atzei called me last week, to ask if I was still interested in being part of the Community Garden Project. My answer is a resounding “Yesss”! Tim and Kip Fjeld have quietly been getting on with it in the Garden. Kip constructed a nifty, critter-free enclosure and Tim has persuaded a whole bunch of veggies to grow in it: go figure! Quite honestly, after all the argumentative unpleasantness caused by certain Garden enthusiasts last year, I’d had quite enough of the whole shebang; but, thanks to Tim and Kip’s enthusiastic perseverance, I’m ready to give it another go! We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Neighbors gathered at The Palms on Amboy Road in Wonder Valley last Saturday; to celebrate an incredible cross-country Art Display from our Friends at High Desert Test Sites. The Sibleys wowed us with their incredible Music; then turned around and put their Chef/Barkeeper hats back on to serve the crowd of 100+ who attended. Our very own Kip Fjeld was on hand to help out in every which way he could! Check out all the fun at Also, our beloved Eva Stokes, musicienne extraordinaire, will be performing with her Band tomorrow at the JT Saloon, starting around 11a.m. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is hoppin’ as the Neighborhood Watch group has organised a Community Clean-up today, Saturday October 26th, from 8am-3pm. Tootle on over to the Community Center on Winters Road and join the goings-on. Bob Deloyd has all the info posted at: Our monthly Potluck Party is on today as well; so bring your trash, a favorite dish to share and your appetite: should be a splendid get-together.

The Art Tours are in full swing again this weekend. Heading home from my 72-hour elderly caregiving shift late last Sunday, I stopped at Tami Woods’ and Snake Jagger’s exhibit off the Highway in Morongo Valley. Absolutely loved their work and spent a relaxing half-hour drinking in their talents with a delicious glass of chilled Chardonnay! I am looking forward to this weekend’s palette and here’s a resounding kudos cheer to all the Volunteers who make this wonderful annual Basin-wide Art Festival a reality!
Musical extravaganzas going on too: especially in Joshua Tree. A plethora of Musicians will be performing all weekend long on the corner of Highway 62 and Park, conveniently close to Joshua Tree Saloon. If you prefer to be far from the crowds: The Sibleys are performing at The Palms Restaurant tonight; way down on Amboy Road in Wonder Valley. For more information on the local music scene, head for local Celebrity radio-host, Teddy Quinn’s Listening Lounge, on the Highway in Josh, where the Red Arrow Gallery used to be.
For the Younger crowd, I know many of my fellow students are excited about “Hellfest” on the Highway in Yucca Valley; which advertises free keychains and stuff; Tattoo specials and the first fifty peeps to arrive are automatically entered to win an electric Ibanez guitar. Pretty cool!

It’s hard to believe it’s almost November and our first Saturday Breakfast is next week, on the 2nd! Please join us at the Community Center, for a delicious Breakfast and an energizing reunion with all your favorite Neighbors. Here’s Happy October Birthday wishes to Larry Catron and Scott Lane. We fondly remember Colleen Schweitzer. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community looks brighter these days; thanks to the huge response to Clean-up Day last Saturday. The Neighborhood Watch folks did a bang-up job getting the word out and many Locals brought their trash to the Center throughout the day. Volunteers also drove their own trucks and trailers over to known dump-spots; loading up all the rubbish left by Desert-desecrating people too lazy and irresponsible to properly dispose of their own waste. Ooh: don’t get me started!
Anyhoo: a Mighty Big Thank You to all who participated in the clean-up. Thanks also to San Bernardino County for co-sponsoring this sanitizing effort. Burrtec hauled away five big dumpsters full of Neighborhood trash, including tons of tires. Linda Sibio, Peggy Lee Kennedy and others from the Neighborhood Watch group supervised this worthy event. A Vegetable and a Meat Lasagna were provided for hungry workers. Phew; what a huge undertaking: jolly good show everyone!
Surprisingly, not many folks stayed for the Potluck which took place right after the end of the clean-up. Naturally, Chris Jonas was there, with his world-famous Macaroni Salad! Dyan Carroll created a delectable Biscuits and Gravy Casserole; whilst Dorothy Jacobsen brought a most scrumptious Pea and Ham Salad. Mary-in-the-Morning (her nickname from our schoolbus-catching days!) Koval and her daughter Chris provided their excellent Chili and Cornbread and two Pies for dessert. Bob Deloyd prepared his Rice and Bean accompaniments, but was unable to stay for the Feast. He was called away to be a good Neighbor and help his dear friend. Hope all’s well, Bob?

Our first Saturday Breakfast is going on right now: from 8-11am, at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center, 65-336 Winters Road in north, North Joshua Tree! We’d love to see your smiling face and encourage you to enjoy your journey out here: the Desert is magnificent right now. All that rain has caused great growth and blooming: the landscape looks so green and lush; absolutely gorgeous.

Don’t forget: the clock falls back this weekend; on Sunday morning to be exact. An extra hour of sleep, or, Homework time: stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community enjoyed awesome weather for our first Saturday of the month Breakfast get-together last week. We had a good turn-out and Folks trickled in continuously, instead of all arriving at once: as is frequently the case! Once again, Patrick Whalen did a marvellous job of rallying the troops, so we had plenty of Volunteers, including our Board President Kathy Quinn. Ray Foyil and Indy Amos (of Joshua Treets Ice Cream fame) manned the burners; with Indy turning out flawless eggs and Ray providing the meat-n-tater end of things, as well as the pancakes. Our beloved Kip Fjeld was once again our kitchen wench: he does such a splendid job keeping up with the toast, biscuits and gravy part of the orders. He is also our A-number-1 Juicer dude, as it has become his habit to arrive at the Breakfast with a full pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice for our delight. Mmmm, so yummy with a wee splash of vodka too...or so I’m told! This time, not only did Kip bring his usual, he also brought a pitcher of fresh Apple juice, which he picked up in Oak Glen on his way home from the OC. Thank you, oh most excellent dude!

Mary-in-the-Morning Koval’s big, blue eyes were indignant as she told me she had read my column the previous week and was astonished to read about all sorts of upcoming events she knew were not happening on our Mesa! “Then I realised your photo had been put next to someone else’s column and vice versa,” she explained. “Someone at the newspaper messed up!” Oops.

Our Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Annual General Board Meeting will not be taking place this month and has been postponed until further notice. We do not have the required number of Board Members present for a quorum at this time; so any end of the year business can not be voted on; which needs to be done before the “out with the old; in with the new” Annual General Meeting, including voting-in new Board Members, can take place. Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community has been basking in this unusually warm November weather. Boardmembers Patrick Whalen and Daniel Gray came by last Saturday, so Daniel and I could tackle my dinosaur computer. I have been frustrated with it for weeks, because I couldn’t get it to go online. I have all my photos, books, stories: everything; stored on that old thing. I have been wanting to send Dorothy Jacobsen the second book in my series: “Stay Well Kenya Cowgirl”, but haven’t been able to e-mail it to her because the dinosaur wouldn’t co-operate! “SWKC” was never published, but I have it as a document as well as a PDF. Dorothy read my first book, “Kenya Cowgirl” and, apparently, thoroughly enjoyed it. Very kindly, she has been after me to send her the sequel, because, as she explains: “I can’t wait to see how the story ends!” We agreed that if I wasn’t able to send it to her soon, we’d get together for a nice cup of tea and I would simply tell her what happened next! However, with many thanks to Daniel: the dinosaur is back in business! By the way, I have thousands of copies of “Kenya Cowgirl” in my garage! Let me know if you’d like a copy: autographed!

There was a huge shindig at The Palms on Amboy Road in downtown Wonder Valley, last Saturday night! Four Bands played excellent punk rock and there was even a mini-moshpit. Two of the Bands came from Austria and were really awesome! Someone in the crowd yelled: “Where you from? Australia?” “Ja,” replied the lead singer. “The land of the kangaroo schnitzel!” Everyone roared with laughter!

We were there with the Multi-Media Club from Copper Mountain College. We filmed the whole show and despite a few technical glitches, Professor Downer was pleased with the results. I was even allowed to participate, on two different cameras, which was such a rush! I’m definitely hoping to take Digital Photography next Semester! Our Community Potluck is scheduled for the Saturday Before Thanksgiving, November 23rd, but absolutely no Thanksgiving-type of food, please! Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is enjoying overcast skies. There’s a delicious moisture in the air and it smells like rain, which has been forecast as a definite maybe. Walking the dogs earlier, I heard a horrendous din, as my wonderful Desert Silence was shattered by this huge truck and trailer, with an extra trailer, thundering East on Winters Road. Although I could hear it coming from miles away, it didn’t come into view for a long time, as it was moving slowly. The “cacophonous one” almost came to a complete stop, before turning South on Copper Moon. That’s when I realized it was one of those huge scrap metal trucks. Apparently, an Inland Empire recycling operation drops off empty trailers at one or two residences out here. These are filled with scrap metal “found” in the Desert and when the trailer is full, it is picked up and hauled out. In my opinion, these hideously loud scrap metal trucks have no business out here on our dirt roads. I’m sure folks need to make a living and I hear the scrap metal business can be very lucrative, but still. I don’t like it when the Earth shakes, the Sky is filled with the sound of thundering Metal and all the Desert and her dwellers are seriously disturbed. Begone with you plundering iron beasts; begone I say!

Our monthly Potluck is today, Saturday November 23rd, at 4pm in the Community Center. Everyone will be bringing their favorite culinary creation to share; we hope to see you there.

The “critter-free” cage that Kip Fjeld built for our Garden is overflowing with greenery! It is located inside the fence, behind the Firehouse. Now that the Ambulance company is parking its vehicles in the building, large lights are turned on at night. These give our encaged plants 24-hour sunshine, making them vegetate like the dickens, but I don’t see any produce. Too much light I think.

Thanksgiving is just days away and my son Erick and his lovely Lady Courtney are driving up from San Diego to see us: Yippee! Happy Turkey Day; stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was truly a Home to be thankful for this past week. My beloved Son Erick and his wonderful Lady, Courtney stayed with us for 48 hours: what a gift. Erick grew up here on the Mesa: he and I moved up here twenty years ago when he was five and I was broken. They were hard years for him and he learned to do without all the luxuries other kids took for granted. Just getting him the five miles to the school busstop was a challenge every day; not to mention getting him home again. We made it through, however and he has grown into a splendid young Man. He is kind, compassionate, intelligent, super-handsome and very funny! Together, Courtney and Erick are even more incredibly awesome and Jim and I thoroughly enjoyed our Thanksgiving holiday! I sincerely hope all of You had a super-duper Turkey Day too.

Heads up: The Glass Outhouse Art Gallery - on Hwy 62, just East of Utah Trail in 29 - is exhibiting Works by Copper Mountain College Students, from 1 to 5pm today. Definitely worth a visit!

Last week, after my wee grumble about cacophonous scrap trucks, I had a nice chat with one of the Neighbors. He was most dreadfully sorry about the noise; said he was just trying to feed his family after recently losing his job: doing clean-ups at the request of several local property owners. Dude, I’m good with that.

Our very own Bob Deloyd was under the weather but found the strength to update us on Potluck events last Saturday: “The wonderful Potluck folks brought me a care package and put it in my mailbox outside my home: yelling my name so loudly it woke me up! Over ten folks showed up: Chris Jonas brought his macaroni salad, Dorothy Jacobsen made a great macaroni corn and carrot salad, Dyan Carroll whipped up a salmon platter and tasty calico truffle, The Kovals cooked up a tuscan chili, cup cakes and pea salad, Yvonne Frances surprised everyone with two pumpkin pies!” December Breakfast next Saturday: stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community is cold and getting colder. Jim and I fished out all the old jackets, boxes and buckets with which to cover our hose bibs, stretched the hoses out downhill and left a drippy faucet to discourage any freezing water pipes. So far so good, but the cold snap is far from over: forecasters warn us it’s going to dip into the low twenties before this wee Arctic freeze is over.

Our monthly Breakfast is going on right now; over at the Community Center on Winters Road. Please join us for a jolly good brekkie and a nice chat with some of your favorite people on the Planet: your Neighbors, yay!

So, how was your planned power outage? It only lasted four hours for us and we thought it went better than expected, although driving home from my Spanish class on the Marine Base Monday night was interesting. There I was tootling down Morongo Road at about 8:50pm, getting ready to head West on Pole Line Road to Lear Avenue and the dirt roads, when all the lights went out. It was kind of eerie to be in a world so dark, although it used to be like that every night when I first moved up here. Driving home from Spanish on Wednesday night, it was a different story, however. Multi-colored lights twinkled in the darkness all over the place. Suddenly, everyone has decorated their homes and the Mesa has been propelled into the Christmas Spirit.

My beloved Joe Bell died on Thanksgiving Night. He was 92 and I was his respite caregiver. He was a Journalist, College Professor, had six non-fiction books to his credit and wrote a weekly Column for Orange County’s “The Daily Pilot” newspaper. Joe was also a fighter Pilot during WWII and I always felt that taking good care of him was my way of thanking the American and Allied forces for liberating my People from Nazi-occupied Holland. You were the kindest man I ever met and now you’re flying with Angels. Joe, I will never forget you. Bon Voyage.

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was under a white blanket of...hail, last Thursday morning! Walking the dogs around sunrise, I noticed lightning to the East of us. Later, just before I had to leave for Art class, it began to hail: hard. All around, the Desert was covered in a thick, white carpet. My old truck skidded out a few times and going down the Coyote Valley grade was challenging to say the least! The hail blanketed the Desert until the rock house on Sunfair road and then it turned to rainy slush. The College was obviously part of the same storm system as the Mesa, because the entire Campus was blanketed white. Absolutely beautiful to see, but highly inconvenient, because Professor Downer’s Drawing and Composition class was moving Art pieces over to the Cafeteria for an exhibition. We scuttled around like bedraggled cats, getting the dozen or so masterpieces moved from the Art room to hang on the walls of Bruce’s Cafeteria.
I have two drawings hanging: one of the world-famous Kenyan Elephant, Ahmed, whose tusks weighed 75 kilos a side. He died in 1975 and I was fortunate enough to spend a week following him around the previous year. My other drawing is of the statue of an African princess: carved entirely out of a huge Elephant’s tusk.
I want to draw attention to the fact that if African Elephants continue to be slaughtered/poached at the same rate as today, in twelve years there will be no more wild African Elephants in East Africa. That is utterly appalling! Even more appalling, is that our beloved United States of America, is only a smidge behind China: the world-leader in the annihilation of the Earth’s Wilderness. Apparently, certain hard-hearted Americans still purchase tons of poached African Wildlife. I can’t imagine who would do that these days? Makes me sick.

Anyhooo: on a lighter note. The Sibleys, Outpost, Blackwater Jukebox and other amazing Bands are playing at The Palms in Wonder Valley tonight. Show starts at 7pm.

The USDA Food giveaway at our Community Center on Monday from 8-11am. Stay well.

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community underwent a bit of a gut-wrencher last week. I wonder how many Mesa Neighbors drove by the body on the West side of the uphill curve on Coyote Valley road? I first noticed it at sunset on Thursday of last week. A man looked like he was passed out; laying on the berm, in the dirt. I decided not to stop and hoped someone else would call the authorities. I was in a hurry, heading into Joshua Tree to be a part of the College Multimedia Club at the Blakbox Theater, filming the dress rehearsal of the “Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Concert”, under direction of the very brilliant Jared Radnich.
Hours later, I decided to drive home via Border Avenue and Winters Road, thereby avoiding the possibility the man was still there: all alone on a cold, wet night. Honestly? I didn’t want to be the one to discover a dead body; a bludgeoned, bloody victim; or even a drunk, drugged, belligerent a-hole. I felt awfully mean though; especially when I admitted to myself that if it had been a child, a woman or an animal lying out there, I would have stopped to help without hesitation.
At 7:30 the next morning, Jim and I were driving to Loma Linda for his bi-annual Hep C check-up. Rattling towards Sunfair road on the downhill curve; my heart sank. “He’s still there,” I quavered. “He must be dead now; it was so cold last night.” Slowly, we neared the body, preparing to stop. Jim rolled down his window: “It looks like a dummy,” he shouted. “It’s legs are sewn up at the knees!” Enormously relieved yet outraged, I realized Jim was right. I released choice expletives and stepped on the gas. I hope the pranking leg-pullers enjoyed their little hoax: fooled me that’s for sure.
Faculty, Staff and Fellow Students at Copper Mountain College; thank you for an eye-opening, mind-blowing semester. May we all enjoy heartwarming weeks ahead. Merry Christmas; Happy Ho-Ho-Ho; Love to You and Yours; may Life be sweet; bless us everyone and Stay well!

By Annelies Kuiper

Our little Community was bathed in Sunshine during the Winter Solstice and Christmas celebrations. I hope everyone had a loving, heartwarming get-together with Family and Friends. Now on to the joyous festival of Kwanzaa! I love this time of year: we are all united, however briefly, in our recognition that everyday is a reason to celebrate. Ooh and Happy New Year! May 2014 be blessed; purposeful and wiggly-giggly for you and all those around you. It’s hard to believe the year 2013 is almost over. For me, it was like a swiftly moving river: propelling me forward at such a fast clip all I could do was keep my head above water and go with the flow! From playing Julius Caesar at Joshua Tree’s Blakbox Theater in March, to making the agonizing decision to go back to school at 57 years young: it’s been an exciting year and I’ve barely been able to keep up with myself! I feel very hopeful and positive about the New Year: I’m excited about the future, for the first time in years. Am I gushing? So sorry!

Next Saturday morning, January 4th 2014, is the monthly Breakfast at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center. Let’s get together and celebrate new beginnings over a plate of delicious nosh! Hope to see you there.

One face we will not see is Bob Rodgers’: he died a week before Christmas. He had been ill for a long time and is definitely in a better place, but for those left behind, it’s a bit sad. Bob was a dear fellow and usually wore a gentle smile on his face. His hair, eyebrows and mustache always meticulously groomed, Bob was an immaculate dresser too. With shiny shoes: an incredibly difficult accomplishment in these sandy Desert parts. Our special love and condolences go out to his Mesa family: Daniel Gray, Patrick Whalen and the Quinns. We will miss you and your incense, Bob.

Writing this weekly Column about our beloved Copper Mountain Mesa Community gives me great joy: thank you for reading it. See you next year: stay well!