Our Little Community






By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community held it's annual meeting on Saturday the 13 to elect a new board of directors. There were five opening to fill and those who were elected were: Bob Seeley, Sharon Weaver, Marge Seeley, Trudy Poe, and Betty Marlatte. After the election the new board selected it's new officers. Bob Seeley to be President, Bob DeLoyd to be Vice, and Betty Marlatte to be 2nd Vice. But according to the By-Laws, Seeley could not be President because he had just finished a term as such. So the honor fell to the Vise President and Seeley became Vise. The bewildered new President is still trying to interpret the By-Laws.

        The meeting had a light turnout but all who were present were treated to sandwiches, cake, and refreshments provided by our hard working Copperettes, which Kaye Hileman is now President replacing Juanita Young. It was nice to see Maria Girouard attend the meeting. Also special thanks to George Chadwick and Patty Bradly for helping out.

        A sad note: We were informed by Stonebraker that Lillian Thrift had a hart attack and is in the hospital. Our harts and prayers go out to her for a speedy recovery.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community had a turkey dinner on bingo night, Tuesday nov.16th. There was a big turn out and everyone brought big appetites. Debra, Marge and Ruth did an excellent job putting it all together. It had all the trimmings and was very filling. (Burp)

        The USDA food distribution was on Monday the 15th and we handed out over 80 bags of food. We like to thank those who volunteered their time and effort to help others in our area. This is where our community center really shines!

        Roads: Stonebraker stepped down as president of the road board and the position fell to Don Taylor. At first there was some miscommunication about contacting and scheduling Rick the grader to come out and do the roads, but Don tells me that this has been resolved and that the roads will be maintained.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community is hunkering down for the winter. You know its getting to be winter when you get a whiff of smoke from chimneys burning in the evening, and your dog's water dish freezes over in the morning. And its cold. Burrrrr!

        Ken and Danielle Golaway had a beautiful baby girl, Loren Renee, born Oct. 19 at 2:49 a.m.. She was 5 pounds 8 oz. and 18 inches long. Danielle said this is her first one. I asked her if she would have another, she said, 'NO!' Welcome to our little community Loren Renee.

        The community center is having two events this December: (1). A kids Christmas party on the 18. Please have your kids sign up at the center before then so Santa may know how many gifts to provide. (2). They're collecting food for the annual Food Basket event, which is distributed to the needy in our area. Please bring canned or packaged food and drop it off by the front desk.

        The Copperettes and Roz Drzal would like to thank Bob Stonebraker for helping them out at the community center.

        I was told that Stevie Villarreal, a long time resident and volunteer, is not feeling well. We should all wish her a speedy recovery.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community consumed a really great breakfast last Saturday at the Center. Along with the usual eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, we even had champagne that was donated by Ruth Ruffin and everyone was in high spirits. We like to thank Rev. LeRoy Monat and Deacon Bryce Stone from Ambassador of Love Spiritual Church who came by to lend us a hand cooking and waiting on tables. If you like a big country breakfast, it is served every first Saturday of the month at 8 a.m., except this January where it falls on New Years Day.

        Marylou Kernop, who is in charge of bingo, thanked her many helpers last Tuesday night for a great 1999. She Thanked, 'Callers: Earl, Stoney, Ruth, Patrick. Pulltabs: Bob Seeley. Call back: Juanita, Ora, Brinda. Men that put cards away. Kaye and Jackie for organizing papers. Cake and ice cream servers. All those that help to clean up and those that come to play, socialize, and help the community center'. We at the CMMCA would like to thank Marylou Kernop for her many years of running bingo and putting up with all of us.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community had it's monthly board meeting last Saturday and discussed many things. We all Agreed that board members would donate a quarter at every meeting for the our food basket that goes to feed the needy. And to look into a gate that we can put in the back of the building to protect against brake-ins.

        We would like to thank Ed Drzal who works behind the scene at the community center. He's the one who runs down the hill to bring back bread and picks up the food for USDA food distribution. He is a fine and modest kind of guy, well liked, and an inspiration to all.

        When I was walking my dog the other day I came upon a box with two puppies in it and another one about thirty feet away. I wonder how many were originally in the box. Some one had abandoned them to become coyote food. The one not in the box looked like it was dragged away by it's left hind leg and now has a bad limp. I named this one Tiny Tim. I took them down to my cabin, what else could I do, and will take care of the little guys until I find homes for them. Dogs are man's best friends, to bad some of us are not theirs. If you would like one call me.

        Merry Christmas to each and every one of ya!

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community had it's kid's Christmas party last Saturday and we had a great turn out. We had cookies and punch for all the rug rats and Santa handed out the toys. Even Brenda Zimmer got into the spirit and read the story 'The Night Before Christmas'. We like to thank all of Santa's elfs for helping put on a really fantastic event.

        The community is looking into reopening the fire station and has contacted the Joshua Tree fire chef. He will be at the January 8 board meeting to discuss this and ask for volunteers for the disaster readiness team. If you live in our community this meeting is a must. You don't have to be a member of the community center to attend. The meeting starts a 10 a.m.

        The Copperettes would like you to know that this Tuesdays dinner will be beef stew with corn bread. Starts at 5 p.m.

        Thank god Christmas is over. I had bought chocolate candy for presents and had to go out and get more because I had eaten it all up. Merry Christmas!

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community is probably hung over and recovering today after celebrating the new millennium and we all fell a thousand years older. I wonder how many resolutions have been broken already? Since I'am writing this on Tuesday, are the lights still on? Do we still use money, or do we use the barter system? Is the seat of government still in Washington D.C.? Just joking, I'am sure everythings ok.

        The Copperettes are having their monthly meeting the first Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m. I'am told that this should be a very lively meeting, so don't miss it.

        The CMMCA Board of Directors is having their meeting Saturday the 8, at 10 a.m. There will be a guest speaker from the Joshua Tree Fire Department and discussion about reopening station 44.

        The Road Board will have their meeting after the Board of Directors meeting around 11 a.m. or so, Saturday the 8. Please come. All are welcome.

        Happy birthday to Earline Burr, Jan. 1.

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