Our Little Community






By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community had a fantastic New Years Eve party put on by the Frederiksen clan. Their family planed many months ahead, worked many hard hours, to stage one of the most memorable New Years Eve parties I have ever attended. There was all kinds of food and drink, live music, and dancing girls. Fred Frederiksen had everyone sign his pillow. Just before midnight, noise makers were handed out and champagne was poured. All hell broke out as the magic hour hit, revellers were singing, hugging, and shaking hands. That's what I call a party!

        The USDA food distribution will be Monday the 17, at 10 a.m.

        A lot of concerned people have been calling me about the three puppies I found abandoned in the field. Dale Noll came by for the female, and is giving her a good home. I still have two males left, Tiny Tim and Damnit. Tiny still has his limp, and Damnit is eating me out of my home and gets into everything, thus his name. If you would like one ( you can change their names) call me.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community held it's monthly meetings last week. Both meeting were well attended.

        At the Copperettes meeting they decided to continue the bingo dinners and that Debra Weatherby would still be the chef. Another item on their agenda was the raffle. Roz Drzal who has been doing it for years and has brought in much needed revenue, has her hands full with other projects. She would like someone to take over the raffle. If you would like to take over the raffle, or know anybody who does, please let us all know.

        The CMMCA board met on Saturday. The treasurer's report showed that we had another great year. There was a round of applause from the members. Jim and Judy Henley from the Joshua Tree Fire Department were the guest speakers. Bob Buhrle, the chief, couldn't make it. The Henleys, who did a fine job answering most of our questions, and talked about forming the Disaster Readiness Team. The team will need at least five volunteers to begin. Any one wishing to volunteer for the DRT can call me. .

        The Road Board did not meet because of scheduling problems.

        Bingo night dinner for Tuesday the 18 will be ribs and baked potato.

        Happy birthday to Marge Seeley for January 16.

        Everyone is coming down with the flu around here. You see them dragging their poor old tired, tattered, weary, useless, worthless, bodies around. Hell, Ruth Tuttle lost her voice and was in bed for a week and still can't talk much! Maybe this should be called the Y2K bug.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community finally has it's Shack Attack volunteers. Bob and Marge Seeley will be trained to red tag, photograph, and do the required paper work, so that contractors may come in and tare down some of the old eye sores that litter our landscape. Marge says that chore will keep Bob active and away from the TV.

        Our potluck will be held on Saturday the 29 at 4:30 PM. Everyone is welcome to come and bring a dish. I hear that Ruth Tuttle is bringing konkey doodle, what ever that is. Please bring your own eating utensils.

        Happy birthday, 1-26, to Kathy Boyd, RN, who is home for good after spending 3 months in Monterey doing home care. She got really tired of the damp cold fog and flunkey weather along the coast and is glad to be back among us desert rats in the high desert.

        Who ever is stealing our road signs, please stop. You are taking hard earned money from your community that could be spent on other things besides replacing signs.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community is still looking for Disaster Readiness Team (DRT) volunteers. These volunteers will receive training from the Joshua Tree Fire Department. If you would like to join, please call or write me.

        This Saturday night is pot luck. Be at the community center at 4:30 and bring your food item and eating utensils.

        Mary Lou Kernop finally got pictures of her great, great niece, Gabrielle Olivia. She was born to Rachel, November 23 at 4:35 PM. She weighed 6 pounds 3 oz. and is 19.5 inches long. Naturally her brother Nathan is a little jealous because he has to share his mother.

        I remember when I was a security guard at a apartment complex. It was a Saturday night and a bunch of drunks were stuck in an elevator on the fourth floor. Every time I tried to tell them how to open the doors, I could here them on the other side laughing and giggling and I would have to start over again. So on the third try I said in a loud and authoritative voice, 'When I release the break, the elevator will start to fall, just before you hit the bottom, jump up'. They were real quiet after that and I was able to instruct them on how to open the doors.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community had a very nice pot luck last Saturday. Everyone had more then they could eat, I know I did. We even had live music by Dee and Grace Hapayan and a little wine which made for a very relaxing atmosphere. The question was asked if we should continue the pot lucks and the answer was an overwhelming yes.

        The copperettes are getting ready for their annual Valentine Breakfast that will be held February the 12, at 8 A.M. Bring you loved ones.

        Lori Jo Cosgriff from the Morongo Basin Rape Crisis Center will be the guest speaker at this months CMMCA board meeting on February the 12, after the Valentine Breakfast.

        A sad note: Juanita Young has lost her son, Joe Weaver on January 26. Sharon Weaver, his sister said ' He was a fighter all his life, all the way to the end'. I can say that Joe was a mighty nice person and dedicated to his family. When he shook your hand he did it with feeling. Joe put his whole self into it, like a bond, a trust. He is survived by His wife, daughter, and grandson. He will be deeply missed.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community is enjoying the good high desert weather. It is great for long walks with the dogs and gardening. I just love to investigate the hills and washes around my home. Last week I had friends Tom and Jennie Kula from Redondo Beach come and visit my little piece of paradise. This was their second time up here and as always they marvel at the scenery and clean air. I took them to Indian Cove where we hiked around and took pictures.

        Ed Yocum has been living here in CMM for 22 years. He is a long time member of the Playhouse Guild, and 15 year member of the choral group. Will lead a sing a long at the High Desert Theater on Sunday Feb. 13, at 2:30 P.M. He says that all are welcome and it free. So pack up your car with your family and head on down there for a good time.

        We had our first Saturday breakfast and all went well. Ruth Malton, who is really enthusiastic about being a new member, helped us out by washing the dishes and with her pleasant smile and good nature. We need more like her!

        Happy birthday to Marcia McKinney Feb. 5. Sorry I am late!

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community had its Valentine breakfast and board meeting last Saturday and we had two speakers: Lori Jo Cosgriff from the Morongo Basin Rape Crisis Center, and Bob Buhrle who is chief of the Joshua Tree Fire Department.

        Lori is an exceptional speaker and is very passionate about the subject. She really drove home the purpose of the Rape Crisis Center and the board voted in favor for her proclamation for CMMCA to work to end the many forms of violence in our community.

        Bob pressed the point about having trained volunteers in our area to provide a quick response for heart and stroke victims. This could save lives which otherwise would be lost because the window of about 6 minutes is all you have to start CPR or else the brain dies for lack of oxygen.

        The Valentine breakfast was a real success. We had many old friends come by and enjoy the food and company. Patrick Whalen was at his best waiting on tables and spreading his good cheer.

        The Road Board will have it's meeting on Feb. 26 at 10 A.M.

        Happy birthday to Earl Wilbert, 2-29, is going to be 19 years old. He's been living up here in Copper Mountain Mesa for over 20 years and a key person and volunteer at CMMCA. A board member of the Joshua Basin Water District and retired teacher. Earl is older and wiser than his years.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community is having it's pot luck tonight at 4:30 P.M. Since I am a single guy I always look forward to this feast because it's just about the only time I get to eat a home cooked dinner. Hell, I burn soup! I am told we're going to have a blind auction after the dinner lead by the renowned auctioneer Bob Seeley. Boy, February has been a fast month!

        Our cook Debbie Weatherby went into the hospital for schedule surgery Thursday 17, and she is now home and doing well. We were sorry to hear that her brother KennethWayne Murphy 'Butch' passed on in Arizona on 2-15-00. Colleen Schweitzer, thier mother, is having a memorial for him at Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center on Winters road Sunday 2-27-00 from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M. Our condolences to the whole family.

        A long time resident Betty Catron is now living at a continuing care facility in J.T. and would like her old friends to come and visit.

        Don't forget the Saturday breakfast on March 4, and the Copperettes meeting on March 1. Oh yes, MaryLou told me to tell you to drag your bodies down to Bingo and the dinners every Tuesday night.

By Bob DeLoyd


Our little community was sadden about the passing of Vern and Betty Marlatte. I remember when I had just moved out here, sitting outside my cabin in the scorching summer sun wondering why I left the beach for this, when Betty drove up and introduced herself. She was the first person I met up here. She told me that she lived just down the road in a little house with a trailer next to it with Vern. She assured me that I would get used to the heat and told me about the great autumns and springs we have out here in our high desert land. Later that year I had Thanksgiving dinner with her and Vern along with Ed and Roz Drzal at the Elks club. Betty bought up all the left over turkey and I helped carry them to her car. She said they would eat turkey for months. I would always see them at the breakfasts and pot lucks held at CMMCC and last November when I was on the election committee I talked Betty into running for the board of CMM, which she was elected overwhelmingly. Well, thanks to Betty and Vern I saw the desert through their eyes and I am still living here in love with the place. They are missed by all of us. Their lives were lived well.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community is having it's board meeting today at 10 A.M. At the meeting, Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association will welcome Debra Weatherby as a new board member, she will fill a vacant position. This months speaker will be Sherry Rotruck an officer from the county code enforcement. She will discus red tagging and the Shack Attack program.

        It sure did get cold this week. Trudy Poe said she didn't like it one bit! But it was nice just to stay inside, watch TV, or read a book in bed.

        The USDA food distribution will be on Monday the 20th.

        Happy birthday to Richard Fountain 3-10.

        The other day I was trying to clip my toe nails outside when my dog and two puppies kept bothering me. No matter what I did they would lick my feet, run off with my shoes and just make a general nuisance of themselves. I got an idea and went into the cabin and brought back a jar of honey. I put a dollop on each of their foreheads. Since they couldn't get at what was on their own heads they would go after each other. A lot of friendly licking went on. This kept them occupied for the better part of an hour and me entertained and my toe nails cut.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community had it's board meeting last Saturday. All that was agreed upon was to disagree, but we had a good turn out and everyone had an opinion and was able to voice it!
        At the meeting we had Sherry Rotruck an officer from county code enforcement who, on her day off, explained red tagging and the Shack Attack program and how it relates to us. She said she wasn't a good speaker, but when she got started no one could stop her. Sherry answered all our questions and did a great job!
        Then we had David Fick from Desert Environmental Response Team give a very educational and enlightening talk on the Eagle Mountain Dump. After David had spoken and left, we had a heated debate on the dump, and decided to invite a pro dump advocate to speak at our next meeting. We will try to contact Mining Reclamation Corporation.

        We're happy to hear that Louise DeLap is home from the hospital after having a fall. She is being taken care of by her daughter and doing well.

        Sorry to hear about Roz and Ed Drzal's dog of sixteen years, Curly, who died Saturday the 4th.

        Thank you Shirley Pringle for the nice card you sent me.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little community is enjoying the mild weather while it lasts. I guess it's time to start thinking about getting our swamp coolers ready for the heat of summer. I remember going through my first summer out here without one. At night laying on the couch with the fan blowing on a wet beach towel covering my body. Dranking a lot of water. Spent must of the day in a small plastic kids pool, the kind with little whales painted on it, waiting for the night. Hey, you do what you can. No, I don't want to do that again. Thank God For swamp coolers!!

        My Pick for Person of the Month is Jackie Johnston, who suffered back and knee injuries in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver in Aug. 98. Despite her injuries she used skills she learned as a volunteer fire person at station no. 44 to assist the other people at the accident. Jackie is now continuing her education at Copper Mountain College. She takes offices courses and gets A's and B's, likes her teacher and says she is ' exceptional, because she makes sure you learn'. Jackie has lived in Copper Mountain Mesa off and on for over 10 years and wouldn't live any where else. Though not a member of the community center, she helps out by putting packets together for bingo and helps in other ways when she can. She likes crafts but says her fingers are to big to work the fine thread for crochet. Asked what persons influenced her most, she answered 'Kaye Hileman and Doris Ingersoll who teach me how to knit'. The best thing that happen in her life is her boyfriend Pere Galloway.

        Don't forget to come to our pot luck tonight at 4:30 P.M.

        Our first Saturday breakfast is on the first of April at 8 til 11 A.M.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our large community is happy now that the new shopping center and mall is under construction. Located by the community center on Winters Road across the street from Stinky Pete's Pizza Parlor and Lizard lounge. It will make life a little easier and shopping convenient. It will have a Zodys and White Front department stores, also a Thriftys Drug and Safeway market.

It has been reported that a pit has reopened after the 7+ earthquake in our neighborhood. First discovered in 1939 by the military after a tank disappeared into it, was subsequently covered over with cement after it was found to be bottomless. There is some debate as to if it should now be used as a mega dump instead of Eagle Mountain dump, but people who know it's location are not telling. One person who had an encounter with the pit is Ruth Tuttle, she writes: 'It was pitch dark traveling on a unfamiliar dirt road and my car lights suddenly started flickering, the motor sputtered, a dead battery out in the middle of nowhere. Noticing a porch light nearby I started cautiously walking across the desert, thinking of the scuttlebutt about a deep caved in hole out here somewhere. As I stepped my feet were slipping down into loose sand. I fell back screaming "I'm falling in the deep hole". The owner and his barking dogs came running but found no deep hole. This good Samaritan towed my car home and because I was shaking so badly helped me into the house. Why hasn't something been done about this hole in the desert?' Unfortunately, after reporting this to me last week, Ruth took off to roam the desert looking for the pit and hasn't been heard from since. 'It's like she disappeared from the face of the earth' said one search and rescue person.

Have a wonderful April fools day from the folks at Copper Mountain Mesa!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is having its board meeting today 10 A.M. At the meeting there will be community service officer Arden Wiltshire from the police dept. to speak on the neighborhood watch program.

Happy to hear that Kaye Hileman is out of the hospital and is doing well. She says that she will stop smoking, cut out salt, and go on long walks. That a girl Kaye!

This months birthdays are: Dave Royer, Patty Bradley, Brinda Zimmer, and Judy Driver. There will be a big cake for ya all at the pot luck on the last Saturday of the month. We'll sing happy birthday and embarrass you.

Don't forget Tuesday nights for dinner at 5 and then Bingo at 6 P.M.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had its board meeting last week. The speaker was community service officer Arden Wiltshire from the police dept. who did a fantastic job informing us all about the Neighborhood Watch Program. We also had microphones and loud speakers installed for those who have trouble hearing.

The Road board had it's meeting last Saturday and elected Roger Smith as the new president.

The Surprise Valley Well is having it's annual meeting on April the 22 at 2 P.M. Any members or owners of certificates passed down from previous owners who did not get a newsletter please call Jerry Jackson at 362-4769.

Juanita Young has lost her grandson, Donald Townend, who died last Saturday in a motor cycle accident. Son of Sheila Townend a twin of Sharon Young who is a member of Copper Mountain Mesa board of directors. Donny was bright and enthusiastic about life, a little naive about the world, but somehow I think that's a good trait. I remember when I visited him he showed me pictures of his father's custom Harley and his trading cards which were plastered all over the wall of his bedroom. He was only 25.

Don't forget Tuesday nights for dinner at 5 and then Bingo at 6 P.M.

Happy birthday to Bob Stonebraker!!!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community, yeah, our little community. It's not much, just a toe hold on this vast high desert land. Where people work and live. Where you drive 12 miles to the nearest store, most of which is on dirt roads. Where, when you get your car stuck in the sand or run out of gas you know there will be neighbors there to help. Where, when your feeling down there are friends close by you can call. Where if you want advice or not, you get it! Yes our little community, people helping people, without them the desert would reclaim the land; Wind blown dust would seep into broken doors swinging on their rusted hinges. The sun would bake and splinter the wood. All that would be left, empty shells of houses where people had worked and lived.

Don't forget pot luck Saturday 4/29 at 4:30, where you can bring your cake and eat it too!

Don't forget Tuesday nights for dinner at 5 and then Bingo at 6 P.M.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community's Surprise Valley Water Association held it's annual membership meeting last Saturday. Ed Yocum and Joe Brown were re-elected to the board of officers. Questions on certificates of ownership were resolved when it was said that the certificates stay with the property even after it's sale. Incorporated in Dec. 69 as a non profit organization, it has provided water to our area residents as a service to the community.

My pick for person of the month is Joyce Ware. She has been living up here for over 8 years and is an avid gardener. She attends Grace Christian Church where she volunteers to help the sick and needy. Joyce is a nice person and pleasant to be around.

If your really hungry next Saturday come to our breakfast. It starts at 8 A.M. and goes until 11.

Don't forget Tuesday nights for dinner at 5 and then Bingo at 6 P.M.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a really great pot luck I've been told. I was sick and couldn't make it. damn! Now I'll have to wait another month.

Bring your sweetie down to the community center on Saturday May 13, for our Sweetheart Breakfast. Starts at 8 until 11 A.M. Who knows, you might get lucky that night!

Our own silver throated singer Ed Yocum will be performing at the Hi Desert Playhouse on May 14 at 2:30 P.M. There will be sing a longs, jokes, line dancers, and romantic love songs.

Because of the Sweetheart Breakfast the board meeting will be at 11.

Don't forget Tuesday nights for dinner at 5 and then Bingo at 6 P.M.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is happy that Lillian Thrift is out of the hospital and is doing well.

A friend up here told me a story about what happened to him once. He is a wiry little guy and was a private in the military. After much persistence he got a date with the Generals daughter and took her to the movies. It was his big date and did all he could to impress her. Before they got seated to watch the movie, he noticed that his fly was down. He covered it the best he could util the lights went out, then he stealthily zipped it up not noticing a girl with her long blond hair hanging over the seat in front of him. Well, after the movie they all got up to leave and the blond haired girl started to scream in pain, her hair was caught in his zipper. As he franticly tried to untangle the girls hair, sitting on the floor of the aisle, the girl moaning and crying as curious people gaped then walk over or around them, he saw his dream date, the Generals daughter, walking briskly away towards the exit never to be seen by him again.

Happy Mother's Day !

Don't forget Tuesday nights for dinner at 5 and then Bingo at 6 P.M.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a rip roaring Mother's Day breakfast last Saturday and our regular breakfast the week before was a great success also. Thanks to the volunteers who donated their time and great effort everything went smoothly and everyone had a good time.

My pick for person of the month is Lillian Thrift. She had just gotten out of the hospital the week before and there she is at last Mondays USDA food distribution handing out bags of food. It's always nice to see her smiling!

Pot luck is next Saturday the 27. I missed it last time and I am really hungry. So don't forget to come on down around 4:30 and bring a friend, or you'll have to wait a hole month like me.

Don't forget Tuesday nights for dinner at 5 and then Bingo at 6 P.M.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is having a pre-Fathers Day pancake and champagne breakfast Saturday June 3. It will also include sausage, scrambled eggs and melons. Starts at 8 A.M. until 11. So come on down to your community center and bring your fathers and pre-fathers too!

Bob Seeley and his side kick Marge who head up the Shack Attack program for our area say that things are moving along quite nicely with the help of Sherry Rotruck, an officer from the county code enforcement. Already you can see old shacks disappearing along Winters road.

Ruth Tuttle went to her 8th grade reunion at Duarte school last week and joined many old class mates reminiscing about 1938 graduation.

Don't forget Tuesday nights for dinner at 5 and then Bingo at 6.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a grand time at the pot luck last Saturday. Kaye Hileman's sister, Jennie Jones, came all the way from Alano California for a three day stay. The sisters cooked up cookies, jalapeno jelly, soup and chicken enchiladas. Jennie wishes she lived closer so that she could come out more often.

A neighbor of mine (who wants to remain anonymous) told me that she was calling a friend but forgot the number and dialed 911 instead of 411. She realized what she had done and hung up right away then dialed 411, got the number and called her friend. She was on the phone for some time before she completed the call and hung up. Right away the phone rang and it was the 911 operator who said that she was trying to get through and asked if there was an emergency. My friend said no and explained what she had done. The operator said she better go to the front door. She did and there was a police officer waiting. I guess the moral of the story is don't hang up and stay on the line when you accidentally dial 911 and tell them what happen!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is having it's Pre-Independence Day Celebration on Saturday June 24, at 3 P.M. There Will be BBQ Ribs, potato salad, baked beans and dessert. Plus good old fashioned fellowship with you neighbors. BYOB. Come on down!

Vinegaroons, Wind Scorpions, Sun Spiders, or what ever you want to call them, one was on my pillow last night. Woke me up at 3 in the morning. I killed it with a Sue Grafton detective novel I'd been reading. Hmm, "S" is for smash? Not my first encounter with those ugly Scorpion want-a-bes either. They like to crawl on the ceiling and drop down on you unexpectedly or hide in your clothes and shoes then scare the devil out of you when you put them on. My neighbor said that she never saw her husband strip so fast as when he found one in his boxer shorts!
I looked them up at the library and the bug book said they hunt and kill small invertebrate. Yikes! They have large tweezer like mandibles that can cut through a plastic shopping bag, I know, I seen it done! They say if you get bit by one you will taste vinegar in your mouth for a week. Well I've never met anyone who's been bit, it's always 'I know someone who knows someone who's been bit'. I have never been bit. Maybe they've been given a bad name. Maybe they are a symbiotic life form and just want to protect us vulnerable humans from other critters of the night. Until I hear otherwise, I am going to shake my clothes and empty my shoes and schwoosh any of those creepy bugs with anything I can lay my hands on!

Sorry to hear that Doris Wilbur and Ruth Ruffin's dog of 14 years, "Duke", has passed on.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community was sorry to hear that William A. Stevenson passed away on June 3 after a long illness. A long time member and generous donator to the community center, he also helped many area residents with their lock and key problems. He was always happy to recount stories about his W.W.II tour of duty in the Aleutian Islands. Laid to rest last Friday at Riverside National Cemetery, it was well attended. Good bye Steve.

The community had it's board meeting last Saturday and Lee Hines and Bill Morrison were appointed by President Bob Seeley to fill two vacancy board positions and then approved by the board.

Many thanks go out to Bob Stonebraker and Lillian Thrift for donating 7 tables and 20 chairs to the center.

Three more street signs were found missing and presumed stolen from our community. We pay for our own signs not the county. This fine paper would not print what I'd like to say to the perpetrators, so I will just say stop taking our signs and bring the others back!

Don't forget our Pre-Independence Day Celebration on Saturday June 24, at 3 P.M.

Happy Father's Day!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community would like to remind everyone that we will not have first Saturday breakfast during the months of July and August and will continue them in September.

Today is the day for the Big BBQ at our community center. Starts at 3 P.M. Get on down and fill up on the ribs. Adults $5 Kids $2

My pick for person of the month is Marylou Kernop. She has been in charge of bingo at our community center for many years and is now leaving the post. In the past she has been a board member, helped out in the kitchen and all around dynamo. She is not afraid to speak her mind at meetings and makes good cake.

To all those people who don't have a clue it's been damn hot out there and you better water your plants.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community would like to thank all those that worked so hard to put on such a fantastic BBQ and the good folks (over 70) that came to feast on grub they cooked last Saturday at the community center. Even our good friend Sherry Rotruck, an officer from the county code enforcement, was there enjoying the food and camaraderie. I took my friend Mike Long from Hermosa Beach along and he ate like a pig. Everybody was so pleasant and I was having such a good time talking and mingling with everyone I almost forgot to eat.

There will be no Bingo on Tuesday July 4.

Words of wisdom for the Forth of July told to me by a scholarly academician: If you go forth with a "fifth" on the Forth, then you may not come forth on the fifth.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community hopes everyone has a happy Forth of July.

I remember one night back in early eighties when I lived on a boat in Redondo Beach. I had just rowed to shore and was walking down the dock when I came upon a bunch of people looking skyward, pointing, hooing and ahhing. I saw a good friend of mine in the crowd and elbowed my way towards her. 'Agnes what's going on, what's everyone looking at,' I asked. 'Can't you see it, look up, it's a UFO!' she said excitedly. Well it was a lightly lit small object moving at tremendous speeds back and forth against the black background of space and stars. Wow! Nothing I know of could move that fast make sharp turns spin and go the other way. I stood and watched it for awhile. I left everyone on the dock and walked up to shore in the direction of the object to get a better look see. All the time keeping my eyes on it as it did it's aero acrobatics. After walking about two blocks I came upon a post with a string tied to it that trailed off in the direction of the UFO. It was a kite that someone had tied off and abandoned. I ran back to the crowd on the dock to tell them what I'd discovered. Now there were more people added to the group, watching as if mesmerize, their heads moving like spectators at a tennis match. My dear good friend pointing skyward, expertly explaining to the newcomers about the UFO. I didn't have the heart to tell them my discovery and went back up to shore, back to the post with string, and cut it.

Happy Birthday to: Juanita Young, Lillian Thrift and Rick Kennedy.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had it's Association board and Road Commission meetings last Saturday. At the Road meeting Roger Smith, president, said about the condition of our roads, that people who oversee district road maintenance for the County are keeping a closer watch on our budget and road maintenance. This increased scrutiny has recently led to some deteriorating road conditions and dissatisfaction among members of the Road Commission and the community who were present at the meeting. Roger also says he is at a lost to explain cut back of maintenance on Winters Road, a class one road, since at the end of May we had $27,787 and it appears to be enough to meet any emergency and carry us through. He is going to communicate with the Supervisor of Administrative Services next week.

At the Copper Mountain Mesa Association board meeting they discussed where to put the picnic tables. It was decided to locate them at the north east side of the building, about where the trash container is now. A new swamp cooler will be obtained for the kitchen from proceeds of Vern and Betty Marlatte's estate that was sold in the rummage room. It was also decided that there will be no pot luck until September.

Get your free firewood at the community center. Stock up for winter now.

Summers here and if you have any stories of your vacation that you would like to see in this column, send them to me.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a surprise party for Marylou Kernop at the Fifties Cafe last Sunday. She has retired from running our bingo after fourteen years and the gang just wanted to express their appreciation for a job well done. She received flowers and a gold bingo pendant. Also receiving accolades were Juanita Young, long time president of the Copperettes, and Earline Burr who used to run bingo before Marylou. The party was well attended and the food was excellent.

My special person of the month is Ora Clement. She use to cook the bingo dinners at our community center for many years and made the best liver and onions I'd ever tasted. She is a hard worker and one of my favorite persons.

I've been getting a few complaints for not reporting on a recent illness that has put a person in the hospital. Here it is plain and simple: It's not my policy to report on anyone who is away from home for reasons of vacation or a long hospital stay. If I was to do so and their home was robbed while they were away, I would feel very upset and so would they with me. It would be easy to report on such things, I am constantly hurting for stories. Lets face it Copper Mountain Mesa is not a hot bed for news. But I have to be responsible. So please bear with me, it's not that I don't care about them, but that I do.

There will be no bingo dinners for the month of August.

Get your free firewood at the community center. Stock up for winter now.

Summers here and if you have any stories of your vacation that you would like to see in this column, send them to me.

Thought for the week: They say you can't please everyone and some not at all.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community was melted this last week. I don't need to tell you how hot it's been, but I cooked an egg on my GMC truck's hood just to see if I could. Even the lizards were shaking their heads at me. I been keeping my dogs well watered, spray them down twice a day (they like that) and make sure they have lots of shade. We must keep in touch with our neighbors to make sure that their ok, especially our seniors citizens who are more vulnerable to the heat.

Aggie Fuerst, a long time Copper Mountain Mesa resident, had a little to much heat and was taken to the hospital and released, is now back home doing well.

Ruth Tuttle's daughter is back from Monterey Ca. after a long 3 months stay working for the Visiting Nurses organization. She said there was fog and no sunshine and that she froze her butt off. She is happy to be back to the peace and quiet of the high desert. Her mother is happy shes back too.

There will be no bingo dinners for the month of August.

Summers here and if you have any stories of your vacation that you would like to see in this column, send them to me.

Thought for the week: Memory is the thing we forget with. -Alexander Chase

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is glad to hear that Lillian Thrift is back home from the hospital and is doing well. Bob Stonebraker is by her side helping with her convalescent until she can get back to her old self. Also, Ora Clement is back home after having surgery last week and is doing fine. We hope they both have a quick recovery.

Back in May 79 I'd just arrived in Madrid Spain after a long flight from Los Angles. I was very tired and just wanted to find a cheap place to stay until I could think up some itinerary for my trip through Europe. Everyone was crowding trying to claim their luggage, change dollars into Pesetas and then find transport to the city. I finally got everything together and made my way to the bus depot where I found another long line. Finding how much it cost, then getting my change ready in hand, I boarded the bus. The bus was dimly lit and the bus driver was saying something to me in Spanish like hurry up you dumb gringo. Hurried I looked for the place to put the fare. I noticed a convenient round slot in front of the driver and dumped my change into it. Well the driver started yelling at me in Spanish words I could not understand, but one, air-conditioner.

Happy birthday this month to Ruth Tuttle and Fred Frederiksen.

Thought for the week: There's no could have beens, only will bes. -Me

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is surprised that there are still vermin out there stealing our street signs. Don't they know that the fire and police departments depend on those signs. How about the paramedics where every second counts to save a life. We have many senior citizens up here who need a quick response in an emergency. So if you are one of these vermin, redeem yourself, and please bring our street signs back. Take them off your rec. room walls and return them to our community center. You may just save a life!

Marylou Kernop had a visit from grand niece Rachael Pacheco with her husband Joe and 8 month old baby girl Gabrielle last Saturday. They spent the day helping around the house and watching a video of the baby's birth.

Happy birthday to Patrick Whalen.

Thought for the week: What is honored in a country will be cultivated there. -Plato

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community would like to thank Jeff Rigney and Jim Ventura for releasing funds so we can get our roads done while the county is in the process of taking bids for a road grader. I know of a few people who are having car problems because the roads have been so bad. Also, people from other areas who normally come to our Tuesday night bingo games, didn't, because of bad roads. There were so many complaints from the community that Bob Seeley and Bob Stonebraker asked for funds to be released. The grader was out last Friday and Saturday happily doing our roads.

At the board meeting last Saturday it was noted that our community was officially back in the Shack Attack program. It was also stated that our part of the Shack Attack is the highest rated for work done. Pretty good for not being in the program. Bill Bonner is now in charge of the Desert Heights part of the Shack Attack. Spacial thanks go to Sherry Rotruck, an officer from the county code enforcement, for her hard work in making our Shack Attack the bench mark for all the others.

The board voted and approved for a new sign to replace the old tattered one out in front of the center. We finally got our new swamp cooler for the kitchen at the community center.

Get your free firewood at the community center. The wood comes from our Shack Attack program and you can help out by burning it in your fireplaces this winter.

Thought for the week: Before you disagree about someone else's solution, you should have a superior alternative solution. Don't just keep complaining, help find the answer.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is sadden to hear of the passing away of Maria Girouard last Saturday. She was a long time resident and well known in our community. She loved working with the kids. Ran art classes, the Christmas party and waited tables at the center's breakfasts. She will be dearly missed and our community will have a memorial for her on Saturday, September 9 at 2 P.M. at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center at 65430 Winters Road, so we may say good bye to an old friend.

Last week Marge and Bob Seeley went down to Fontana to visit their granddaughter Ashley. The grand folks took her shopping for clothes so she will look pretty her first semester at high school.

Thought for the week: It would be interesting, if at the wave of a wand, make it that all federal employees and elected officials would have to depend on Social Security (like most of us) rather than some government pension for retirement. I believe that magically it would get all it's funding and never run out of money, and that they would defend it tooth and nail and make it into the best run retirement system in the world.

Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center is looking for volunteers to help out with our ever expanding programs. Please call me for information if you are interested.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a lot of rain last Sunday. Looked like two of them thunder cells came through here and dumped all their rain on us. I live on Winters Road and saw what looked like a dark fog which enveloped everything in it's path, proceeded by about 4 inches of flood water, come rolling towards me. The flood stopped at the bottom of the hill I live on. Lighting, thunder, rain and wind. The electric power was off for about 3 hours and the telephone service was intermittent. After the rain everyone was out trying to put things back to normal. I saw Mike Villarreal out dragging the roads around my neighborhood so it would be easier for people to use. Members of the Road Board were also driving around inspecting for damage. Well we needed the water but not all at once.

Don't forget to come to the Community Center for breakfast this Saturday 2, at 8 till 11 A.M.

The Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association will have it's board meeting Saturday September 9 at 10 A.M. All are welcome to come by and participate.

There will be a memorial for Maria Girouard on Saturday, September 9 at 2 P.M. at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center at 65430 Winters Road.

This months birthdays are: Ed and Roz Drzal, and Mike Villarreal. There will be cake and ice cream at this months pot luck, which is the last Saturday of the month, where we'll sing happy birthday to you.

Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center is looking for volunteers to help out with our ever expanding programs. Please call me for info if you are interested.

Thought for the week: Eyesight should learn from reason. -Kepler

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has lost another long time resident and founder, Lillian Thrift, who passed away last Saturday after a long illness. Everyone up here knew her and loved her. She was very enthusiastic when it came to the community center and was always volunteering for something, and she also made a really great pineapple upside down cake. Her and Bob Stonebraker were inseparable. You could usually see them driving around Copper Mountain Mesa with her little dog. This will be a great loss for all of us up here. No date has been set for a memorial at this time.

There will be a Road Commission meeting Saturday, September 16 at 10 A.M. at the community center. a county spokes person will talk on various aspects of our area's roads.

There will be a Copper Mountain Mesa Association board meeting today at 10 A.M.

There will be a memorial for Maria Girouard today, Saturday, September 9 at 2 P.M. at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center at 65430 Winters Road.

I would have liked to have written about happier things and happier times in this weeks column, but it doesn't seem right and I am not up to it this time. Sorry.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community said it's good byes to Maria Girouard last Saturday. There was a big turnout. Jon Brewer gave the benediction. Gretchen, daughter of Trudy Poe, sang. Doris Wilbur, Stevie Villarreal, Marcia McKinney, Earline Burr and Bob Seeley reminisced about the life of Maria. She had a free and wonderful sprint. Never had a bad word about anyone. One trait she had was that she was always late for everything. Ask why, Maria would remark, 'look at all the attention I get when I walk into a room, all heads turn towards me'. There was not a dry eye in the place when Bob Seeley spoke on how we are a big family up here in Copper Mountain Mesa and that a death of one effects us all. At the end of the memorial two little boys, friends of Marcia McKenny, got up and sang " Happy trails to you". One thing I found out was that Maria wrote this same column many years ago that I am writing now for the High Desert Star . I would like to say that I am very proud of our little family and to have met Maria.

There will be a memorial followed by a pot luck for Lillian Thrift Saturday, September 30 at 2:30 P.M. at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center at 65430 Winters Road. All are invited and welcomed.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a really great first Saturday breakfast three weeks ago, we even had a live piano player. Now we're preparing for the next one that will take place on the 7 of October at 8 A.M. till 11 A.M. So please come on down and stuff yer self with our home cookin.

A quick note on the Shack Attack Program. Code Enforcement works on a complaint bases only. So if you get a notice from Code Enforcement about your abandoned property being a mess it was a complaint call in from someone in the neighborhood. The Program is doing a great job getting our desert cleaned up and eliminating some of the abandoned eyesores that litter our community. I feel that most criticisms about the program should fall on deaf ears. If you own an abandoned eyesore and don't want to be notified, just board and clean it up. Those who have been notified and are experiencing difficulties should contact Code Enforcement and they will work with you. Their not trying to punish anyone, just clean up our beloved desert. Our little community is not a dumping place!

There will be a memorial for Lillian Thrift today, Saturday September 30 at 2:30 P.M. with a pot luck afterwards at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center at 65430 Winters Road. All are invited and welcomed.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community said good bye to Lillian Thrift at the memorial held for her last Saturday. Bob Seeley started the memorial by recognizing that we are all a family up here and that Lillian would be proud of us and happy with the turn out. Then other people got up to speak, among them were Kay Johnson, Ruth Tuttle, Patrick Whalen, Roger Smith and Bob Stonebraker and his Granddaughter. We had a pot luck afterwards and reminisce about Lillian, who we will dearly miss and wish her well on her journey.

Today is the first Saturday of the month and that means breakfast at our community center. Come on down and join yer extended family of desert rats for pancakes, eggs, and more. 8 till 11 A.M.

Then next Saturday come on over and flap yer lips with the best of then at our board meeting. Starts at 10 A.M.

Birthdays for the month of October are: well there aren't any on my list. I know there must be someone. So at the Saturday breakfast we're going to have a calendar and when you come in yer going to sign yer name on the day you were born. Got that?

I am starting the Historical Society of Copper Mountain Mesa, big hat no cattle, and if you would like to help please contact me. We need pictures and old letters, etcetera.

Thought for the week: People are good at critiquing but only a few at creating.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is having its General Meeting on November 18. Starts at 10 A.M. with the regular board meeting, then after all that's over with we'll go on to the general meeting. WE will elect new board members at this time. We have a number of people running for board positions, among them are: Cal Mayers, Lee Hinds, Steve Tuttle, Mary Helen Tuttle, and Ray Foye. We all wish them the best. More on this next week stay tuned.

Ruth Tuttle just got back from a camping trip with her church group, United Methodist of Joshua Tree, and had a wonderful time up in Wrightwood communing with nature and feeding the squirrels.

Before I forget we're having a Halloween potluck on October 28, from 4:30 to 7:30 P.M. bring you best dish and impress your friends. Costumes are optional and there will be a blind auction (bring a gift wrapped in newspaper if ya want). So don't be afraid and come on over and visit with your neighbors.

Thought for the week: Life is like spittin in the wind, the more effort ya put into it the less spit yer gona get in yer damn fool face.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is finally getting our long awaited Gazebo. Nicon Construction should begin building it this week. It will have a white trim and a wheelchair ramp for easy accessibility. Bob Seeley will have the plans and drawings at Tuesday bingo and at the first Saturday breakfast, which will be November 4.

Don't forget to come to our Halloween potluck today, Saturday, October 28, from 4:30 to 7:30 P.M. bring you best dish and impress your friends. Costumes are optional and there will be a blind auction (bring a gift wrapped in newspaper if ya want).

There's been some talk about strange goings on at that old abandoned shack that sits on the hilltop overlooking our community. A light from a lantern can be seen late at night, but when you go up there the next morning to investigate, with the exception of weird writings on the walls, not a footprint or trace of human occupation can be found. On dark rainy nights when lighting strikes and it lights up the sky, if you happen to be looking in the shacks direction, you can just make out shadows of horned figures hoping and dancing around. There's also been reports of dire screams heard. Like wailings of some poor desperate victim being torn apart. Pets have disappeared in that area. On a dare, a neighbor of mine went up there alone one night. He is now in an asylum for the criminally insane. I myself won't go up there and you shouldn't either.

Happy Halloween everyone.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a great Halloween party last Saturday night. There were all kinds of food, cakes, pies and candies. Everyone had a great time I was told; unfortunately I had a cold and couldn't make it.

Our community will be sorry to hear that Bob Nelson's mother, Isabel, passed away Oct. 31. Bob told me that she was a good woman and that he loved her very much. She was 93.

Bob Seeley told me that there will be four Pearl Harbor veterans from our community marching in the veteran's parade in Palm Springs on Nov. 11.

There will be a Road Board meeting on Nov. 18 after our regular association board meeting; that begins at 10 A.M. and before the General meeting; that begins at 1 P.M. Come on down and tell them how bad the are.

Thought for the week: An instant in time is all we have to plan for the future and think of the past.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has a new president, and vice president of the Copperettes. They are Ruth Tuttle and Mary Lou Kernop. The election was held on the first Wednesday of this month at the community center. We all wish them the best of luck.

Please don't forget about the General meeting that begins at 1 P.M. We need everyone in the community to attend. Our regular association board meeting starts at 10 A.M. and then the Road Board meeting. Pretty heavy stuff for a Saturday afternoon I'd say. Check yer weapons at the door!

Ruth Ruffin is back from the hospital after she fell and broke her wrist. We hope she recovers nicely.

It was reported to me that Ashley, the granddaughter of Marge and Bob Seeley, is at the top of her 9th grade class. Also she's at the top of the whole school in math and science! Good going Ashley!

I'd had some calls about my Halloween story by some pretty nice people who thought that it was true. It wasn't. There are no horned demons dancing around at night in lightning storms. My neighbor is not in an asylum, though his wife may think he belongs in one, but has been delivering water to the kind folks in Wonder Valley all along. The story came by way of my twisted imagination. I just wanted to say BOO!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is having its General meeting today at 1 P.M. Our regular association board meeting starts at 10 A.M. and then the Road Board meeting starts after that. At the General meeting we will elect members of the board, who will govern our little community for two years. I just hope we have better luck with our elections then the country is having with theirs, of course we don't live in Florida and we don't have the lawyers or the time for multiple recounts.

Ruth Tuttle attended a birthday party for 101-year-old Eldora McLaughlin last week at Crescent Gardens in Yucca Valley. All her friends came and had cake and had lots of fun. What kind of fun Ruth didn't say. But we all up here wish Eldora many more birthdays to come.

Thought for the week: Excesses of youth are like a ghost who comes and haunts you when you're old. Or to put it in plain English: Drink and party hardy and later on yer hair and teeth will fall out.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had its General meeting last Saturday. The Copperettes served sandwiches and cakes. The meeting was well attended. At the General meeting we elected new members of the board, they are: Cal Mayers, Lee Hines, Steve Tuttle, and Lee Rorrer. Mary Helen Tuttle is secretary and Bob Seeley is president. They will govern our little community for the next two years.

Well Thanksgiving has snuck up on us again and all those Christmas adds will start to begin. It was just summer a little while back. But now it's so cold you just want to stay in the sack. Its time to get greeting cards ready to send and do the shopping for family and friends. Run up yer credit cards to their max, then ya get a booklet in the mail for yer federal tax. Seasons Greeting!

Thought for the week: Without goals you let someone else control yer future.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is happy that Lee Rorrer is taking over the rummage room. He is very enthusiastic about getting it setup and going. If you have stuff that you would like to donate please bring them by and if you can't old Lee has a big truck that he'll drive over to yer house and pick it all up. Of course if yer looking to buy come on down to the community center for the best prices in all the world!

Well Thanksgiving is over and I hope everyone was with their families and had enough to eat. I heard that Ruth Tuttle had a few hungry people over at her castle. Juanita Young hosted a big turkey and ham brunch at her domain. We guys would like to thank all the lovely wives and beautiful ladies whose tireless efforts of standing in front of a hot stove all day, wrestling that big bird around in the kitchen, working their fingers to the bone preparing that feast of the year, Thanksgiving.

Birthday for December: Bill Morrison, Mary Lou Kernop, Carolyn Kerschiman and Ray Foyil.

Thought for the week: You know yer losing yer memory when you can't remember what it was you forgot or forgot what it was yer forgetting to remember.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community has been concerned about the condition of the roads up here for a very long time. So in an effort to keep our citizens informed, I've been in communication with Roger Smith, president of the road board to give this column monthly updates. The first appears here written by Roger: The grader began December's grading the first weekend of the month. Roads scheduled for work this month include but are not limited to Winters, Presswood, Poleline-Sonora, and Coyote Valley. Flood damage repair will be done to Los Hoyos, Jerrico, a portion of Saturn, and Daisy.

January begins our new year and extra funds will be spent on the complaint-generating Coyote Valley starting at the end of Sunfair north to about Olsen, and flood damage still impacting Shoshone, Brant's Crossing, Saturn, and others which took the brunt of Ma Nature's liquid attempts to remove us from the area last August.
Ruth Malton had a visit last week from her daughter Linda and son Steve. They went to the Community's Saturday Breakfast where they enjoyed eatin the good food and talking to all the nice folks.

Thought for the week: Whoever it was that said talk is cheap didn't have any phone bills or lawyers.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is hunkerin down for the cold that winter brings. I don't care when the calendars or the weather person says winters here, I know when winters here, like I did last year, when my dogs water dish freezes over. This happened last Wednesday morning. I ordered a wood-burning stove last week. I know its kind of late in the season, but who thinks of keeping warm when the temperatures are into the 90's or 100's. The community still has firewood you can pick-up over at the center. This wood has come from our shack attack program. It has nails and needs to be cut up, but it's free for the community.

I've been working on a web site for our little community and it should be ready sometime in January, Hopefully. Its taking this long because I have to learn all this new programming stuff. The site, coppermountainmesa.com, will have many neat things like e-mail, newsletters, history of the area, and events. If you have any constructive ideas let me know. I will keep you all informed. Keep checking here.

Bob and Marge Seeley took a trip to Mesa Arizona last week to visit their relatives. One of them had come all the way from Milwaukee to visit. They had a great time, but it was a long drive Marge said.

Thought for the week: If you can dream it, you can make it come true!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is having it's annual NEW YEARS EVE PARTY which will start at 8 P.M. Dec.31 and go until 1 A.M. Jan. 1, 2001. You could go to yer neighbor's and drink, get butt naked, hold hands and dance around the campfire howlin at the moon. Or come on down to the community center at 65336 Winters Road. There's a $2.50 admission, but that's not a whole lot nowadays. To make yer seating reservations call 362-4405, or to git more info call 366-8561. There will be dancing and drinkin and you can still howl at the moon if ya want!

Earline Burr had surgery last week. She's out of ICU and in her room doing fine. Our hopes and prayers go out to her for a speedy recovery.

There will be no Bingo Tuesday the 26 of Dec. but will resume Jan. 2 2001.

The coppermountainmesa.com web site is up and running, but still under construction. You can go there if ya want to have a look see. The e-mail thing doesn't work yet, something about DSN I got to do. I do have Chewy Cactus and local weather. You have anything constructive to add let me know.

Thought for the week: Have a MERRY CHRISTMASS ya hear!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is untangling it's self from all the ribbons and bows of Christmas and getin ready for the great event of the whole year, the end of it! I personally don't want to think about startin a new one just yet. But anyhow, come on down to the community center at 65336 Winters Road for our annual NEW YEARS EVE PARTY. You can still make yer seating reservations by calling 362-4405, or to git more info call 366-8561. The shindig will start at 8 P.M. Dec.31 and go until 1 A.M. Jan. 1, 2001. There's a $2.50 admission.

Roger Smith, president of the Road Board, reports; there will be a meeting of the CSA70 R19 Copper Mountain Mesa road maintenance district Jan. 13th, 2001 at 11am. I will be handing out a copy of the latest road maintenance directive I recently received from Mike Meldrin, special districts field supervisor for San Bernardino County, and copies of our latest budget figures.

There will be Bingo Tuesday Jan. 2 2001.

Thought for the week: Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR ya hear!

        Hey you, yes you! Shhhh, quiet. I don't want the newspaper people to hear. I need yer help. I have to write 52 of these darn things a year. You try it sometime it ain't easy. Look around this page at the nice Smilin ladies and their well-written columns. Now look at mine with this old tired goat without a hope in the world staring back at ya. Who can't put two words together without shaken. To this day it baffles me why these fine decent civilized folks at Hi Desert Star put up with the likes of me. So please help with yer tales of our community and send them to me. Write or call before they find out what they have done and hog tie me and run me out of town on a kicking donkey!

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