Our Little Community






By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a very pleasant New Years Eve party at our center. There was a pretty big turnout and everyone had a fantastic time. Hey we even had two kids, Darin Rorrer and his girlfriend Laya, get hitch right at the stroke of Midnight! We even remembered to take our hats off during the ceremony that was performed by Pastor Bart from the Lighthouse Christian Center. Many thanks go out to the hard working Copperettes for putting on such a wonderful party, especially Mary Helen Tuttle who directed the goings on.

The USDA food distribution will be Monday January the 8.

Lee Rorrer has been on my hide to get his phone number in this column so that you can call him if you have any donations to make to the Rummage Room. He will even come and pick it up with his big truck. He also has the forms so you can take it off yer taxes! Well here it is 362-1120.

Thought for the week: Time is an illusion.

Birthdays for January are: Sharon Weaver, Katy Boyd, Earline Burr, Rick and Marge Seeley, Robert Herrera, Steve Tuttle. That's a whole bunch of birthdays for up here!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had its first Saturday breakfast last week. Many people showed up including Bob and Julie Beggs from Plainfield Wisconsin, who are new members of our community. They are trying to make the Mesa their permanent home.

Pearl Harbor Survivor lost another member, Art Valfour, who was also a member of our association. Bob Seeley headed up the group from our area who attended the services.

There will be a Pot Luck dinner Saturday, January 27 at 4:30 P.M. Fix yer vittles and bring them on down.

There will be a Sweet Hearts Breakfast on February third instead of our regular First Saturday Breakfast. I will have more info next time.

Thought for the week: You know yer getting old when you enjoy brushing yer tooth.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is gearing up for our annual Sweethearts Breakfast, which will be from 8 A.M. till 11 A.M. on Saturday the February 3. Bring yer sweetie and yer appetite on down to the center. Ham, French toast, scrambled eggs, and champagne are among the treats they will have in store for your palate. Adults: $4.50. Children under 12: $2.50.

I've been told that they are starting construction on the gazebo this week. I will check it out and report on the progress next week.

Bob Stonebreaker went to Laughlin Nevada last week for 3 days and took 3 attractive ladies with him. He says he goes up there to make a deposit at his bank, but I believe his bank is one of those casinos.

Thought for the week: If you don't lie you will be less likely to believe in one.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community finally has its gazebo. It was finished last week and is looking real pretty! I wonder what kind of event the Copperettes have planed for its unveiling? I bet ya that it will be something spectacular!

While the gazebo was under construction, Bob Seeley tripped over a forklift that was parked by the entrance of the community center and hit his head on one of its forks. Lee Rorrer took him down to the hospital and Bob checked out ok. We folks up here already knew that Bob is hardheaded and this proves it!

We all had a good time at our potluck dinner last Saturday. There was plenty to eat and nice to see old friends come and visit like Josie Dodge, and Sherry Rotruck who is an officer from the county code enforcement. Sherry wanted me to remind everyone who bring their old tires down to the center for recycle to take the darn rims off or she will stop the program!

Birthdays for the month: Pam and John Waddell, Earl Wilbert.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is wondering what the weather is going to do next. Most of the week it was sunny and nice and now it looks like it's going to snow! This is the only place that I lived where you can go through four seasons in less then seven days. To save energy on these cold nights I turn off the propane furnace and jump into bed with the electric blanket turned on. My whole house is powered by solar and someday I may write about that.

There isn't much to write about this week and since it will be Valentines Day next week I thought I'd leave you with a little poem I wrote a girlfriend a few years back. She's gone but the poem is still here, maybe it wasn't as good as I thought.

As stubborn as the wind blown gale a little ship reefs her sail. One rouge wave, one small tip, beneath the waves she shall slip. To test her strength to resist, to crest beyond the blinding mist. To stare into the setting sun, to go where no one has begun. Running with the storm behind that swallows up all life unkind. She fights this force and if prevail, to the next storm she'll set sail.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is happy to hear that Ruth Malton, who is a member and volunteer at our community center, is a grandmother for the second time. 8 LBS. and 15 OZ. Katelyn Rose Lambert was born Tuesday 13, at 9:30 P.M. Ruth say that she likes 'Likes being a granny'.

Roger Smith, President of the road board gives his monthly report; The road list for this month includes but is not limited to Olsen, Friendship, a heavily wash boarded section of La Brisa, our local version of the Kelso Dunes at the intersection of Old Chisolm Trail and the riverbed known as Shoshone Valley Rd., plus the usual Coyote Valley, Winters, Sonora, and others deemed necessary by our grader, Rick Colella.

There will be a potluck dinner on Saturday 24, at 4:30 P.M. Come on down and get yer fill. The food is always good and the folks are hospitable.

When I mentioned my home being solar powered in last weeks column I didn't know that I would get a lot of calls, emails, and letters from people wanting to know how it's done. So I created a web page for solar at our community web site coppermountainmesa.com. There I try to explain what I did, the cost. I also put up some links that you can go to for more info. Please go and have a look see. If you have anything constructive to add or questions about solar just give me a call.

Thought for the week: Without goals you let someone else decide your future.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is having its kitchen at the center remodeled. We now have a commercial dishwasher and just had the kitchen painted by Bob Stonebraker. We are all grateful for the fine painting job Stonebraker did. The County engineers came to the center the other day to look into placement of an emergency electric generator. The funding of this will be provided by Block Grants.

There is a potluck dinner today, Saturday 24, at 4:30 P.M. don't forget to come on down and make a pig of yer self on the grub.

Thought for the week: I've been thinking about corruption in government lately and came up with one way to curb it I believe; Any government employee or official convicted of fraud, taking bribes or any felony against the people of California would forfeit their pension.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had a few rainy days this week and for a couple of days it just rained without end. I think my dogs blame the rain on me, like I made it happen. It is so nice to look out my front door and see snow on them mountains. Hey! Remember a few weeks ago when the expert on the TV news said Southern California was in for a drought this year? They might not be that great at prediction, but I will predict that we will have lots of bugs come spring.

Roger Smith, President of the Road Board, with this month's road maintenance schedule: Roads scheduled to be done this month are Olsen, Winters, Coyote Valley, Lucille and Old Chisolm Trail, portions of which haven't been done for a long time. Some water-filled low spots on Presswood and some narrow spots on blind hills on Sonora are also scheduled. This list may be expanded after I drive the area to check for flood damage from these recent rains. The grader is scheduled for 40 hours this month. This figure allows our grader to then grade roads beyond those specified and also begins the buildup of an emergency reserve required by the county special districts office. I had hoped to increase this to 45 hours a month this year but the flood damage from the August flooding last year ate up a great deal of our reserve. The billing for September of last year was over $10,000. Also our grader has reluctantly been forced to raise his hourly rate due to the increases in his fuel costs. This is the first increase in his long history with our district.

Birthdays for March are; Lee Rorrer who is vice president of our community association, and Richard Fountain.

Thought for the week: If you believe what the TV commercials say, we're over weight, going bald, and impotent.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is still wringing itself out from the rain that this week's storm dumped on us. I was listening to the radio Tuesday and the announcer said that Winters Road was flooded. If this keeps up I am going to open a boating marina or sell canoes.
I was told, I over slept that day, that we had a really good First Saturday breakfast with over 40 people chowin down the good food. Bob Smith, a representative of the county supervisor, was there jawin with the folks.

Thought for the week: Ageing is like an old shoe; the laces are broke, the tongue is frayed, the outsides are worn, but the soul remains.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had its association board meeting last Saturday. I was told the meeting went fine and that there was no fighting or pulling of hair. The members all sat around smiling at each other. (Yeah sure) They discussed the Block Grants and Shack Attack program and said these were moving along just fine. There will be a meeting concerning the Block Grants in San Bernardino with the County Supervisors April 3.

Thought for the week: I hope that dogs and cats go to Heaven when they pass on. I think Heaven would be a happier place for it.

My dog Cheetah passed away this last Wednesday. She was a good dog and loved to play fetch the stick. She will be missed dearly.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is happy to hear the news that June Upshaw, who use to be the head librarian at the Joshua Tree Library and retired to Sun City, is engaged to be married - what a surprise - most of all to June. She says that neither of them were "looking" but it seems right for both of them. The lucky guy is Wayne Cleveland and they will be married in early June. She has been seeing Wayne, the cousin of her good friends in Sun City, and had known him slightly many years ago. He knew June's late husband Bob Upshaw. They had played golf with Wayne there many times. She misses her friends from JT Library and does hear from Nicole and Helen, who are very dear to her. Well June we folks up here at Copper Mountain Mesa miss yer smiling face every time we check out a book, and all the small talk too!

Thought for the week: Life is the most important thing we possess. (Just a reminder to those who may have forgotten)

By Bob DeLoyd

Our enormous community is having a ground braking ceremony this Saturday for the new Copper Mountain Mesa International Airport (CMMIA). The new airport will be located across the street from the newly completed Zodys and White Front stores. We've been waiting for almost five years for FAA approval and it was granted just this last month. There were some in the community that complained the jet noise would keep them up at night and some objections from environmentalists about effects the noise would have on the mating habits of turtles. These complaints fell on deaf ears when the community was told that property values would go through the roof. There will also be lots of new jobs created with building and maintaining the Airport and construction of the new freeway that will connect the Airport with Landers and Wonder Valley.

In other news, the State is looking into the feasibility of putting in solar panels and windmills on two square miles of BLM land to provide power for the Airport. Any excess power that's created will be sold to San Diego for four times the market value!

Happy April Fools from yer friends at Copper Mountain Mesa.

Thought for the week: Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. (I didn't make this one up but I thought it appropriate!)

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is having a memorial at the Community Center Saturday April 21 at 4:30 P.M. for Vern and Betty Marlatte who passed away here a year ago February. All those who knew and loved the Marlattes are welcome to come down and celebrate their lives. There will be a potluck dinner afterwards.

The Surprise Valley Well is having its annual meeting on Saturday April 21 at 2 P.M.

Thought for the week: Politicians are like donuts: A vacant hole surrounded by a lot of hype.

More Birthdays for this month: Bob Stonebreaker, Brenda Zimmer.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is really getting green these days. I've seen plants I've never seen before growing and blooming. Whole bunches of butterflies and Bees buzzing and flying. Yes I guess it's spring up here in Copper Mountain Mesa.

Don't forget to come to the memorial for Vern and Betty Marlatte at the Community Center Saturday April 21 at 4:30 P.M. Come down and celebrate their lives. There will be a potluck dinner afterwards

One more Birthday for this month: Lee Rorrer, whose birthday was actually March 31.

Thought for the week: What "IF" solar electric panels were invented today... with our energy industry in California such a mess and customers being held hostage by increasing rate hikes. And "IF" you heard about a new energy invention that you could buy and install yourself, that just sat there with no moving parts and could produced enough power to run your home and you wouldn't have to pay or depend on Power Companies again. What would you do? It works. Solar panels are here now and people been using them for decades to power their homes. I should know, they power my home!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community had its memorial for Vern and Betty Marlatte last Saturday to celebrate their lives. There was a potluck dinner afterwards with enough food to feed an army, and then some. Ruth Tuttle conducted the memorial and spoke of a few reminiscences. Juanita Young did an elegant job of relating to us the benevolent nature of the Marlattes. Our community will deeply miss Vern and Betty.

There will be a community cleanup sometime in June. When I git more information I'll let ya know the details.

There won't be any potluck today, Saturday, because of last week's memorial and potluck.

Thought for the week: A narrowly divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled recently that police could arrest people for minor offenses that should be punishable only by a fine. The case; a soccer mom driving her kids home was arrested, handcuffed, and taken to jail in front of her kids for not wearing a seatbelt! Now this is scary don't ya think?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is gona have its Mother's Day Breakfast on Saturday, May 12 From 8 to 11 A.M. Come on over to the Community Center at 65336 Winters Road and chow down on the vittles; French Toast, Ham and Sausage, more. Complimentary Champagne or Sparkling Cider will be served. Adults $4.50 Children $2.25. Phone 362-5212 for info.

The Rummage room, now renamed the M&M room, is open for business. Come on over and do yer browsing and shopping. If ya have something ya don't need and want to donate please drop it off. All proceeds now go to keep our association going and us folks sure appreciate it!

There will be a community cleanup Saturday June 23. When I git more information I'll let ya know.

Birthdays this month are: Tex Foyil, Jackie Johnston, Ruth Ruffin, Tim Herrera, Mary Moowea, C. Myer, and Bob Nelson. If I spelled yer name wrong I am sorry but that's how I deciphered it from yer handwriting.

Thought for the week: Be neither a leader nor a follower. Just be yourself.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is sorry to hear that Juanita Young was taken to the hospital early Wednesday, but we're happy to report that she seems to be doing ok and they just want to keep her there to run some more tests.

Hot Dogs and other fine cuisine are now being served at Bingo. The price is right so hop on down Tuesday nights at 5 P.M. for dinner and then stick around and try yer hand at Bingo.

Mother's Day Breakfast today Saturday, May 12, From 8 to 11 A.M. at the Community Center.

Community Cleanup is Saturday June 23 and starts at 8 A.M. All participants will receive Certificates of Appreciation. There will be a potluck Bar-B-Q afterwards. Start getting your trash bagged NOW!

One more Birthday this month: Michael Lopez.

Thought for the week: Now that California has the power grid of a third world country, the highest gas prices in the U.S., and businesses leaving our state like Lemmings. What other unplanned disasters are our state leaders and their lobbyist planning for us now!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community finally has a new Road Board. The new members are Bob Stonebraker, Steve Tuttle, Ray Foyil, Bob Seeley, and Don Taylor.

Community Cleanup is Saturday June 23 and starts at 8 A.M. Start getting your trash bagged NOW! You can call me for info and to arrange yer trash pickup.

Juanita Young is doing fine and is happy to be home from the hospital.

Lee Rorrer's wife Pat passed away in her sleep a week ago Wednesday.

Correction to Birthday this month: Michelle Lopez not Michael (shows ya what I know :).

Thought for the week: I remember when I was working as security at a High School. I caught a young man doing something wrong and was taking him to the Principal's office. The kid asked me why I was getting him in trouble. Surprised, I told him I was just doing my job and that he was the one who got himself in trouble. I think we need to teach our kids to be responsible for their own actions and not blame everyone else. You see it in today's headlines and in the Courts all the time, excuses that point the blame and focus of a hearing somewhere else, disregarding the fact that they are the ones on trial. We need to teach our kids responsibility so they will carry it into adulthood.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little community is going to have its annual Bar-B-Q on June 30. That's about all I know about it right now, but as soon as the Copperettes git it together I will let ya know more.

Don't forget to come on down to the Community Center today, Saturday, at 4:30 P.M. for Potluck.

Are you telling yer friends and neighbors about the Community Cleanup? Starts Saturday June 23 at 8 A.M. You can call me for info and to arrange yer trash pickup at 362-5203.

Mary Lou Kernop's great niece Alyssa visited a few weeks ago for a couple of days. She brought pizza, flowers and the family gossip.

Thought for the week: Common sense is not so common anymore, and good sense lost out to the highest bidder. That's why you can't make any sense out of anything coming out of our Government anymore.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community is happy to hear that June Upshaw and Wayne Cleveland were married April 28. A June wedding in April! They had a very private ceremony at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa by Pastor Chuck Smith. The happy couple are now living in Wayne's home in Garden Grove. Now ya all should remember June, She was the head librarian in Joshua Tree!

        Juanita's Grandson, Johnny Lopez, has come up to from the Big City to help his Grandma out while she recuperates from last months hospital stay.

        Come on down to the Community Center today, Saturday, for a pancake breakfast. Starts at 8 A.M. and goes till 11:00.

        Remember the Community Cleanup starts Saturday June 23 at 8 A.M. NO HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE PLEASE! You can call me for info and to arrange yer trash pickup at 362-5203.

        Birthdays for this month of June are: Sherry Rotruck, Rae Lynn Herrera, Ila Foyil.

        Thought for the week: If laughter is the best medicine than sadness is the worst ailment.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is having its annual Pre Independence Day Barbeque on June 30 at around 4 P.M. There will be Ribs and all kinds of good stuff to fill up yer tummy! $6 for adults and $3 for children under 12. Hey I might even bring down my guitar and sing "Lucille" for ya.

Come on down to the Community Center today, Saturday, for the CMMCA Board meeting that starts at 10 A.M. There is a vacancy on the Board that must be filled and if you think yer up to it submit yer name for consideration. After the Board meeting there will be a Road Board meeting.

Remember the Community Cleanup starts Saturday June 23 at 8 A.M. Volunteers are needed to help cleanup. If you would like to help, please call Brenda Zimmer, who is organizing the Volunteers, at 362-0143.

Thought for the week: Just because yer an expert doesn't make you right. Our state government is full of them experts and see what it got us!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community would like to thank Bob Stonebraker for installing the new Bingo video monitors. He had to specifically design and weld the mounting brackets to mount the monitors and fuss with all the wiring. It is now easier for those with poor eyesight to git the numbers off the balls. Come on down Tuesday nights around 6 P.M. and check them out.

Community Cleanup starts Saturday June 23 at 8 A.M. Call Brenda Zimmer at to volunteer for the cleanup.

Come on down to the Community Center for the CMMCA annual Pre Independence Day Barbeque on Saturday June 30 at around 4 P.M. Prices are $6 for adults and $3 for children under 12.

Thought for the week: An old sayin up here in Copper Mountain Mesa: If you think you can do it better than me, here's the mop and broom!

One more birthday to add: Mary Hedges on the 28 of June.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community's Road Board had a meeting a week ago Friday where they elected officers and formed a committee to look into road improvement. Bob Stonebraker was name chairman and Steve Tuttle vice chairman. The board also voted and approved Rick Colella to continue as our grader. The County's representatives: Bob Smith, Jeff Rigney, and Mike Meldrin, attended the meeting. The Board is responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 141 miles of roads. The Next meeting will be July 13 at 6 P.M.

For all you last minute folks out there the Community Cleanup starts today Saturday at 8 A.M. and goes until 2 P.M. Bring yer trash on down!

Don't forget the CMMCA annual Pre Independence Day Barbeque next week on Saturday June 30 at around 4 P.M. Prices are $6 for adults and $3 for children under 12.

Dolores Jefferson is getting a visit from her Daughter's family, Dr. and Mrs. Eric Ramos from Modesto, this week. The brood is coming by to chew the fat with Dolores and enjoy the nice High Desert air. They also have a condo in Palm Desert.

Thought for the week: My trouble with change is that it changes, but at least some of the old stuff will git ya by.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a very successful cleanup day last Saturday. WE FILLED UP 7 ROLL-OFFS AND HAD 24.04 TONS OF TRASH! We would like to thank all the volunteers who came down to help. We would also like to thank the folks from the County who came down on their Saturday, they are: Sherry Rotruck, Delores Jones and her husband, and the guys who came down to help on Monday to load all those tires, Jose and Joseph. Also would like thank Sierra Environmental and their trash truck drivers Dick Mays and Dave Skilinski.

Don't forget to come on down for Barbequed Ribs at the CMMCA annual Pre Independence Day Barbeque this Saturday June 30 at around 4 P.M. Prices are $6 for adults and $3 for children under 12.

Thought for the week: From my friend Patrick Whalen: Perseverance is the greatest gift of all, just don't hurt anybody.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a really great time at last weeks annual Pre-Fourth Barbeque. Everyone loved the ribs and there was plenty to eat. Over fifty folks showed up which is a super achievement for us! We'd like to thank all those who volunteered their time and effort to make this event a success.

Birthdays this month are: Juanita Young, who was born on the 4th of July!

Thought for the week: It's not nice to gossip about others, you might eat yer words and much more. Let me tell you of such as they ate their lunch. I hope you can stand the gore: There's a gossipmonger who was very bitter; that accidentally munched on a plate full of critters. As he yelped and screamed, "did I eat these things", one crawled from his month and he swore.

I hope ya all had a nice 4th of July and please have a safe and wonderful weekend!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had one hell of a weekend with all the rain and roads being washed out. Numerous roads became fast moving rivers as downpours fell from the heavens. I even had a lake at the bottom of my hill, which could only be negotiated with a four-wheel drive. It was worse down by Surprise Valley Well where most of the flooding and road damage occurred.
Folks were just stayin home and the one's who ventured out ended up gittin stuck in the mud. Ora Clement took a boating lesson down by the water well in her car and one lady got stuck three different times! Coyote Valley Rd. just South of Winters Rd. turned into a sand trap swallowing up many a car.
Poor Bob Stonebraker's, who is the President of our Road Board, phone was ringing off the hook with folks wondering when their road was going to git done. All Stoney could tell them was that "we'll git to it when we can because we have to git the main roads done first". One persistent person called six or seven times demanding that the road in front of her house be done first. Stoney personally drove down to her house to check it out and found it a little rough but passable. People have to remember that all Board members are volunteers and don't git paid. So please be nice to them when ya call.
We folks out here would like to thank all those who spent many long hours working to clear and make Winters Rd. passable, and to those good citizens who helped pull the unfortunates out of the mud.

Thought for the week: Winters Road was impassable and closed for a few days after all the rains of last weekend. A lot of people who live outside our community, North-West of Winters Rd. and Border Ave., and work and do business at the Marine base and Twenty-Nine, usually use Winters Rd. as a shortcut. They had to drive an extra 20 miles or so out of their way, down to Route 62 and then over to Adobe, because of the road closure. Makes ya wonder when the County and State governments are going to pave this well traveled road. Our little community shoulders the cost of repairing and maintaining Winters Rd. for the benefit and use of all. I believe it is time for a little help from those in government to the good folks out here.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is gittin back to normal after the big downpour we had that washed out most of our roads. Mike Meldrin was out there moving dirt around for many long hours and many days after the storm had gone to git Winters Road passable. THANK YOU MIKE!

The Community would like to thank the folks from the County who came down Thursday to help us load all them damn old tires that were dropped off at our center for recycle. They are: Joseph Lizarde, Jose Hurtado, and Sherry Rotruck. The tires were full of water from the rains that made them pretty heavy and hard to pickup without gittin wet. Also would like to thank our folks who helped out: Jan and Bill Bonner, Ruth Ruffin, Bob Seeley, and Seimi. If you saw how many tires we had to load then you would know why I am writtin this!

Don't forget to come on down to our center for Pot Luck on Saturday the 28 at 4:30.

Thought for the week: You will have all yer answers when ya stop askin questions.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community would like to welcome Bob and Julie Beggs from Plainfield Wisconsin into our neighborhood. The couple will make the Mesa their permanent home. Maybe you can catch them down at our center where we'll be having Pot Luck today, Saturday, at 4:30. So don't forget to mosey on by for some good old home style cooking and converse with the desert folk.

Happy birthdays for this month are: Eva Villalun, Ruth Tuttle, Kay Johnson and Fred Frederiksen.

Thought for the week: Some cultured intellectual once said, "Silence is golden". Yeah right, just try and spend it.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is chock-full of activity with everybody coming and going on vacation. Jan and Bill Bonner took their dog on a journey to see a glacier somewheres in Nebraska. Joan Maybee along with Tex and Ila Foyil went to Stateline for a few days and waved goodbye to their riches. Marge and Bob Seeley went to Laughlin Nevada and had a great time they say. Nevada must be a rich state!

More birthdays for this month are: Bob Seeley and Sharon Weaver's son Johnny Lopez.

Thought for the week: The time has come to take a bold jump into the unknown and fight the beast with yer bare hands. To go the way of yer ancestors and build a fire for warmth. To slay a critter for food. To understand the meaning of hunger in a time of plenty. To spit in the eyes of yer antagonist! To howl at the moon and enjoy life! LIVE!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had two more downpours this week. One hit West of Coyote Canyon Rd. and then two days later another hit East of it. The first did some damage to Winters Rd. and it was repaired without any problems. The second storm cut electrical power to our community from about 4:30 P.M. to 11:25 P.M. and left everyone in the dark. Heres a picture of a tornado I took from my backyard, YIKES!!!

Don't forgit to come on down for BINGO every Tuesday night. We serve hot dogs and stuff from 5 till 6:15 and BINGO starts at 6:30.

One more birthday for this month: Patrick Whalen whose birthday is today!

Thought for the week: A cup may be half empty or half full depending on yer point of view. But what I want to know is who drank the other half?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is happy to hear that Judy Driver and Folau Pauni have gotten married last week at the United Methodist Church in Joshua Tree. The Pasture Merritt officiated the service. They had a reception afterwards for family and friends. Good going Judy!

Ruth Tuttle has lost her black shorthaired cat "Pookie" last week. If anyone sees "Pookie" let us know. Also there have been more cats missing lately. Bob and Julie Beggs have lost theirs and so has Mary Hedges.

Dolorce Jefferson spent her Birthday, and a few extra days, in Hollywood. Her friend Tom McEnery took her to dinner at the Acupulco; a very plush restaurant. The next time she goes, Tom has promised to take her dancing. Sounds like a love affair to me!

Thought for the week: Naa, no thought for the week. It's Summer! Give yer brain a rest.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is glad summer is winding down; Folks are coming home from their vacations, kids are gittin ready for the new school year, and Copper Mountain Mesa is starting up the First Saturday Breakfasts on September 1. If yer hankerin for some good home cookin be sure to come on down next Saturday. Starts at 8 A.M. and goes till 11.

Please don't forget to come and bring yer grub to the potluck today, Saturday, at 4:30 P.M. There is always a good spread and you will git yer fill!

Thought for the week: A wise man once told me, in fact it was last week: Lend a friend money and lose yer money and the friend.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is having its Association and Road Board meetings next Saturday. The CMMCA meeting will start at 10 A.M. and the Road Board meeting will follow. Please check yer weapons at the front door!

First Saturday Breakfast is today and starts at 8 A.M. and goes till 11. So put yer teeth in and come on down for some great home cookin!

Birthdays for this month are: Randell Herrera, Mike Villarreal, Donna Myers, Kimberly Herrera, and Marcie Hines who will be 39 again.

Thought for the week: Life is like a "Bull" sandwich: The more bread ya have the less "Bull" yer going have to eat.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is sorry to hear that Phil Spring is in a hospital somewhere's in New Mexico. Phil was president of our association some years back and has done many a thing to make Copper Mountain Mesa what it is today. I will post his address at the community center for all those who would like to write him. Phil is far beyond the "Get Well Card" stage and this may be your last chance to say a last good bye.

First Saturday Breakfast was a great success! There were over 40 hungry folks who showed up. Many thanks go to the crew that worked so hard to bring it off.

Thought for the week: Sometimes enough is not, and then sometimes enough is too much, but only when yer happy is enough, enough.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is deeply saddened by the horrific events that our country has suffered last Tuesday. Our hearts go out to the families and friends who have lost loved ones in this cowardly terrorist attack on our nation and our beliefs. In time we will recover. In time we will endure. And in time we will strike back with all the force, all the authority and resolve that this great nation of ours can bring to bear.

Thought for the week:"I fear we have only succeeded in awakening a sleeping giant." Yamamoto of the Japanese Imperial Navy after the attack on Peal Harbor.

By Bob DeLoyd

Mary Lou KernopOur little Community has lost one of its own; Phil Spring passed away in New Mexico last Saturday of cancer. Phil was president of our association some years back and was instrumental in getting water to our area. He has done many a good thing to make Copper Mountain Mesa what it is today. Goodbye and God bless you Phil!

Mary Lou Kernop had a visit from her Niece, Vanessa and her hubby, Paul, over last weekend. They were on their way to Washington D.C. until the events of last week had changed their plans and felt it safer to visit Auntie.

Don't forget the potluck is next Saturday the 29th. Last time we had a potluck the boys cooked up some really great bar-b-q ribs with bone licking sauce. There was lots of good grub and everyone had a good time jawing at their neighbors.

Thought for the week: You know you live on the edge when yer home is not a place but a destination.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is going to change the time it distributes the USDA food. On Monday October 15, we will open our doors for food pickup at 9 A.M. and close at 11 A.M. This time change will continue till some bigwig wants to change it again.

Come on over to our First Saturday Breakfast on October 6, Starts at 8 A.M. and goes till 11. Last time we had a big turnout and we hope to repeat it this time.

Don't forget the potluck today, Saturday, at 4:30 P.M.

Thought for the week: Some people are like Mangos, sweet on the outside with a real large nasty pit in the center.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is happy to hear that Mike Villarreal came home from the hospital last Sunday evening and is dong just fine. Mike has done many things for our community, one of them was being Chief of our Fire Station No.44, which he received great satisfaction and the respect of all of us. He told me that he wished to thank all of those nice people who had sent him cards and called him on the phone.

Thought for the week: I am amazed that some idiots can have a peace protest as our country, our way of life, is under attack. Its one thing to see cheering in the streets of Palestine by people who hate America, but yet another to see peace protesters marching down our streets even as smoke still rises from the ruble. Maybe stupidity is protected by our Constitution, I don't know. But this act of stupidity really sickens me. They are protesting the wrong war at the wrong time. If you think differently than me, to bad!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has suffered another loss; Wayne Van Kirk (Sox) has passed on at the age of 90. Moved to our area back in the 70's, he was a friend to everyone. Helped many people stuck in the sand or just lend a helping hand for those less fortunate. Wayne is survived by his wife Vera, and his Son and Daughter. There will be no services. Good bye Wayne and God bless!

Join yer friends and neighbors for Casino Night Saturday Oct. 27 at our community center, 65230 Winters Road. Starts at 4 P.M. and goes till 7 P.M. There will be Sloppy Joes and Kaye Hileman's famous potatoes salad to feed on. Costumes not required but certainly welcome. Great door prizes. BYOB if ya like.

We will have our CMMCA Annual Meeting, where we elect our officers, on Saturday Nov. 10 following our regular Board of Directors meeting. There are five positions to fill. Here is the list of CMMA members who want to run for the CMMA Board of Directors: Debbie Norwood, Bob Beggs, Priscilla Drew, Dolores Jefferson, Trudy Poe, Doris Wilbur, Joan Maybee, Earl Wilbert, Mary Helen Tuttle, Bob Seeley and Marge Seeley. Please contact the Elections Committee (Ruth Tuttle and Bob DeLoyd) if you would like to add yer name to the list.

Thought for the week: If yer right, stay the course. If yer wrong, accept. If you don't know, LEARN.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community would like to congratulate Marge and Bob Seeley on their 60th wedding anniversary, which will occur on Oct. 26. The Seeleys are very active in our community; Bob has been president of our association many times, and Marge just about runs every community event that takes place. Many thanks and well wishes go out to this dynamic couple.

Casino Night is only one week away, Saturday Oct. 27 at our community center, 65230 Winters Road. Starts at 4 P.M. and goes till 7 P.M. Join yer friends and neighbors there. Costumes not required but certainly welcome. There will be some great door prizes. BYOB if ya like.

Thought for the week: The passage of time leaves one with both a sense of loss and fulfillment. Good friends will always be good friends, and of course, family will remain family. Memories are our greatest support and defense in our journey through time.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has a lot of interesting stories, but one sticks out in my mind especially around this time of year. Told firsthand to me by an old prospector who lived around these here parts. As he recounted his tale a faraway look appeared in his eyes, kinda like he seen more than he wanted to know. His story goes like this:
"I was about two miles from my cabin when I seen this figure of a man against the setting sun stumbling down the road ahead of me. As I approached him from behind I heard a gargled yelp come from him, sounded like he done swallowed his chew. I laid my hand on his shoulder to ask if he needed help when the head made a quick jerk towards me and let out a hideous howl. It weren't no regular face but one of a coyote sewed on a human body! I was so horrified that I froze and that's when I saw the other ones a little farther down the road. Must have been about fifty of them that stopped and turned in my direction. Well, as there is a God in Heaven, I ran as fast as I could, tripping and tumbling in my haste back to my cabin and safety. Bad news, they followed.
I was climbing the stairs and about to open the door when one of the creatures took a leap and got a good hold on my boot. I kicked and kicked that horrible head till I darn near knocked it off. The creature finally let go and I popped into the cabin, falling, hitting my head on the stove. When I came to it was pitch dark. I grabbed my flashlight to have a look see around. I pointed the light out the open door. As the beam swept the darkness it reflected back to me a hundred eyes drifting in the gloom. I slammed the door and bolted it good. Then the howling began and continued thru the night. Every once in awhile they would catch some poor critter and terrorize it; I never knew a Jack Rabbit could scream!
The next morning I woke up about noon and there was no trace of them to be found except a long yellow fingernail that was embedded in my boot."
He asked if I believed him and I told him it was quite a tall tale. "By the way," I asked, "after all ya been thru why do ya keep a coyote as a pet?" I was referring to his coyote he kept on a leash. "No it ain't my pet. I am getting as far away from this place as I can until somebody asks me what kinda doggie this is and that's where I'll make my new home." With that last remark he nodded to me a goodbye and took off walking with his pack on his back and companion by his side never to be heard from again.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from yer friends and neighbors in Copper Mountain Mesa.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community, yes our little Community, the one Tex Foyil helped to create. Tex Foyil helped plan and build our Fire Station No. 44 and our Community Center. Tex Foyil help with the roads we drive on and the electric and water we use in our homes. Tex came here in the mid sixties with his wife Iva, who he survived by some 4 years. He liked to play Bingo at our center; you could find him there every Tuesday night, always happy, never a bad word about anyone, a real Texas Gentleman. He enjoyed his gambling trips to Laughlin. Years back he liked playing Gulf at the local courses with Bob Maybee. We will miss Tex Foyil. We will miss him deeply. He passed on from his beloved Copper Mountain Mesa a week ago Wednesday. God bless you Tex and thank you.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community will have our CMMCA Annual Meeting, where we elect our officers, this Saturday Nov. 10 following our regular Board of Directors meeting. There are four positions to fill. Here are the CMMA members who running for the CMMA Board of Directors: Debbie Norwood, Bob Beggs, Priscilla Drew, Dolores Jefferson, Trudy Poe, Doris Wilbur, Joan Maybee, Mary Helen Tuttle, Bob and Marge Seeley. So come on down and cast yer vote and may the best members win.

My good friend Dan Brown came all the way from Kentucky for a visit. He is going to buy a sailboat and take it to the South Pacific. If he survives though the ordeal, we will have a memorial as he leaves, he will come back to our community to retire.

Thought for the week: Most issues have no right answers just erroneous opinions.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had our CMMCA Annual Meeting last Saturday, where we elected our new officers for the Board of Directors. There were four positions to fill. Many members turned out, some I haven't seen in a long time. There were sandwiches and cake provided by the Copperettes. Joan Maybee, Bob Beggs, Mary Helen Tuttle, and Bob Seeley were elected. Joan is now the President of our Association. Bob Beggs is the V.P. We would like to thank all who came down and voted and also those who ran for the board.

Thought for the week: One difference to watch for in a candidate running for an office is: Are they running for title and prestige or running to serve.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community will have its First Annual Plant Swamp Meet. Conveniently held during our First Saturday Breakfast December 1 from 8 till 11 A.M. Donations of all kinds of plants wanted and proceeds will go to benefit the Community Center. Be a great place to do yer Christmas shopping and have breakfast too!

Remember to come on down Tuesday nights and listen to Bob Stonebraker, the master of the Bingo callers, call yer favorite numbers with his wit and humor. Bingo starts at 6:30 P.M. and we have yer seat is waiting for ya.

Thought for the week: Hope ya had a very wonderful Thanksgiving.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is sorry to hear that Vera VanKirk, 87, had passed away on Thanksgiving morning. She was married 64 years to Wayne VanKirk (Sox) who passed on just last October. Born in Ohio, Vera moved to our area back in the 70's. She worked as a chef and also a seamstress. Her neighbor Vera Jackson says that she was a great friend and neighbor and loved all living things. Her Son and Daughter, five grand daughters, and five great grand children survive Vera. Good bye Vera and God bless!

Don't forgit to come down to our First Saturday Breakfast, today, December 1 from 8 till 11 A.M. We will also have our First Annual Plant Swamp Meet. Donations of all kinds of plants wanted and proceeds will go to benefit the Community Center. Git yer Christmas shopping done cheaply and easily by visiting the M&M Room where Marge and Marcy have all kinds of used and useful items for sell.

Thought for the week: If ya don't do nothing, nothing will git done - Linda Sinclair

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a wonderful surprise eightieth birthday party for Mary Lou Kernop last Saturday. Her niece put the party together and over fifty folks showed up. Mary Lou has been a very active and outspoken member of our community and is also a very nice person!

The CMMA Board meeting will be held at 10 a.m. today, Saturday. Please check yer weapons at the door.

Thought for the week: A week ago Wednesday my dog's water dish froze over and for me that's the start of Winter.

Birthdays for December are: Mary Lou Kernop, Ray Foyil, Carolyn Kerschiman, Bill Morrison, and Jesus Christ.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is proud of our Pearl Harbor survivor Bob Seeley. He and his wife Marge attended the sixtieth anniversary of the attack that was held in Fredericksburg Texas. Bob says, "On Thursday the sixth we were honored with a big Texas BBQ attended by three hundred survivors and over one thousand family and friends. Then on the seventh we attended a program held at the National Museum of the Pacific War, (the largest museum of its kind in the USA) followed by a stunning parade." They had a wonderful time and Bob had the Opportunity to visit with several Survivors he hadn't seen in sixty years.

There will be no Holiday events held at the Community Center this December.

Thought for the week: Advice is not a one size fits all remedy.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community hopes that everyone has a safe and fantastic Christmas. We would like to thank all those volunteers everywhere who take the effort that makes all our lives that more enjoyable.

Ruth Ruffin had a wonderful dinner party last week. There was lots of good home cooking and everyone got their fill. She is a marvelous lady with a big heart.

There will be no BINGO at the Community Center till Tuesday January 8, next year.

We have recycle containers behind the Community Center now. So bring yer cans, plastics, and newspapers on down and have them reincarnate into something useful again.

Thought for the week: If ya don't know where ya been, then how do ya know yer where yer suppose to be?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is kinda sad that our Association, the one that some of us work so hard to keep going, has for the first time in its existence had no holiday events. In the past we had the Kids Christmas Party where we handed out gifts from the Toys for Tots to underprivileged children in our area. In the past we put together holiday food packages for the needy amongst us. In the past we have had New Years Eve and or Christmas parties where we would git happy with our friends and neighbors. This year we have had none of these! Therefore my questions are; does the Community Center have a future? Does it exist to serve the community or just its self? Now that I have said this I want you to know that I am not alone when I ask these questions. Many from our community have asked me to write a column about these, but I have always tried writing on the positive. We love our community and we hope things will git better if we bring them out in the open.

Thought for the week: You know, it's only a friend who will tell you that yer fly is down!

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