Our Little Community


YEAR 2004




By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community got pretty cold this week with the temp going down to the low 30s. The cat's water bowl froze and my wood stove got quite a workout. I am writing this on Tuesday so I could git this into the High Desert Star early before the New Years holiday. It was suppose to rain big time today said the weather folks but it didn't materialize.

Stoney Stonebraker has some family over; Denny, Judy and Dustin Donahue from Pittsburgh Ca., and Jimmy, Clarice, and Angela Stonebraker from just down the hill in Riverside. The Donahues were over at our potluck we held last Saturday and we hope to see all the Stonebraker kinfolk at this Saturday's Breakfast at our community center. They're all real nice folks.

Well that's all for now and I hope we all have a great and wonderful year this 2004!!!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has been having more than its share of automobile accidents lately and I would like to give my sympathies to those who have lost their loved ones or those who have suffered great loss. I remember a few years ago when a car traveling at great speeds had turned end over end and settled upside down across from my property. As the dust cleared I could see a mother and her teenaged daughter hanging upside down from their seatbelts. We cut them out and pulled them from the car and made them comfortable. As we waited for the paramedics to arrive, I asked the mother what had happen, she said that her husband told her it was ok to do ninety miles an hour on desert roads and that the car went out of control when she tried to avoid a coyote which had ambled onto the roadway. Ninety miles an hour! We never did find her little dog that was thrown from the car as it tumbled end over end on its wild journey up the hill to rest across the road by my home.

The U.S.D.A. food distribution will be this coming Monday Jan. 12 because of the King holiday.

Birthdays this month are: Marge and Rick Seeley.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that Juanita Young and Earlene Burr enjoyed a visit with their brother Daniel Griffin and his wife Janith from Illinois, whom they haven't seen in Seventeen years. Juanita's son Jim and daughter Sharon enjoyed seeing their Uncle and Aunt after so many years. Brenda Zimmer was a very good hostess and also joined in on the fun. It was a Tearful reunion but a very happy one!

Sorry this is so short but I have that damn Flu and have to git back to bed!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community would like to invite ya all to come on down to our community center every Tuesday night at 6 P.M. and play some Bingo. There are lots of good pots to win and the folks there have a good time harassing Chris Jonas who does the calling. Bob Stonebraker, who is in charge of Bingo, wants to welcomes everyone to come on down and have a good time.

Some of the folks up here held a birthday party for Marge and Rick Seeley. There was lots of Mexican cuisine and cake and ice cream for all. Happy Birthday Marge and Rick!

Don't fergit our Potluck that's coming up on Saturday the 31st of this month at 4 P.M. All are welcome to attend and eat all ya can.

By Bob DeLoyd
        Our little Community's Captain Michael Villarreal who heads up a Disaster Preparedness Crew, has asked me to mention his daytime phone number (362-0018) for those interested in learning more about the DPC for the Copper Mountain Mesa area. Captain Villarreal, along with his Brother Tim Villarreal has recently completed Red Cross Staff Academy of 40 hours Disaster Training. He adds that there is no obligation for those simply wanting to learn more.

        The U.S.D.A. food distribution will be on Monday the 9th because of Presidents Day.

        Don't forget next Saturday, February 7, is the Sweetheart Breakfast. So put yer teeth in, grab yer honey, and drag her on down for a very special champagne breakfast. $4.50 served 8-11.

        Our Potluck is today, Saturday, and we start eating the grub at 4:00. Bring yer cooking creations on over to the community center and share them with yer neighbors.

        Birthdays for February are: Stevie Villarreal, Pamela and John Waddey, Zoila Preciado, Marcia McKinney, and Earl Wilbert.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has a story from our neighbor Ron Dehart about an event that happened to him on his way back East:
In Japanese, Subaru means Pleiades. And I thank my lucky stars I was driving one. Driving cross-country I found myself in Dallas, Texas. Have you ever driven through Dallas? Several interstates intersect and at 70 or more miles per hour with 8 foot concrete walls on either side, not knowing exactly which intersection is which, I recommend avoiding it whenever possible.
But I didn't, I couldn't and there I was, suddenly in the middle of a Texas thunderstorm. The semi in front of me was bleeding water, I really could barely see, but because of the large Buick tailgating me, could hardly slow down. Suddenly in the passing lane another semi passes me at 85. The waterfall from it progresses to envelop me and the world in front looked like a wet smudge. Smash! It hydroplanes and smashes into the concrete embankment, bouncing off and hitting the semi in front of my unbelieving eyes. The semi in front then slides sideways! I look into the rearview mirror. The Buick is skidding sideways to my right. Two other cars skidding are slamming into it. I look ahead; apply the breaks with all wheel drive. There isn't a chance in hell I'm gonna stop in time. Decapitation is right ahead as I head directly underneath the semi's trailer. But because of the brakes, because of the all wheel drive, because of the Buick which blocks the right lane in a incredible collision, because of just leaving a meditation retreat, somehow, I looked in back, to the right, saw the decapitation ahead, and by less than 4 inches slipped by the semi in front (the right lane was clear because of the sliding Buick).
Interestingly enough, I didn't feel fear. I reacted and had the auto to handle it. Ten minutes latter the enormity of it hit. Shaking, pants a little damp, I pulled into a motel. Enough was too much. The adrenalin was telling me I had done enough miles that day. But the motel didn't have a bar.

Thanks Ron for such an interesting story and if any of you out there have a tale to tell, just send it along.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community has a story written by our neighbor Marge Seeley:
        Bob and Marge Seeley attended the Pearl Harbor Survivors luncheon in Palm Springs Monday, Feb 2nd. This chapter's members are from the Morongo Basin area and lower desert. They are all in their 80's now and the chapter is down to 30 members. We just lost our 96-year-old member who was the oldest member in California.
        They get together with their spouses about four or five times a year for lunch followed by a business meeting with plain old fashion gab. We always have an enjoyable time usually listening to a guest speaker and plan for the coming events, etc.
        Thanks Marge for such an interesting story and if any of you out there have a tale to tell, just pass it along to me.

By Bob DeLoyd


Our little Community has lost a dear friend and neighbor. With a heavy heart I must inform you of the passing last Monday of Roz Drzal. Roz was an active Copper Mountain Mesa Association member, over twenty years, belonging to Copperettes and running the Boutique Korner very successfully. Roz volunteered at the Korner to the very end, contributing much-needed funds to our Association. Roz would be at every community function selling gifts and holding raffles for items from her Korner. When I first moved here in 98, I remember it was Roz and Ed who took me to the Moose Loge for Thanksgiving dinner. Roz would "light up” when she gave you a tour of her fabulous dollhouse collection, which was very impressive and belongs in some sort of museum. Rosary will be held 10:30 A.M this Monday at Saint Christopher Church in Joshua Tree, followed by a regular Mass at 11A.M. After the Mass, interment will be held at 3 P.M. at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale. We will all miss Roz Drzal and her devotion to our Association and our community.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community will have a wingding of a March Spring Bargain Breakfast next Saturday. Get acquainted with the folk out here and meet our new "World Renowned” CHEF DAN as he prepares your meal. Join us from 8 till 11A.M. for: Pancakes, Omelets, Bacon or Sausage, Dan's Potatoes Deluxe, Juice and Coffee. Special get Acquainted Price ADULTS ---$2.99 CHILDREN ---$1.49 (under 12).

        A roundup of the last CMMCA Board meeting: Swap Meet postponed till May 2. Marge Seeley now in charge of Monthly Breakfasts. Mike Villarreal is scheduling classes with the Red Cross for "Mass Care" & "Shelter Ops". Any interested persons contact Mike at 362-0018. Steve Tuttle got emergency generator working. Floor Comments: Ron Dehart now running USDA and is doing a Good job. Saturday Potluck, .50 if you bring food, $2.50 if you don't. Thanks Mac!

        There is a Comet (C/2002 T7) approaching Earth and now is the best time for us in the northern hemisphere to see it. You can observe it with a small telescope in the western sky near Venus after sunset. I haven't seen C/2002 T7 yet because of all the clouds and rain we were having, but it should look like a small fuzz ball.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community is proud of Dennis McDermott who took 1st Place at the Pinewood Derby Feb.07 with the Weblos. The Cub Scout and Weblos Scouts have an annual "Pinewood Derby". Scouts take blocks of wood, whittle them down to shape cars, nail in the wheels, paint, decorate, polish, and FINALLY race them on an inclined straight track. It can take up to (and over) 20 hours of work to complete. As with everything, you get out what you put in. Scouts learn 1st and foremost, SPORTSMANSHIP, grace in winning and losing, and how NOT to chop off their chubby little fingers!
        Pack # 71, Dennis' Pack, also had their annual "Blue and Gold Banquet" (Scout birthday celebration). Mexican Fiesta was the theme. They had a harsh, cold wind but circled the wagons (trucks) and all had a great fun time.
        When asked what his secrets to success were, Dennis said, "This is how I built my 1st class prize winning Pinewood Derby race car. It took about 12 hours to build it. First I figured out what body shape I wanted it. I decided to make it a wedge. Second, I filed my nails for axels so my wheels would go faster. Third, I trimmed my wheels so they would go fast. Forth I painted the car body white and wrote, "I'll leap ahead of you." Fifth I glued my toy frog to my racecar. Then I beat my class (Weblos), and then beat my whole pack. I learned that if you put work into something, good stuff happens". Dennis is the son of Mac and Sayoko McDermott. Good going Dennis!

        At the Potluck last Saturday, the Blind Auction took in over $200 for the community center! There was lots of grub and everyone had a great time jawing with their neighbors and biding.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community had wingding of a March Spring Bargain Breakfast last Saturday. At lest sixty folks, more than we have had in years, came out here for breakfast. The food was great and everyone got their fill of Pancakes, Omelets, Bacon or Sausage, and Chef Dan's Potatoes Deluxe. Marge Seeley would like to thank those hard workers who volunteered their time to help out and those folks who showed up to eat! All proceeds go to help keep our Community Center alive.

        The Community center will have its monthly board meeting today at 10 A.M. followed by the Events Committee. If ya have any ideas or complaints this is the place to go and be heard. Check yer weapons at the door. While yer there visit the M&M Room where you can purchase mighty fine gifts that support our little Community!

        Birthdays this month: Andy "Joe" Lane, Seimi Shiba and Harry Preciado

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community is abound with budding flowers dancing in the breeze, peppered onto rolling hills of green flora as far as the eye can see. I've been going on some long walks enjoying the green vistas and watching small critters scurrying around the desert floor to escape my notice. Where just a few short months ago our realm had the terrain you'd expect to see NASA Rovers wandering around sampling soils, grinding at rocks. But here and not on Mars, life has sprung. It would be nice to have just one more good soaking of rain to really give the vegetation a good grip on the soil. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Our Potluck will be next Saturday 27 at 4 P.M. everybody is welcome to come on down to our Community Center and join in on the festivities.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is a hotbed of activity; creating flyers and getting volunteers for our Mother's Day Breakfast and the Swap Meet, which will take place, over a month away, in May. But in April we have our First Saturday Breakfast on the 3rd, then the Saturday after the CMM Board meeting. Looks to me like Monday the 19 for the USDA food distribution, and Saturday 24 we'll have Potluck. Lets don't forgit Bingo every Tuesday night at 6! Today is the last Saturday of the month and that means it time for Potluck! So put yer teeth in and come on down at 4 P.M. to our Community Center.

Birthdays for April are: Carol Lane, Patty Bradley, Maryhelen Tuttle, Marie Morrison, Bob Stonebraker, Bill Bonner, Pere Galloway, Ruth Malton, Roger Toomes, and Tim Villarreal.

Anniversaries for April are (yes we're doing anniversaries now): Mac & Sayoko McDermott 23rd.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community has spring in the air and Mac McDermott has written a love poem for his wife of 23 years this April 25. So I thought I'd share it with you:
        Thanks Sayoko my dear, I love you a lot, my wife, my Lady, Best friend I've got. You're in my heart, my soul, You're in my brain, I love you so much, (Even when you're being a pain) Life without you I'd rather die, Just thinking of that, It makes me cry. 23 years of married bliss I'm still excited when we kiss, 23 years is NOT enough, 23 MORE, EASY ENOUGH. Sometimes at night, I watch you sleep, I love you so much, I love you so deep. When you're with me, right at my side, It never fails, I swell up with pride Feels like we met, just last week, I still love your eyes, And the way you speak. Mother to my Children, Wife to me most beautiful Woman I ever did see. Beautiful soul & beautiful heart, More beautiful now, Then at our start, With time comes sight, I now see you clear All day I thank God, You are MY Dear. YOU are the BEST Woman, And Wife, and Mom, YOU are my best Partner YOU ARE "THE BOMB" I'll marry you again, I'll marry you QUICK, Be you rich or poor, In health, or sick. Light of my life, my one true love Sweet as a cherry, Gentle as a dove.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community gits emails: I am from Texas and moved here to beautiful Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree area almost five years ago. I read yer article faithfully every week. Look forward to it. Just wanted you to know that readin yer, (ha ha) article makes me feel right at home. The people here are very warm and friendly not at all what I expected or heard actually, about California. Anyway I love it here and plan to live here always. I also love the wildlife! I feed the birds and all the other critters here. To make a long story short, Just wanted you to know I dearly love your article and so does my hubby. But I do miss one thing. The weekly quotes you use to give for the week. Maybe you have run out? Hope to see those again. And if you can please run an article you did a year ago or so about a stink bug that made a neighbor run out and run into a post? I think we laughed ourselves silly over that one and want to cut it out and save it. Anyway, keep writing Bob, you make our week here. Warm Texas regards from Connie B. and Crew.

        If ya stay inside and been up here for awhile you'd probably have run into one of the most ugliest looking bugs on the face of this here planet. (Or elsewhere for that matter) Vinegarroons, Wind Scorpions, Sun Spiders, or what ever you want to call them, one was on my pillow last night. Woke me up at 3 in the morning. I killed it with a Sue Grafton detective novel I'd been reading. Hmm, "S" is for smash?
        Not my first encounter with them ugly Scorpion want-a-be either. They like to crawl on the ceiling and drop down on you unexpectedly or hide in your clothes and shoes then scare the devil out of you when you put them on. My neighbor said that she never saw her husband strip so fast as when he found one in his boxer shorts!
        Worst, I've seen a woman come screaming out of the house with one entangled in her hair. Got knocked out cold when she hit the fencepost.
        I looked them up at the library and the bug book said they hunt and kill small invertebrate. Yikes! They have large tweezer like mandibles that can cut through a plastic shopping bag, I know, I seen it done! They say if you get bit by one you will taste vinegar in your mouth for a week. Well I've never met anyone who's been bit, it's always 'I know someone who knows someone who's been bit'. I have never been bit and I got them damn ugly bugs crawling around inside my home. Maybe they've been given a bad name. Maybe they are a symbiotic life form and just want to protect us vulnerable humans from other critters of the night. Until I hear otherwise, I am going to shake my clothes and empty my shoes and squish any of those creepy bugs with anything I can lay my hands on! Even another Sue Grafton detective novel if one is laying near by.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has learned that long time resident Caroline Kirschman has passed away last March 27 at the age of 92. Stevie Villarreal has written me about Caroline and her husband Roy a few years ago and I think this is a decent time to print the story of her friend of 32 years; they have shared many memories, special occasions, and adventures:
We met Roy and Caroline, when we were first weekending to the desert, from Huntington Beach, in 1968. We spent many hours dune buggying, as they showed us this area, (at that time, they had lived here already for 12 years) we went on long walks sometimes, not planned ones, as we may have gotten stuck somewhere, and had to be "saved" by Roy and his hybrid "rescue--er" an amazing vehicle, that has probably winched more than one of the readers out there out of some pretty sticky situations. We also careened down the backside of a mountain in the Copper Moon area, with another vehicle, also of Roy's making, that was long, had about 3 distinct separate parts, that by the way, seemed to move independently of each other. Roy was at the wheel, Caroline at his side, Mike and I towards the back on a seat that was above the drivers seat, and all I remember was Roy's hair streaming, his war-hoop, the speed of the descent, Caroline's smile, Roy's holler that he didn't have any brakes, with Mike and I seeing our lives pass before us! What a day.
That was only one of many exciting occurrences that we shared with Roy and Caroline. We have always considered them our mentors. We have learned so much from them, from how to drive a tractor, to uncountable practical solutions to the unique problems of living in the desert. I could write a book about them alone!
Caroline is fiercely independent, and delightfully irreverent of some of the more "conservatives thoughts of the day. She says things as she sees them, which is pretty accurate, when you come down to it. She added to our conversations of the times that we have spent together, and we laughed for minutes on end. She participates in the activates of the days, and enjoys seeing her friends from "the hills as she calls our little community."" She celebrated her 88th birthday recently, but I can tell you that has only to do with the calendar. Her thoughts are bright and fresh!What a joy and privilege to know her! !

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community will have its Mother's Day Breakfast Bonanza next Saturday, May 1 from 8 till 11 A.M. The menu includes: scrambled eggs, ham, potato patties, fruit cup, and Champagne. Adults $4.00, $2 for Children under 12 years.

Then on Sunday May 2 we will have our first Swap Meet at our Community Center, 65336 Winters Road, from 7 A.M. till twelve noon. Cost is $3.00 to setup a table. You can call Lee Hines at 362-1347 for info.

Captain Mike Villarreal, his wife Stevie, and brother Tim were honored at the Annual Red Cross Appreciation Dinner with certificates for their work at bringing the Disaster Plan to our community. Mike says they'll have a booth at the Swap Meet were folks can find out more about the Red Cross Disaster Plan.

It was very late one night and I had just turned off the TV when I heard my fat cat meowing at the front door to be let in and fed. I opened the door and the cat came in with a kangaroo rat dangling from her teeth. The rat got loose in the house and ran for cover while fat cat made her way to her dinner bowl. It took me the better part of an hour to corner it alive and let it go outside.

Thought for the week: The passage of time leaves one with both a sense of loss and fulfillment. Good friends will always be good friends, and of course, family will remain family. Memories are our greatest support and defense in our journey through life.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community wants to remind you that our Mother's Day Breakfast Bonanza is today, Saturday from 8 till 11 A.M. Then on Sunday we'll have our Swap Meet at our Community Center from 7 A.M. till twelve noon. You can call Lee Hines at 362-1347 for info.

        Birthdays for May are: Bob Nelson, Tim Herrera, Jackie Johnston, C. Myer, and Mary Moowea.

        Thought for the week: Bureaucrats are like barnacles on a boat that need be scraped off once in a while so the boat can advance forward.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community has heard that our neighbor Linda Sibio will be performing at the Hi Desert Playhouse in “Prophet of Doom and the Banana Republic” an original script written by her and her performing group Cracked Eggs this June 21tru 22. Last Sunday Ron Dehart and me went down to the Chuckwalla Fest to see Lynda emceeing and introducing a few groups toward the end of the evening. One group that really stuck in my mind was the Wild Ass Ranchers. The group was terrific, have a great stage presence, and once I got past the two gorgeous gals playing Banjo and Mandolin I then noticed the Blue Grass music and the strange instrument one of the two guys were playing which turned out to be some kind of large Mandolin called a Bouzouki. I had a wonderful time and hope the Chuckwalla Fest returns next year.

        Thought for the week: Illusions of dimensional reality are merely reflections lacking a mirror.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community has been buffeted with some very high winds this last week. I was out watering my friend's garden while he was away and after the winds hit the place looks like I had a wild party there. Everything that wasn't bolted down is now all over his yard. I write this so I hope he understands!

        Thought for the week: I remember the first Earth Day way back in April 22, 1970 and there was a rally held in a park next to the college I was attending at the time. The main speaker, a well dressed bearded scholar, was lecturing us poor uninformed folk about how bad pollution and our way of living was and how it was destroying our world. After the rally I had some questions to ask this knowledgeable leader of the environmental movement. So I followed him out to his car and tried to ask my questions, but he said he was in a hurry and couldn't spend the time with me. He then drove off in a cloud of black smoke billowing from the tailpipe of his Mercedes diesel.
        I learned a good number of lessons on that day. Practice what you preach. Even back in 1970, as it is today, it was hard to find anyone who does. And another lesson learned was Experts don't know crap! Ya just got to keep an open mind and evaluate what knowledge you accumulate, because yer responsible for what you do and how you live. Oh and by the way, my home is totally powered by my solar panels.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is very pleased with the results of the Swap Meet that we had two Sunday's ago and we hope to have another one, says Marge Seeley, who was coordinator of the goings-on. Everyone set their booths up around the Gazebo and where they were in the shade. People kept driving up and checking us out all morning. Ruth Tuttle and Marge Seeley operated the snack bar in the kitchen and the people came in to look around and have a bite to eat. The majority that showed up didn't know that we existed up here and were very surprised at what all we had to offer. We only had 5 vendors but everyone donated part of their earnings so that was fantastic. We had fun and all and all it went very well!
We had a great turn out for Mother's Day and everyone enjoyed the food. Had roses for the ladies and fun for everyone. Except we were short handed and the volunteers worked their butts off. We had 5 children and 39 adults, so we thought that was good.

Thought for the week: The obvious is sometimes hidden unless you know where to look. Normally it's hiding in the truth that's covered with a layer of lies and flavored with falsehoods.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is enjoying this beautiful weather we been having lately this past week. Me and Bob Stonebraker were out and about planting, painting and perspiring trying to git things done before the heat of the summer sun hammers down upon our weary heads. I was thinking about what to write for this column while the two of us were lazing about taking a break out front of my house on the back seat salvaged from an old VW bus. As we were jawing about the universe and this and that a black truck stopped to asked us where to find a street that a house they were looking to purchase was on. They were a nice young couple, just married, and because of their neat appearance and haircuts I asked the two if they were Marines. They said yes they were and me and Stoney told them how proud we folks up here were of them. They left to followed Stonebreaker who knows our roads very well to the street they were looking for. That made my day!

Thought for the week: In the process of trying to simplify the simple I had managed to complicate the uncomplicated to the point of confusion where I then tried to repair it... and by doing so had made it even more complicated.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a wonderful potluck last Saturday with lots of food and friendly folks to yap at. Ruth Tuttle brought her two gorgeous daughters and some strawberry shortcake with whip cream. We had a visitor from the Netherlands, his name is Wessel Boxman, and he was looking to buy land up here in our community. For Memorial Day we all spent our time over at Lee and Marcie Hines ranch eating barbequed ribs and listening to old war stories.

Thought for the week: Whatever happened to those fanny packs that were so popular in the late 80's? I never wore one myself because I thought they looked dumb.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a good turnout for breakfast last week with many old friends showing up. All us folks up here would like to thank the Crew who help out and without them, well, there'd be no First Saturday Breakfast! Now we look forward to Potluck on Saturday 26.

There been some rumors of the paving Winters Road, but havent heard anything official just rumors. It would be nice to have it paved, but then again I can think of reasons not.

Birthdays this month are: Lee Hines, Sherry Rotruck, RaeLynn Herrera, and ILA Foyil.

Thought for the week: Seems like a lot of us are turning into High Tech Hermits and we need to go outside once in awhile and gaze deep into the stars above.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is having Potluck next Saturday, so ya better bring yer fixings and appetites, but leave yer politics and weapons at the door. The feeding frenzy starts at 4 PM.

There's one more Birthday to add this month: Karen McBurney. If you have a Birthday or Anniversary and would like to add it to our list just give me a call!

Thought for the week: Ronald Reagan is one actor who in real life played a bigger roll in history and our lives than the folks he portrayed in his movies.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that Marge Seeley had eye surgery and is home doing well. She says, "Well anyways I'm so happy I can see things I haven't seen in a long time. Isn't that a miracle? I think so any way. Now I can see what a bad housekeeper I am so I'll have to get busy about that."

The Hines family had many birthdays and graduations in the month of June. They did a lot of traveling for two different graduations, Granddaughter Ericia and Grandson Chris. Birthdays were many: Marcie's brother Felix, sister Jennie and son-in-law Robert. A lot of us got together at the Hines Ranch to celebrated Lee Hines and Sherry Rotruck's birthday.

Now don't forgit that Potluck is today, Saturday, and starts at 4 P.M. and everyone is welcome to participate and bring a little something too.

Thought for the week: Here's a real oxymoron for you, Reality TV.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community wants you not to forgit that we have Recycle Bins located behind the Community Center. We also have a place to drop off yer soda cans right in the front, just off the road, where our sign is. Go behind the sign and you'll see a big wooden box with a little hole and that's where ya stick yer cans. We turn in them cans to git money for our center.

Birthdays this month are: Juanita Young and Bob Beggs.

Thought for the week: On one hot humid day working on my house I changed and old proverb to: I stink therefore I am. Made more sense at the time.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community hopes that everyone had a really enjoyable Independence Day. There were aromas of barbeques cooking in the air. And you could just see the fireworks display from the Marine Base. On a sad note one family visiting our community lost their dog, a Boxer, it escaped from a gate that was left open. If you have found the dog let me know and I will contact its owners.

Thought for the week: I am a firm believer in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The greatest documents humanity has ever created. I reread them on Independence Day. They should be on the required reading list for all our politicians who have gotten a little rusty on the subject.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that a Mojave Green bit Ruth Tuttle's Daughter's cat Buddy. The lucky cat was "dry bitten" says the Vet and will recover nicely after a few doses of antibiotics.

Notes from the CMMCA Board Meeting: Gazebo furniture is finally in! Potluck- OPENS at 4:00 to setup EAT at 4:30 (I guess they all got mad because some of us folks started eating before 4:30).
On the 18 September there will be a Swap Meet, Setup at 08:00, Start at 09:00 -'til 2:00.
TBA Oct- Game Night-Come try the Card Sharp, Pool Shark, Chess Champ, and Video Game King (N64)
Our Treasurer, Earl Wilbert, "Guesstimated" Interest Earned and was ONLY 3 pennies off!! Earl is a Financial Wizard and should COME BALANCE MY CHECKBOOK!
The Development Ideas Committee, WANTS & NEEDS YOUR IDEAS for different ways for YOU to use & enjoy the Center. The ONLY bad idea is the GREAT one you did not share! Email ideas to: Madmac1233@wmconnect.com.

Thought for the week: Only fools don't listen to their own advice.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is a small but proud community and we don't take kindly to some immature individual painting infantile gang symbols on our new gazebo furniture. So whoever is doing this please grow up and become a responsible adult and all will be forgiven, or leave! We especially didn't care for the swastikas and find that very childish and UN-AMERICAN.

We all heard about the fire that has burned down Rose and Joe Matich's home this week. Our little community is putting together a fund for them and if you would like to donate some money to Rose and Joe, contact Mike Villarreal who is the head of our Disaster Committee.

Ann Watson is a retired schoolteacher from England and is out here visiting her son Steward, who is rebuilding a nice home, and is a first-rate individual. Ann has decided to stay two more weeks then she planned.

Thought for the week: Small minds produce tiny results.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community doesn't have a whole lot going on right now except the potluck this Saturday, which starts at 4 P.M. for setup and we eat at 4:30. So be nice and bake up and bring yer best vittles to share for our gastronomical delight.

Last week I wrote about some vermin who wrote graffiti on our new gazebo furniture. I received a lot of email from good folks who were mad as hell about this lowlife that ain't fit to print here. Well now we find out they threw the main breaker to the electric and shut off power to the refrigerators were we store our supplies for the Breakfasts we hold to raise money for the community. We discovered it on bingo night a week ago and restored power. I just hope none of the food went bad.

Thought for the week: Don't expect the Government to solve all yer woes because they have too many problems of their own.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community wants to hear yer vacation stories so please send them to me! Here is one from Mac McDermott (in his own words):
"While in Phoenix visiting our oldest Son, Frank & his Lady, Dulce, we went to a play at Broadway Palms Dinner Theatre and saw "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". DUUUUUUUDE! It was a BLAST! Dennis especially liked the bad guy (If you read the book, see the movie or play, you'll find out WHY!). This guy was GOOD! Even got autographs.
We're going back soon to check out "Pinocchio". Drive 10 hours round trip (got close to 35mpg on my 1976 Datsun B210!) just to get "Dinner and a Show"! They also have adult plays if you're not a little kid like Sayoko, Dennis, & ME!! We also went to a HUGE metroplex theatre (10 movies showing at once) & saw "I, Robot" (It was OK). Dennis was thrilled 'cause we let him get soda by himself.
Back at the motel, Dennis got in a little trouble for pretending to DROWN in the 8 1/2 ft pool. Scared Sayoko and Frank pretty good. Way I figure, if he doesn't come up in 15 minutes AFTER the bubbles stop, I'll think about checking him out! HAHAHA!
There's a lot of really cool, educational, and (Dare I say it?) mind-expanding things to see & do in the city, but WE WERE ALL GLAD TO BE BACK HOME AT COPPER MOUNTAIN MESA! "Thanks" to Stewart for watching my house. He's a good neighbor & Friend."

Thought for the week: Tend yer troubles first, and then ya can concern yerself about other folk.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that Ruth Tuttle celebrated her eightieth birthday last Saturday with a big family get-together. Relatives from as far away as Alaska and some from Glendale came by for the festivities, and all five of her kids were together for the first time in a long, long time. Six out of ten great grand children made it. There was a pool party with lots of swimming, and a piñata for the kids. Kris, one of Ruth's daughters, said “fortunately there was no fractured bones afterwards".
Last Sunday all five of Ruth's kids went to church with her for the first time since they were kids, which made her extremely happy.
Karlee Bohn, Kris's little sister, from Alaska says,"The desert is beautiful, the heat is a little overwhelming, but the lifestyle is peaceful and serene. I enjoyed seeing my brother and my gorgeous sisters, but the greatest enjoyment for me was being here to celebrate my Mother's eightieth birthday."

Birthdays this month are: Ruth Tuttle, Kay Johnson, Fred Frederiksen, Cantail, Johnny Lopez, Sayoko McDermott, Frank McDermott, Lauren Villarreal, Bob Seeley, and me.

Thought for the week: Anyone can have sex, it ain't that difficult. It's the caring, sharing, loving and growing that could happen afterwards which has any real meaning in our lives. And if you are blest with children, you should share that with them too. Because each and every one of us is special and each and every one of us deserves no less.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community got hit pretty good by Sunday's storm as it passed thru our area. Lear, Coyote Valley Road and parts of Border Avenue were mostly impassable for a few hours and Winters Road was flooded in places, a few cars were washed off the road. There were a small number of electrical blackouts lasting several minutes, reported to me, as lightning struck close to homes. But all in all we faired the storm very well.

More Birthdays this month are: Dolores and John Jefferson.

Thought for the week: From Barbara Taff. "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways - a glass of bubbly in one hand, chocolate-dipped strawberries in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and with your mouth wide open screaming WOO HOO!"

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that Zoila Preciado was taken to the hospital Tuesday of last week with trouble breathing. She stayed there until last Saturday and is home and feeling better. She told me that the staff at the High Desert Hospital is first rate and treated her very well. Zoila would also like to thank Lee and Marcie Hines for helping out during a difficult time.

I also heard that Rick Seeley was taken to the hospital early this week but as of this writing I haven't had an update of his condition. Get well my friend.

I think I better mention that the First Saturday Breakfast starts at 8:30 A.M. this September 4. So come on down and have a cup of Joe and jaw with yer neighbors while the cooks prepare yer meal. Can't ya just smell the pancakes and beacon sizzling on the grill right now!

Don't forgit that we have our potluck today and setup starts at 4 P.M. and we eat at 4:30. We will have an auction afterwards with goodies from the M&M Treasure Room. So ya best better bring plenty of the green stuff cause all proceeds go to help the community center stay open.

Thought for the week: When it comes to bringing a little joy in one's life, ya can't beat hearing from yer old friends. Well I was going to leave it like that "but" I can think of some old friends that I rather not hear from. They are like gum stuck to the bottom of yer shoe, scrape and scuff they are hard git rid of.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community was asked by Gerry Kay to mention that the MBVT needs volunteers to drive the van that takes Veterans in our area to the VA hospital in Loma Linda for scheduled medical appointments. So now is yer chance to help our Vets! If you would like to volunteer to drive once a week call Gerry at 364-3866. This is a free service for our Veterans.

        Update on Rick Seeley: Was taken to the hospital early last week, and is now home recovering very nicely.

        Birthdays this month are: Randell Herrera, Mike Villarreal, Kimberly Herrera, Donna Myers, Marcie Hines, and Ed Drzal.

        Thought for the week: There are many things worth doing once. Then there are some things worth doing again. And there are those things you shouldn't even consider ever doing at all!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a great First Saturday Breakfast last week with around 40 people showing up. Everyone said that the cooks did a very fine job of flipping the pancakes and the rest of the volunteers worked very hard to make the breakfast a memorable event.

I am sorry to say that Zoila Preciado was taken to the hospital again this week. She was doing well for a while after her recent visit to the hospital two weeks ago, then recently had a relapse. We all up here wish her the very best and hope she recovers soon.

Roger Toomes told me in August that the first two weeks in September would be very hot! Well he was right and he is now the official Weatherman for Copper Mountain Mesa with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities that comes with the position. I asked him what the weather would be like this autumn and he said he'd have to check with his big toe first.

Thought for the week: Perception is in the mind, beauty is in the heart.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had some heavy rain and lightning last Saturday as a storm cell passed through east of Coyote Valley and about a mile or more west of Lear. We lost power from about 2:30 P.M. till 10 A.M. the following day and I was told that eleven transformers were down in our area and about an inch of rain fell.

Marcie Hines had her birthday party Saturday. As the rain and lightning fell around outside, we sang happy birthday to her by candlelight inside. Even with the furious storm, everyone showed up and had an enjoyable time. Ron Dehart played guitar and did a great job with "Happy Birthday To You".

Thought for the week: Honest friends could be hard to come by if yer wealthy. The same goes if yer poor.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community is sad to hear that a good friend and longtime resident Zoila Preciado had passed on at 3:25 P.M. Tuesday. We will miss Zoila's smile at Bingo. At Potluck we will miss her happy cheer. We will miss you dear, dear Zoila now that you're not here.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community has received more information on Zoila Preciado, 76, she was born February 5, 1928 in Palo Verde, Arizona.
        Zoila resided in Fontana, CA prior to moving to Joshua Tree, CA in 1987. In here early years she loved to go camping, boating, fishing, and traveling as much as possible with her husband. In Fontana she was a member of the local Moose Lodge. After moving to Joshua Tree she was member of the American Legion Women's Auxiliary, VFW Women's Auxiliary as a lifetime member. She had a passion for playing BINGO with her friends and making new friends in the local community.
        She was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother (Nana) and dog lover. She loved going shopping with her granddaughters when visiting in Yuma, AZ. Our Nana will be greatly missed by all of us and her close friends Lee & Mercy Hines that were there when she needed a helping hand.
        She is survived by her husband Harry Preciado; son Joe (Loli) Preciado; granddaughters Marlene (Robert Gleim), Melissa Preciado and grandson Joe (JoJo) Preciado, all of Yuma, Az; sisters Selma Ramirez (Louis), Queta Urias and brother Johnny Urias of Los Angeles, CA. and many cousins from Yuma, AZ.

        Cynthia Cox is having a solo Art Show, the month of October at the JT Beatnik Cafe. Opening Party is scheduled for Sunday Oct 3rd 3-5 pm. The title of the Show is "One Step Forward, No Turning Back" and will feature mixed works, new and old. “I just wanted to say that I have been here approximately 6 months now, and find the community wonderful and the people exceptional! I hope I can participate a bit more in the community offerings when I am more settled. (And when my house is not a chaotic construction site)” Said Cynthia.

        Thought for the week: I lie about women's ages; I subtract ten or twenty years. They know it and I haven't had any complaints.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community is having a Barbeque on Saturday, October 23, at 2:00 P.M. The cost is $5.00 a plate for adults, $2.50 for them kids of 12 and under. Menu: Mesa Dogs, Poleline Burgers, Mac-Chili, Mystic potato salad, desserts and refreshments.
        We're also having a Magic Show put on by World-renowned Tony Steele, trapeze artist especially known for his breakthrough Three & 1/2 Somersault and Recipient of the World Acrobatics Society's award for Lifetime Achievements & Contributions, 2002.
        There will be a Pie Eating Contest ($2.00 to try your mouth/hand coordination, just try not to stab your face) and git an Award! So come on down to our Community Center and join in the fun.

        Thought for the week: Old friends and children usually give you the truth, for good or bad, unsolicited.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community is sorry to hear that Kay Hileman has lost her dear old dog Feisty last Sunday. Feisty was the sister to Lillian Thrift's dog Sassy, and when the two of them would git together the fur would fly. Feisty will always be remembered for guarding the kitchen table over at Kay's when ya dropped by for coffee.

        The Copper Mountain Mesa Association will have its Annual Elections on November 13 and there are four positions open. There will be a regular Board meeting at high noon, followed by the elections. When I unearth who is running I'll let ya all know.

        The USDA will have the food distribution on October 18, 9-11A.M. Also you can check out the Flyers for the Home Energy Assistance Program and many more.

        Potluck falls on the thirtieth of this month. Wear a Costume if you DARE!

        I still want to mention the Barbeque that we are having next Saturday 23, at 2 P.M. $5 for Adults and $2.50 for Kids 12 and under. We want to have this be an annual event and we're having trouble coming up with a good name. So we are going to have a name-naming contest, (not name calling, but that does sound interesting) and who ever come up with the best name will win 5 bucks from me and git their name in the paper!

        Thought for the week: Lightning is fascinating to watch unless it strikes close to home.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community is having a Barbeque today Saturday 23, at 2 P.M. $5 for Adults and $2.50 for Kids 12 and under. Menu: Mesa Dogs, Poleline Burgers, Mac-Chili, Mystic potato salad, desserts and refreshments. And lets not forget the Magic Show put on by World-Renowned Tony Steele. Also the M&M room will be open where you can purchase used items that have been donated to us and help support the Community Center. So come on down and have lots of fun, and enjoy a small town atmosphere.

        Don't miss our Halloween Potluck next Saturday at 4 P.M. Costumes are optional but why not git into the “SPIRIT” of things and come as a Ghost or Vampire.

        Get ready for the Copper Mountain Mesa Association Annual Elections on November 13. There are still four positions open and if ya want to run for office let us know. There will be a regular Board meeting at high noon, followed by refreshments and the elections.

        Thought for the week: Thunder is loudest when it strikes close to home.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community wants all Ghosts and Vampires to come to our Halloween Potluck at 4 P.M. this Saturday. Bring a treat to share with yer friends and Goblins.

        Last Saturday's Barbeque was a total success. We had a pie-eating contest were things got kind of messy when Tim Villarreal tried to inhale a whole pie! It looked like Tim was going to win but Steve Tuttle made a last minute effort and finished for first place.
        Horseshoe Contest winners were; Steve Tuttle (1st Place) Tony Steele, Stu Watson, Dennis McDermott, Sayoko McDermott, Tim Villarreal.
        We would like to thank all the volunteers who put their time and hard work into the barbeque.

        Tim Villarreal is putting on a big birthday event for his nephew Samuel Manley on November 7. All those who would wish to attend should call Tim at 362-4405. There will be lot of food, a petting zoo, and a car show, I was told.

        Thought for the week: We're like a child run amuck when it comes to our environment. Its time we grew up.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community had a wonderful Potluck last Saturday with lots of food and friendly smiles. Dan Adelsperger made Chicken Cordon Bleu which everyone loved. Someone was joking and told their friends that it was pig's feet, and everybody had a good laugh. One bummer though, was that Rick Seeley fell Ill and was taken to the hospital where he has been laid-up the last couple of days. He's supposed to be home before this goes to print.

        Don't forgit to come to the First Saturday Breakfast today from 8-11 P.M. where yer gona be treated to hot pancakes, biscuits and gravy, ham, bacon or sausage, and eggs any way ya want them!

        November 10, 1775 marks the Corps' 228th anniversary. Semper Fi!

        Birthdays this Month: Bill Stonebraker, Joel Levey, and Jan Bonner.

        Thought for the week: I don't have anyone to answer to but myself and I ain't listening.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community had a great First Saturday Breakfast last week with thirty-six folks showing up to eat. The day starts early at 6 A.M. when Bob Stonebraker (Stoney) comes into the kitchen and begins to cook the sausage and bacon. Steve and Mary Helen Tuttle show up a little later to setup the tables, and Stoney prepares the gravy for the biscuits that Ruth Tuttle made at home and will bring in shortly. It's getting around 7:30 as Steward Watson and Brenda Zimmer arrive, Steward will cook the eggs and Brenda will waitress the tables. Mary Hedges comes in to work the front desk to collect money and Marcie Hines is here to open the back room where she sells used items. Ruth finally shows up with the biscuits and everything is in place for the breakfast to start at 8. Folks are arriving and placing orders as Patrick Whalen grabs an apron and helps wait the tables. Everything goes well as the breakfast winds down and all the volunteers help clean up when everyone else has gone home. We all would like to thank these volunteers who will git to do it all over again next month.

Thought for the week: Short on substance and a lot of hype can make the truth seem baseless and the wrong look right.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community had our Annual General Membership Meeting last week and we reelected Steve Tuttle and Lee Hines to serve another term and elected Steward Watson as a new board member. Steve will remain President and Mary Helen Tuttle will be the Treasurer and Secretary. Ron Dehart decided not to run again and gave a moving departure speech. There were lots of cookies, roast pork and biscuits, and a vegetable plate to munch on.

        Now don't forget to come to our potluck on Saturday, Nov. 27 at 4:00 P.M.! We been having a real good turnout, lots of nice folks showing up, and the food has been gut busting fantastic.

        Thought for the week: In my experience I have come to believe that nothing is impossible, but there is stuff that is improbable, impractical, and downright evil, which should be left alone.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community had a pretty good snowstorm, at least I am going to call it a storm, which left about 6 inches or more on the ground and was still coming down at 2 pm last Sunday. Bob Stonebraker told me it hasn't snowed like this since 1967 where he said there was even more snow. Rick Seeley said the last good snowing was in 83. The electrical power went out about 9:30 Sunday morning, depending on whom ya asked. Folks who depend on it to heat their homes, and cook their food were out of luck and mostly stayed in bed with lots of covers over them till around 6:30 A.M. Tuesday morning when the power came back on. Naturally our local UHF TV and that “Award Winning Radio Station” was off the air and so we relied on the telephone and word of mouth for news and communications. Folks were helping their neighbors with candles, Coleman stoves, and wood for fireplaces. There were those folks with medical conditions and their neighbors brought over electrical generators. I got some pictures of what it looked like Sunday and will put them on the community website at www.coppermountainmesa.com.

Don't forget to come on down to our potluck this Saturday at 4 P.M. Bring a little something to share with yer neighbor and tell yer stories about “The Great Snowstorm of 04”.

Thought for the week: When disaster hits it will be yer neighbor, not the government, who will rush to yer aid! Get to know them.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family. Ruth Tuttle's home was full of activity with her Grandson, Kyle Tuttle, who is stationed in Washington and on leave from the Army. He had a few missions into Afghanistan. Kyle is a 2003 Graduate of Yucca Valley High School and achieved many MPV awards with his track team.
        A lot of folks went on over to Frank and Mary Poole's house. They had about thirty relatives and neighbors there eating turkey and jawing at each other.
        Steve and Mary Helen Tuttle spent Thanksgiving in their trailer “RVing” down to Oceanside to visit and renew and old friendship with the Bobel family.

        The Copperettes Annual Christmas Fund is now open for food donations and money. This wonderful project benefits our less fortunate Mesa neighbors who may need a little joy this coming holiday. If you live in our area and would like a Christmas Basket please call Mary Helen Tuttle at 366-2648 between 5 and 8 P.M. by the 10th of December. All calls handled discreetly.

        Don't forget that Potluck will be on Saturday the 18 this month because of the holidays.

        Thought for the week: The desert is like an ocean without water.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community doesn't want ya to forget that our special Christmas Potluck will take place next Saturday the 18 this month because of the holidays. We have been told that Santa may even show up! So git yer old carcass over to our community center by 4 P.M. and don't miss out on the festivities.

        There will be a First Saturday Breakfast on January 1, 2005 and all you early risers who didn't spend New Years night partying and drinking should come on by for some hot cakes, biscuits and gravy, eggs any way ya want them, and plenty of hot steaming coffee for those of us who are still hung-over with last nights activities.

        Thought for the week: Determination and diligence can compensate for a lack of affluence.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community is having its special Christmas Potluck today, Saturday, at 4 P.M. So join us for the holidays at our community center and don't miss out on the festivities. We have been told that Santa may even show up!

        There will be a First Saturday Breakfast on January 1, 2005 and all you early risers who didn't spend New Years night partying and drinking should come on by for some hot cakes, biscuits and gravy, eggs any way ya want them, and plenty of hot steaming coffee for those of us who are still hung-over with last nights activities.

        Thought for the week: Common sense would tell an individual with the flu to stay home so ya won't give it to someone else. Sounds simple but some folks seem to think they are indispensable at work and spread it to coworkers and the public. So to put it simply for these indispensable folks: “IF YER SICK STAY HOME”.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community's Copperettes has been able to collect a very generous amount of gifts for their Annual Christmas Baskets thanks to the donations of some caring folks. In all, there will be six families who will have a brighter, happier Christmas. We want to thank those individuals who donated their time and money for this event.

        Now don't forgit to come on down to our First Saturday Breakfast on January 1, 2005. Starts at 8:30 and goes on till 11 A.M.

        We all here in Copper Mountain Mesa want to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas.

        Thought for the week: "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." - Abraham Lincoln