Our Little Community


YEAR 2005




By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community had a wonderful Christmas with families and friends getting together all over the mesa. Someone (Santa’s Elves) left me a nice package outside my gate and was most appreciated and I want to thank them here. I hope everyone had as nice a Christmas as I did.

        Now don’t forgit to come on down to our First Saturday Breakfast today. Starts at 8:30 and goes on till 11 A.M.

        We all here in Copper Mountain Mesa want to wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year.

        There have been reports that someone is stealing our street signs again. If you come across this thief please report them to the police.

        Thought for the week: As in life; on a boat you must scrape off the barnacles and then cast off the dock lines before you can make any progress through the water.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community had a good turnout for the First Saturday Breakfast last week. There were around 20 folks that showed up to eat and enjoy jawing with their neighbors. This Saturday will be the first Community Board meeting this year and everyone is welcome to attend at 10 o’clock today. Captain Michael Villarreal has asked me to mention that phase two of the Red Cross Crosstraining will follow the meeting in support of the Community Center as a Disaster Shelter.

        Birthdays this month: Rick and Marge Seeley, and Sharon Weaver.

        Thought for the week: As I sit here contemplating what to write in my column, the Earth revolves eastward at 1000 mph, and orbits our Sun at 18.55 miles per second, in turn the Sun is revolving about the galactic center of the Milky way Galaxy at about 150 miles per second and takes 225 million years to complete one revolution. All galaxies are rushing away from a common beginning some15 billion years ago. This is all happening without spilling my coffee, Wow!

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community has lost a longtime resident of our area; I am sad to inform you of the passing of Juanita Young a week ago Wednesday. Juanita was past president of the Copperettes, a post she held for many years until her health started to fail.
        To me she was more like “I Love Lucy” than Martha Stuart but with a little George Carlin thrown in. Juanita was the first person you’d notice when you walked into a crowded room she really shined. I loved our little talks together and our long running joke about her couch. Juanita used to lounge on it and formed this indentation in the middle, which had gotten deeper thru the years. When I come for a visit I’d say to her, “If ya lay there much longer someday that hole is going to swallow ya up”.
        To sum up Juanita’s life here is way beyond the capacity of this column and my ability, but I can say that she was loved by both family and friends, and by me.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community had its first board meeting of the year last Saturday; we now have 131 Members, 8 of them new. Here’s a quick list of what took place: Steve Tuttle & Electrician figured out Emergency Generator tie in point (Fuse Box) and Steve fixed roof. Sympathy Card for Juanita passed & signed. New paint inside and out has been APPROVED. Earl Wilbert highly commended for 20 years as Treasurer, never lost a dime! Mary Helen taking over as Treasurer. Stuart Watson has ideas for Pinball Machine in M&M Room and easier access and maybe make some money. Sayoko McDermott has volunteered to help in the M&M room. Bingo: 21 HARDCORE Bingolos showed up despite the rain & mud. Disaster Readiness: J. Bennified showed with Red Cross Van and conducted classes (#2).

        More about Juanita Young written by Brenda Zimmer: Long time friend and resident Margie (Juanita) Young passed away Jan. 5th 2005. Juanita was President of the Copperettes for about 10 years. She and her husband Robert (Bob) Young (deceased) were involved in many events that has made our community what it is today. She is survived by 3 children, Jim Weaver, Sharon Weaver and Sharon’s twin sister Shelia, 11 grandkids and 9 great grandkids. She is now resting with her husband Bob and son Joe. She will be missed dearly. Her care provider of 3 years, Brenda Zimmer is still with the family.

        Thought for the week: A frown is just a smile turned upside down.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community will have a Memorial for Juanita Young at our Saturday Potluck that starts at 4 P.M. today. Come and say goodbye to an old friend.

        Last Saturday Marge and Rick Seeley celebrated their birthdays with friends and neighbors at Lee and Marcie’s home. There was plenty of food and a really nice cake.

        Now don’t forget to come on down to our First Saturday Breakfast next Saturday, February 5th at 8 till 11 A.M. for some real down home cooking!

        Thought for the week: Too much is to little and too little be not enough. When perfection is the norm, a small flaw or imperfection can give a thing it charm and value. Example: How much would you say a two-headed penny is worth?

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community had a great Potluck last Saturday with dang nar forty folks showing up! I had been told to mention that there were some fellows who git in the food line early and take more then their fair share from one item leaving little or none for the folks down the line. Now that is just down right impolite and unfriendly, I think, and they should take a little of each item and then wait till everyone has had their fill and go back for seconds.

        Birthdays this month: Stevie Villarreal, Pamela Waddey, Marcia McKinney, John Waddell, and Earl Wilbert.

        Thought for the week: I am mighty proud of our soldiers and just as proud of the Iraqi people who voted for Democracy in spite of the threat of being blown up.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community will have its Board of Directors meeting today February 12 at 10am and have a guest speaker Carol Nemecheck who is a County Representative tell us about some wonderful information for Seniors who are 60 and over about County and Federal assistance programs. Some but not all of the programs she will be explaining about are as follows: Explanation of the Older Americans Act, Regional Counseling for the Ageing, Family Care Support, In Home Support Service, 3% loan information, and much more.

        Last Saturday’s Breakfast was a real humdinger with more then 45 folks showing up to chow down on the pancakes and eggs. The “Crew” really had to beat feet to cook and serve the hungry horde that seemed to come in all at once. Thank God we have hard working individuals with a community spirit out here to help out!

        Thought for the week: Why is it that we get tickets for children not wearing seatbelts or not restrained in car seats in our own autos, but none of these are provided for them in a school bus.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community has heard that there was a birthday party for Stuart Watson at Lee and Marcie Hines home last week with some twenty friends bearing gifts showing up. Stewart Watson was elected last November as a new board member and is always ready to lend a hand to help his neighbors.

        Thought for the week: Just like our government to make it illegal to purchase drugs for a 30 to 80 percent discount from Canada, then give us a card for a 20 percent discount that will cost all Americans some 800 billion over the next ten years.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community is quite waterlogged by all this rain we been having. The thirsty desert soil is absorbing it well and there hasn’t been any real road hazard except the usual flooding we git where the water drains across the road. I have a whole bunch of weeds growing in my yard that I have never seen there before, and found new leaks in my roof that I promptly patched.

        Well just you come down to our Potluck today, Saturday at 4 P.M. and feast out on some of the grub that we have awaiting fer ya. And don’t fergit to bring something yerself to share with the folks here.

        Thought for the week: Out where I live folks still wave at ya when they drive by. Maybe them people in Los Angeles should try this “drive by waving’.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community is saddened to learn that Doris Wilbur has passed away on the evening of the 19th last month. Many years ago she wrote this column for the newspaper, was a past president, cooked at our breakfasts and was very active and supportive of our little community. Doris had a quick wit and was very outspoken when it came to the dealings of our community. At our board meetings she held back no punches and spoke what was on her mind. She was 81 years old.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community is starting to dry out from all the rain we’ve had and the flowers are beginning to bloom. Now I ain’t no flower expert and a lot of what I think are flowers are really weeds, but they all look pretty to me and the Bees seem to like them too.

        Late one night I had a knock at my door. I opened it up but no one was there. A minute later there was a bam, bam, bam again at the door. I threw open the door and looked around and there was my big fat cat wanting in. Apparently he had seen my friends knock on the door and gain access to the inside of the house and figured he could do it too. So now when he wants in he just knocks. Damn clever cat!

        Thought for the week: (I wrote this in my column on 8/20/2000) It would be interesting, if at the wave of a wand, make it that all federal employees and elected officials would have to depend on Social Security (like most of us) rather than some government pension for retirement. I believe that magically it would get all it's funding and never run out of money, and that they would defend it tooth and nail and make it into the best run retirement system in the world.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community had its board meeting last Saturday and here are some of the goings on written by Mac McDermott who is a member of the board:
        Had 'bout a MILLION people show in March's Breakfast. You KNOW "The Crew" must be doin' good stuff. Next Breakfast 02Apr.
        M&S Treasure Room- undergoing "renovations”, made donations to local Church. Pickup you’re lay-a ways or lose 'em. Some been sittin', waitin', waaaaaaay to long!
        Disaster Readiness- Mike Villarreal passed out Graduation Cards to those individuals concerned & caring enough to attend all Red Cross Training Classes held at CMMCC. Congrats & JOB WELL DONE.
        Develop Ideas Committee- NEEDS YOUR IDEAS! The ONLY bad idea is the one you keep to yourself. So share your brain! E-mail to: Madmac1233@wmconnect.com
        Feb Pot Luck went GREAT, best manners shown & LOTS of OUTSTANDING food. March Pot Luck- 26Mar, doors open @ 4:00 If you're not attending- YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!
    Comments from the floor:
        A) Board Members got a well-deserved ROYAL butt chewin' for NOT using the mikes. (We’re sorry, and WILL do better)
        B) Road Committee - finally acquired some control (GOOD JOB! long, hard fight) and will be having an open meeting directly after April's board meeting.
        C) Nice job on light switch in Men's Room. Come check it out-even has a little light INSIDE the switch. (Could be a major attraction??)
        D) CAUTIONS TO ALL-Clear your growin's 'round your house. Green NOW, but in August, they'll be a FIRE JUST WAITIN' TO HAPPEN. Snakes- board President Steve Tuttle recommends just lettin' them pass by undisturbed.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is having a really big potluck at 4 P.M. this Saturday. Ya all should come down to the community center and bring a little something to share with yer neighbors and friends. There will be an auction afterwards.

Next Saturday at 8:30 A.M. is the First Saturday Breakfast; so make room for it on yer calendars.

The Road Board is going to have a meeting on April 9 after the regular Board meeting around about 11 A.M. All those interested in the condition of our roads and have questions about maintenance routes, schedules, and present finances should attend.

Thought for the week: Looks to me like their manipulating the price of gas like Enron did to our power system a few years ago to rip-off us folks in California.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is having their Big Breakfast Bash this Saturday at 8:30 A.M. with eggs any way ya want them, hotcakes, biscuits and gravy, home fried potatoes, bacon and sausage. We even have cute waitresses to wait on you! So come on down and have some great grub and jaw with yer neighbors!

Don’t forgit that next week is the Road Board Meeting that will be held after the regular Board Meeting. Please leave all weapons: knives, brass knuckles, and firearms at the door.

Birthdays this month are: Carol Lane, Patty Bradley, Maryhelen Tuttle, Marie Morrison, Bob Stonebraker, Bill Bonner, Ruth Malton, Roger Toomes, Tim Villarreal, and Mac & Sayoko McDermott 24th Anniversary.

Thought for the week: I received an email the other day saying we should boycott Saudi oil and here is my reply: We use up all the oil that’s imported and if we stop using the companies that get their oil from Saudis and only used the others who don't import from them, those companies would have to start importing from Saudis also to keep up with demand. Better solution is to stop using so much oil!! Drive less and use a fuel-efficient vehicle. Conserve electricity at home; get rid of those incandescent bulbs and use Compact fluorescent lights that use 75% less energy. We must use alterative energy and stop using so much oil. There’s much more we can do to conserve, because we are the problem not the Saudi oil.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a really successful “Big Bash First Saturday Breakfast” with over 52 hungry folks showing up. It’s the biggest turnout for our breakfast ever! Next month we’ll have our special Mother's Day Breakfast. So we hope to see ya all there.

Next Saturday the 16 at noon the Big Ideas Group (BIG) will bring you the Liar’s Club Contest. How BIG & (UN) BELIEVABLE a lie can YOU tell? Just $2 a lie with Awards aplenty (or am I lying'?), 50/50 Raffle, Pinball, Horse shoes, Food, & snacks, BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer).

Thought for the week: Sometimes it just ain’t right being right. Or is it that I am right if I am right about being right when I am wrong?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community would like to invite ya all over every Tuesday night at 6 P.M. for a friendly game of Bingo. If yer passion is BINGO you’ll be among friends here! So come on down to our community center where the jackpots be a growing.

Last week my friend Ron Dehart and I took a hike over to 49 Palms Oasis. Its around 3 miles round trip, but seems farther. There are many Barrel Cactus and wild flowers scattered over the terrain, so be sure you take a camera. The nicest part of the hike is when you finally arrive at the Oasis where there are pools of water and a very small running creek to soak yer feet. Hiking time is about 2-3 hours, more if ya stop and take a lot of pictures like we did. Starting point is the parking area at end of Canyon Road, 4 miles west of Twentynine Palms off Hwy 62.

Thought for the week: Scream from the mountaintops and you may catch god’s ear, but quietly whisper to a friend and everyone will hear.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community some have said been visited by a few UFOs. I was watching the LA news a few days ago and they had a news clip of city people coming up to Joshua Tree with telescopes to watch for them. Awhile back I had asked some local folk up here if they had seen any UFOs and I got a few stories.
One lady had told me of a white Orb that had followed her for several miles, while she and her friends where driving down Winters Road, then it vanished only to reappear hovering a few feet above her house an hour later. She told me that when they went outside to get a better look see that it took off straight up and didn’t make one bit of sound as it went into space.
My neighbor told me of an Orb that she saw from her kitchen window just sitting in the field next to her house. This Orb made a humming, throbbing sound.
I recall that they had both said that the Orbs were very large, glowed white with pulsating florescent green spheres inside.
My personal experience with an Orb was about 3 years ago when I went outside just before the sun came up. I saw the Orb coming out of the western horizon about 15 degrees up and was the size of my little finger held at arms length. It appeared to be coming straight at me and grew to about the size of my thumb held at the same distance. I thought, at that time, it was going to be an asteroid strike; it was that big. Then it made a wide arch toward the south and I watch as it traveled over the mountains of the National Park till I lost sight of it. This all took place in about a minute’s time. Who do you call to report something like that!

Thought for the week: Fulfilling political promises are to politicians as building a room with no walls is to a contractor.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community wants ya to remember that we are having our “Last Saturday Potluck” at 4 P.M. this Saturday at the community center on Winters Rd., about 4 miles east of Boarder Avenue. So come on down and bring some food ta share with yer neighbors (no road kill stew please). Also next Saturday at 8:30 A.M. we be having our fabled “Mother’s Day Breakfast” with all kinds of goodies you don’t want to miss.

I just got back from a mini-vacation to the South Bay where I took care of my friend’s, Jeanne Kula and Tom Merritt, cats at their nice home located on the hillside of a canyon in Palos Verdes. I visited some old friends and old haunts while I was there. A lot has changed since I’ve visited some 5 years ago: more people, more cars, and more buildings.
I had parked by the ocean to watch the sunset, but when I prepared to leave my truck wouldn’t start. I called a towing service for a jump. In a while a tow rig arrived and a beautiful Goth lady stepped out of the cab and gave me a jump. I said to her,’ pardon me but I don’t want to sound sexist but I’ve never seen a women tow truck driver before.’
It was nice to git away for a while and git a new perspective on things. As I returned to the High Desert I smelled the distinct fragrance of the Grease Woods on a rainy day and I knew I was coming home.

Birthdays this month are: Bob Nelson, Tim Herrera, Jackie Johnston, C. Myer, and Mary Moowea.

Thought for the week: Never hire someone you may have to fire.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had pretty much a good potluck. There were around thirty folks and lots of pasta. Someone brought this to my attention that my previous column stated that it was the “Last Saturday Potluck” and wondered if it was the “Last” one. Well I do want to clarify that “Last” means last Saturday of the month and not the last potluck. We have potluck all year round unless it falls on Christmas or Thanksgiving. On these rare occasions we may fudge it a bit and have it a little before or after. So all ya just have to remember is git yer hide on over for a good feeding on the last Saturday of the month, every month!

Have ya all noticed that there are a lot of moths flying around up here? Dang little buggers git into everything. I opened my garage door and about a zillion of them flew out and collided with me. They caught me by surprise, wind milling with my arms as they flew by, I damn near fell to the ground with them clinging to my clothes and hair.

Thought for the week: Power and Greed don’t mix for a good government. By themselves remain manageable, but combined are destructive.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community will miss our little Marge Seeley who passed on last Saturday at age 87.
Marge was a “can do” person. She was involved in everything that was Copper Mountain Mesa: the first Saturday Breakfasts, Potlucks, Treasure room, Bingo, USDA Food Distribution, and Marge was a board member and on numerous committees.
I remember when Marge and I came up with the idea on having potluck on the last Saturday of every month. There were naysayers who said potluck had been done before and failed. Well, with Marge’s touch, we’ve been having potluck now since before the turn of the century and it keeps growing.
When she wanted to communicate with her Granddaughter Ashley by email, she got her loving husband Bob to buy her a computer and asked me to teach her how to use it. Marge didn’t give the usual excuses that some folks her age give about learning computers; she just did it. And I was happy to teach her. I called her “The Brain” which she got a big kick out of.
Without Marge Seeley there probably would never have been a Copper Mountain Mesa. It would have been called Pottersville! The "bad" town in "It's a Wonderful Life". That’s what Marge meant to us and our community and why we’ll miss her can do attitude and gentle smile.
The community will hold a casual memorial at 4 P.M. to remember Marge Seeley during potluck on Saturday the 28th. All are welcome to attend.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is now where the Buffalo roam! Our neighbor Scott Sorensen recently brought two buffalo from Catalina Island to his property on Winters Road. Dang I got to tell ya them critters are massive. The big one Scott calls Chief is gentle but he can stomp ya by accident. Scott also has two hogs and two calves. If he gits two more of anything else I am going to watch and see if he starts laying a keel for an Ark.

Thought for the week: Don’t take sides between friends.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community already had a taste of the hot weather this week and folks are scrambling to get their swamp-coolers cleaned up and running. It’s always a good idea to have a spare water pump and belts lying around just in case (they tend to malfunction on them blistering days). Also, plunk a gallon or two of water in yer car for those times ya git marooned in the desert.

Today, Saturday the folks up here are going to hold a casual memorial at 4 P.M. to remember Marge Seeley during potluck. All are welcome to attend.

Birthdays for June are: RaeLynn Herrera, Sherry Rotruck, Lee Hines, ILA Foyil, and Karen McBurney.

Thought for the week: If ya can’t fix it, ya don’t need it.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a wonderful memorial for Marge Seeley last Saturday during potluck where the folks that loved her and who she loved, her friends and family, showed up. Many got up and spoke nice about Marge, telling little tales and how much we respected her and will miss her.

Don't forgit to come on down to the community center for our First Saturday Breakfast today, Saturday, at 8:30 for some good old home cooking. They'd be ah cooking pancakes, eggs, home fries, beacon and sausage, and biscuits and gravy. Sounds mighty fine ta me!

Saturday, June 11, instead of having a board meeting, the Board Members invite everyone down to cleanup the community center. There will be painting! There will be raking! There will be all kinds of really fun activities! They didn't give me a time but I figure if ya come down around 9 A.M. and start cleaning the outsides ain't no one going ta mind. Bring yer tools!

More Birthdays this June: Mary Riggio, and Andrew Nevsky.

Thought for the week: There was so much ballyhoo about the loser of the Indianapolis 500 that they had almost forgotten to mention the winner; Dan Wheldon.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community should take the fire last Monday that was burning at Yucca Valley as a wake-up call and start clearing around our homes all the dried up vegetation that was born from last seasons intense winter rains. There sure was a lot of smoke from that fire; it was thick and blocked out view of the mountains and smelled unpleasantly bad from where I live. With the Fourth of July coming up and people the way they are it could be a dangerous and worrisome weekend. So it’s best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best and have yer home ready.

Thought for the week: Don’t wash as much laundry as yer clothesline can take.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community wants ya to know that we will be closing Bingo down for the summer, to let the poor folks that run it have a much deserved rest, and that the last night will be Tuesday, June 28 and start up again on Tuesday, September 6. We also want ya to know that the Breakfast and Potluck will continue through the summer.

Last Saturday was clean up at the community center with many hard working folks showing up and pitching in. They were: Mary and Steve Tuttle, Bob and Julie Beggs, Lee and Marcie Hines, Bob Stonebraker, Seimi Shiba, Stuart Watson and Hoss. They painted the whole building some kind of bright yellow so ya can see it from miles away, even from space! We all want to thank them all for donating their time and effort.

Thought for the week: About republicans and democrats: It’s about time we git some regular folks in OUR government not just them wealthy individuals that are trying to benefit only themselves and Corporations that support them. Only then can we truly call this a democratic society.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community wants ya all to come on down to our Saturday Potluck today at 4 P.M. and have some good old home cooking right out of the box. Now I want ya to know that potluck is where the locals come to jaw at one another and meet new folk that move to our area. The Community Center is not a senior center and the young ones are welcome as well. In fact it would be good to have some new blood join our Community Center. There been some kids leaving notes on the door of the center asking why we don’t have things for kids to do. Well I want to tell them that they need to git their parents involved with our community and attend our meetings and help out with the planning of activities and supervision. We have a poolroom and a baseball diamond that needs cleaning up. I think that would be a good start!

Don’t forgit that the First Saturday Breakfast is at 8:30 next Saturday and the last Bingo till September is this Tuesday.

Thought for the week: Who wants to be a Hilton? I don’t! And no respectful desert vermin would either.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community doesn’t want ya to forgit that the First Saturday Breakfast starts at 8:30 A.M. today. So come on down to our community center for a good breakfast and admire our new paint job.
Well they had the last Bingo last Tuesday and many folks showed up to say their farewells for the summer until Bingo starts up again next September 6.

Birthdays this month: Bob Beggs. If you have a birthday and would like me to include it here E-Mail me: CopperMountainMesa@hotmail.com

Thought for the week: The Supreme Court ruled recently that local governments can use eminent domain to remove common folks by force off their property, demolish their homes, sell it to some developer and replace it with condominiums that would bring in more revenue. I believe our government has lost its way, is out of touch with the folks back home, and is just a plain bully. I believe this is very un-American.
Could a hotel be built on the land owned by Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter? CHECKOUT "The Lost Liberty Hotel"

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a wonderful Forth of July with many of the locals having family and friends over for barbeques. I went over to Lee and Marcie Hines and had some mighty fine ribs. In the evening a lot of folks drove over to the end of Poleline Road to park their cars and trucks to do some tailgating and watch the fireworks by the Base. I think it was the best seats in the house! The night before I was outside with my telescope trying to find comet Temple 1. At 10:52 Deep Impact was going to crash into it along with 625000 Names to be vaporized on a CD that was aboard, my name was among them! Well try as I might I couldn’t find that dang comet and as 10:52 came and went I rushed into the house and turn on the news to find that JPL (the Tiger Woods of space agencies) had literally made a hole in one! What a wonderful Forth it was!

Thought for the week: The older ya git, the smaller the universe, the dimmer the stars.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a memorial for Joan Maybee last Saturday, which was very well attended. Joan, who was the President of Copper Mountain Mesa Association in 2001, and was also President of the Copperettes which was the women’s group that is in charge of functions and fundraising, until she moved to a golf course in Yucca Valley in 2002. She has helped our community in many ways. One of them was taking everyone’s blood pressure on our First Saturday Breakfasts. She also headed up the Bingo Committee. Joan was a very dynamic and outspoken person and a nice lady to boot! She will be dearly missed by her friends and family.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has been doing quite nicely during these hot summer days with temperatures hovering around 110 degrees. A little hotter then I remember last year being when I didn’t fire up my swamp cooler at all that summer. I been drinking a lot of water and taking hose showers and even my cat wants to git soaked.

Our friend Bob Stonebraker took a long vacation and arrived back home last Tuesday from a visit to his family, Judy, Denny and Justin in Pittsburgh, Ca. and drove with Judy up to Washington for a visit with his brother Bill and sister. He told me of some fine restaurants he dined at and one truck stop in particular that had some mighty fine biscuits and gravy.

Now lets not fergit that potluck is next Saturday at 4 P.M. and everyone is welcome! The food is fantastic, there is always enough. Be sure to bring a little something to share.

Thought for the week: With commercials on television for Viagra, others with scantily clad ladies in underwear selling something or other, daytime talk shows about sex, drugs, and the very weird. We need not wonder why our children don’t have a childhood anymore. We invited it into our living rooms where it sits like a callous visitor disrespectful for common decency and we can’t seem to turn it off.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a good rain and lots of thunder and lightning last Saturday and the electrical power was off or a very long time. Seems like it rained all day but there wasn’t any reports of flooding in our community. And there are forecasts for more rain this weekend. At least the rain will keep the dust down a bit for a while. Now don’t let a little rain stop ya from coming down for our Saturday Potluck today! Starts at 4:30 and goes on till everyone leaves.

Next Saturday at 8:30 A.M. we’ll be having our fabulous Breakfast with lots of good home made fixins and strong coffee for those Friday night revelers.

Birthdays for August are: Dolores Jefferson, Kay Johnson, Fred Frederiksen, Cantail, Sayoko McDermott, Ruth Tuttle, Frank McDermott, Lauren Villarreal, John Jefferson, and Bob Seeley.

Thought for the week: Its hot as hell up here till ya git use to it. Then once ya git use to it, its hot as hell.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is sad to hear that Debbie Norwood lost her son Josh on July 25 in a motorcycle accident. Josh was born Feb. 12, 1977 and spent many of his younger years in our desert community doing what kids do. Debbie was on Copper Mountain Mesa Board of Directors in 2002 and cooked for the Bingo dinners on Tuesday nights many years ago and is a longtime Copper Mountain Mesa resident.

Captain Mike W. Villarreal wants to remind ya all that the Red Cross Disaster Training will be held after the Board meeting August 13, at 11 A.M. and those folks having a vested interest in the Community Center Building (that means you!) are encouraged to participate in this training in support of the Center being a Disaster Shelter.

Biscuits and gravy, bacon and sausage, hash browns, pancakes and eggs are what yer going to find at our famously fine First Saturday Breakfast! Starts today at 8 A.M. and goes till 11.

Thought for the week: Follow rules blindly without question or disdain, and you’ll see yer potential being flushed down the drain.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a great First Saturday Breakfast with 34 hungry folks showing up the cook nearly ran out of sausage and there were only four biscuits left, which Chuck Sercu took home to feed to his dawgs.

Last Sunday I was on the phone with Ron and Linda Dehart talking about how all the rain just goes around and misses our area and clobbers Twentynine and Yucca. Well no more then half an hour after we hung up it started to pour down rain something heavy along with lightning strikes all around the place. Then on Monday I was helping Stuart Watson move a couch and got stuck in a cloudburst and couldn’t see the road to drive! I don’t think I’ll be doing any mentioning about rain going around our area any time soon!

Just a little reminder that the Red Cross Disaster Training will be held after the Board meeting today Saturday August 13, at 11 A.M.

Thought for the week: It is what we do now in the present that may affect our future more than what we have done in the past.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community wants to hear all about yer summer vacations so please send them in and we’ll publish them here! Here is one vacation story from Mac McDermott, his wife Sayoko and son Dennis took to Phoenix:
"We hit Phoenix to visit Frank & Dulce, (my Son & his Lady). We visited the Mesa Museum. They have a VERY NICE 3 story display on dinosaurs, part of the old Mesa jail (I locked in Dennis), "Jaws" a display on prehistoric sharks. (& I thought "Jaws " was scary!) Caveman caves & Mammoth & Saber Tooth Tiger (SCARED SAYOKO!), and old adobe houses. Displays of bugs & other stuff too.
We also hit "the Broadway Palms" for their buffet & play. This year was "Jack & the Beanstalk". You KNOW that was TOO COOL & lots of fun! Great actors & great food.
We went to Organ Stop Pizza; home to The Mighty Wurlitzer & It was a BLAST! NO, REALLY!! The pipes & bellows are about 2 stories tall by 2 stories wide. We sat in the balcony & this MONSTER rattled & shook THE WHOLE BUILDING (especially the balconies!). I'd put it at a pleasant 2.5 on the Rector scale. Our 1st time listening to Organ, lost track of time, so 3 hours later, we left. The music was so cool; I spent $16 on a CD. Just doesn't sound the same on my "ghetto blaster" though. I wonder why! . That's our Phoenix trip.

Don’t fergit that our Potluck is next Saturday At 4 P.M.

Thought for the week: If yer going to be negative please subtract yerself from my surroundings.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community wants ya all to be ready when Bingo starts up on Tuesday, September the six! We had shutdown for the summer to give the Bingo folks a rest and a chance to go on vacation, so now they’re all rested and raring to git back to work. I have heard that there maybe a special surprise in the works for the Bingo players but I cannot divulge what it is yet (I don’t even know).

We got our “Famously Fine First Saturday Breakfast” coming next Saturday morning at 8:30 and you know yer never going to leave one of our breakfasts hungry. We’ll fill ya up with biscuits and gravy till we can roll ya out the door!

Don’t fergit that our Potluck is today at 4 P.M.

Birthdays for September: Randell Herrera, Captain Mike Villarreal, Donna Myers, Kimberly Herrera, Marcie Hines and Ed Drzal.

Thought for the week: Leave as little a footprint on our natural environment so that others may follow yer path.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is happy to here that Ruth Malton is back from the hospital after having surgery and is doing fine. Ruth loves playing Bingo and helps out at our Breakfasts doing the dishes. When she was laid up at the hospital folks brought her gifts; Ruth Tuttle got her a big stuffed dog, which she named Bingo, and her sister gave her a mechanical singing bird. Welcome back Ruth!!

Don’t fergit that the “Famously Fine First Saturday Breakfast” is today at 8:30 and that Bingo starts again this Tuesday at 6 P.M.!

Thought for the week: Don’t expect others to live up to yer standards if ya can’t live up to yer own.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a really “Famously Fine First Saturday Breakfast” with over 35 hungry folks showing up. There is only one casualty to report: Chuck Sercu burnt his finger cooking eggs. Chuck also told me that he has never had our biscuits and gravy because it’s all gone by the time he’s done cooking. So next breakfast please save some biscuits and gravy for good old Chuck.

Our Tuesday night Bingo went pretty dang good with the regulars showing up after two months off for summer. At the break there was free brownies, baked by Mary Helen Tuttle, and ice cream. If ya like bingo, come on down to our community center at 6 P.M. on Tuesday nights for some real bingo action!

Thought for the week: In the last few weeks I saw Americans gather up their hopes and dreams, place them in plastic sacks and shopping carts and push them down flooded roads towards an unknown future. I saw news crews and their helicopters land where Government relief craft feared to tread. I saw the most powerful man on the planet and maybe the whole universe not able to bring a drop of water to people at the Superdome in New Orleans. Is this America?

By Bob DeLoyd

Kern Watson

Last Monday I got a frantic call about 5:30 P.M. from my neighbor Terry telling me that her husband and my dear, dear friend Kern Watson had died of a heart attack that afternoon at age 54. Most folks in our community won’t know Kern, he was a private person, but the folks in Wonder Valley know him, Kern delivered water to their homes for many, many years.
I met Kern when I first began moving up here in 97 and became good friends. He was hard on the outside, but once you got to know him, a soft gentle man inside, and he didn’t suffer fools. He was gifted with many talents and could attack any problem with a stubborn can do attitude. I’d drop by his garage and he’d always be working on something; rebuilding a car engine, welding something or other, or working on his water truck getting it ready for tomorrows deliveries that would take him down some of our desert’s unpaved rock-strewn roads.
There are about three tech type people in our area that I can talk to about computers and not get yawned at and Kern was one of the three. We would talk on the phone for hours about processors, ram, bios, and a number of other tech stuff. I had purchased a new laptop a couple of weeks ago and didn’t tell Kern, I just dropped a few hints to see if he’d catch on (we were always trying to out do each other), and now I’ll never be able to show him it.
A few years ago Kern and I were working on Joyce Ware’s old truck. One or more of the cylinders were bad and we had just finished the repairs. Kern was working on the idle and said watch this Bob. He placed a screwdriver deep into the workings of the carburetor but something went wrong, the screwdriver got stuck, and the old engine began to run away. Higher and higher the engine screamed! When I saw my dog Cheetah run for safety so did I. A surprised Kern gathered himself and quickly turned off the ignition before the old Ford blew up. From then on I would always kid him about his magic screwdriver. He’d be working on something and I would ask him “Kern, are ya goin ta use yer magic screwdriver on it?” and he would give me a sideways glance with a sly smile that said, “Don’t push it Bob”.
Later in his life Kern had found his true love: his wife Terry. He had also found purpose and a goal: To fix-up and sell their home and move to Virginia and start a new life there. He almost made it.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community didn’t have Bingo last Tuesday due to the electrical storm that came thru our area Monday and caused a power outage that lasted well into Tuesday night. Now that’s going to hurt our center because we depend on the proceeds from Bingo to support our various activities; like the USDA food distribution, Potluck, maintenance on the building, and much more. So next Tuesday make a special effort to support our Community, grab yer neighbor and drag them on down to our community center at 6 P.M. for some real bingo action and fun!

Don’t fergit that our Potluck starts at 4 this Saturday and everyone and their brother are welcome to come on down and eat till they explode.

Thought for the week: Time may heal old wounds but friends and family fill the emptiness left by the loss.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is having our “Famously Fine First Saturday Breakfast” today from 8 till 11 A.M. and there will be some excellent home cooking you shouldn’t miss. Sit around, drink some of our fine blended coffee and swap tales with the desert folk.

I went to visit my friends Roger Toombs and Ruth Malton at their desert home and while sitting at a table on the patio Roger swatted a fly and a lizard ran out from under the barbeque and ate it. “Did you see that?” I asked. It turns out that the lizard lives in the patio and just sits there patiently until someone kills a fly.

Birthdays this month: Larry Catron, Colleen Schweitzer, and Scott Lane.

Thought for the week: I think that we should think about changing the way we think about what we are thinking; To be dynamic with our perceptions, to refuse conventionality, to experiment and create, to assume personal responsibility for our actions, to accept our impermanence. Revel in your song and share it with the universe!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is having a Road Board meeting that will be held around 11 A.M. after the regular Board Meeting this Saturday. Please leave all weapons: knives, brass knuckles, and firearms at the door.

Ruth Malton has a new Grandchild #4. She was born Sept. 27, 2005 at High Desert Hospital. She weighed 7lbs 3 ounces. Her name is Isabel Grace Alexis Lambert. Mother and baby doing fine.

Thought for the week: I know of folks who spend a vast amount of effort and resources seeking something that they already possess.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community was suppose to have a Road Board meeting last Saturday but something went wrong in the planning phase and now their telling me to tell ya all that it will be on Saturday, October 22 at 9 till 11 A.M., then afterwards there will be some festivities like: A lairs and soda-drinking contest (awards will be presented for both). There’s also a 50/50 raffle, pie raffle with some food and drinks available.

With all the dang catastrophic disasters, greed and political events taking place; I’ve taken to watching sunsets lately. I just sit there and empty my mind (a state that my friends would call normal for me) and let the river of my thoughts flow by. It is of a goodness that we live in such a grand locale of the high desert. There isn’t a whole lot of people living here or a lot of crime either. We are blest by clean air, good quality water, and fair weather. At night you can see the heavens full of stars and planets and you can just kick back in a chair to ponder it all. God, I love it out here with the rabbits, coyotes, lizards, and snakes (Oh my!). Life abounds!

Thought for the week: Changing yourself would be like spitting into the wind. You are who ya are so just try being more you.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is drying out from all the rain that fell earlier in the week. The rain really came down in torrents around 2 A.M. Tuesday morning and the wind that blew in from the east shook the whole house and woke me up. Half asleep, I went over and opened up a window to have a look-see and got hit in the face with a bucket of rainwater. Cat was pounding at the door to be let in and there was a small stream running through my front yard and flooding a bunch of critter homes. We had a few power outages the day before, caused by all the lightning, which lasted for a few hours. I like watching the lightning light up the valley floor until it gits to close to my home, and then I go inside and hide.

Now lets not forget that we are having a Road Board meeting today at 9 till 11 A.M., and then afterwards there will be the festivities; lairs and soda-drinking contest, a 50/50 raffle, pie raffle with some food and drinks available.

Don’t miss our Potluck next Saturday. Drop by the community center about 4:30 and mossy on over to the chow line and fill up yer plate with some vital homemade vittles.

Thought for the week: Our country has the best medical care that no one can afford.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community finally held its Road Board meeting last Saturday where the members discussed spraying something or other on Coyote Valley Road and other matters of great importance. Then afterwards there was the party. The Lairs Club, where a few brave folks got up on stage and told their tales; Ruth Molton said she had eleven toes, Steve Tuttle had too big a bicycle and was warned by the police, Tim Villarreal just went on and on, Mac McDermott said he was shot dead, and Ruth Tuttle told about what happens if a snake bites ya on the butt. The last event was the Soda-Drinking contest, which was won by Rick Seeley (for fastest), and Dennis McDermott (for slowest). So many people showed up that Steve Tuttle had to go and fetch more food. Mac McDermott was the MC and did a terrific job!

Rufus Stokes is visiting his friends in our area after selling his home last July and moving to Missouri where he does a lot of fishing. Rufus is staying with his good friend Bob Stonebraker where they eat Chinese and watch TV and swap stories of olden times.

Our Potluck is today at 4, YAY! Our “Famously Fine First Saturday Breakfast” is next week! YUMMM!

Birthdays for November: Joel Levy, Bill Stonebraker, and Jan Bonner.

Thought for the week: If you are creating something innovative and new, remember: Nothing creative or innovative was ever invented by Nay Sayers. Don’t listen to them! They sit on their thrones of erroneous dogmas and self-importance, mercenaries for the ignorant, handing down verdicts of irreverence and pessimistic dissent. What I am trying to say is; if you don’t know what you’re creating is impossible then you might just succeed in creating it.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is saddened to here of the passing of Betty K. Catron at the age of 78. Betty was a long time member of our association, and attended our Saturday Breakfasts with her husband Larry. They were married 53 years and had two Sons, Dale and Kenneth. When Betty had gotten ill several years ago, Larry took on the task of taking care of her and did a fine job of it. Betty was born Aug. 2, 1927 in Winfield, Kansas. Betty, your friends and neighbors won’t forget you.

Thought for the week: Our community has become a dumping ground for pets that are sick or nobody wants. I’ve seen it; a car pulls to a stop, the door swings open, a dog jumps out, and the car speeds away. The dog chases the car and finally gives up after a mile or so and sits by the side of the road waiting for their master, their friend who will never return. Dogs like this end up at Peggy Lee’s: the sick, the abandoned, and the lost.
There was an article written last week about her kennel and she was all freaked when she came to my home. I told her I would have to see the dogs first hand before I write anything. So we went to her kennel, which is less then a mile from my home, and what I saw was a yard like anyone’s yard that has dogs but there were a “lot” (way over her limit) of them running and jumping, typical. Except for two dogs that didn’t seem to be doing well; one was just old, and one had a brain problem and needs an MRI, all seemed healthy, but I ain’t no Vet. Now if ya don’t believe me, go have a look see yourself and adopt one. I told Peggy that the only thing I see wrong here is that she cares so much she just can’t say no to folks who find and bring her the unwanted pets.
Seems like she hit bad times lately; recently unemployed, truck broke down, bad press, has to move in December, and getting plain old and tired. If you can help her number is in the phone book. Driving away from Peggy’s I thought to myself, “Thank God I don’t have to do what she does”.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community would like to thank Robert and Yvonne Francis for their thoughtful donations of furniture and other items to our center’s Thrift Room. Volunteers Marcie Hines, Ruth Tuttle and Sayoko McDermott run the Thrift Room and spend many long hours sorting, fixing and providing service to patrons with their warm smiles. You can find almost anything your heart desires; old clothes, shoes, furniture, TVs, jewelry, books, and I’ve even seen some real old LP records with a few players to play them on. Last month the Thrift Room brought in over $200 that will help in supporting the centers many activities. One of those activities is the Food Basket Drive, which is coming up soon! I will have more information for you next week.

Thought for the week: When climbing that ladder of success, make sure you’re not on a hamster wheel by mistake.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had its General Elections last Saturday. A lot of political maneuvering (lead by Bob Stonebraker) and a bunch of give and take went on. Interpretations of the rules were in question, but everything was finally worked out to everyone’s satisfaction and Bob Seeley was elected president and Mac McDermott Vice-president. Next meeting Bob Seeley will receive the keys to the city!

The Copperettes Annual Christmas Fund is now open for food donations and money. This wonderful project benefits our less fortunate Mesa neighbors who may need a little joy this coming holiday. If you live in our area and would like a Christmas Basket please call Mary Helen Tuttle at 366-2648 between 5 and 8 P.M. by the 2nd of December. All calls handled discreetly.

Thought for the week: It's not what you know or how smart, but how you treat people and share your experiences with them that count.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend. We are thankful to live in this wonderful and free country. We are grateful for our fellow citizens, past and present, who serve in the Armed Forces and keep it free for future generations. We are indebted to our Artists, Teachers, and Scholars who create the wonder. And we appreciate all the hard work and sweat from our country’s everyday workers who contribute in making this incredible land we call home!

Our community would like to thank the volunteers who help out on the USDA food distribution at our community center. They don’t git paid as some folks mistakenly think, and they put up with a lot of guff from some who feel slighted. They’re dang good folks spending their time and gas to provide a service to their neighbors and deserve the respect and recognition they seldom git.

Reminder: The Copperettes Annual Christmas Fund is now open for food donations and money. This wonderful project benefits our less fortunate Mesa neighbors who may need a little joy this coming holiday. If you live in our area and would like a Christmas Basket please call Mary Helen Tuttle at 366-2648 between 5 and 8 P.M. by the 2nd of December. All calls handled discreetly.

Thought for the week: A turkey’s life: Gobble, gobble, gobble, and then be gobbled.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community hopes that yer hungry enough after a hearty Thanksgiving to come on over to our Community Center for some biscuits and gravy, bacon and sausage, hash browns, pancakes and eggs at our “Famously Fine First Saturday Breakfast” this Saturday morn around 8 A.M.!

It’s starting to git a bit colder around here of late. I’m still wearing my shorts during the days, but when night rolls around I git the wood stove fired up and git the cat in the house. I remember last year in early November we had snow on the ground and the power was out for a few days and I definitely wasn’t wearing shorts then.

Thought for the week: As far as I’m concerned nothing ain’t “so” till I can see it, feel it, taste it, hear it, kick it, and git it confirmed by three independent sources!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is a little upset about people dumping their trash on our roads! Some meathead ditched some truck tires along Winters Road, not by the side but in the middle of the road. Bob Stonebraker and me put them off to the side so no one would accidentally hit them and damage their cars. Then ya got these boneheads that dump all kinds of junk at abandoned houses. If ya see any of these losers dumping anything please call the police and let them deal with the vermin cause they ain’t worth the lead.

Thought for the week: A well known company recently had a confidential memo revealed which boiled down to cutting health care costs by discouraging unhealthy folk from seeking jobs at its stores and hiring more part-time student workers. I read the memo, and to be fair, they are trying to deal with a system that is broken, the U.S. health care system. If you get hospitalized in the U.S. (Unless you’re a wealthy Saudi waiting for a transplant) you’re pretty much on your own and at risk of losing your home, car, and any savings they can get at, even if you have health insurance. There are more bankruptcies from medical reasons than any other. It amazes me that people illegally cross into the U.S. and receive health care which is paid for by our government while people who live here have to go there to obtain affordable care. Is Universal coverage the answer?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is happy to hear that Hoss and Sandy got hitched a week ago Thursday over at Miller’s on Border and are now Mr. and Mrs. Kuhn. Friends and many brothers attended and there was a reception afterwards at the Lee and Marcie Hines ranch, where Marcie served up her famous enchiladas from a secret family recipe handed down for generations. There was cake and ice cream too! The happy couple took off on their honeymoon to Anaheim and spent the weekend at Medieval Times, dining among Kings, Queens, and Knights of the Round Table. They are now planning a road trip on their new motorcycle.

Thought for the week: When was the last time you’ve watched the sun set? Went for a walk alone? Just sat quietly and listened to the desert? Laughed with your friends? Turned off the TV and read a good book? When was the last time?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community would like to thank all those folks that helped make our community and extra special place to live. Like Sandra Foyil who has donated to our Food Basket for the past few years in memory of her extra special Granddad Tex Foyil- he was one of a kind!!!!

Now don’t fergit our Potluck will be at 4pm on Dec. 31 and that appears to me to be New Years Eve! So ya better git yer poor old tired, tattered, worthless, useless body over there for some good eats!

Thought for the week: Live life like you’ll live forever and be creative like there’s no tomorrow.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community doesn’t want ya to fergit our Potluck will be at 4pm today and that’s New Years Eve! What better way to celebrate and say goodbye to old 2005 than to be with yer friends and neighbors eating yer fill of that home brew cooking. I will be there with my camera and take some pics of all the silliness that goes on and put them on the web for the whole world to see.

Our “Famously Fine First Saturday Breakfast” will be next Saturday at 8am.

Birthdays for January are: Rick Seeley, and Sharon Weaver.

Thought for the week: My number one New Years resolution is to watch less television and read more books. What’s your number one?