Our Little Community


YEAR 2006




By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is sad to hear of the passing of Kaye Hileman, with her family by her side, late last Friday night Dec. 30. Kaye was a long time resident and community leader. Kaye hasn’t been active for a while now, but years ago on every Wednesday Kaye would have her sewing and knitting club at the community center and teach poor folk like me how to stitch up their britches. Sometimes I would drop by Kaye’s home on the way to get my mail and we’d sit in the kitchen drinking coffee. Kaye with her ever-present cigarette was a well of knowledge and would empty buckets full about the folks and the goings on in our community, while her little dog yapped at us. We will miss Kaye much!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is full of folks who love dogs and when one is lost we all keep an eye out for them. Well our friend Linda’s beloved dog Shati has gone missing. He is a Chow mix and approximately seven years old, black tongue, red fur, one ear up and one hangs low, is 50 lbs, and has a collar. If you come across Shati scampering around the desert please call 362-4071.

Thought for the week: Lately I’ve been going outside at night to learn the names of stars in the Orion constellation and struggle with the pronunciations. I can only wonder what my neighbors think when they see me pointing at the night sky and holler out names in a foreign language.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that Richard DuBoise has passed away last month. Richard was a longtime resident of these here parts and, as I remember, was always in some kind of clever mischief, very unfettered, and well liked by many. Richard will be missed.

Over the Christmas holiday some thieving idiot broke into our community center and made off with the community generator that is used to keep the respirators of poor elderly folks, and the refrigerators that can store their insulin and other meds, going when the power goes out for long periods of time after a thunderstorm. If you catch this lowlife gill-breathing moron just turn it over to the police.

Don’t forgit to git fattened up at our first Potluck of the New Year next Saturday. We got all kinds of fantastic food to fill that hollow leg of yers and a great bunch of desert folk that will just jaw yer ears off.

Thought for the week: Lobbying of politicians is a technique use to gain influence and circumvent the voter.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has a lot going on but not a dang think that I can think of to write about. Oh, I could write about our desert roads needing work and washboards so bumpy that it can rattle the bolts right off yer engine block, or about the UHF TV transmitter going out whenever the wind blows or someone sneezes. I could even write about folks who drive way too fast and create rooster tails of dust, which looks like low hanging fog on a windless day, we all have to inhale. Maybe write of the inconsiderate folks who dump trash along our roadsides, or dirt bikes cutting across our property without regard. I could write about all of these but then I would sound like I am complaining, and nobody likes a complainer, do they?

Our first Potluck of the year is today at 4 pm. So forgit about yer new years resolutions and drag yerself and yer big appetite down to our community center where we don’t count calories or give a darn about fat content.

Thought for the week: The older I git the better I am at hiding things from myself.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is starting “Bingo Dinners” again after many years. Last week was spaghetti, next week it’s going to be Conkey Doodle or some such, gosh I don’t know, just ya ask Ruth Tuttle cause it is her dish. Anyways it all starts around 5:30 on Tuesday nights, before bingo starts at 6:30. So just ya come on down and have some fine dining desert style and play bingo on a full tummy.

Built a door for my bedroom to keep Cat out of there. Cat had jumped up on my laptop table and it all came falling to the floor. Well that ain’t going to happen again, that dang cat is going to stay out of my bedroom for now on! Gave Cat a slap on the butt and he got really indignant about it and I had to offer him tuna to get him off the roof and be my friend again. Laptop is ok and so is Cat.

Don’t fergit that the “Famously Fine First Saturday Breakfast” is today at 8:30!!!

Birthdays this month: Stevie Villarreal, Pamela Waddey, Marcia McKinney, John Waddell, and Earl Wilbert.

Thought for the week: When a nonprofit organization becomes a moneymaking vehicle for the rich and well connected, it’s time for it to close shop.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community wants to thank Bob Stonebraker and Steve Tuttle for replacing the hot water heater at the community center. They spent most of the day Monday doing the job so we wouldn’t have to go without hot water for the bingo dinners Tuesday night. Thanks Guys!

A few nights ago I saw a truck speeding pass my home on Winters Road like they were running from the Devil or something worse! I wish folks would just slow down out here. After they passed I saw something laying in the middle of the road and I ambled over to check it out, there it was a little bunny rabbit, a cottontail. It sat motionless, its head in an upright position, fixed gaze, long ears that fluttered as the wind caught them, and with the lower body resting at an odd angle, a very disturbing sight. So I stopped and picked the poor thing up with my shovel to bury it, but to my astonishment it was alive! I took it home cuddled in my arms and sat up half the night caring for it. The next day, as soon as I awoke, I check the box where I had left the bunny to rest the night before and to my amazement it was sitting up! I took the bunny outside and away from the road where it got hit and let him out by a big old greasewood. I sat and watched it hop away after a little while. Linda Dehart says I now have good bunny karma.

Thought for the week: And when it’s all over when the shadows grow lean, you’ll know that life is worth living and to live is to be free.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community wants ya all to be on the lookout for our stolen Winco Generator, Mod # HPS-9000E, Ser # 16079-913. If you see it or have had someone trying to sell it to you please call the police. We sure would like to catch this weasel and have him put away before he steals from others.

Stuart Watson is running the "Bingo Dinners” every Tuesday from 4-6 prior to Bingo. $3.50 is all it cost for a hearty meal!

Just a little reminder, our potluck will be next Saturday at 4:00 pm, and heaps of victuals will be spread out on tables awaiting your appetites.

Thought for the week: Some people masquerade their political objectives with religious fanaticism.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community really got pretty cold last Monday night with my thermometer going down to 28 degrees; cold enough to freeze my cat’s water dish and too cold to leave the cat outside to hunt for them rats that love eating my truck’s engine wires. Seems like a lot of other folks have the same problem; I’ve been looking for some rat traps but only have found the tiny mouse ones, the others are sold out. I was told to try peppermint on the wires cause rats hate it. I was also told to put Coke in a dish and that the rats would drink it and explode since they can’t burp! Well I think I’ll try the peppermint and skip the Coke one.

Our potluck will commence at 4:00pm sharp today with hungry desert folks wrangling for the best position in the chow line. So ya all better come early and git yer place in line for some good old home cooking. Next Saturday at 8-11am is our “Famously Fine First Saturday Breakfast” and you really don’t want to miss it!

Birthdays for March are: Andy "Joe" Lane, Seimi Shiba, and Harry Preciado.

Thought for the week: I just don’t comprehend some of the nonsense that comes out of Washington these days. But I am sure they’ll say they are doing it for our benefit. Like that deal allowing an Arab company to take over six major U.S. seaports. What next our school systems?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community; I’ve been writing this column since Nov. 1999 and have written 327 of them! Wow! 327 columns is a whole lot of writing and trying to come up with stuff that may be of interest to folks. It amazes me that the High Desert Star hasn’t shut me down by now. “Our little Community” isn’t really that big and not a whole lot of material to write about; you know like “breaking news”. I sit here sometimes (like right now) at my computer with out a lick of what I’m going to write. I try to start with the “Thought for the week” and sometimes come up with something good; other times not so and my friends roll their eyes at me. After that I write about current events like the potluck or breakfast and try to hype it up a bit and make it interesting to the reader. Lastly, I begin on the main part (which you are reading now) and struggle through it if I don’t have anything adequate to write about, but when some folks give me some news to write it makes it a whole lot easier and I just breeze through it. I am not a reporter and I don’t beat the bushes for news; I have a life. So please help me out and send me some news!

Come on down to our community center today at 8-11am for our “Famously Fine First Saturday Breakfast”. You’ll find all sorts of nice folks to jaw with and have a good home cooked breakfast served “hot” right at yer table.

Other Birthdays to report: Dulce McDermott and Dennis McDermott whose birthday was last month on the 24th.

Thought for the week: Being forgetful is going back and checking if you locked the door. Having anxiety is going back two or three times to check it. Being absentminded is leaving it open. Being inebriated is failing to remember where the door is.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has been getting heaps of wind from those storms passing through but no rain. With all the wind blowing stuff around isn’t it amazing that the UHF TV reception hasn’t gone out (good going you UHF Technicians!) like it usually does and I won’t have to miss my favorite programs. Now that I’ve said this: the rain will fall, the UHF TV will go out, and I’ll miss my shows!

James Hoffman called me last Monday and left a very long message asking about a column I wrote a few weeks ago. It was about the rat problem and what I used to stop them from eating the wires in my truck, and where to get it. I tried to call James back but all I ever got was his fax machine. So here it is: peppermint oil, and I mix a little bit with water in a sprayer and spray it on the wires in my truck. I got it at the health food store in Joshua Tree. The blond lady there was the one who told me about the Coke remedy, where you pour some in a bowl and the rats drink it and since they can’t burp they explode. YUCK!

Thought for the week: Information is knowledge, but disinformation is deadly. Believe only in what you can verify, and trust nothing from folks with an unreasonable amount of enthusiasm.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that Mike Villarreal has resigned from the Board Of Directors due to declining health issues and that Eric Johnson was chosen to fill the vacated position by the Board. During his term as board member Mike has put two programs into full force: The Disaster Project, and the recycling program. Eric does the Bingo dinners and has done so much in the short time he has been a member.

On Friday the 10th around 4:30pm Linda Sibio was traveling west on Sonora between Mt. Shasta and Coyote Valley when she came upon a tan or beige Toyota Tacoma pickup that was parked in the middle of the road. She waited for a while for the truck to move and when there was no response she gave a honk. The truck then backed up and rammed into her. The truck then pulled about ten feet forward, Linda thought the collision was an accident and was in the process of getting out of her car to exchange information when the truck reversed and slammed into her car again and sped off at a high speed! Linda was going to pursue the truck but was to frighten and called 911 and waited for the police to come later that night at 9:30. Anyone knowing whom this Toyota Tacoma pickup belongs to please call the police and let them know.

Thought for the week: Smile! And keep smiling cause they haven’t found a way to tax it yet!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community wants ya not to fergit that our Potluck is this Saturday and there will be all kinds of good food and good folks to jaw with. So come on down to our community center around 4 pm and don’t be late!

Andy "Joe" Lane writes: “My wife's Birthday is April 1st. Carol will be "50"! Wow! Anyways I am hoping you can put her name in the paper as you did mine (thank you). We have been married for, man I hope I don't get this wrong ha 30 years already, wow time fly's when your having fun. If you could add that her husband loves her, I would appreciate it, it seems after all these years together she sometimes forgets or doesn't believe my love for her.
I'm sorry to hear about the breaking into of the storage bend at the community center. I live directly behind the center and for years stuck my head over the fence when I heard a vehicle over there, although with the amount of traffic there these days I would look like a scarecrow. I will be more attentive, and if I see someone I do not know as a resident ask questions. P.S. I have signed up for wiki, once I get it all working well I will send you a link, I guess that's what it's called. Have a great day.”

Thought for the week: Sometimes the best way to heal a festering sore is to uncover it and expose it to the open.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has heard that the Bison Vacuum Cleaner Company is building a test facility in the Copper Mountain Mesa area for their new “Mini Suck” vacuum cleaner using small little black holes. The test facility will bring much-needed jobs to the community, a company spokesperson said recently at their home office in Heidelberg Germany. When asked by the leading Danish physicist Slein Rhob if the company was aware of the dangers of a mini black hole getting loose and falling to the Earth’s center and collapsing the core and sucking the rest of the world into it? The spokesperson’s response was; “That is why we are building the test facility in the desert”.

Birthdays this month are: Carol Lane (Andy Lane’s wife), Patty Bradley, Mary Helen Tuttle, Marie Morrison, Bob Stonebraker, Bill Bonner, Ruth Malton, Roger Toomes, Brenda Zimmer, and Mac & Sayoko McDermott 25rd Anniversary.

Thought for the week: I am just a little brain in a big universe.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community where miracles do happen:
“My name is Linda Sibio and I live on Copper Mountain Mesa with my boyfriend Blake Brousseau and 5 dogs and a cat. Three of the dogs are “desert” dogs and are brothers. They are Ewok, Shaggy and Shati. After New Years this year on the first Tuesday at around 6pm all my dogs somehow got out of my gate. Ewok came back first, Shaggy spent the night out and came back the next day, but Shati has been missing for three months. Blake designed and printed over 250 flyers, which I am sure everyone has seen. For the first month me and Blake scoured the area on foot and by car for 8 hours a day. After that we became very sick and just gave out flyers for a while. During that time I had many mental conversations with Shati telling him he must find someone to help him get home. I began to feel very strongly that someone had him.
On March 31 Bob DeLoyd and I put up some new flyers. On April 2nd I pulled a rune on my dog that said “new beginnings” then shortly thereafter Erna Nieves called and said she had seen a flyer and that she had my dog! She said that her daughter Keenwa had been taking care of him for a month. We went by their house and there was Shati. He’s very timid by nature and although he seemed to recognize us he was afraid. It took him an hour of coaxing but he finally jumped into the car.
He’s at home sleeping and eating a lot and playing with his furry friend “Weena” the cat. I’ve learned a lot about having faith and perseverance and in the face of adversity having strength. We like to thank all the wonderful members of our community who were helping us look for our dog. Thanks!”

Thought for the week: Oil doesn't grow on trees it comes from the ground and we're digging a big hole in which we’ll all fit very comfy, until someone comes along with a shovel and throws the dirt in over us!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has the temperatures going up and the flowers are doing the same everywhere. It is a nice time for company to pay ya a visit and two of my friends, Jennie Kula and Tom Merritt, are coming by here on their way to Arizona from the South Bay. I spent the better part of two days cleaning and tidying up the old homestead and got it pretty well done for their arrival this Wednesday.

Thought for the week: I wonder why these foreign nationals who protest in our streets, carrying their nation’s flag, demanding change in our government, don’t go and protest in their own country and demand change there. We did it ourselves in our country over 225 years ago.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has learned that Stoney Stonebraker has some family from Pittsburgh Ca. come over for a visit: his daughter Judy, and Dustin Donahue, his great grandson. Dustin is a great kid, a good athlete and smart too. When I dropped over there to say hi, Dustin talked me into a game of catch with a football and we threw it back and forth for about an hour. I can truthfully tell ya that my arm will be a hurting for a week.

A longtime resident, Bob Nelson, called to tell me that he will be going in the hospital for an operation on the 26th of next month. We all hope the best for Bob and that everything goes ok.

Now don’t ya forget to come down to our community center next Saturday for our Potluck! It starts at 4 PM and goes on till ya can’t git any more food stuffed into yer mouth and we have to bring in the forklift to git ya to yer car, fitting into the driver’s seat is yer problem.

Thought for the week (From my friend Dale Knoll who lives in Landers): If ya can’t learn by yer own mistakes, it’s best ya learn from someone else’s.

By Bob DeLoyd

Art by Linda SibioOur little Community has been told that Mac and Sayoko McDermott celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary last Tuesday dining at Applebee’s restaurant in Yucca Valley; Sayoko had Teriyaki Steak & Shrimp Combo, while Mac and Dennis had Ribeye Stake. Well-wishers and friends called throughout the day to convey greetings and salutations. Later that night Sayoko, the Woman of Mac’s dreams, had run off to play Bingo at our community center and left Mac and Dennis home alone, they decided to bake Anniversary Cupcakes and surprise her when She gets home.

The painting displyed here is by Linda Sibio a local and very talented artist and friend!

I want ya not to forget that we have our Potluck today and that next Saturday is the ”Famously Fantastically Fine First Saturday Breakfast” that ya don’t want to miss!

Birthday for May: Bob Nelson, Tim Herrera, Jackie Johnston, C. Myer, and Mary Moowea.

Thought for the week: We are a country made up of many races and religions and if you are a "Patriotic American" you should be tolerant of them all. Religions didn't blowup anything; it was and is mad men who twist their religions to fit their evil purposes.

By Bob DeLoyd

Jeff ChipmanOur little Community always has tourist dropping in from time to time and this visitor landed right at my doorstep! I was kicking back on my porch when Jeff Chipman landed his hang glider in a field not more than a quarter of a mile away. I grabbed my camera, jumped in my truck and headed over to see if anyone was injured. As I drove up Jeff was walking the glider over to the side of the road; he looked like some kind of big bird. Well he said he was all right and that he started with a few other hand gliders, who were still in the air around Twentynine Palms, on Highway 18 up where the ski resorts are some 35 miles from here. As we were dismantling his glider, which is held together with Velcro and other flimsy stuff, for transport and waiting for the recovery crew to arrive Jeff was telling me that he got as high as some 12,000 feet! I told him that I was as high as I wanted to be at 5’10” tall. Jeff works at the Getty Museum in the Computer Department and since I work with computers my self I invited him up to my house and “talked shop” while we waited for his friends to arrive.

Be sure to head on over to our community Bingo every Tuesday night! There are a whole lot of nice folks there and the dinners they serve before Bingo aren’t that expensive.

Thought for the week: You may have the right to do a thing, but use a little discretion and timing before you proceed.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has been heating up this week and it is a reminder that now’s the time to git yer swamp coolers and fans prepared for what looks like a really hot summer. I spent the last few weeks covering the roof of my home and trailer with snow-coat and it seems to keep things pleasantly cold inside and I haven’t had the need for the swamp cooler yet.
I got a head start combing out my fat cat’s hair this year in the hopes that he won’t look like Bob Marley this summer. Now Bob Marley was a good-looking man but I don’t think my cat should look like him! He fights me all the way when I try to untangle and comb his hair out. And if he sees me with the comb in my hand he’ll run and hides on the roof. He bites, scratches and kicks, but he purrs afterwards.

Thought for the week: Common sense is nonsense if ya don’t take any actions.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is growing larger with new houses being built and younger folks moving into them. There are more cars coming down our dirt roads then when I first moved out here. Outdoor lights speckle the evening panoramas and it seems there are fewer coyotes howling and yipping. I may have to change the lead in of my column to “Our Bigger Community” but not just yet.

Don’t forgit that next Saturday the 27th is our Potluck and ya should git there about 4 pm so ya won’t miss out on the fantastic grub and live entertainment provided by the local folks!

Thought for the week from the “wise old owl” Ed Yocum: It’s what ya learn after ya know it all that counts.

By Bob DeLoyd

Painting by Linda SibioOur little Community has many artisans and artists living in our area and one of the exceptional is our friend and neighbor Linda Sibio. She called me last Monday and said that she had just finished one of her latest creations and wondered if I would like to come by and have a look and take some pictures. I grabbed my camera and was standing outside her gate in about 10 minutes being greeted by her friendly dogs: Ewok, Shaggy and Shati. Linda’s art is different than what you may see in some galleries, representing the inner self meticulously drawn out and displayed on canvas, which is then left to one’s own imagination for interpretation. I was very pleased with what I’d seen and after telling Linda of my own interpretation of her work, she told me hers, which was quite revealing. I got my photos and will display them on my website CopperMountainMesa.com.

Birthdays for June are: RaeLynn Herrera, Sherry Rotruck, Lee Hines, ILA Foyil, and Karen McBurney.

Thought for the week: If ya don’t know the facts don’t make them up.

Frank and Mary
Frank and Mary

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community spent Memorial Day in many ways. Frank and Mary Poole had friends and neighbors over for a barbeque at their beautiful home in the high desert. I dropped by and had some cake and cherry ice cream; I love ice cream. We all talked about the observance of Memorial Day and how it had become a three-day “Holliday”, and something much different then what it may have been initially intended to be. I heard a TV anchor say “Happy Memorial Day” and it just didn’t sound right, no it didn’t sound right at all. I personally don’t believe that there should be a Basketball game on Memorial Day, but hey that’s just me.
Mac McDermott taught his Son Dennis the correct way to display the flag at half-staff.

Anita Baker will speak to all concerned citizens on Saturday June 10 (11-12) directly after usual 10am Board Meeting. Anita has been in Sheriff’s Department for 10 years, and was a former Public Information Clerk. Recently promoted to the Sheriff’s Service Specialist for the County area at 29 Palms, handling Community Neighborhood Watch, Community Meetings. Speaks about; school safety, child safety, Neighborhood Watch Program. Be There and Become Aware.

Thought for the week: Travel light through life.

Me and Buffy the Buffalo

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community wants to know if ya ever been licked by a buffalo? I’ve been taking care of my neighbor’s buffalo off and on for sometime now and once they git to know ya they’ll lick ya with their long pointy tong, feels like the texture of a cat’s to me. They are even playful in that they will play a kind of dodge with ya but it’s best to stay on the other side of the fence!
I look upon the buffalo in awe and am sorry to see them behind fences. Magnificent creatures that had roamed freely thru America with a population of around 60 million until the 1890’s where they almost vanished, down to a population of 800, by the hands of some greedy, thoughtless humans who didn’t have any sense or care for the natural disaster they caused. The buffalo were saved by kind caring folk who spent their time, sweat, and money for generations to enjoy. Can you think of any greedy, thoughtless humans of today who don’t have any sense or care for the natural disasters they are causing? And do you know of any caring folk who spend their time, sweat, and money to better our environment?

Please don’t forgit that Anita Baker of the Sheriff’s Department will speak to all concerned citizens today, Saturday June 10 (11-12) directly after usual 10am Board Meeting, about school safety, child safety, Neighborhood Watch Program. Be There and Become Aware.

Thought for the week: One person can change many lives. Many people can change a nation. One nation can change the world.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had Anita Baker and Roberto Lomeli from the Sheriff’s Department, along with Roxanna Shamay from the Citizen’s Patrol out of Landers, speaking to us folks about the Neighborhood Watch Program and fielding permitted questions from the floor. The information that they provided was very informative, but there were just a few questions that had to deal with our living in a rural area which they didn’t have the answers to that we ourselves can look up on the internet. All in all it was a nice meeting and Anita, Roberto, and Roxanna were really nice and well prepared professional folk.

I was sad to learn that Joan Chadwick had passed on a few weeks ago. Joan had belonged to the Community Center for many years. She would come on down and waitress at our “Famously Fine First Saturday Breakfast” and was a hard worker and a nice soft-spoken individual who I never heard say an unkind word of anyone or anyone say any unkind words about her. Joan will be dearly missed by her family and friends.

Thought for the week: Dang ya know it’s the loudest folk that have the least to say!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is starting to git a little on the hot side of things and folks are turning on their swamp coolers and watering the plants at sunset. I heard that is going to be mighty hot this weekend so be sure that ya have lots of water in yer car even if yer going on a short drive. There was one guy who had problems with his tractor-trailer up there by Amboy a few years ago and decided to walk for help. The summer heat got him and was found dead the next day only about a mile from his rig. Don’t let this happen to you!

My longtime friend Mynor Soto has just informed me that he is now a new permanent resident of the United States of America. Mynor had come to this magnificent country back in the late 80’s as a refugee and has learned our language and our way of life. He put himself through college while holding down and advancing at a full time job. He is a nice and wonderful person and he also reads my column every week. Congratulations Mynor!

Thought for the week: There are those who do and them that don’t, and then there are also those who don’t do both. (Even I don’t git this one and I made it up)

Car lost control and rolled over at the intersection of Winters and Lucile roads Wednesday 06/28/06 around 7:00 PM. Driver was lucky and was able to walk away.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has just checked its calendar and found that next week on Tuesday is the Fourth of July! Yikes I wasn’t ready for that! It seems to me that time goes by very slow out here until you look at the calendar and find half the year has gone by. I don’t ware a watch, I wakeup when I want and have no schedule to keep, and I like it like that. I am always doing something: writing this column, writing songs, playing guitar, working on the coppermountainmesa.com website, working on my house, fixing friends broken obsolete computers. I guess that I just wasn’t paying any attention to what day or even what month it was. It happens like that out here a lot, at least to me. Have a happy Fourth!

George Chadwick called to let everyone know that he is well and has been very busy and tied up in so many details after his wife Joan’s passing that he is just now getting around to calling folks. George told me that they had a nice service for Joan up north with her Daughters and Granddaughters; it was most beautiful he said, lots of flowers and music playing in the background with a computer displaying pictures of Joan and of her life. He also told me that Joan was a professional photographer and was taught the art by her Father in Fullerton California. Joan was an amazing person!

Thought for the week: The more devices and different ways we invent for communicating with folk the less we seem to.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community’s Stevie Villarreal has written about her family’s Celebrating 50 years in California:
We, about 15 of us, met from the Desert to the Sea, and all points in between, from Hawaii to Arizona, in Long Beach, at the former dome home of the Spruce Goose, which is now the Carnival Cruise Terminal.
We enjoyed the little 4-day cruise to Ensenada, Baja, Mexico. We went to the Bufadora, one of only 3 such natural locations in the world, and the Ensenada location being the largest one. For those who may not know, the Bufadora is a sea cave, where the waves go in, and then are ejected about 50 feet or more, depending on the surf conditions, through a natural hole in the top of the cave. Between waves, there is a beautiful sound that makes me think of the earth taking a deep breath, before forcefully exhaling, and blowing the water upward. It's a very spiritual place I think.
We had numerous celebrations within the course of our 4 days. Our Son and his new wife, Amanda, considered it their Honeymoon trip, we had a 50's party, with the guys looking a lot like Fonzie, with T-shirts, jeans, black leather jackets and all. Us girls wore skirts and pedal pushers of the 50's era, with blouses tied at the midriff, collars turned up, and all with scarves around our necks, and white, "cats eye" type sunglasses all round. One of us even had a ring on a chain, around our neck, signifying that we were "going steady"!
The food was wonderful, and the shopping was fun. We had a family trivia game, and tribute to our parents. It was a once in a lifetime event, and we are all so happy that we were able to come together, and share our common history. Thanks, Bob, for the opportunity to share our fun with the community.

    The Sawtooth Fire that was started by lightning last Friday afternoon and the National Park Service gave an "Estimated Containment Date July 11, 2006". Has this Tuesday flared up into a major disaster burning houses around Pioneertown and has provoked mandatory evacuations of Pioneertown, Rimrock and Bowden Flats, Piper Canyon and other communities in the fires path. Last I heard it has consumed around 6000 acres and I can see the flames from my home this Tuesday night and you can see that the setting Sun is "Blood Red".    July 11, 2006 //bob

    UPDATE: As of Wednesday morning 30 homes have been destroyed and the fire has now covered over 26,000 acres and Flamingo Heights has been added to the mandatory evacuations list.    July 12, 2006 //bob

    UPDATE: THURSDAY the fire has grown to over 40,000-acre and Governor Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency in San Bernardino County where 42 homes and 55 other structures were destroyed. The smoke from the fire had been going north-east of us, but late Wednesday night the wind has changed and now we are in a "fog of smoke".     July 13, 2006 //bob

    UPDATE: FRIDAY the Sawtooth and Millard fires have merged! Using 2,600 firefighters and many support personnel, with a cost so far at 7.1 million, the fire is 20 percent contained at 62,000 acres destroying 56 homes. The largest fire to hit San Bernardino County was in October 2003 at 91,281 acres and the largest in the state was the Cedar fire in October 2003 in San Diego County at 273,246 acres obtained from the California Department of Forestry Statistics & Events.     July 14, 2006 //bob

By Bob DeLoyd
Copper Mountain Mesa News Special

    The Sawtooth Fire that was started by lightning last Friday afternoon and the National Park Service gave an "Estimated Containment Date July 11, 2006". Has this Tuesday flared up into a major disaster burning houses around Pioneertown and has provoked mandatory evacuations of Pioneertown, Rimrock and Bowden Flats, Piper Canyon and other communities in the fires path. Last I heard it has consumed around 6000 acres and I can see the flames from my home this Tuesday night and you can see that the setting Sun is "Blood Red". July 11, 2006    //bob

Yucca Valley's “Summer of Music Festival”

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community finally has gotten some needed rain these past few weeks after a very longtime. Most of the time it just looks cloudy and looking like it may rain and it passes us by. On July 3rd my friend and neighbor Joel Levy called to let me know that the electric power was down for 2 hours; I am on solar and wouldn’t know when the power goes out. It rained and thundered that day. It has been hot and muggy some days and others hot and breezy, just right for the old swamp cooler.
And the critters had been running rampant! I had to dig up my plants in the front by the road and replant them inside the fence before they finished them off.
On Sunday 09 it was raining so I decided to clean the kitchen; its a bi-annually thing I do, when I saw smoke from a fire in the park down abouts by Yucca, the radio news said they’d have it done by Tuesday.
(NOTE: when I wrote this column I’d been outside earlier and the sky was clear and after I sent it in to the Hi Desert Star newspaper to make the deadline on Tuesday 11, I got a call telling me to go look out side at the big smoke cloud, it happened that fast. As I update this column on Friday 14, the Sawtooth Complex fire has grown to more than 53,000 acres. I have some pictures I took of the fire on the website. We are awfully sad for those folks who lost their homes and for the poor critters caught in the fire’s path)

Ron Dehart and I went to Yucca Valley to their “Summer of Music Festival” and saw the band “Answer”. I saw them last year and as always they were great! I took some great pictures and brought a camera for Ron to use and he took a few pictures too.

Birthdays for July: Bob Beggs.

Thought for the week: Someone once remarked that there is no such thing as an original thought, I guess this someone never had one.

By Bob DeLoyd

Rufus Stokes and Bob StonebrakerOur little Community is sad to hear of the passing of Rufus Stokes. October 2005 was the last time I saw Rufus Stokes, he was visiting his friends in our area after selling his home that July and moving to Missouri with his wife where he did a lot of fishing. Rufus loved to fish. Raymond Smith told me a story where he took Rufus over to Parker Arizona to fish for catfish and Rufus caught a 20 pounder. He was so proud of that dang fish he took it to a Parker Newspaper to have it published. Well the guy at the paper laughed and told Rufus that 20 pounds ain’t that big around here. Not to be put down Rufus told the news guy that it may not be the biggest caught here but it was the biggest he’d ever caught and had Raymond drive him to one of our local newspapers to have it published. Among his many friends one of them is my neighbor Bob Stonebraker who had know Rufus for over 30 years. I sit listening to the two of them swap stories of olden times working at the Marine Base and some implausible yarns I don’t know whether to believe or they’re just putting me on. Rufus was a big strong man and a kind and friendly man, his body may have worn out but his spirit never did.

Art by Linda Sibio

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has been sweltering in the heat for the last week or so, and finding new ways to cool down is one of our favorite pastimes. When I git hot I just run outside and turn the hose onto myself. Other folk find different ways to keep cool like my friend’s son Dennis McDermott, who is thirteen years old, sent me this story:
“Me and my friend TJ went to Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom. His parents let us go to do what we want. We went swimming in a pool place called lazy pool. You just get in a floater and lay back and relax. After we got board of that we went in a water tube. The first slide we went on was a cool ride. It took us in a dark tunnel then light then dark then light and then lifted us off the slide and hit the ground. We went on that slide about seven times. Then we went to the arcade and spent about twenty dollars together. We went on the sniper game were you have to look through the scope and not the screen. We went to the pool again, then the little amusement park. Then it was time to leave.” Now that beats my hose showers for sure!

Artist and neighbor Linda Sibio has created another painting that you can view on the website CopperMountainMesa.com.

Birthdays for August: Dolores Jefferson, Fred Frederiksen, Sayoko McDermott, Lauren Villarreal, Ruth Tuttle, Frank McDermott, John Jefferson, Bob Seeley, Johnny Lopez.

Thought for the week: Can you think of ten ways to conserve energy? And if you can have you implemented them into your lifestyle?

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had some rain and hail a week ago Wednesday, and it came down pretty darn good, and the temperature dropped from 110 to 80 degrees in less than 20 minutes, hail was coming down so dang hard that it chipped paint off my house! Bob Stonebraker told me that Roger Smith has a rain gauge and it measured all must an inch! It was very localized with some folks getting hail and some not. I’ll tell ya that the rain and hail was sure a relief from the hot weather we been having.
Ken, a reader of my column, called and asked me about what I wrote a few months ago to keep the rats from eating my car’s wires: spray on some peppermint.
If any of you know Andy Joe Lane tell him that I received a “C/O” letter for him from a lost friend or something and he should contact me for pickup by using the info below like the individual who sent me the letter in the first place.

Thought for the week: Sometimes we focus more on where we been or where we’re going when we should take time out of our day to focus on the moment.

Winters Road being paved!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is getting two miles of paved recycled asphalt road from Border Avenue “as far as the eye can see and then about 100 feet or so down Winters Road” says semi-retired Sunny Bishop. Sunny is one of the road crew and does this kind of work when he’s not renovating an old Plymouth of which he readily produced the pictures. The roadwork started last Monday.
I was jawing with Bob Stonebraker about the roadwork when he told me a story of long ago when he drove a Road Roller. “They don’t have brakes”, he says, “You just put them in reverse to stop”. Well the engine died going down a steep hill towards a cliff and Stoney was franticly trying to get it started again before he and the machine met their demise. At the very last moment the engine caught and he was able to bring it to a safe stop just a few feet from the edge.

Thought for the week: Make up yer mind like ya do yer bed: after ya sleep on it.

Joseph with his friends cutting his cake

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community, because of the lack of street signs and addresses, can be a big place when you’re looking for a certain house. I was over at Frank and Mary Pole’s last Saturday and a few of us folks were all sitting around jawing. Jerry and Barbara Turnbough were also there, who are very interesting individuals and I asked them where they lived so I could mosey on over for a visit sometime. Jerry gave me an approximant location like: over yonder, pass a two-story house, and up by the mountain with a big dog name Bear out front. So around 5pm last Monday I got in my truck and started out in search of Jerry and Barbara’s house. After going down a couple of dead-end roads and traversing a few sandy washes where I almost got stuck, I think I found the house but no one was there, not even a big dog named Bear. So I dropped by Chuck Sercu’s to describe the house I found and see if it was the one. It was the right house and Jerry and Barbara would be here in half an hour for Chuck’s son Joseph’s birthday party and I was invited. Everyone started to arrive; Bob Stonebraker, Kerry and her daughter, Stuart Watson, and of course Jerry and Barbara. BBQ sausage, cake and ice cream filled our plates. Joseph received many a gift, some which rolled around on the ground and hit ya in the ankle. I had a great time there! I’ll go searching these magnificent wandering roads of ours in my truck more often.

Thought for the week: Instead of searching for our differences we should search for what we have in common.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is mighty dark out when the moon is hiding on the other side of our planet and the stars come out and parade across the sky. The UHF transmitter that we depend on for TV has been out in our area for a few days now, so I decided that it has been too dang long since I took out the old telescope. There were a few wisps of scattered clouds obscuring the southern portion of the sky around the “Tea Pot” but I was still able to view the area around Antares and just make out globular cluster M4. Saw a few nice meteors and a very small satellite on its lonesome journey across the sky. The bats were out, it was so quiet that you could hear them clicking in search for food, I saw one dive down and land on a tub I fill with water for the critters and heard it lapping a drink. I turned the scope on the northern part of the Milky Way and browsed the sky there for an hour.
The next night the sky was clear so I got out the telescope and trained it on the area around the Tea Pot and was searching for more globular clusters when Joel Levy called and asked if I wanted anything from the store, I told him bread, and continued my star gazing. Joel arrived with my bread plus a hamburger and donuts. I like donuts!

Thought for the week: The more knowledge that you acquire is to become aware of what little of it you know, and those who know nothing know all.

Stoney called to say that a car went off the road, and flipped over sometime Sunday 27, just west of me about a mile. I remembered seeing a police car drive by that night around 9pm. I grabbed my camera and headed over and took some pictures. Looks like the car traveled for about 100 feet when it left the road. I also heard that someone may have been taken to the hospital.      //bob

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community, around this time of year with the weather starting to cool down, folks start bristling with activity working on their homes. I’ve been stuccoing my house for about a week now and there have been a few really hot days that have crept up on me. John Massey came by to see my stucco one day, he is thinking of doing it too, last time he came over was a week ago when the temperature was over 110 degrees and I was over heated doing the stucco; he had told his wife that I looked flushed that day. He asked me how I was today, and I told him fine, and I was looking all around for my glove that I use when I stucco, he started to help search when I found it on my hand! He asked if I was sure I was all right; we had a good laugh. Tip on stuccoing: cover the sand that you use to mix with the stucco if you live with a cat!

Bob Stonebraker called me last Monday to say that a car went off the road, and flipped over sometime yesterday, just west of me about a mile. I remembered seeing a police car drive by Sunday night around 9pm. I grabbed my camera and headed over and took some pictures. Looks like the car traveled for about 100 feet when it left the road. I also heard that someone might have been taken to the hospital

Birthdays this month are: Randell Herrera, Mike Villarreal, Donna Myers, Kimberly Herrera, Marcie Hines, and Ed Drzal.

Thought for the week: One thing I can tell you from experience is that when you’re halfway done with a project at least two friends will come by to tell you that you’re doing it all wrong and other helpful tips like that.

By Bob DeLoyd

Picture: Labor Day at Frank and Mary's.

Our little Community was celebrating Labor Day weekend with BBQ’s ah cooking and dirt bikes ah riding. I was going to do some work around the house and thought to myself, nah, I’m going to visit my friends. So I hopped in my truck and drove over to Frank and Mary Poole’s. They had the in-laws and a bunch of family over for the weekend. Except for the kids outside riding dirt bikes, they were all sitting around in the living room, where it was cool, watching videos of their vacation to Shaver Lake in Northern California and laughing. At first I thought they were watching America’s Funniest Videos. Jerry and Barb Turnbough showed up too and that saved me a trip over to their house. We all sat around jawing for a few and then I departed and moseyed over to Chuck Sercu’s where we yapped while trying to repair the gear shift lever on Joseph’s quad that had gotten stripped. All in all it was a splendid Labor Day.

Thought for the week: My friend Dale Knoll calls me from Landers and we trade insults and try to one-up each other over the phone; we do this all the time. I said that I must have drank two gallons of water today, and he came right back at me saying that it was so dang hot that he drank four gallons of water and it cleaned all the impurities out of his system, I told him if that were true he wouldn’t be talking to me right now cause he would have dissolved. He came back with: that he had used Odor Eaters once and lost his feet. I know it is sick humor but we have fun.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has folks moving in here all the time and one of them is Ivan and his family. They seem like very kind and graceful folks and we sat around eating chicken tacos and jawed with him and his dad, who was the chili pepper champ years ago on the TV program “That's Incredible” by eating 67 peppers. I forgot to ask their last name because it was just a “drop in and say hi kind of thing”, but I assure you that I’ll write more about them later on.

Local Artist, and neighbor Linda Sibio called to say that she had completed another project. So I grabbed my camera and headed on over and took some pictures of the fabric Linda had painted she called a motif that is to be worn by her friend of many years. They were so large we had to hang them on the clothesline to get a good shot. I will post the pictures on the website.

On Wednesday 06, a storm came our way around 7pm. First a thick fog rolled in and I thought it was really going to pour down buckets, then it made lots of noise with big gusts of wind, and then some lightning and thunder, but we only got a few drops of rain then it was gone.

Thought for the week: On the twelfth of this month one year ago a good friend and neighbor Kern Watson passed away. That day after receiving the news from his Wife I went outside to watch the sunset. While observing that sunset I made a promise to myself and to my departed friend I would watch every sunset for a whole year, and I have kept that promise. So to those of my friends who had wondered why I left abruptly in the middle of a conversation to go outside; now ya know.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is getting ready for autumn, which officially began Friday at 9:03 p.m. with the fall equinox and not when the fall season starts on TV. I’ve been trying to get away from watching the tube and doing other interesting things, like astronomy. One night last week I took out my telescope and trained it on the 18th brightest star in the night sky, Fomalhaut, in the constellation Piscis Austrinus. I then swung the scope around to view M31 the Andromeda galaxy that is 2.5 million light years away and that means that it left 2.5 million years ago around the Lower Paleolithic era, that’s about the first time tools were used by humanoids, and took 2.5 million years for that light to hit the lens on my telescope!

Bob Stonebraker (Stoney) came by with some groceries and told me a story on how he used to play a practical joke on his friends with a cigar box with an old Ford ignition coil in it. He’d wrap it up like a present and then he would offer it to folks and they’d grab it and git shocked. Well, Stoney had this friend who wouldn’t wake up for no one. You could shake, and holler at him, but he would only awaken when it was time to go to work. Stoney brought his box over and told the guy’s wife that he’ll get him up and then placed the box between the guy’s knees and zapped him a good one. From then on the guy would wake right up when he heard Stoney’s voice. I am glad I didn’t know Stoney back then!

Thought for the week: Time shouldn’t be wasted on the trivial. But what is trivial is for you to decide.

By Bob DeLoyd

Mary Lou Kernop Our little Community has lost a very special person. I am sad to report that Mary Lou Kernop has passed away a little after 6pm on Friday 22.
Mary Lou was a nurse in her younger days and taught nursing later in her career; some of her old students would keep in touch throughout her life. She was an eyewitness to the attack on Pearl Harbor and told me of that day.
I’d drive her to town so she could do her shopping and doctors visits. We would do jigsaw puzzles at her home while her little dog would yap at cars driving by. Because of her bad eyesight she would use this large magnifying lens, which made her eyes look really big.
Mary Lou would never forget to bring a cake to bingo.
Mary Lou just loved her nieces and would talk about them all the time. In 2003 one niece put on a surprise eightieth birthday party for Mary Lou, and over fifty folks showed up. In that same year she moved away from our little community to live with her niece.
Mary Lou has been a real asset and was involved with many activities at our community center: crafting, quilting and sewing, vice president of the Copperettes, and she had run Bingo for a number of years and attended many a board meeting where she was very outspoken. She was well liked and will be missed.

This you can believe or not but I sure don’t know what to make of it: on that Friday I was on the phone to my friend Mike Long and was walking outside to watch the sunset when the phone circuit to my house died a little after 6pm and I haven’t had phone service for a few days now. I would like to think that it was Mary Lou phoning home to let us know.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is sure gitting lots more traffic since the county paved the first two miles of Winters Road and the cars aren’t slowing down one bit when they hit the dirt road! I see cars doing over 60mph come zipping pass my home leaving a dust cloud behind and not a care in the world for the folks who live nearby. But there is one thoughtful driver I talked to and that is RJ from Verizon, who came to fix my phone problem. He told me that when he drives our dirt roads he slows down especially near homes to keep down the dust. Now that’s really considerate and we would appreciate more drivers doing just that.
About that phone problem I told ya about last week; seems that the circuit switch at the main hub that I was connected to had blown and I was the only one affected.
Been lots of coyotes in our part of the desert lately, ya can hear them howling, yapping, and playing. It sounds like they’re having a fun time. Kind of makes ya want to go out and join them.

Birthdays for this month are: Larry Catron, Colleen Schweitzer, and Scott Lane.

Thought for the week: if ya found a simple way to make cars run on water; some company would sue you for the rights, the price of water would sky rocket, and the Government would find a way to tax it.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is feeling the coolness of autumn settling in for a stay. Folks are wrapping their swamp coolers and winterizing their homes to be prepared for whatever weather may come this season. It’s always nice to have leaks patched when it starts to rain, particularly the one over yer bed.

I believe that this is the best time to go and visit the Joshua Tree National Park. I went up to Indian Cove last week with Linda Sibio; we hiked around and took some really nice pictures of boulders and other wild geological formations, while we hunted for a waterfall that Linda said was there. Linda is putting together an exhibit of 20 Polaroid pictures with twelve other artists and one of her pictures is water falling into a pond. We never did find the waterfall but had a great time looking for it. We finally ended up at the 29 Palms Inn and the Oasis of Mara where Linda took the picture of the pond there as I poured water from a container into it.

Thought for the week: Don’t let the past be your anchor, but your guide.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community was cloudy all morning last Saturday, then around noon it started to sprinkle some and then it started a light rain about 2pm. I took out my old raincoat and slipped it on for my evening walk and ran into a tortoise that was ambling along the back roads that I walk. I said hi to him and kept on walking so I wouldn’t disturb him. I didn’t take my camera today cause of the rain so there were no pics of Mr. Tortoise.

Last Sunday I took my trusty scooter for a spin to visit Chuck Sercu. Chuck told me that he is running for the Copper Mountain Mesa board of directors this November 11, and that he and Ruth Tuttle are going to barbecue some hot dogs for the folks who show up at the General Meeting to vote. Afterwards I drove on over to Jerry and Barb Turnbough’s home. I was greeted at the front gate by their little yapping dogs and big old Bear, who gave me a lick and a doggie hug. We jawed for a few about that old grave they found over on Copper Mountain. I had to leave before it got dark so I could take my walk and bid them farewell. On the way home I got a flat right by Chuck’s house. We tried to put air in but the tube was shot. We lifted the scooter into Chuck’s truck and they took me to my home where I rolled my “trusty” scooter into the front yard where it will sit till I patch the tube. I then proceeded into the house and made me some pancakes.

Thought for the week: If it wasn’t for bureaucrats searching for our paperwork that they lost, I think they’d all be out of a job.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community got a nice soaking late Monday night around 11:30pm and continued on and off for the rest of the night. Some folks were surprised by the wet ground when they came outside in the morning.

While visiting with Frank and Mary Poole last August Jerry and Barbara Turnbough showed up with some pictures of a gravesite they found in the surrounding Copper Mountain area and we sat around and jawed about the grave and who might be in it. Of folks who we came up with were: Jimmy Hoffa, Aliens from Area 51, and Willie Boy. I told Jerry that I’d like to take a look see of the grave, and he said ok but don’t print anything of it till I notify the Sheriff.
The next week I went to Jerry and Barb’s. I took some pics of their prospecting equipment and then Jerry took me over to visit the gravesite. We traversed the hilly dirt roads in Jerry’s 4-wheeler, navigating around boulders and climbing a steep hill to get to the gravesite. The site is hidden from the road and if you weren’t a prospector looking for tailings you wouldn’t go up there. The grave has an old rusted Cross about 4 feet in height welded together out of one and a half inch solid iron rod. It appears to have been there for many years and hasn’t been disturbed. We paced it off and it is some 12 feet long and about 4 feet wide, and was piled high with rock at one time but looks like it has collapsed into a cavity and sunk down. The view from the gravesite is awesome and looks to me that somebody took a lot of care and effort into location and burial. I took some pictures of it too!
Jerry drove to the Sheriff’s Department and dropped off pictures of the gravesite and directions on how to find it. The Sheriff’s Department called Jerry a few days later asking him some personal questions like the year he was born, I told Jerry, “what do they want that for you ain’t the one buried up there”. Then a police officer came by and Jerry took him to the gravesite in his 4-wheeler. The officer dug down 2 feet or so into the sunken depression of rocks and took some pictures and left. Jerry hasn’t heard a word from them since.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had a little excitement here a week ago when there was a shootout. Did you hear the gunfire and helicopters flying around that Thursday night? Sometime maybe around 9pm, Officer Adrian Garcia responded to a domestic disturbance and was fired upon by someone with a shotgun and Officer Garcia was hit in the hand. Suspects Adam Lopez with his girlfriend Tonya Campbell then fled by car. Wounded, Officer Garcia made his way over to Lee and Marcie Hines home and placed a call for backup and received first aid from retired RN Marcie, who wrapped a towel around his injured hand. Lee told me that it weren’t more than ten minutes before squad cars were pulling into his driveway and a helicopter flying overhead. Adam and Tonya were still on the loose until later on Friday when they gave themselves up to authorities. I saw pictures of Adam and Tonya on TV and they looked a whole lot different than when I knew them five years ago. Just a dang sorry mess for our little community, because I believe we as a community are better than this.

The McDermott take EXTREME pride in the announcement of the newest "lil Mac” Amelia Jade, born in Arizona at 8 lbs 14 oz to Frank & Dulce, the AzMacs of Arizona. Sayoko and Mac are now Grandma and Grandpaw, and Dennis is just Uncle Dennis.

The Community Center is opening an extension to the Thrift Store in an unused building on the property. It will be open from 12-5pm on Saturdays and also during Center activities for sales and donations.

Birthdays for this month are: Joel Levy, Bill Stonebraker, and Jan Bonner.

Thought for the week: Lots of dreams and little money.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community mainly lives off the support of donations from kind folks in our area and somebody donated all kinds of stuff last week. So the community center is having a huge yard sale on this Saturday and Sunday and the following weekend from 9am to 5pm. So come on down with yer hard earned cash and do some Christmas shopping on the cheap and support our center.

Don’t forget CMMCA Annual Meeting is today. This is where we elect new board members for those old board members whose terms are ending, this Saturday Nov. 11 around 2pm. Following our regular Board of Directors meeting that starts at 10am there will be a barbeque with lots of food, refreshments, and merriment. Ok, merriment might not be the word I was looking for but it sounded polite. Please check all weapons: chains, knives, and brass knuckles, at the front door.

I had to wrestled changing my “trusty” scooter’s tube on the rear tire so I’ll have some transportation around these parts since my “faithful” truck took a dump. I guess it is a dump truck now. Anyways something is wrong with the transmission, I’ll have to contemplate on it for a while to see what’s the best way to deal with it

Thought for the week: It may not be much but it’s all I have, this place that I call my home. Built with my calloused hands to rest my tired bones at night, this place that I call my home. It’s my sanctuary from a bitter world, this place that I call my home. At my journey’s end dig me deep so I can finally rest and have some peace, on this place that I call my home.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community had its annual meeting so I moseyed on over at 1:30pm, but they’d already voted cause they’d all gotten bored and didn’t wait for the scheduled 2pm vote. The new board members are: President Steve Tuttle, Vice President Stuart Watson, Second Vise President Chuck Sercu, Secretary and Treasurer Mary Helen Tuttle, Ray Foyil, Lee Hines, Brenda Zimmer, and Bob Seeley. I took some pics and jawed with everyone, most I haven’t seen for a while and found that I had missed them much. I stopped off and visited Stuart Watson and his girlfriend Terry at the new thrift store that is housed in the old fire station. Before I left the center Chuck Sercu who was barbequing gave me a whole bunch of leftover ribs to take home, which I took over to Ron and Linda Dehart’s home to share and gave the bones to Seimi’s dogs. All in all I had a fine time. And when I got home there was a really nice phone message waiting for me from a gal called Frances who liked my last week’s “Thought for the Week” so much that she’s cutting it out and putting it on her refrigerator, now that’s cool!

Putting on my tennis shoes to go outside I felt something fuzzy on the bottom of one and pulled it off. Yikes! It was the remains of a small mouse head staring at me that my fat Cat hadn’t eaten and left outside on the ground. I had apparently stepped on it earlier in the dark and it stuck to my shoe bringing it into the house.

Thought for the week: The impossible is until somebody does it.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is having some mighty fine weather lately but I remember just two short years ago this week when we had “The Great Snowstorm Of 04” that left about 6 inches or more on the ground. The electrical power had gone out at 9:30 that Sunday morning till 6:30 A.M. Tuesday, and the UHF TV and local FM radio stations were off the air. Folks were helping their neighbors with candles, Coleman stoves, and wood for fireplaces. I like the current weather lots more!

My neighbor Andrew Nevsky asked if I would show him the old mines on Copper Mountain that are just a few miles from our homes; so we left exploring. We made it to the old copper mines late in the day and it was a good thing that we took the Jeep cause there are some very tricky passages on the way there. The first mine we went into went back about 200 feet and we kept hitting our heads on some outcroppings that hung from the ceiling. There were a lot of beer cans and places were folks had campfires and had painted graffiti on the walls. The next mine was farther up the mountain and went back about the same as the first but in the middle it had two passages that sprang to the left and right. This mine was a lot cleaner with more headroom but we still managed to hit our heads a few more times. We had to leave before the sun set so we could navigate the ruff terrain going down the mountain. We both suffered headaches that night.

Thought for the week: I been seeing more folks these days blaming their woes on someone or something else. Going through their existence disguised as victims, and in doing so, never taking on the responsibilities to “Make Their Own Way” in the course of their lives.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community hopes you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving Day I was checking my emails and there was one from a Kevin with the subject line: Fishing Expedition, and it had an attachment on it. Well I didn’t know any Kevin and I thought it maybe spam or a virus so I put it in the junk mail for deletion. Later I had second thoughts and decided to open and read it without opening the attachment and what I found written was a life changing experience. Once I had sorted out this scattered jigsaw puzzle of my brain that this email had created I just couldn’t believe it. You see; I was adopted and didn’t know my real family existed. I was told my birth parents died in a car crash, and I believed this until I opened that email from Kevin who is my long lost brother and he told me that Mom and Dad are still alive, and I have four sisters: Shiela my big sister, Donna, Audrey, and Paula.
In the following days they sent baby pictures of me that clinched it all and left no doubt in my mind. Received the reason “why” from Paula and Shiela that I’ve been searching a lifetime for, and that I accept without reservations. Life is a mysterious and wonderful journey. And on Thanksgiving Day, who would have figured. There’s more to the story but that’s “Family” business.

I don’t watch TV much but there are a few shows I like, one was on Friday night. I turned on the set and there was nothing! The dang UHF transmitter we rely on caught a cold and was down till sometime Sunday.

Thought for the week: You should awaken each day with awe. To wonder at the splendor of life. To evolve into something more. You should greet each day like a family you haven’t seen for 55 years.

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community is sad to hear that long time resident Trudy Poe has passed on. Trudy was there at the founding of our community center, was a longtime member of the board of directors. She put forth much effort and contributed a great deal to help make what Copper Mountain Mesa is today.
I talked to Ruth Tuttle, who went to Trudy's services, she said that there was a really big turnout, everyone got up to share memories of Trudy, and there were lots of Grandkids sitting quietly listening.
Trudy and her late husband Lenny came here back in the sixties, built their home and razed a family. Lenny helped in the planning and design of the community center. Trudy was a Bible Teacher and taught out of their home.
Ruth told me of a time two years ago when she and Trudy had fun making "Black Widow Eggs", which are hard boiled eggs sliced in half, an olive cut to make four legs, with a piece of red pimento in the center. I said to Ruth that spiders have eight legs and she said "Silly Bob, it was only a decoration".
I didn't see Trudy at our General Meeting this November, she never misses a meeting, and now I know why she wasn't there. God Bless you Trudy Poe!

By Bob DeLoyd

Our little Community has lots of history and sometimes I hear some decent tales from my neighbors and friends who been around these here parts before jeans had zippers. One night I called Stoney (Bob Stonebraker) and we yapped for a while about some of the area’s history. He told me of a lake down on Sunfair that they was building in the early seventies that held 60 million gallons of water supplied by to wells with big pumps. There were supposed to be two lakes; one for boating and fishing, and one for swimming. The Corp of Engineers had done the digging, and the local Grange that was in the old bar was collecting donations by selling trees to folks and putting their names on them promising to plant the trees by the lakes. Stoney said that he bought many a tree. It all came to an end when an earthquake hit and a big hole opened up draining the 60 million gallons in 20 minutes! One old guy who was tending the pumps that night said it sounded like a freight train when it sucked all the water up. “I don’t believe any of them trees with nameplates were ever planted“, says Stoney.

Thought for the week: If yer down in the dumps, take heart, just a little digging you’ll find someone in the dump a layer below you.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community has been hunkering down for the past few weeks with the wind blowing cold and ice forming on the critter’s water bowl. So we’re stoking up the old wood stove and bundling up good, wrapping presents, and writing cards to loved ones, while the scent of Christmas trees and smoldering wood fill the air.
        Lights a blinking, plastic Santas with reindeers in flight, wreaths welcoming all adorns houses these nights. So if you been good and obey all the laws, you’ll receive a visit from good old Santa Claus. But if you been bad, nasty and mean, there’s still maybe time to cleanup yer scene, or have coal in the stocking and naught under the tree. Merry Christmas from “Our little Community”.

Thought for the week: Peace on earth and good will towards men; is just an empty phrase until you make it happen.

By Bob DeLoyd

        Our little Community had a pretty good 2006. We have two miles of Winters Road paved. We have a new dishwashing machine at the Community Center. And seven needy families had a nice Christmas dinner thanks to the donations of many folks, including Sandra Foyil and her brothers who donated in the memory of their Grandfather Tex Foyil.

        We seen the usual: The UHF TV transmitter going out for a few days whenever the wind blows or someone sneezes. Folks who drive way too fast and create rooster tails of dust, which generates a low hanging dirt fog on a windless day. And a few of them cars becoming airborne, crashing and rolling over, too!

        And the bad: Someone made off with the Center’s Winco Generator.
        The Sawtooth Fire that almost wiped out Pioneer Town, Rimrock and Bowden Flats, Piper Canyon and other communities in the neighboring area back in July.
        Officer Adrian Garcia responding to a domestic disturbance and was fired upon by someone with a shotgun and our neighbor Adam Lopez was arrested for it.

        And the unusual: Jerry and Barbara Turnbough found a very old gravesite in the surrounding Copper Mountain area and we all wondered who might be in it.

        We had some mighty fine folks who done many a fine thing for our little community, pass on: Kaye Hileman, Joan Chadwick, Rufus Stokes, Mary Lou Kernop, Trudy Poe, and Richard DuBoise.

        Birthdays for January are: Rick Seeley, and Sharon Weaver.

        Thought for the week: A New Year could be a new beginning. All you have to do is make it so.